The daily gazette-times. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1909-1921, December 23, 1909, Image 2

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Here Is Your Watch Opportunity For Three More
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WALTHAM O size20-year Gold Filled Hunting Case, $10, and 12 size 20-year Gold Filled Open Face, $8
WALTHAM16 size, 20-year Gold Filled Open Face, $ 8, and 18 size 20-year Gold Filled Open Face,
Published every evening except
day. Office: 232 Second street,
vallis, Oregon.
Phone 4184 '
Entered as second-class matter July 2, 1909, "at
the poetoffice at Corvallis, Oregon, under act of
March 3, 1879. ,
Delivered by carrier, per week. .15
Delivered by carrier, per month... .50
By mail, one year, in advance 5.00
By mail, six months, in advance... 2.50
By mail, one month, in advance...- .50
N. R. MOORE . .
. Editor
Business Mgr.
In the Atlantic Magazine, Geo.
W. Alger gives an illustration
. showing ;i how big corporations
discharge lawsuits against them,
and how the lawyers prophet by
tne lniermmaDie delays ot the
laws they assist in administering.
-. . - . - ,w v
ut not in improving. Following
is an extract: .
"A grimly humorous illustra
tion of one of the results to the
litigant may be found in another
New York lawsuit which reached
r i 1 ' , 1 . , i
a nnaicnapier recently m tne
Court of Appeals. s It was a com
plex case against an insurance
company on some policies of in
surance, and each time it took
from a week to two weeks' at
tention of court and jury. Ow
ing to reversals and new trjals
ordered by appellate courts from
1882. to 1902, the plaintiff be
came at last so sick and disheart
ened with his " interminable law
suit that he abandoned it, refused
to go to his lawyers to consult
with them about it or to appear
when the case, was being tried
"The lawyers had themselves
spent over , forty-five, hundred
dollars on fighting the case and
had worked on it for nearly
twenty years. Their client hav
ing abandoned them, they settled
the case for thirty thousand do!
lars, and took the money them
selves for their fee. - The last
chapter of the litigation ..was an
unsuccessful attempt by the re
ceiver in insolvency of the plain
tiff to make the lawyers give up
some of their fee to their client's
creditors.. How much the twenty
years' delay in the law suithad to
do with that insolvency it-is im
possible to say ; but such an out
come, to the lay mind, seems
hardly satisfactory as a result of
twenty years of litigation, of
nine trials, and seventy-two days
time of over a hundred jurors.;
The Eugene . Register says
Corvallis should not wait until it
is the size of Eugene to get
"festoon lighting." It says the
"do it now" towns are, the kind
that count. It might be respect
fully suggested that if there is no
necessity of waiting until towns
are able to put on city airs, it is
somewhat peculiar that Eugene
does not immediately spend
$90,000 on its parks $300,000 on
a better police service, and fails
to put up $25,000 a year for its
library. ; Corvallis, half the size
of Eugene, is now as near to
Portland progress as Eugene
was five or six years ago - Con
sidering population, Ccrvallis
will have more- to show in five
years than Eugene has, today'.
love arid, consequently ,'no Christ
ianity; Hence also, in that
Church alone can Christian love
be found in all its sweetness and
heroism, - which has preserved
Christian faith in alltsjntegrity
and steadfastness.1 . v
I am, dear Sir, ' .. ..
v Yours very sincerely,
Henry A; Gabriel, S. J. .
ssi. tea
Editor Gaze.tte-Times :
Dear Sir, Allow r me to calf
a light ' incon-
; . We are going to east aside
at this time commercialism and'
talk to you about Christmas.
We wish you happiness and
prosperity, not only today, but
tomorrow and the next day,
and so on right through the
year, because we want the
Christmas Spirit of good will
to linger with us 'till Christmas
comes again.
. We may not be able to tell
you every day because you and
we may be busy; still that will
not make any difference as the
thought and the wish will, be
here just the same. Whatever
joy and' success comes to you
will make us glad. . - ; , f
But today most of all Jet us
forget the differences, if any, we
have'had, and think only of joy
and peace and good-will in the
Spirit of Christmas. '
; ' Sincerely,
. . CORVALL4S, - - OREGON,, , i .
1" - '
ssutea your attention to
vAAJf ALA Jf LOb&l VLtJ I? lUl 1M1
Christmas Giving." The first
paragraph opens with . an ; im
plicit quotation from the Bible
(John 3, 16). "When the Father
gave His only begotten Son that
whosoever believth in Him might
have everlasting life. He gave
the world its greatest gift, etc''?
This statement is quite correct, ;
the claim to . everlasting life
offered through Jesus Christ is
indeed the - greatest gift the
world could possibly receive.
But, as .is evident from the
sacred text, this gift is condi
tioned on one thing, it is made
entirely dependent on belief in
Christ, that Vis, on the whole
souled submission and unwaver
ing adhesion of our - intellect to
His divine authority to teach, to
lead, and to command. This
being so, how can it be consist
entlyvmaintained, as is done in
the third paragraph, or Henry
Drummond's presentation of the
true test of Christianity, that
after all it does not matter what
a man believes? ,
I, too, with the entire Catholic
church, hold that love, r ; human
love, v purified, energized, ' and
I ennobled by divine grace, is the
itrue and final test of. Christian
ity. '-But this more-than-natural
love, '"which embraces : alike
friend and enemy, cannot exist,
cannOt even be conceived, unless
1 " ' v
i ceptance of all revealed truth.
Hence, so far from not matter
ing at all, Christian faith, mat
fters. everything- because .with
out it there can be no Christian
' bmce. nenry JJrummond is
responsible for the inconsistency
the Gazette-Times will let Henry
Drummond straighten it out
with Rev. Father Gabriel Henry
Dummond was one of the world's
most brilliant exponents ' of
Christian doctrine. Father .Ga
briel also stands as an exponent
of Christian doctrine. No " one
questions Dummond's ability to
interpret ihe : scripture, neither
does anyone questio"n his sincer
ity. - In a greater or lesser de-
"fgree the same may be said of
Rev. Father. Gabriel; and yet
one of the "exponents V finds in
consistency in ' the utterance of
the other. As Father Gabriel
puts it, the discrepancy is vital.
A skeptical world is continuously
confronted with the clashes, be
tween - .doctrinarians, - and the
faith of the world has been les
sened, . not increased, by these
discussions. It , is , not the
purpose of - the writer to dis
cuss this or any other; difference.
The Gazette-Times merely argued
that in - Christmas giving the
Christian world has an opportun
ity to exhibit the love for human
ity that professed Christians are
supposed to possess. . Christ
gave His life for those who de
spised Him r will Christians give
even a little to the needy, who.
perchance, maybe neither friend
nor enemy? - '
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