Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 10, 1942, Page 6, Image 6

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    fl(G4*et MowUA
Coed-of- Week Spurns
"Play-world* Activities
A.n activity woman who doesn't believe in too many .activities
is vivacious Janet Morris, who seriously explains this paradoxical
statement with, “On our campus too many people spend too much
time in activities. It's more or less of a play world. I think tljat the
purpose of activities is to teach students to take responsibility and
aieo learn how to deal with people, and how to take hard knocks,
ar,f I think that's the only purpose of activities."
Sense of Humor
.Janet, who is certainly one
on the campus, doesn't look the.
typical, competent, activity-wo
man type at all. She is tall, dark,
and has large blue eyes which re
fle;t an engaging sense of humor.
She is in the Collegiate Who's
.Who, is chairman of the forth
coming Love and Marriage se
ries, has been a Kwama, Phi
Theta, and Amphibian, besides
having been chairman of the
World Student Service fund, and
chairman of the Tag day sale.
Skdng, swimming, fencing, and
basketball are some of the spe
cial likes of this effervescent
spo rtswoman. Although she made
the honor roll last term and has
a grade point average well over
a F, she still manages to find
time to be a bridge fiend.
jn o reeves
Peeves evidently aren’t in Jan
et'!? vocabulary, for she is one of
those persons whom nothing par
ticularly seem? to irritate. Her
hobby fis., “people,;* and , because
she likes meeting people so much
she plans on taking personnel
wotk when she graduates. She
added, with a twinkling smile.
“However, it's very indefinite at
pres .*nt, as all things are."
fiat and 2uill
Mary Louise Vincent, junior in
English, is winner of the $5 prize
ir. the 1911-12 membership con
test sponsored by Pot and Quill,
woe: on’s creative writing honor
ary. Miss Vincent's selection was
announced at the initiation meet
ing held Tuesday evening at the
home of Mrs. Eric W. Allen.
Active in many campus affairs,
M i so Vincent is affiliated with Pi
Beta Phi, social sorority, Kwaraa,
Phi Tlieta. and is prominent in
YWCA functions.
Other neve members of Pot and
Qm.i are Jan* Ward. Audrey
Lyuds, Muriel Stevens. Norma
Trevorrow, Epvily Tyree, and
Mary Lois Dana.
•'How can .we part?" as the
ha nor said to the baldheaded
maxi - Barometer.
of the most active activity-women
Coed ol the Week
Planning; the forthcoming Love
ami Marriage lecture series is
this week's coed, Miss Janet
McCoy - eJlaley
In a Christmas setting. Miss
Florence McCoy, of Portland, an
nounced her engagement to Wen
dell Haley, Eugene. The wedding
is planned for late spring.
Miss McCoy is majoring in
English and will be graduated
from the University this year.
Mr. Haley, now employed at Boe
ing, was graduated in the class
of '41.
Miss Eula Elwood, Mashfield,
became engaged to William H.
Skinner. Portland, over the
Christmas holidays. Miss Elwood
is a member of Alpha Gamma
Delta, social sorority, and Mr.
Skinner is affiliated with Kirk
wood Co-op. No date has been
announced for the wedding.
A smart spy could get any of
our military secrets. He could
pretend to be a photographer for
Why not elenn up the room with the beyinniny
(»•' the new year. See our bookeases. end tables,
and study desks
:u»:» Olive Kuyone, Ore.
Women’s Page Co-Editors
We were going to give you a
preview of our significant and
campus-quivering New. Year’s
resolutions — but sadly enough
any exposition of that type would
now be in the nature of a post
mortem. So,—blandly ignoring the
death of those poor frail crea
tures we’ll skip on to a few mis
cellaneous items.
jJ: s': s»t
Item one under “Things That
A muse Us” is the first change* on
the winter term schedule. The
course listed is second-year Jap
anese and the nature of the
change—dropped course. We find
that the omission isn’t the result
of administration prejudice — it
was just that H. J. Noble, asso
ciate history professor, and the
regular instructor of the. course,
has been called to work for Uncle
One wide-eyed coed—observing
the notice, queried. “Well, golly,
hew are we going to train our
fifth columnists?”
Maybe we’re just pettish but
there is one small thing about
this otherwise nice institution
that makes us do a slow burn.
To be more specific it is the
regime in the periodical and ref
erence reading room — where a
student so much as opens his
mouth to whisper “Whattimeis
it?" or “Howaboutadate?” and
several attendants pounce on him,
frowning ferociously and hissing
for silence. And yet all conversa
tions which they—the attendants
—have, are carried on in a low
shout, their little swinging doors
sway back and forth with the
rapidity and general sound effect,
of a small machine-gun and
books, which are returned to the
shelves snap into place with a
resounding crash. Of course there
are other places to study—but
it’s the principle of the thing.
* * *
We always get a good laugh
out ol the horrified shriek .hat
the majority of these faultlessly
groomed coeds utter when they
look at their hair in a mirror.
Every lock beautifully in place,
ribbon just right—but they de
velop a mild case of hysteria at
“The curl’s completely out,” or
“Isn’t it just terrible? I can’t do
a thing with it.” The subsequent
renovation usually takes about 30
minutes. At the end of this time
every lock is beautifully in place,
ribbon just right. . . .
The really funny angle is that
tycMtio+i Pnetute
While You re Skidding, ~
Plan Spring a la Mode
While you're skidding1 to class on icy sidewalks warm yourself
by planning some smooth spring combinations such as ... .
The newest of the new—are those blue-grey jersey wrap-around
coats that are making a hit in winter resorts. Wear them with a
jersey beret of the same color. . . .
For a shiny finish so you'll star at any prom try a plain color
glazed chintz formal in some Cuban color. Washable chintzes will
be shown for play dresses and bathing suits come the first daffodil.
No, I will not be bitter
When you go—
Only a little tired,
And cold as snow.
No, I will not be bitter
When you turn
Down some grey road
That smells of fern.
How strange to be bitter
And cut my heart
Over an ending
I knew from the start?
—By Marjorie Major
(lailif. «Jl&pA
Open 'Wtiile'i
Social Slate
Dere Diary: Formal winter
term is being formally opened
this weekend' with two informal
dances. Last night independents
fostered the rally spirit with an
informal sport hop in Gerlinger.
Tonight after the final fray with
Washington State it’s a dance
sponsored by Company A, a rally
theme and a military benefit. Art
Holman and his boys will furnish
the music. Junior and senior mil
itary men will wrear their uni
forms and, according to Carolyn
Holmes, coed dress is informal.
Rally dances this term are sup
plementing the usual program of
house dances and the “big” danc
es of the term. You might watch
for the Senior ball, Dads’ day,
the inevitable Alpha Delta Sigma
hop, Military ball and a round of
miscellaneous events sandwiched
in to keep Webfoot sassiety in
—By Lois Hulser
these gals who wash their hair
at the first of the term (ancl
only) comb it before their Satur
day night date (and only) and
exist for four years on a single
permanent—can gaze in a mirror
without a single shudder. We just,
can’t figure it out.
War never determines who is
right—only who is left.
RENT $3.00
30 East 11th
Phone 148
Can ouy em wnn maicmng
chintzbonnets. ...
Peruvian Pink is the colo^fcr
your various moods. Wear it
with black in anything from dress
to play clothes.
Chinese red and yellow will
take over the throne from the
now popular winter white. . . .
Piques with long torso will rate
you fashion news. Wear them in
cottons for day and night. . . .
Large one-colored prints on
dusty blue and gray backgrounds
will highlight blond coloring.
You’ll tuck a matching flower in
your belt. . . .,
Rubber bathing suits will make
you look as smooth as a seal.
Some of the new ones are
yon and dry in a minute. . . .
Every kind of dirndl goes this
next season. The best ones have
plain silk jersey tops and flowered
silk jersey shirts. The brighter
the better. If you’re dark and can
stand the colors, try a bright all
over printed silk jersey.
A dusky pink is the best bet if
you’ll be getting a tan.
“Sir, I have neither pencil nor
“What would you think of a
soldier who went to battle with
out rifle or ammunition?”
“I would think he was an offi
cer, sir."—Tech Pep.
;■ i I
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Smiley Burnett in
'Down Mexico
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with Dennis O’Keefe
and Jane Wyatt
'Here Comes
Mr. Jordan'
with Bob Montgomery
and Claude Bains
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with William Boyd
A Great Combination!
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Judy Garland in
'Babes Over
Broadway' >,
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