The daily gazette-times. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1909-1921, August 25, 1909, Image 1

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VOL. I. NO. 98
Reward Was Offered for the Lost,
Strayed or Stolen Name-Plate by
Its Anxious Owners Who Prized It
Beyond Price.
$15 will be paid for the arrest and
conviction of the person or persons
who feloniously and maliciously,
without our consent or approval, and
against our wills, did surreptuously
remove, between night, and morning
of the 19th instant, one silver-lettered
sign from the front porch of
the "Faculty Club" building on Fifth
street. W. H. Kerr, Mgr.
F. Robinson Boone,
Brother of Daniel.
ary, all the .Laura dean LiiDDy lit
erature, hotel guide books and
making inquiry of the men who
name the Pullman coaches,
Messrs. Kerr and Boone had se
lected the word "Wandemere" as
the most euphonious and at the
time the most appropriate for a
faculty clubpsendonym, nom-de-plume,
or alibi, as the case may
be, and this they had painted in
real Portland style and hung it
just above the entrance to the
porch. .
This placard posted about the
city is the sequel to what was
evidently intended as a joke, but
which proved to be an action
that is about to end up seriously
for some one. A short time ago
"W. H. Kerr and W. R Boone
leased the Harold Woodcock property-on
fifth -- streetinBtafled a
Chink there as culinary artist
nd opened the place as a ' 'Fac
ulty Club." These gentlemen,
in keeping with the dignity that
marks their every movement in
life, had painted a beautiful
name-plate to hang on the front
porch for use as a means of iden
tification in case members of the
club should happen to come home
after nightfall. After searching
through the back of the diction-
in three inch letters spread in
silver over three feet of board
looked good, sounded good and
was inviting. It was admired by
all, and by Kerr and Boone more
that any; in fact that visiting
card on the front porch was their
Messrs. Kerr and Boone went
to Seattle and Alaska via the
south pole and returned a week
or so ago. Before going they
did not take their pet in
nor arrange tor anyone to give
it milk while they were gone, but
when they returned "Wande
mere" was still there, in good
health and to them seemed more
charming than ever. Had the
faculty club not decided to wan
der-more, down to the bay and to
Yachats and Waldport and other
places, things would probably be
all right today. But they went
away, and during their absence
some pusson or pussons, without
artisticsense r sacreligiously-s re
moved "Wandemere" from its
exalted position. To add insult
to injury this pusson or "some
other hung in Wandemere's
place an exact duplicate of the
board, bearing the words:
err e seems to be spreading so
ra Idly:
Sjtiere are all kinds of contagious dis
eases floating around these days. Some
times it is small-pox, others it is the itch
andagain it is something else. The lat
est f pidemic that has hit Independence is
thekraze for government land. Ever
ENLARGED HOMESTEAD ACT NOW sinff the pvernment has gone into the
lonspy Dusiness by lorcmg settlers to
Government Makes Rigid Provisions
in Act Which Entitles Settlers to
Make Entry upon Land that is now
Considered Worthless.
and Thursday
The Two Hoyts
The Texas Cowboy or Magician will
present an entire change of new and
novel features appearing in the char
acter of Kit Carson, while Esnanita.
by special request, will continue her re
markable globe dance act tonight, only,
New Motion Pictures
" The Birth and Adventure
Of a Fountain Pen"
An interesting industrial film depict
ing the various stages in manf acturing
fountain pens; from the crude rubber
biscuits to the finished article ready
for use. The pen draws sketches which
change themselves. Napoleon evolves
into Emptror William, then into King
Edward and last to Washington. A ped
estal lamn changes into a young lady.
A loving couple turn into a pair of
ducks. From a flower pot a lily sprouts
up and blooms.. A plain circle turns
into Bridget and after a series of
changes becomes a society queen.
"Evil Spirit in a Girl's
Boarding School'
At this select school for young ladies
everything is running along smoothly
and the .pretty students give their
teacher very little trouble for their de
portment is perfect and the discipline
.of the school is above reproach. The
, tranquil aspect of the place is soon
changed,however, by the introduction
of a vivacious Miss who is bubbling
over with deviltry,' and by her many
escapades soon earns, the title from
her more docile companions, as the evil
' spirit. This is a colored film, showing
in perfect and life-like detail every
W, C. Allen, an old resident of
Corvallis, and now connected
with the United States Land
Office at Roseburg, is here on a
visit to relatives and friends and
since his arrival he has had num
erous inquiries about the federal
requirements govering the tak
ing up of land under the en
larged homestead act.
In an interview with him the
Gazette-Times is enabled to tell
those who want to know that
any person who is a qualified
entryman under the homestead
laws of the United States, may
enter by legal subdivisions three
hundred and twenty acres, of
npnmineral, nonirrigable, unre-
servea ana unappropriated sur-,
veyed public lands which do not
ocated in a reasonably, compact
body, and not over one and one-
half miles in extreme length,
provided that no lands shall be
rnagine the horror of the faculty
club at finally discovering this
exchange! People in that neigh
borhood say that the members
were so angry that one of them
bit the Chinese cook and both
came near dying before the chop
suey antidote could 'be fished out
of the woodbox. The other got
so hot that he took a bath and
wrote home for money. He had
to get even with somebody,
couldn't hope to do it with his
tailor, so gave the "old man" a
solar plexus. When tranquility
was somewhat restored it was de
cided to eat the weinurwurst and
have another Wandemere name-
plate painted. This they did and
just as this was oeing hung up
at the old stand, the postman
brought Messrs. Kerr and Boone
the original sign bearing $1.82
worth pf stamps. Kerr had a fit
and Boone fell in it. Hence the
Reward" at the head of this
column. The faculty club will be
glad to have the perpetrators of
this crime, dead or alive, scalped
or otherwise.
Now comes the story that Ralston,
the insurance man who depared hurri
edly a few days ago, after doing a few
awkward tricks, hoodooed a waitress
of one of the restaurants, induced her
to quit her job so that she could have
more time to talk to him, and then
succeeded in getting away with a dia
mond ring valued at from $50 to $150,
The lady's name is not at hand, hence
these statements are hot verified, ' but
it is not difficult to believe such things
of a man who forges notes, and for
subject to entry under the pro
visions of this act until such
ands shall have been designated
by the Secretary of the Interior
as not being, in his opinion, sus
ceptible of successful irrigation
at a reasonable cost from any
known source of water supply.
Most Cultivate Crops.
Another provision requires
that at the time of making final
proofs as provided in section
twenty-one hundred and ninety
one of the Revised Statutes the
entrymen under this act shall, in
addition to the proofs and affi
davits required under the said
section, prove by two credible
witness that at least one-eighth
of the area embraced in his entry
was continuously cultivated to
agricultural crops other than
native grasses beginniner with
the second year of the entry,
and that at least one-fourth , of
the area embraced in the entry
was so continuously cultivated
beginning with the third year of
the entry, ...
Cannot Commute Entry.
The government still further
provides that nothing contained
in th,e act shall be held to affect
the right of a qualified entryman
to make homestead entry in the
States named in section one of
this act under the provisions of
section twenty-rtwo hundred and
eighty-nine of the Revised Stat
utes, but no person who has
made under this act shall be en
titled to make homestead entrv
under the provisions of said sec
tion, and no entry made under
this act shall be commuted.
Residence Required
Five years residence upon the
land sought to be entered as a
homesterd under this enlarged
act is absolutely required the
same, as in all : government land
except in the State of Utah. ,
-The following from the Inde
pendence Enterprise is very per
gamble for a piece of land by law, the
craie has sent thousands of people for
evefy 160 acres that was thrown open
Now that excitement has ended in a
bubple, somebody, probably some agent
of the railroad company and the stage
lines that run into that country, have
beei circulating reports about the great
opportunities that are to be grabbed
by jtaking up desert land in Harney
county, where there have been about
59,)0 acres of government land thrown
open for settlement under the desert
actfcn July 4th, of this year. This
tradt of land was filed upon several
yeajs ago by what is known as the
Hasiey Valley -irrigation Company, the
stocji holders of which were the owners
of lirge tracts of land in that country
wh were interested in the stock rais
ing usiness . They laid the proposij
tionf before Portland and Salt Lake
capfal.with the result that they became
interested in the scheme to control the
, for which they agreed to place
water on the land so that it can be put
on tie market at $6 per acre.
Alter spenaine larere sums ot monev
in making surveys, etc., it was discov
ered that water could not be put on the
lan( for the estimated amount and the
company were unable to procure the
capital to float the scheme. As a con
sequence the land reverted back to the
government, and was thrown open for
settlement under the desert act.
J'V; -: . -The. Law. , "
:TSe provisions of the desert act
briefly stated, are; Each settler is enS,
titled to take up 320 acres,, for which
he p'Stys 25 cents per acre at the time
of fif pjf and before he can .roye..' up
tfotetaBa hfohas. to ehow that he-haa
expended $3.00 per acre in improve
ments," have forty acres in grain, forty
broke, water on forty acres, and - the
balance in grass, and upon the payment
ot $1 per acre the government will give
R. Caughey, Southern Pacific's Art
ist Spends a Day or Two in Corval
lis to Get Idea For Maps and Bird's
eye Views.
poses to produce something that
is as beautiful as a dream, yet
thoroughly comprehensive and
serving its purpose to the fullest
The Southern Pacific has given
Mr. Caughey free rein in this
matter and urged him to do the
best possible for Corvallis. The
books to be issued will be nothing
less than the finest that typo
graphical art can produce, and
the cover page will a unique de
sign done so perfectly as to at
tract and hold every casual in
vestigator. It is expected that
these will be in perfect readiness
for the spring Colonist campaign.
Other good literature of a differ
ent nature will probably be ready
for the October campaign.
R. Caughey, the Southern Pa
cific's map artist, was in Corval
lis yesterday looking over the
ground preparatory to developing
an idea for the fine booklet Cor
vallis is to get within the next
two or three months. These
booklets are guaranteed to be
finer than any yet put out under
the Sunset plan, hence the com
ing of this superior artist to pre
pare the maps. Mr. Caughey
prepared the bird's-eye view of
the A.-Y-P.-E, which has at
tracted so much attention and fa
vorable comment, and it was he
who prepared a like map of
Lewis and Clark fair.
: After ; consultation with ' the
him a patent for the land,
as a result of this stampede quite a
number of Independence people jumped
out in a hurry to get in on the ground
floor and this week they have com
menced to return, and as everyone is
nterested in the prospects for securing
and we will give you the opinion of
Commercial ,Cjub;-ertisH !as.t
night," Mr. Caughey ' Will submit
Continued on page two
drafts of a colored relief map of
Western Oregon, in which the
Willamette Valley will be played
up conspicuously; draft of a
county map of Oregon showing
relative position of sections and
cities; and a detail bird,s-eye
view of Benton county looking
west from the east side of the
Willamette river. Mr. Caughey
says he wants to produce his real
masterpiece at this time and pro-
While Croft, s hay bailer out
fit was at work yesterday af ter
n6on out on Fisher's farm some
chaff drifted into the muffler
and without warning the ma
chine was quickly all ablaze.
A crew of men from the brick
yard hastened to the fire and by
the hardest kind of work suc
ceeded in dragging the baler
away from the blaze so that it
was but slightly damaged.
Three or four tons of baled
oat straw were "burned but the :
4-qckswkijf ;theS trewsaved r
the greatest portion of that
which had been put up.
It was hot work while it last
ed and but for the prompt action
of the men the loss would have
been quite serious.
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