Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, September 21, 1945, Page 3, Image 3

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    ASUO Cards
Admit Students
>ToNew Series
The Eugene Civic Music asso
ciation under the direction of G. E.
Gaylord is again sponsoring and
managing the 1945-46 artist’s con
certs series appearing in Mac
Arthur court. This is the second
year for this plan of organization.
As last year, ASUO cards will
serve as admission for University
students but adult membership in
the association will be necessary
for faculty and administrative
Although a large number of
faculty members joined the asso
ciation last year, officials empha
sized that membership must be
renewed to become effective and
entitle members to attnd concerts
this year.
Sale to Continue
Sale of memberships will con
tinue through the week ending
./ September 22. Association head
quarters are in the Osburne hotel,
phone 380. Gaylord stressed that
no more memberships for this
year’s series will be sold after Sat
urday night.
In the first season of the Eugene
concert series last year, eight
numbers were presented including
many famous stars of the concert'
stage, opera, radio, and screen.
Officials of the association say
that the series for the coming sea
son offers an exceptionally fine
list of artists designed to please
not only the musical sophisticate
but also the average listener.
Officials Report
(Continued from page one)
that authorize^ capacities for
dorms and sororities have been
f increased and additional outside
housing units have been secured.
Approximately 675 girls can be
housed in sororities, 575 in dorms,
and 150 in co-ops. Two fraternity
houses have been opened to board
women students. Normal dorm
capacity before the war was 250.
Three hundred University men
are living in four units of Straub
and in two outside dormitories.
Forty stay in the men's co-op, and
an estimated 500 men and women
will live with relatives or friends
in the vicinity of the University.
Those over the estimated 2240
students residing in University
sponsored places must find private
homes during the fall term.
“We will permit crowding in
rooms only if we are sure that
adjustments will be made soon,”
explained Dr. Pallett. “Before next
term we hope to have adequate
permanent housing for all stud
< ents, through additional housing
As yet adequate housing has not
been found for veterans and their
families but it is hoped that by
winter term the situation will be
much improved. The Oregon sys
tem of higher education has ap
proved application for 50 pre
fabricated houses from nearby war
plants. If and when these houses
are obtained it will be several
month before they can be serviced
and ready to occupy. These houses
will be available to veterans only.
Frosh Recounts
(Continued from paqe one)
pages of math problems. I an
swered about six of the fifty
because I just didn’t feel like
exhibiting my superior knowledge.
An orientation meeting was the
next big event. Evfen if I’m not I
Chinese, they let me in. Orienta-j
* tion does mean being Oriental,
doesn’t it? There a professor let
us in on the inside dope about time
schedules, classes to take, and
credits you get. He put me wise
to a few other technical matters
which are still confusing me.
Wednesday at eight a.m. I went
back to the Igloo for all sorts of
little printed matter in addition to
another session of standing in line.
There were all colors of paper and
they wanted to know a little in
formation about my Mater and
My adviser and I battled around
for about an hour trying to get my
schedule of classes worked out.
Finally I had a long list of sub
jects written down with numbers
and sections and names of pro
Wednesday there was also an
ASUO assembly where they intro
duced some of the BWOC and
BMOC to all of us. University
talent of all types completed the
program. I just couldn't get some
of the jokes the prexy told, but
they’ll come to me when I become
a little more used to college life,
won’t they?
Monday they will probably send
me home when I start to go to
classes. But it was fun while it
Mrs. Krenk
Returns; Will
. '
Mrs. Mary Staton Krenk. a 1941
Oregon graduate, returns this year
to the campus as radio director of j
station KOAC. Mrs. Krenk is the ,
wife of Marvin Krenk, instructor
of speech and dramatic arts, who
is at present on leave for military
duty. For the past year she has
been with Eugene's KORE on OPA
programs and the Lane county
shut-ins program, “The Look-Out
Club.” She now has charge of all
radio programs broadcast from the
One of the new programs Mrs.
Krenk is planning to introduce this
year, is a weekly variety show
which will feature a cross-section
of University talent. The program
will be broadcasted from the UO
and Oregon State college cam
puses on alternate weeks. Audi
tions will, be held later in the term
when the dates for the program
have been set.
Mrs. Krenk says she intends to
do a “house-to-house survey of the
campus,” searching for students
who can sing, act, or have any
kind of talent with radio appeal.
Among the programs being pre
sented again this year will be the
University Hour on Thursdays
from 4 to 5, which will include
entertainment by faculty artists
on the panel of public affairs dis
cussions. Maude Garnett, associate
professor of public school music,
will again be heard on her pro
gram “Let's Sing America,’” at
1:15 p.m. presenting talented chil
dren from the various public
Others to be presented are
Victor P. Morris “World in Re
view,” a half hour of campus news
and recitals presented by the
school of music, and the “Univer
sity Journal,” a new commentary
and discussion presented by the
school of journalism, all of which
are heard Tuesday afternoons be
ginning at 4.
Positions Open
For Students
Two paid positions for students
wishing to work part time are
open at the education activites
office in McArthur court. The
openings are for a check room
manager to take charge of the
checking concession and a house
manager to arrange for sale of
tickets and number of ushers
necessary for concerts and other;
programs presented in the court,
applications for the positions
will be accepted at the educational
activities Friday and Saturday of
this week. The check room man
ager will be needed this Saturday
^Ue Stated, al Zwj&n&i
fyut&it jh eyiantment State
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