Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, March 08, 1946, FIRST SECTION, Page 23, Image 23

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    Ouuiasi Coed Week.:
CouventioM, Platuten.
Led by Oregon’s dark-eyed, raven-haired Jean Watson,
the seventh annual convention of the Oregon Federation of
Collegiate Leaders was held on the University campus earlier
this term.
The purpose of the convention was to aid the numerous
leaders of the various campuses in Oregon. Mutual problems
were freely discussed and solutions to these problems were
sougnt in order to maintain
smoother running schools.
“I do think the convention was
a success, especially with problems
concerning finances—campus, not
personal finances!” Jean grinned.
Born In Hawaii
Jean, or Chub, as she is known
to her friends, was born in Hono
lulu, T. H. The 20-year-old Theta
has been active in campus affairs
all three years of her college life.
Her sophomore year found her clad
in the white sweater of the
Kwamas. While in this honorary,
she held the position of treasurer,
and in her junior year moved up
to the position of secretary in Phi
Theta Upsilon.
‘‘The job I enjoyed a lot was
being co-chairman of the Dream
Girl contest this year. The girls
are so cute and it affords a . lot
of excitement, tod!”-' Jean ex
Home for Vacation
Jean and her sister, Terry, came
to the United- States from the
islands when the war broke out7
in the Pacific. Terry was then a
student in the University, and Jean
finished her high school education
in Corvallis. Last summer, for the
first time in three long years, both
girls returned home" for their va
“It seemed like a wonderful
^^Aiream!” Jean sighed. “Of course
things had changed a lot, but just
the same there is quite a bit of
difference between the Hawaiian
sun and Oregon mist.”
To Visit East
Plans are being made by Misa
Watson and her mother to visit
the east coast this summer. Wash
ington, D. C., New York; New Eng
land, and Quebec will be. .visited'
by ’this "English major.' "We’re
going just for fun, and speaking
of ifufi, when I went to San Fran
, cisco for .Terry'and; Las’s wedding
two .weeks- ago,'j really felt rather
wicked.” .
‘ Upon-; making. this . profound
statement, Jean7 hastened to ex
plain that sister Terry had nfarried
Les Anderson, former student
body president of Oregon, and that
Jean had hastened south to act
f as miaid-of-honor. “I gleefully and
happily tooted off to San Fran
cisco,” she laughed.
Listing likes and dislikes, Jean
confessed a weakness for rice,
lemon meringue pie* steaks
smothered in onions, and black
coffee. On the other hand, vege
tables and school dances are her
pet peeves.
“Don’t think I’m a big toad,
though, because I love a really
GOOD party!” she concluded.
My Day
It seems to be the fad about
now for everyone to make com
ments; on. What goes on the. cam
pus since it’s back to normal, so
I’ve decided to make a few authori
tative statements myself. After
all, I've probably, been browsing
around: here longer than most of
the “webfoota” and do have a pret
ty good “in.” In fact, there isn’t
muck I miss.
Since I only attend classes when
the mood strikes me (a trait I
picked up from certain well-known
Side-Sitters), I have plenty of
time to keep up an the latest. And
besides that, I waste- little time
playing bridge.
Yesterday, I didn’t quite make
it to the Side for coffee time at
nine, but I did get up and dash
over to the Co-op at ten. Simply
everyone was there for that morn
ing pickup—cigarette,-1' mean.
Heard a few persons talking
about the frosh dance and etc. of
last week-end. Seems like there
was more etc. ... a party here and
.a.party there. Back in. the old days
when I was just a mere innocent
pup, more people used to go to
campus dances!' And strangely
enough, there were gin-mills in the
outlying district* then,-too, Think
I’ll do some sleuthing the prob
lem. ■ V ' " ■ ‘ ‘ . /
Spent the rest of, the morning
attending, to - personal affairs but
was on hand to ’ direct traffic at
13th and JPatterson : during the
noon rush. ' , '• . ' "
Lunched ’til two. and then went
GIVE . . E
out to chase motorcycles and medi-.
Certainly slipped up on the'
women’s elections last week— i
would you believe it that not even j
I knew who was going- to be on
all the slates ’til late the night
At three I headed for Taylors'
to check on operations. As I
strolled around, I noted that op
erator No. 47, a somewhat curva
j cious brunette, was getting things
I well lined up for the week-end. I
! tell you, sometimes I have to be
positively blunt with those women,
j I’m the type that prefers to do the
chasing. For example, just as I
I was leaving an attractive blonde
wearing a pair of new Spauldings
grabbed me around the neck and
started pulling my ears! Gave her
1 one of my most indifferent looks
i and stalked out.
By then it was getting late and
time for me to go home and amuse
the boys. They like to play all
sorts of games just before dinner.
You know, the old stuff of hurling
a stick into the street.
Then there’s another pastime we
have ... It’s sort of a new adapta
tion of cowboys and Indians. The
fellows dart around through the
bushes kicking leaves, and I pre
tend to be completely unnerved.
It entertains, them.
Last night I decided to skip that
ten o’clock coke date and stay
home with, the freshmen. Play hard
to get—that’s my theory. After an
hour or so of kibitizing at bridge
Li turned in.
Springtime . . .
At last an instrument controlled permanent
wave eliminating all frizz, kinks and strings—
the perfect individual permanent.
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