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    _ Oregon Daily.
l hursdiU . I't'liruan I V 1 ‘MMI
I aiv’onc t )i r;;i >n
\ olumc 'i 1 Numlirr 1(H)
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Celebration fun, food to ring in Asian new year
Photo Im Sl»*\ r ( dill
\/um( , load. iostumrs .mil y.imrs Irtim l.i/i.m ( hin.i .mil so
mil nmnlrir-. Mill hi- Ir.iluml .it I hr tilth .mim.il \\i.m ( rlr
hr.itmil Snnila\
B\ Stephanie Menc imer
{merald Reporter
\ 1 ,111)4 1 )\ iuisl\ t hilirsr lion l).llK t* will
m ,irr ,i\\ <i\ rvd spirits and help Usher m tin* new
vr.u .it I hr opening of Sumi.i\‘s tilth -mnn.il
\si,in ( rlrhrntion.
i hr I.ion Dance is .i traditional wav ot
opening thing- it is ,i svmhoi ot good link
s.iul hell \ngno our ot thr i rlrln.ition orgnui/
ri s
1 hr lion is characterized in thr orii.iti* hr.ni
with blinking eves. r.Hs lh.lt \\ iggle am! a gaping
mouth that is manipul.itrrl hv thr ilant rr msulr
its hrail llir hr,id alon* weighs almost -»
t hr largest testival sun r its mut eption this
yt-ai s Asian celebration is sponsored hv thr 1 u
grnr Springfield Asian ( oiini il and thr Kugrne
Parks Kri n ation and Cultural Services Depart
mr nt
Performers trom around thr Northwest will
pmvidr entertainmrnt on thr main staler ot thr
l.nm* Ccmntv ! nirgrounds Several l nivrrsitv stu
drills will hr i out i dinting thru ut 1st i« skill to tin*
rvrnt m« hiding a law studrnt tmm Seattle who
w ill pla\ thr Taiko ill uni
l ust and sin mid gradr students trom thr
Japanrsr Immersion School will also hr singing
and dam mg tor part id thr attrruoon s entertain
uirnt 1 hr si hool was thr lust program in thr na
tion to drvotr halt ot each da\ to Japanese lan
guagt rdll* at ion
Miyoko \tarda a professor trom lokvo, w ill
hr tl\ ing m trom japan rspec inllv foi thr < rlrtira
don to till m tor our ot tin music students who
had original I v been st.;hrdulrd to pla\ the Koto
tiai pat t hr c rlt?ht at n m
I 'mvrrsitv studruts trom various Asian mmi
ti irs will hr putting on a t ash ion show di spins mg
traditional ethnu t nstumes mam i>l width tIn
student-- broupht from then limiii - ,ibm.nl
( amt' Matsushita puhln information i onrdi
nahu hum tlit* I tierin' Parks Km realion and I nl
Ivnal Nervn es said t In* event is designed Im I aim
Ill’S and profile it all apes
l lic rvi-nl is .1 Ini nl tun Matsushita said
I Ill'll’ Is a lul In fbi and a 111! In i’a(
\si,m bdk lairs a.mii’s i tails and sunn-, will
In- si-1 up tin i liililli'il bum aims three In HI In
k• >-1■ ihi’in buss while parents partn ipale in i rails
sin |i a-. I'll.n vi’i.’.i'labli’ flown making in wliu li
i,i, 111lai \ r egelables sin h as railishi's and t m urn
bets aie tam'd and shaped into ornate dowel al
( >11■ ■ i ( tails mi hide lapiaili'se papri making
oripaini ( lime a' embi i mlei s and batik
A lai pe i nmpnneiit nl the i elebration will be
\sian looking demonstrations N'apao said many
III the lends lealuled 111 the event are lint available
in the I'.upene area sin h as liiduiiestan Malar
siau and Philippine i uisine
tbe \siau i eleln al lull lust bee an m all el but
In broaden awareness nl Asian i ulture
I he i elebratlnn is a pood uppurlunilr In net
an overall flavor nl the (frienl Matsushita said
|'o help I Or el the i lists nl the St, 11(111 event.
( niituiental \ulines has donated two round flip
tit kels to lokvo that will be put up till a silent
am lion during the dav bmp, lelebiation
Iupene is one ot the lew i dies in the i ountiv
lhal has an \sian eouiu il with representatives
trout a larpe numhei ot ethnn pumps I'he i mm
id has representatives trinn |apan ( lima Korea
Pat lilt islands, Indonesia and Ihailand
I'he I i'lehralmn w ill he held from 1 I a III to
. p in on Similar I lie i ost is SI lot adults and
bee tm those IH and iindei I ui mole mini illation
i Iiulai I Kit bald I.Ill ,11 lit Mall I ni Ken \ai;,m at
(ilk ‘MiOO
Students take issue over
bleached paper cup use
By leiiiiitor I humus
tmerald tmerald ( ontributor
'i im set■ them everyw here
liilMl llel) p.ipel protllltts Hi till t*)t tit
tit t a lions .inti t tips i In s are t ittiif
men! biodegradable and iuespen
stvf Hut .iltm^ with these aclvan
(ages there an* the t|nestnnis til (Mil
iutitnt and lie,till hu/.ntIs
Stine the nr. til n at toll ul plastlt
loam troll) the I'niyeislty of Oregon
t ainpus in the spring of 1‘tltt). the use
ol Ideal lied papet prod Hits seems to
tie the best allernat t\ e
I be pollution hazard seems a real
one with the predii tioil ot the tub
Metlioii.il I moll using an average ot
H7fi i it It I to ‘100.HIM) i litis this at .idem
ii st bool \ eat
t he health hazard li sts on the pos
situ I It \ that the t Idol me used to
hle.n h the paper might leai Ii into the
drink in small amounts and i ause
t am er
Matt Snyder codirector ot the
Survival ( enter said Ideal bed paper
would be an issue ot the future at
though there is little movement in
the t mversily at the present time
"(letting rid of the bleat.lied paper
produets would he easy Alt it would
take would lie one person to start a
petition he saul
Students at the I’niversity ol North
(larolina has been suiiesstul in ban
nirig the use of bleat lied paper on
their campus At the beginning of
tins ,u .11 it -111 )■ vii.il Ihi'ii environ
incut,il group the t mnmiltee ul Ntu
(lent I- nvirimincnl.il \etion, used the
group s funds .mil pint based nun
iii.istit !.’ mini c i ups selling them
tin si .11net i
At this time tlie group has snltl
nil ist lit the til III I ups .mil pi.Ills mi III
tiering J (Hill mine
Although this wnulil nnlv lake
i are ul Ml pen cut ot the i auipus
said Maik ( hilfnn. he.id ul the pm
jei t l in pleased u itli I lie turnout
Near the I uneisitv s i ainpils 1
lest.miauls help with the prnjei t In
utleiing disi mints mi drinks In pen
pie u hi I i mile m W it h the • ups I .li II
nl the restaurants is listed mi the side
nt the i up
I Insei tn home Smith KtlgeUe
High Si bool students have tiled a pe
I il lull In hail milk sold ui bleai lied
i arums lushua () Milan ul the Smith
I ugene Ian ironinental ( luh said the
students tiled the petition hei ause nl
the Oregon Administrative Kuie 1m
I'llm atinn.il I at ilities Mils rule
slates that food vv ith toxii i liemii als
i annul he served in a s< liuol i afete
( ( Milan said the alternatives In the
milk i artnns would mi hide small
glass nr plastic bottles il the superin
tent lent approves ul the petition
"Noil-bleac lied paper would he
nice Inil it's lint sold in tile United
States () Mi lan said
Pbutii b» Mjftii* 1"h*ri
I,i.ii r ( hvni; .mil l).in lirunih.iu^h liuvr th-sii'iwtl ,i /j/.i/i In rrnwtl) i/imntnu n
h.illii iirnhlrnis t.illin.K tor < nnslrtn lion nl ,i u.ilr In (»/»*« mill tlosf Will.im
rllr SI mil
Students design traffic plan
Bv |fit Kirin
I morale! ( ontrihutor
Iwo I'mviMsitv architecture students
leave developed .1 possible snlutnin to
the don ntovvn tr.diii 1 ontroversv
Seniors (.r.ue (dieng and D.in
itromhaugh have designed a gate that
would allow Willamette Street to he
opened or closed depending on the
need of the (low ntow n
Mle design 1 alls lot two towel like
monuments to he plai ed ai ross Irom
one another and inside each tower
would he .111 arm that 1 mild he raised or
lowered to open or close the street to
I hr itliM u.is presented lii the I vi• m■
( il\ ( ouiu.il ,i! .1 I■ i■ i II i!!irliii|> willl
ullici student .hi Intel Is winking mi thf
Si haelers Huilding I’rnjri 1 v\ tin It began
List M.iri li
I lit- arms <onlil Lf down during
tilings like thf T.ugenc ( rlrhi.itliin
( dieng s.uil Itulli pedestrians itnd .in
t(mu>1 itle trallie would lie well ome
Speeds Inr i .ns would be kept low
Itrninh.iiigli said lie gut the uif.i .dter a
trip to Portland I lie i l.iss took trips to
I’ortLind .uni Seattle to (outlast those
( ities w ith I'.ugene
The Arlene S( linit/ei (aniieit Hall
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