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Tuesday \pril 10. looo
Kllgi’ltr, ( )regnu
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In the groove
Debbie Owen, u student in Kim Wilsons \erobk s I rl.tss. moves to the music while lonmin#
the benefits ot aerobic e\en ise
Photo h\ Audio Kameri
Undergrad tuition
may increase 9.95
percent fall term
Bv Stephanie I tolland
I merald Reporter
Oregon undergraduates iriumini' to 111«* timersi
tv this t ill may pav an extra ‘I !> < pen ent hit* tuition it
the states highei edm .iliuit hoard approves a request
tor tuilion nu reases
( haiuelloi Thomas Hurtlett .11 a nrus «onlrifiii e
hist vv**i»k announc ed Ins request lor a u o > pert out in
1 lease t« 1 ( die l’Diversity Oregon State t 111 v«* * 11 \ and
Port land State I diversity
Bartlett recommended ait H 1! > pen * * 111 tuition in
rt isi.se for Oregon Health Scienc es t? Diversity. Oregon
Institute ill l‘ec huology Southern Oregon Slat*’ ( ol
lege l.astrrn ( hegon Sl.ite 1 a>1 leva* and Western Ore
gun State ( tdlev’i*
Ih»- H 2 » percent addition tor next year would
mate h the nu reuse approved tor the < orient at udemit
Out ot state tuition at all eight st liools would in
i lease b\ I 2 pert ent
t his amount reflec ts die target Injure ot KM) per
cent that the state s higher education board has dec id
ed non residents should pay tor tuition
( Jregon residents are expet ted to pa\ about 2 » pel
t ent of their higher edut ation expenses
Idle I 7 pelt ent difference ill tuition between the
universities and colleges would raise about $1 1 mil
lion in revenue, said Jim Sellers diret tor of 1 omir.um
c.ations for the Oregon State System of Higliei Iduta
t ion
It makes sense to have a differentia! between tin
turn (.barges at the universities compared to colleges
because the costs at universities, such as large lihrui
lorn to tuition, Page b
Housing policy nears decision
Hv ( hris Bounelt
fmorald Assouan* fditor
t 'diversity officials are about three weeks
awa\ from de< iding the fate of .1 proposal allow
mg domestic partnership agreements in suhsi
di/ed fandh housing
Dan Williams. University vice president tor
administration, said Friday that a decision will
definitely he made In the end ot the term hut lie
hopes to make one w ithill the next two weeks
A domestic partnership agreement is .1 con
trait between two individuals that defines the
role of each partner in the relationship
Williams who oversees University housing,
will make a recommendation on whether domes
tu partnerships should he allowed in student
family housing
The final decision, however, rests with I 'm
versitv President Mvles Brand
"(The dei ision) is kind ot a tough one ' Wil
hams said. "We have to think through everything
that makes sense
The domestic partnership issue was raised
this fall when Natasha Brady 21. and Robert
lueher 2t> and Bradv s 1 year-old son were
threatened with evil turn from family housing he
1 ause they were not married
I niversitx housing asked the t oupie to move
out or get married Instead Bradv and l ueher
produced a domestii partnership agreement
Braih and Fliehei received an extension ill
December on their eviction until a decision is
Sime that time the Westmoreland and Ama
zon tenants councils approved motions in favor
of domestic partnerships, and the President's
task Force on Lesbian and (lay C.oncerns passed
a resolution supporting the proposal
Moreover, the Office of Student Advm .ii v
circulated .1 petition urging the I’niversitv to ai
cept a proposal expanding familv housing e|:p>
bllltv lh.lt i iiIIim ti'd about .‘11(1 signatures said
third year law student I )cbi.1 ()gara
"We vy.int dumestn partnership agreements
In he ai i epted in lieu nt .1 marriage certificate
and under that we re asking housing to prioritize,
in some form, families with children Ogata
Williams said he is considering the petition,
resolution and motions hut the final dei ision
irsts upon other far tors
"We have the signatures and rei ommeuda
times from a number of people who want us to do
it Williams said |Uut) these are not the kind
ol issues that are made upon popularity
Williams office has received an equal mini
her of letters opposing the expansion of eligibility
rules, he said
|oe Kidd Westmoreland tenants council
member said many family bousing residents teal
an abuse of domestic partnerships it the proposal
is approved
The motion the Westmoreland council ap
proved requests that (.011 pies vv ith children be al
lowed in family housing whether they are mar
ned or in domestic partnerships
The motion avoids calling tor the expansion
ol the definition ol family to include 1 ouples in
domestic partnerships vv ithout c hildren
"We felt it was important to give priority to
families with children, but we 1**11 that opening
up housing was too loose Kidd said
Sarah Douglas 1 o c hairwoman of the lesbian
and gay c mil erns task tore e said c urreiil housing
policies are discriminatory because- they forbid
same sex partners as family units
"It is very discriminatory toward same sex
partners and same sex partners that have hum
lies.'' she said
Douglas said I'niversilv otfie nils will have a
cliffic lilt time "drawing a line of eligibility with
out opening themselves up to discrimination
Students with children
find affordable housing
Bv Marina Swain
Emerald t ontributor
When Cynthia Norman lust arrived in Kugene sin- had
no |>lai e In live More importantly her children Dorn; and
David were w itliout shelter
Norman, like othei single parents tlisi nvered tli.it i itil
ilren are not always welcome additions In a tight housing
I d never experienced someone not even reading nn
retere iii e letter or i a ring. Norman said of the cold rei option
she got trom main landlords
And it i hildren were permitted the prii e was often too
high "There's a $J7ri difference between having kids and
not having kids the Wvomittg native said
tint as a t'niversitv student Norman held an important
advantage which she ipiiiklv .icted upon She was eligible
tin one ol more than 7110 units deemed married student lions
mg Now happily settled m Westmoreland lor almost two
years. Norman is currently vice president of its tenant's
couni d
Serving nearly 1 400 people Westmoreland and its
counterparts on east campus and Amn/oii cater to married
couples with or without i luldren, single parents and a seler t
number ol graduate students
"I think it's almost entirely er o non ill s direi tor ot t in
versitv Housing Marjory Kamcy said of its popularity It's
less than half of what you'd pay .it market
Most tenants agree i iting the Imam ml benefits of sill h
I'he main thing was that it was i heaper here West
moreland resident Miriam Swanson said " I'he other advan
tage is living in an area with a lot of other students It's
rough when you don't live around anyone going to si liool."
Swanson s husband. Si ott apprei cites the relative quiet
lorn to Housing, Page fi