Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 16, 1990, Page 6, Image 6

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Professional • Convenient * Affordable
• Pap/Pelvic Exam
• Infection Checks
• Birth Control
• Pregnancy Testing
• Counseling
134 Eas* Thirteenth Avenue • Eugene
"25 Years ol
Quality Service"
Mercedes • BMW • Volkswagen
Audi • Datsun • Toyota
2025 Franklin Blvd
Eugene Oregon 97403
3 99
• y y and up
M A 1 N I L () O K
I I l.( I RONK S
I) I I* I.
3th and Kincaid M-F 7:30-6:00 SAT 10:00-6:00 PH. 346-4331
( ontinu«‘(l from Pa^e 1
n s ( onipmsation prublrnis
Hill Si111i the f,i( lilts salaries IS
sue lllinhl he added til till'
I hr third i ham c> for rr< riv
11hi tinidiiu; would hi- to wait
until till- Irgular Iryislutive si’s
sum in’s! scar
llovsrvri Ihll said Sin mil
lmn is not t'lMiuish to solsr th>'
1111iiiIhin Si\t\ million should
hi di \ oil'd to tlif s,thus issiir
hr said
1 hr Sill million vs mild rs
si rit tails In’ a dovsn ji.is mcnt
hr said
( a is \ril ( a »ld si h in id I i on Id
not hr irai lirii tol ( oiiiiih ill
I loss t'Vi'i Kogri Hassrtt
(,olcls( hmiiit s dire, tor til edu
latiun polks and planning
s.iid (mldsi hmidt s\ ill support
llir r<■*?t>s>t i11 lln l.meigen
i \ Hoard for funding
Bassett said In- was not sun'
ut tin- amount < ioldst hmidt
would approve
Bassett said Man h is too
si ion toi ,i decision about I lie
SHI million and added the
Emergency Hoard might deter
the request until Mav or |ill\
Bartlett's ollu e has compiled
a list ol statistics to slum that
( )let;iin universities lank .it or
ue.n I lie bottom in terms ol lai
nils salaries and state support
oi Ingliei edin alion
Sen. I.arrv Hill
( ontimu'd Irom t’.im* 1
I lie elet Idi,lie needs In In
i nils IIH ril tli.it ,1 ( .llldidiili' s
i oik n t lulls ,111' >1 rung. Ilf
added None n( tin- ihii-f pro
Idf i .indid.Ilfs m lire \ew |fi
si's ,itid Virginia gubernatorial
n»i fIniik ,i tirm stand In- s.ud
Aide I lllilll believes till' I.H-I'S
ill tin east will Indp I begum
alls predict Ihr level uf impui
l.iiu e .ibni I mu will lias e hi
post Webster politics- .Hid i'll
able ( tregoll pulltu I,ins III
gauge llie elti'i tiveness til ter
lain stands nn abiit I lull
Alder mail i lied On-gun s re
i cut i iglit In I ill' initial i\ ns .is
r\ idem r lll.lt must people
would support .il Ir.ist some rr
sti ii I unis mi iiin ii I inn Hr saiil .1
Pint Minnesota law requiring
pin mi i.ms to notiiv the parents
of minors seeking abortion lias
resulted in a tJ portent de
1 lease id the ntimbri of teen
abort ions and a JO pen ent de
1 lease in teen pre ,nani ies
1 n erall
I bose stilt istif S seem to ill
dii ate that kids bei ome more
1 arelul u lien the\ think the\
might have to tell then par
i nis Alderman said. ' lhr\
(si.itistii sl also seem to indii ate
that some people use abortion
as a methotl of birth 1 ontrol
lie added the Supreme (uiurl
dt*i isiun limiting Roe vs Wade
reintroduced llu* abortion issue
In the polilit ul arena and main
lained lli.it tIk* proa hoi< e
mmemeul \\ dl ha\c to make
some t hailges to keep pat t
u ith pro-lilt* supporters Ainu
lion dining even stage ot ges
lalion will no longer lit* toleral
ed lt\ tin* pul)li( . lie said
Hill agreed that pro life sop
porters \\ dl attempt to t harat
leri/e pro ( lion e ..pie as e\
t remists
1 he strategy of the pro life
mm ement « dl he a push lot
more and grealei limitations
until .ihortioii is eliminated as
an option tin most women
ei t it though it ma\ not he let h
meal I v 11 legal. he said
Falling limbs close OSU
Oregon Statu l'nivursitv i Insetl ilim n ,11 1 p in Tlitirsd.w
bet-nose hilling limbs made the tampiis iinsnle lor students
-nd in ()Sl spokesw .in..in s
.\ student group tailed llir President's oftiue and said a
ten mi h limb It'll oil tint' lift' anti nnrrnwh mi.ssctl hilling a
i in a ill H r til llu- git nip. l In spokeswoman sa id
IPS! President John IK nit' had Ihc phvsu.nl plant think
into Ihf situation and bast'd on thuu rut iininiuntl.ilinn dot nlftl
In simi down thf I 'nivursiK (),sl ex put Is In re-open ttiumr
mu llu- spokesw omen said
1 out mt Ilfs ul Mitm lull mi Corvallis Wetlnt'sdav night
Ihu snow was wul ant! Iieavv and this was tin* t unti iliuting
hit tin in llu* limbs hilling nl ihu truns thu spokeswoman said
()M last i Insuil dow n as a result ol had wuadiui Iasi \eai
around 1 hanksgiving. the spokeswoman said
is pleased to sponsor a symposium on
Gnosticism* and Early Christianity
c February e A y m Gnosticism in the Context o( the
History of Religions
birder A Pearson University of California at Santa
. r February - Z~. r M Gnosticism and the New Testament
Ftierne Perkins Boston College
is February t .pm Gnosticism as Social Critique
Karen L King accidental College
ebruary "0 u Panel and open discussion
Pr ' less r s King Pearson arid Per kins
> mi cvei!i> in i --ill 4.0 hap ill 4 n Hall Free admission <- —
' -'Hfc ir ' im*nt v. nump> rAr'. «ah«arl\ 1 ‘hnsiumo and Judaism that
t mphAM/t-d sh|\ ain-n through kn * ledge