Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 29, 1990, Page 9, Image 9

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Car security systems: nighttime nuisance or necessity?
Bv Suzanne Robinson
Emerald Contributor
It's I a.in. You’re peeling
vinir eves open from .1 sleepv
stupor, cursing the polii e h 11
using their sirens .it tins hour
Hut this startling sound is not
the polii e It's •mother aggra
vating < ar alarm
Sound familial ' Ma\ be ma\
be not
Onlv a few students, when
questioned. seemed genumeh
irked bv car alarms Junior Me
lissa Armstrong said she
Resounding i.tr alarms have
< .tplured lilt- .tlIt'll!ion of the
liigent* 1***1 it t* Department as
People iiMi.dK i .ill m ,i!)oul
alarms onlv .tiler tin- .il.inu has
been sounding lor in to to
minutes, said lleverlv Collins
1-11*1) i ollimuniK sen it e spe
i i.ilist in i rune provention
"They i all bet alise the\ re m I
t.ited by the noise
I bis poses ii problem toi the
polii e ( ollms said \tlei re
spondmg to these i omplaiuls
polii e are often letl not onl\
‘It’s basically the alarms with shock
sensors that cause the problems. II the
sensors are set on high, the alarm is easily
activated. ’
— David Bowden
doesn't find a< i identalh ai 11
vated .il.inns to lie much of a
I have ,i friend who had
line," Armstrong said II often
went off in file middle of the
nil’ll! People left nasti notes
on his ear." Hut because per
snnal belongings are stolen so
often on campus, she said, she
believes that the alarms .ire
worth the complaints
lean Takaesu. junior, said
she also thinks alarms prevent
"Any noise attrai Is attention
I pay attention when I hear an
alarm go off.’’ she said
without possible suspei Is. hul
also w ithoul llir i .11 ow nrrs
themselves (srllins ret mu
mended ih.it ill.mil mvimrs Irl
their neighbors know wli.it to
do d llio id.mil .11 I iv ales
Although i .ii .ilarnis arc con
sidered l.isliionahlc hv some,
others consider them a necessi
"It's parllv trend and partlv
protection.’ said student Ali
jaudro II you have a .()()()
sound system in vour car. it's
worth the $1(11) investment in
an alarm
Sophomore Sean Martindell
agreed I've had my alarm
situ e I gut nn <.»r. .uul I y e
never ti.iii anything stolen \l\
neighfmr had his stereo system
stolen three days after it was in
stalled lie has nn alarm now
It's annoying sometimes, lint I
think it protec ts my i nr
Safety is what motivates pen
pie to invest in a < at alarm
s.uil I).u ill Howili'ii par! luni*
salt's rcprf Simla!ivu a! an .into
supply slim'
\!.u in pru cs ruugr Imm
.ihuiil S.<11 fur .i I ms a alarm s\ s
I fin In SlVi foi an alarm with a
smm p.i• i ami ulass ilitfi Ini
Muliim ilftfi Inis anil impai I
ilctfi Inis nun also lif pm
i hast'd srpar.ilfh Hmvdtm said
In1 dorsn't know til .m\ leaturi's
destin'd In prevent l.ilsr
"It's basic .ills the aim ms
v\ith slunk sensors tli.it i an si *
llir pn>l>lt'iiis Howil«*n said
II tlir sensors aru set on hinh
tIn' al.inu is imsiIv .u 11s ati'il
Over the line
Wnss I'ii krt at Mnl \ .illr\ Striping at Spriiitflirltt narks .irounil.i parktul Mart mlrs
ta mukr ■vi .hi r I 'nivrrsit\ p.irking sp.u rs in hunt at tlw t'Mt ' r.isiar ta srr
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