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- - Letters to the Editor - -
No Conspiracy
Kmcrald Kdltor:
Ah h member of the UHA
Steering ‘Committee, (and maybe
thm makes me a party leader) I
read with amuaement Bill Frye's
not so subtle insinuations of a
deep dark plot between the K.m
erald editors, particularly Miss
Larson and the UHA party In the
mimeographed scandal sheet that
was distributed In the early Mon
day morning hours.
His charges are obviously the
mouthlngs of a candidate and not
a sane individual.
I have been the treasurer of
Ihr USA party for the pant five
months. During that time 1 have
met Mis* lairson just once. She
never came to a meeting of the
USA steering committee, nor was
there any Indication at any of
these meetings that party mem
bers were In collusion with her.
There has never been to my
knowledge any conspiracy be
tween USA party leaders and
Miss Larson to defeat AOS candi
dates. We Just happened to ar
rive at the same unfavorable con
clusions about those candidates
sepa rately.
Dick Paul
USA Treasurer
The Delts Clarify
Emerald Editor:
I should like to take this op
portunity to clarify a statement
printed in the Emerald Friday,
April 11.
It concerned the student body
presidential candidate Bill Frye
and Delta Tau Delta fraternity.
The Emerald, In citing Torn Shep
herd's fallacies and statements
that were far out-of-bounds, said
that Bill Frye had promised this
fraternity a senator-at-large post
If we gave him our support. Re
garding this I would like to make
the following statements:
1. Bill Frye promised us abso
lutely nothing for our support.
2. The senator-at-large offlee
Is an elective position and must
be petitioned for In order to even
have u name placed on the ballot.
No one In this fraternity turned
in a petition to that effect.
I hope this will clear up any no
tions that might have been start
ed by the statement made by
Bob Slietterly
rri Hld. nl, Delta Tau Delta
Courage Praised
Kmeruld Kill tor:
The ideal of political freedom
has at last raised its timid head
and shaken its fist at the farce
we call campus politics. Tom
Shepherd has had the courage to
reject the political tyranny of the
Greek Bloc, which tyranny mas
querades under the name of "fra
ternal unity."
I am liuppy to see that some
one on this campus stands for in
dividual freedom In political mut
ters, and I offer my congratula
tions to Mr. Shepherd for refus
ing to give in to political coer
When a man decides whom or
what he will support in the mat
ter of politics, he must make his
own decision on the basis of some
principle, not on the basis of
what fraternity pin he wears.
I was also interested in Mr.
Shelterly's belief that the group
is more important than the indi
vidual, because I had always
thought that the group, any
group, exists for the good of the
individual. This theory of “organ
ization-for-organization’s sake"
is a crime against society.
Chris Williams
Grede Disappointing
Ktneruld Krill or:
The very entertaining address
by William Grede has left me
rather dissatisfied, especially
since there was for some obscure
icason'no time for questions last
Monday night.
Kirst: Mr. Grede stressed his
own selfishness in order to show
what good byproducts were the
result of it. As an example he
told ns why he had started an
insurance policy in his factory.
If somebody died, the workman
in his factory passed the hat, no
that the widow would be pro
vided for; but as Mr. Grede was
the one that had to hand over
the contribution he told how he
felt obliged to put in a consid
erable sum himself.
His selfishness made him pre
fer an insurance deal instead. But
this was not selfishness alone, be
cause he was in no way bound
to provide for the widow.
So I think that positive results
Mere the effect bf first a sense
of moral responsibility, and sec
ond of ids self-interest. My ques
tion Mas: whether all managers
felt that way, and if the social
struggle today is not mainly di
rected against those managers
that huve only selfishness und no
feeling of responsibility?
Second: Mr. Grede remarked
that in 1949 compared with 1929
the U S. and Europe resembled
each other much more, and that
this was not because Europe had
Americanized, but because the
U.S. had Europeanized. (Note the
play on the prejudice of the audi
ence please.) In 1929 he said the
U.S. was much more bouncing on
its feet, and the instability and
insecurity of that time was a
much better security than the
social security that exists now.
I wanted to ask him whether
he had completely forgotten that
nasty little stumble that occurred
right after 1929. It is so surpris- I
Ing to find that a people gets a
little more careful after a de
pression like that?
i nr aouticu people nave i rep
ly, consciously chosen to have
loss chance to become million
aires, but more chance to have a
decent life than in 1929. If this
is what Mr. Gredc meant with his
statement that the people are los
ing their sense of freedom, I do
not know my English properly.
Besides, I wonder whether Mr.
Grede thinks that there is as
much room in the U.S. to bounce
around on as there was in an
earlier part of this century. May
be he thinks that there is an
other dozen empty states wait
ing to be settled west of Oregon.
Thirdly: The address was TOO
entertaining, especially since Mr.
Grede got some laughs at the
CIO, social security, etc. It is a
well-known and effective tech
nique to make an opponent seem
ridiculous in order that people
may not believe in his arguments.
But as we were an intelligent
audience, according to Mr. Jones,
tills technique should not have
been used as it just depreciates
the user.
Compared to an honest, sin
cere and positive approach of
Water Keuther, this address was
entertaining (in the wrong way),
evading some important issues
(steel), flattering (students go
ing Lo take over in the future),
unfairly playing on people's pre
judice, and was, over all, rather
Dirk Schepers
USA Presidential Aspirant Says . ..
'/ am Promising Nothing...'
(Kcl. Not*-: Miss Jackson's petition was not filled out In time for
her to flic- in the USA primary before Monday. Therefore, we are run
ning her statement today. We ran those of Herb Cook, Don Collin and
Jim llaycox Monday.)
By Helen Jackson
"If you elect me, I promise .. ", the kicker head for the statements
of the previous ASUO No. 1 aspirants will not apply to me. I am
promising nothing. I feel that the two parties will nominate and eventu
ally the student body will select a president who will best represent
the University of Oregon; who has the intelligence
and experience to act according to the interests of
ni-uuniL uuuy a» a wnoie; ana wno can exercise
the judgment necessary in handling problems as
they arise WITHOUT being bound by previous
How could I possibly promise an open primary
although personally I am strongly in favor of such
a plan ? I can certainly support it and intend to do
so but nevertheless I could never promise it because
I do not and could not control the Senate. How
could I promise "pay phones out of the dorms” al
though as a dormitory resident I could hardly be
apathetic toward the situation and do propose a
new committee to continue the push for "free”
phones? How could I promise, although I support.
tt mm rate para wnen so mucn depends on the actions of the City of
Eugene ?
My record on the senate, the stands I've taken on NSA, the presi
dent s wage-cut issue, etc., are all open to praise or blame. I acted on
personal convictions and will continue to do so.
I can only look hopefully toward greater unity on the campus, to a
senate that will split over issues rather than parties or personalities
and to the fact that the students will get to know and then select the
most qualified and sincere candidate to represent and guide them.
- - Letters to the Editor - -
Individual Worth
Km<■ raid Kditor:
So the Delts have depledged an
individual, or should I write an
individualist. Granted the Greeks
have their so-called party system,
but how many members in each
house are thoroughly acquainted
with the party to which they are
affiliated? Because one member
chooses to be of another party,
docs that necessitate action of
this sort?
True this situation Is bad con
cerning the oncoming election,
but maybe people will realize just
what parties mean in an election.
At any rate, corruption is
shown in our campus politics, as
stated by Mr. Shepherd, in that
the Theta Chi and Sigma Chi
chances were ruined in 1950 and
’51. Perhaps this is an overstate
ment of circumstances, but it
only adds to that "fixed" cam
paign feeling that is prevalent.
Houses should not be depicted
in politics; rather candidates
should present their qualifica
tions and be elected on individual
True that candidates need
backing, and these may be by
houses in a campus position. But
if a member of a house selects
another party, then he should
have the opportunity to realize
h i s beliefs without pressure
brought forth by the group.
In this fashion each person af
fecting a ballot may clearly real
ize a candidate’s worth, without
voting as a house retains the
position of expressing.
Perhaps the AGS should at
least consolidate the houses when
issues of politics are to be domi
nant in campus affairs. But that
only provides for superficial de
As one AGS senator comment
ed, in that the independents
might organize and AGS not have
a ehanee, the issues and elections
may be one-sided for a while. But
also candidates may have to put
forth proof Of their qualities,
without names of houses. And in
this the voters may elect indi
viduals who will be more respon
sible to the campus group (of all
students) as a whole.
And to Tom Shepherd, who
may be “an idealist in regard to
his naive view of campus poli
tics,” I send congratulations for
adhering to his beliefs of what he
thinks is right, without the bor
rowing of ideas from group pres
sure for an AGS ticket.
Donna May
AWS Council to Plan
For Coming Year
The executive council of the
; Asociated Women Students will
! meet at 4 p.m. Wednesday in the
: Student Union to discuss plans for
the coming year, according to
Sarah Turnbull, AWS president.
Members of the council include
all heads of women’s living organi
zations, Orides, presidents of wom
en’s honoraries, presidents of the
YWCA and the Women's Recrea
tion association.
DuShane Nabs
Veep Position
Director of Student Affairs Don
ald M. DuShane has been elected
vice-president of the national asso
ciation of student personnel ad
ministrators at its meeting in Colo
rado Springs, Colo,.
DuShane, one of two vice-presi
dents, was on the association’s na
tional executive council for three
terms. He will serve for a one-year
term in his new position.
DuShane was on the resolutions
committee of the conference,
whose chief topics of discussion
were phychological counseling and
ways to improve students re
sponsibility and integrity.
Sugar Plum
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are returnable for full credit
until April 15th.
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