The daily gazette-times. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1909-1921, September 01, 1909, Image 2

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    THE DAILY GAZETTE -TIES f"atS,,l"r.,tr that just M w are- develops
Corner Third
2";q-26 Tefferson street.
street, and 232 Second in such a way that some sort of
Btreet, Corvallis, Oregon. ,
PHONES, 210 - 4184
Entered at the postoffice at Corvallis,
Oregon, as second class matter.
Delivered by carrier, per week...,.. .15
Delivered bv carrier, per month .50
By mail, one year, in advance - 5-oo
By mail, six months, in advance...- 2 50
Bv mail, one month, in advance.. . .50
careful supervision is necessary
to make the city as beautiful as
it can be made at no greater
The council should name a park
commission and give it all the
power possible.
mit anybody that is so minded ttf
spatter mud on , " the rwindow
panes at will. Saturday Even
ing Post . '' -
Going Over to
... Crook County
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For Sale
Numerous household goods range,
garden hose, dining table, refrigerator,
fruit jars, boy's saddle, etc. 121 Fifth
street; phone 472. . 8-20-2t-w
- Wanted Young man about 25, with
$250, as partner in good paying busi
ness; Experience not necessary, but
must be a hustler. For information
inquire at the Gazette-Times office.
Published Every Friday
One year, in advance $2.00
Six moths, in advance 1.00
In ordering changes of address, sub
scribers should always give old as well as
new address.
is a three day auto trip, or seven
days "by-, team. All who went
over are confident the soil is as
It is interesting to sDeculate gooa as can oe louna on tne
upon what would happen if Jus-; siobe, and they say Bend is
tice instead of wearing a bandage, going ro De a nne town, n nas
over her eyes, had worn a clothes- ;a Si1 country aoout it, nne
pin on her nose or corks in her,valley' extensive forests and two
ears- i railroad crews are surveying in
A court decided the othertlay tliat inity fund the
iccciil Liiy a mil mm uusiy uiie,
out notning so bad as to cause
them to forgo their purpose.
N. RM00RE . .
. . . Editor
Business Mgr.
that an offense to sight is not a ;
nuisance. An enterprising gas
company had embellished a choice
residence district with a gigantic
.tank, painted that shade of red
which will give a sensitive person
sunstoke any time between May
and November. The decision no
doubt is according to precedent,
Night on Bald Mountain.
Notice for Publication.
This paper has frequently call
ed attention to the advisability
of naming a park commission
for this city a commission with
power to develop and in a co-
On a lonely night Alex. Benton, of
Fort Edward, N. Y., climbed Bald
Mountain to the home of a neighbor tor-
tured by Asthma, bent on curing him
.:4--u T rr: xt T: 4.i..
Abatement of a violent offense VoA i.4,i . '
to the sense of smell or hearing . wonderful medicine soon relieved and
may be enforced, but the theory ' quickly cured his neighbor. Later it
Seems to be that it doesn't cured his son's wife of a severe lung
really hurt one to look at a big , tr' f minsTbelleve t the great-
esi. xiiiuiti. arm ijung cure on EjHtlo.
Coughs, Colds, Croup, Hemorrhages
and Sore Lungs are . surely cured by it.
EestforHay Fever, Grip and Whoop-
Department of the interior.
U. S. Land Office at Roseburg, Oregon,
July 12, 1909.
Notice is hereby Riven that Pearl G. Decker.
whose post office address is Eugrene, OreKn. did.
on the 20th day of January. 1909,-iile in this office
Sworn Statement and Application, No. 03176, to
purchase the WM of WV4, Section 24, Township 14
South. Ranxe 9 West. Willamette Meridian, and
the timber thereon, -under the provisions of the act
of June 3, 1878, and acts amendatory, known as the
"Timber and Stone Law," at such value as might
be fixed by appraisement, and that, pursuant to
such application, the land and timber thereon have
been appraised $489, the timber estimated l.zuu,
000 board feet at $0.36 per M, and the land $69:
that said applicant will offer final proof in support
of his application and -sworn statement on the 7th
day of October, 1909, before the Register and Re
ceiver at Roseburir. Oregon.
Any person is at liberty to protest this purchase
before entry, or initiate a contest at any time be
fore patent issues, by filing a corroborated affi
davit in this office, alleging facts which would de
feat the entry.
- Register.
First Publication July 23, 1909.
Last Publication September 24, 1909.
red gas tank on a warm day. !
A more forcible illustration
may bd pointed ont Nearly if
not quite everywhere v in the
operativejway carry out a scheme United States it is impossible,
for citv beautification. While legany, to prevent any man
the Commercial Club has dis
cussed this matter at different
times, and two months ago in
structed the president of the
from chopping down any tree
that stands uponland to which he
happens, at the moment, to have
title. The tree may be a beauti
ful and beneficent growth of de
ing Cough. 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle
free. Guaranteed by all druggists. i
Notice of Final Settlement
In the matter of the estate of Nancy E. Pelger,
o iiejrcuy given uiai ine unaersignea as i
administrator of the estate of Nancy E. Felger,
deceased, has filed his final account as such admin- '
intra tor with the clerk of the county court of the !
state of Oregon for Benton County, and the said j
1 1 . ... r .c j , -i . , . . , , . , , court nas nxea Saturday, the ntn day 01 septem-
Olub to name a committee of nve cades, the sight of it a cherished ber, 1909, at the hour of ten o'clock in the fore-1
m -. , . m , , i i , liiwuMnncume, una tne county court room in
lOr the STJeClfiC PUrPOSe Of dlS- POSSeSSlOn OI thOUSandS Of people. ihe court house in Corvallis, Oregon, as the place,
c r . . 1 , . . , , - t or hearing any and all objections to the said ac-
covering park sites available, no Yet "the man buys the plot of . eountand for -nf .
j m. x- v u 4.i, grouna ne can ieu tne tree and 1 Geo. w. smith.
definite aCtlOn haS Deen taKen. A . , I Administrator of the Estate of Nancy E. Felger,
uia&e a uonnre 01 its corpse, deceased.
Last publication September 10,1909.
Auupenmps it ia " Our eyes, in the poet's fancy,
would seem that a parte commit- are the windows of our souls; i
tee or commission should be but, generally speaking, we per'
- named by the city council and
endowed with powers to do
things within reason. If the
Council can not or will . not do
' this, then the Commercial Club
" . .......
should not permit it to be neg
lected longer. The club could at
least name a committee with in
' structions to make recommenda
tions and suggestions to the club
and public generally, and then
give that committee the strength
there is in the hearty support of
an organized commercial body.
Such a committee could accom
"plish a great good, though it
came from the Commercial Club,
but it could accomplish much
greater good easier and quicker
if it had the official sanction of
the city's law-making body.
It is our opinion that a park
Commission or committee, besides
looking after the matter of pro
viding and caring for a city park
or parks, should be required to
mate suggestions as to the plant
ing and removal of street trees,
and the foliage and general
beautification scheme of all pub
lic grounds. To this committee
might well be left the securing
and placing of fountains, the
matter of co-operating with pub-
lic school officials in teaching
1 , 1 1 !
civic Deauty ana cieanuness, or
ganization of district improve-'
ments societies in fact all ' that
. goes to make up civic beauty.
The necessity . for prompt ac
tion in this matter comes in the
fact that countless streets lawns
are being planted with trees that
might not conform to a well
planned general scheme, a plan
with which property owners
might readily agree if they but
-. knew. To the added fact that
many trees that should not be re-
. moved are being taken out, and
Others unnecessary and un
sightly are left. Also that the
price of land available for park
The Gazette-Times 50c per month.
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Copyright, 1909, by American Press Asso-
When I was twenty-five years ot age
t was sent to St- Paul by the firm I I
was with to establish an agency for
their goods. I soon discovered that
there was - a concern In Minneapolis
which was selling the same' grade of
goods and always underbidding me.
went over there to see If I could
make a scale of prices with the under
bidding firm.
I found a young "man even younger
than myself. He was not acting as
agent, but for. himself. I stated my
business, to which he listened atten
tively. I argued that If he continued
to underbid me I would begin to un
derbid him, and one would thus ruin
each other's trade, whereas if we made
prices together we could both succeed.
When I had finished he said:
What guaranty have I that you
will keep your agreement?"
surprised at such a question, I re
plied. "The same guaranty I have that
you will keep yours."
"There is no douhf whatever that I
will keep any agreement I shall make,"
he repli'd. with some hauteur.
It. struck me that he sbould go to
some university for a course of logic,
However, I pursuaded him to make
a list of minimum prices with me and
left him well pleased with the result
of my visit. We became very good
friends as well as competitors, and
finally, when I concluded to act also
on my own account we concluded, in
order to save expenses, to form a part
nership. 1 offered to give him first
place in the firm name, but he insisted
on taking . the second, so we styled
ourselves Graves & Elliston.
I found my partner a queer mixture.
For a time I was virtual as well as
nominal head of the firm, but lost it
In a very odd way. A man came into
our store to buy a large bill of goods
on credit The profit would be large.
and I was brimful of enthusiasm over
ihe trade. Not so Elliston. He flat
ly refused to consent "to sell' the man.
When it came to his reasons he had
none to give. Irritated. 1 told him
that he should explain his position or
would dissolve the partnership,
whereupon, driven to the wall, he said
that he didn't like the shape of the
man's nose.
Notwithstanding this absurd reason,
which I inferred he had given simply
to afford me an excuse for not fulfill
ing my threat, we did not sell the
goods. Some months later the notes
the purchaser bad given other firms
were protested and every dollar of the
indebtedness was lost I charged El
liston with having some information
unknown to me about the rascal, but
he denied having any whatever. Never
theless from this time I never urged
entering upon any important transac
tion without my partner's full . ap
But when it came to a matter of sev
eral hundred or several thousand dol
lars, while I would unblusningly make
an offer of bait tne - amount asked.
Elliston could never bring himself to
consider such a course as anything but
ridiculous. Thus the large transac
tions fell into my hands. .
Although Elliston seemed to me to
be very notional, I gradually found
that he was a better business man
than I. He was certainly my superior
in looking ahead. While my mind
was on the present his was on the
future. This was especially true in
the matter of expenses. I am free to
admit that had it not been for him
our expenses would have eaten up our
profits. He was continually surprising
me, when payments we were obliged
to make came round, by having pro
vided the funds to meet them. This
faculty, together with his keeping ex
penses down, made money for us every
year for several years. Then one day
Elliston told me that he wished to sell
his interest in the business since he
purposed traveling abroad. This was
a blow to nte, for I was not minded
to give up business myself, and I was
sure I could not make money without
the aid of the typical faculties pos
sessed by "my partner. However, he
gave me easy terms, and I bought him
out .
As soon as the papers had passed El
liston bade me goodby and left for
New York to sail for Naples. A week
later I received a letter from him at
Chicago, asking me to meet him there.
Since he gave no reason I- hesitated.
However, knowing him to be a queer
fellow who usually had a reason hid
den away somewhere for what he
did, I left my business with my head
clerk and took a train.
The next evening I called at Ellis
ton's hotel and sent up my card.
was shown to a private parlor, where.
instead of finding him, a woman ad
vanced to greet me.
"You're Elliston's sister," I exclaim
ed, "doubtless his twin."
"I am Elliston himself," she replied.
. And so she was. It was a singular
story she told me how, having been
obliged to make her own wayin the
world, she had found skirts disadvan
tageous and finally donned man's at
tire. Having made enough to give her
several thousand dollars a year In
come, she gladly resumed her proper
attire, but not until she had left the,
proximity of those who had known
her as a .man.
I had always regarded my partner as
young and boyish looking, without
a beard and with a Tbusical voice.
In woman's dress Margaret Elliston
that was her. name was transfigured
into a very attractive woman. I re
mained in Chicago a week, at the end
of which time it was arranged that I
should return to Minnesota, sell the
business and we should go abroad as
husband and wife.
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