Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, October 14, 1941, Page Eight, Image 8

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    Streit Union Plan
Chapter Formed
A Eugene chapter of the Clar
ence Streit federal union plan
was formed at a forum held Mon
day afternoon in Chapman hall.
Victor P. Morris, dean of busi
ness administration, was named
temporary chairman.
A temporary executive com
mittee was appointed consisting
of Dean Morris, chairman; Allen
Osborne, secretary - treasurer;
Robert Allan, freshman and Cis
Steele, sophomore, student rep
resentatives; Karl W. Onthank,
dean of personnel administration,
and Dr. Paul B. Means, head of
the religious department and a
member of the executive commit
tee of the federal union plan in
Definite plans for the forma
tion of the chapter and the time
and place of the next meeting
will be decided by, the temporary
committee. u ,>,>|q
Nearly 50 students,, faculty
members, and Eugene residents
attended this first federal union
forum which was held primarily
to discuss the plan. The meeting
was conducted by Deap Onthank
assisted by. Dr. Mean^.apd Dean
Morris, with discussion on vari
ous questions that came up con
cerning the general outline and
procedure of the working union.
Clarence Streit, who had
planned to preside at the forum,
was called to California and was
unable to attend.
Volumes Added
To Nash Room
John Henry Nash, member of
the Limited Book club, engaged
in the art of fine printing and
binding of rare books, recently
started collecting signatures of
the authors, publishers and print
ers of his collection.
Many of his books were set by
hand and printed in his own
shop. Two of his recent books re
ceived from the club are: “The
Count of Monte Cristo,” by Du
mas, complete in four volumes,
and North’s translation of “Plu
tarch’s Lives,” complete in eight
The University of California
presented the Nash collection
with two more of his most recent
books, “Ceremonial cpstumes of
the Pueblo Indians,” by Moore,
with illustrations cut by hand
from rubber blocks, and “About
Books,” by Forgukor, with each
chapter begun by an, Old Roman
Letter stamped in gold leaf. An
other book is Miles Caverdale’s
"Book of Psalrps," which has
facsimile reproductions of eight
illustrations from the 14th cen
tury manuscript of “Queen
Mary’s Psalter.” ,
Don't Be Late
For That First
nhs-'top: v
Your Watch
620 Willamette
Qesiiul&i At IriJaktz
Radio Sound Men Enliqhten Public
One student was breaking a
strawberry box in his hands while
the other, with intense concentra
tion, stood crump'ing a piece of
cellophane. A short pause, then
the first student grabbed a po
tato and, with soul - splitting
groans, stabbed a knife into it.
But you, listening over your
radio, heard a door being crushed
in, fire cracking, and the poor,
trapped victim taking his own
life one minute before he was to
be burned to death.
Ingenious Devices
This is a typical example of
the ingenious devices used by the
sound crew in a radio station to
produce sounds over the air.
Some things sound the same
over the radio as they do in an
ordinary room, a door slamming,
a whistle, water being poured
UO Piggers’
Deadline Set
Absolute deadline for names of
campus organizations and their
officers has been set for Wednes
day noon, according to Betty
Jane Biggs, editor of the “Pig
gers’ Guide,” Monday. This in
cludes all living organizations,
honoraries, and clubs on the cam
pus. A list of officers and the
identification of the club should
also be stated.
mis miormation will only be
one of the new features planned
by the editors for this year's stu
dent directory. Also decided upon
is a complete and corrected so
cial calendar and dates of sched
uled winter and spring term
An outline of things to be done
by house social chairmen in con
nection with house dances will
be given space, as will other
rules pertaining to signing out of
girls’ living organizations, cut
ting the “red-tape” to get Ger
linger hall, rally parade regula
tions, rules on serenades and an
article on closed weekends.
Faculty members and depart
ments desiring “Piggers’ Guides”
are requested to send their requi
sitions to the educational activi
ties office immediately, said Dick
Williams, manager.
a "Clean" Game
Enjoy the tin-ills of fall
sport in
Smart Clean
Snappy and
The zest of vigorous play
is enhanced with clothes
laundered for perfect
Phone 825
New, Service
839 High St.
into a glass, and footsteps in
Submarines, Too
Others, for instance the sound
of a submarine crashing into a
battleship under water, must be
imitated by objects altogether
The sound room of a radio sta
tion just before a broadcast us
ually resembles someone’s attic
collection of old junk. For a one
hour program, there are usually a
variety of sounds to be produced
which requires many strange
looking articles.
More Secrets
A squash is used for the sound
of a body falling; horses’ hooves
on turf are suggested by thump
ing cocoanut shells against the
sound effect man’s chest, on cob
blestone by rattling them on cigar
boxes; the sound of rattling
skeletons is produced by b'.ocks
of wood tied on strings; crash
boxes, with gravel, bits of metal,
and broken glass in sealed com
partments closely resemble the
noise of an auto crash.
These are some of the many
devices used to make the sounds
which accompany the daily radio
plays and serials.
The hardest sound to imitate is
that of a pistol shot. No effective
substitute could be found until
one of the mqre prominent gun
companies manufactured a spe
cial gun, which has the end of
the barrel sealed, and a special
kind of bullet, that may be fired
in the broadcasting studio to give
the desired effect.
Geology Honorary _
Elects Ben Wohler
Ben Wohler was elected presi
dent of Condon club, geology hon
orary, at its first business meet
ing of the year Monday after
noon. Among other business the
Anthropology club was merged
as a part of Condon club.
Five new associate members
were voted into the club and one
asociate member, Harold Johnson,
was promoted to full member
ship. Associate members will be^
announced next week.
Other officers elected at the
Monday meeting were: Bob Ste
phenson, vice president; Ruby,
Oldham, secretary - treasurer;
Shirley Seavey, librarian; Mildred
Wilson, entertainment chairman;
and Harold Johnson, first-aid
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