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Co-Sports Editor
Oregon Daily Emerald
Laddie Gale, the all-American
forward from last year’s Oregons
and a member of the present Ku
benstein Oregonians has “went
and done it.” In short, he has
signed to finish the winter in pro
basketball with Slim Wintermute
and the Detroit Eagles for a paltry
sum of $1100.
The former Oakridge star's loss
to the Rubes and to Lane county
this winter will be keenly felt. A
team can’t very well lose a 16
^ point per game man without know
ing the difference, and that's just
the clip all-American Laddie has
been potting buckets this year.
But wait a minute—don't start
weeping yet. Coach Howard Hob
son in all sincerity announces that
a whole team of Laddie Gales will
be in Eugene on Friday (tonight!
and Saturday nights. Yessir, Hec
Edmundson and his racehorse
Washington Huskies are facing
the Oregon varsity in a pair of
northern division games which
might bounce either club right out
of championship contention.
A Bunch of Laddie Gales
After returning from last week’s
two-game series against the Hus
kies in Seattle, Coach Hobby de
4 dared that “the present Washing
ton team compares favorably with
any average team of Hec's,” and
he added' that “they’re all big like
Laddie Gale.”
At one forward position is Two
Year Veteran Bob Dorr at only;
five foot eight, but take a look at
the other Husky first stringers.
There’s Bob Lindh, six foot one,
and Harry Nelson, six foot two, at
forwards. Big Hal Schlicting at
center ranges to six foot four. The
size of Hec's guards is what is
surprising when you think how
they would outstrech Oregon’s
great guard pair of last year, Bob
by Anet and Wally Johansen. The
Voelker brothers are like this:
Jack, six foot four, and Bob, six
foot two.
If Hec Edmundson wants to use
more altitude from the rest of his
squad he can use Wendell Larsen,:
6 feet 4 inches, Ralph Cummings,
r 6 feet 2 inches, Bill McDonald, 6
feet 5 inches, Dick Izzard 6 feet
4 inches, and Bill Fleming, 6
feet 5 inches. So you can see what
a gang of tall firs Uncle Hec can
use against Oregon’s Hank Ander
son, 6 feet 7 inches, Bill Borcher,
6 feet 5 inches, John Dick 6 feet
4 inches, and Archie Marshik, 6
feet 7 inches.
Washington’s Dead Maples
According to all rules and regu
lations, the Oregons are supposed
to edge out Washington tonight if
only on the basis of it being a first
night affair on their own floor. But
lor a visiting club to get the feel
of McArthur court’s maple boards
is a whit different than for enemy
clubs to adjust themselves quickly
to Washington’s own big pavilion.
Until Oregon’s national champs
did it last year (second night by
only two points) the Washingtons
weren’t supposed to have lost two
I consecutive home games since . . .!
way back.
Main reason . . . the floor of the
pavilion. It is taken out for indoor
track meets, etc., and for basket
ball is laid in sections . . . which
leaves a dead surface. Eleven <
times in Oregon’s first night game ,
up in Seattle last week did Hob-;
by's boys lose the ball because of j
it. They’d dribble down into Wash
ington territory, stop on a dribble
while looking for a mate to pass
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Duel of Fast Break Billed for Tonight at McArthur
Ducks Face Huskies
In Division Set-To
Drive! Drive! Drive!
That will be the theme of the Oregon-Washington basketball
, game tonight which begins a two-game series between the two
arivingest teams in northern division play — a series that is
adjudged the most colorful of all northern conference games.
Coach Hobby Hobson of the national champion Webfoots
loves to play his team against a running team and likewise for
Frosh Mermen
To Meet Salem
Squad Today
Combined Team to
Furnish Opposition
For Dads' Day
The Oregon frosh. swimming
team meets a combined squad of
Salem high school and YMCA swim
stars today in the University pool
at 4 p.m. as an official part of the
Dads’ Day program.
Negotiations for the meet with
the capitol city team were opened
last week but no official reply wa.s
received until late yesterday after
noon when Salem authorities
phoned an OK for the contest.
Team Listed
Coach Russ Cutler has not yet
assigned his freshman swimmers to
the respective events, but swim
mers who will probably be entered
were Ralph Huestis, Bob Wagner,
Ralph Davis, Ken Powers, Dick
Allen, Lee Ghormley, Warren
Finke, Tom Corbett, and Diver
Earl Walrath.
Cutler said he had received only
one advance notice regarding the
Salem swimmers but added that
the one notice was enough to cause
him to worry over the outcome of
the meet, as the YMCA swimmers
were northwest champions last
The Salem team will be guests of
the Oregon swimmers and man
agers while here, and tonight will
attend the Oregon - Washington
game. !
Members of the Webfoot swim
varsity will act as officials for to
day’s meet. Junior Manager Bill
White is in charge of the meet.
Definitely scheduled meets for
the frosh include two with the Ore
gon State rooks on February 3 and
24, same dates as Oregon-OSC
varsity contests, and one January
31 with the Aero club swimmers
from Portland.
Wednesday, the frosh will meet
the Portland Aero club in the Uni
versity pool. The match will start
at 8 o’clock.
to, and hold their hands out ahead
to catch the ball as it came off.
the dead pavilion boards. Eleven
times it bounced short and they
were called on broken dribbles in
attempting to recover, and on five
occasions the alert Huskies capi
talized with buckets.
Hard to Whip at Home
But tike the Washingtons are
hard to whip at home, so are Hob
by's Oregons in their own baiii
wiek. In Oregon’s last two cham
pionship years, '38 and '39, they
outran Hec Edmondson's galloping
Huskies at Eugene four times.
Only Oregon conference losses at
home in the last three years have
been one with Washington State
early last winter and that unfortu
nate Oregon State affair of only
a couple of weeks ago.
Here's a few nicknames and
monickers of the Washington Hus
kies as gleaned from their public
ity booklet from ‘the office of Ed
Hillyer . . . Ralph “Cowhand"
Cummings . . . Bob "Mat-pounder"
Dorr, because of the resounding
smack with which he hits the pad
ding under the baskets at Seattle
Coach Hec Edmundson of the sec
ond place Huskies of yesteryear.
Wild Battles
Last year in that still memorable
first game of the Husky series
here in Eugene, the two teams
rolled up 21 points in four minutes
and ten seconds of the second half.
It was a marvelous exhibition of
scoring and perfect teamwork.
This year, neither team has the
stars listed that they had last year.
Oregon has lost all-American Slim
Wintermute and Laddie Gale to the
Detroit Eagles, professional team.
All-American Bob Anet and Wally
Johansen, all-coast, are leading
Anet’s Oregons in quest of the
state AAU crown.
Many Gone
While in Washington George
Zeigenfuss, all-northern division,
Pat Dorsey, Roy Williamson are
playing for the Seattle Savidges,
AAU contender. The Huskies also
lost Dick Voelker and Harry Lock
hart. Oregon lost Bob Hardy and
Ford Mullen to professional base
There is little to choose between
the two teams. Last Friday night
Washington upset a favored Duck
team by an eight point margin in
Seattle. The next night Hobson
changed his lineup to include Ar
chie Marshik and Hank Anderson,
both six foot seven, and George
(Porky) Andrews, guard.
With added height the Webfoots
rolled over the Huskies and smoth
ered them under a 15-point margin.
It is said to be difficult to defeat
Washington on her own floor. Ore
gon is the only northern division
team to sweep a series from the
Husky on the Seattle floor in re
cent years.
An Advantage
Playing on their own floor must
be an advantage for a team be
cause Oregon is spotting six and
eight points cn the two games to
the Huskies by local betting sheets.
Hobson, disregarding any pos
sible superiority for either team,
has been sending his entire squad
through fast intersquad workouts
with the exception of yesterday.
Only Earl Sandness, Toivo Piippo,
and Tini Smith were in suit and
practised last night.
Probable starters for tonight will
be Captain John Dick and Hank
Anderson at forwards, Archie
Marshik at center, Vic Townsend
and Andrews at guards. This is the
same team that has been in green
all week and has an average of six
feet three and two-fifths inches.
If Edmundson starts Bob Lindh
and Harry Nelson at forwards, Hal
Schlicting at center, and Bob and
Jack Voelker at guards, his lineup
will average six feet two and three
fifths inches per n;an.
So take your choice.
when lie dribbles under for a shot.
. . . Bill “Stretch” Fleming, be
cause of his thin 6 foot 5 inch
frame . . . Cal "Pony” Jorgensen
. . . Wendell (Laddy) “Battleship”
Larsen . . . Bob “Motorcycle”
Lindh, because he’s the fastest man
for his size Hcc ever coached . . .
Charles “Muggsie” Mitchell ■ . .
Harry “Cruiser” Nelson . . . Bob
“Stub” Shafer . . . Hal “Moose”
Schlicting, because he's one of
Washington's tallest and largest
men. . . . Don “Sailor” Thompson,
because he has tattooing on his
arm . . . Bob “Milkman” Voelker,
because he played with the Alpine
team last winter . . . last nick
name we’ll present is that of Coach
Clarence Sinclair Edmundson . . .
he is called Hcc so often it isn’t
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Dallas Hi Will Tangle With Frosh Today
Dragon Quintet
Seeks Revenge
Over Ducklings
Prepsters Out to
Extend Victory List
In McArthur Court
Dallas high's giant-killing Drag
ons, led by a six-foot seven-inch
center, and with a record of eight
consecutive Willamette valley con
ference wins behind them, will be
after revenge when they meet
Oregon’s frosh for the second time
this season in McArthur court to
day at 4 o’clock.
Beaten by four points in their
first game with the Ducklings,
the Dragons, whose only other loss
this year has been to Salem, will
provide all the opposition John
Warren's high-flying frosh will
want. The Dallas quintet is hailed
as the greatest in the north end
of the state, and possibly one of
the best in the entire state. Led by
Lloyd Jackson, the towering cen
ter, and Melvin Dornbecher, bril
liant forward, the Dragons have
been sensational in their title
Only One Loss
Nor are John Warren’s Duck
lings any slouches at this game
called basketball. Injury ridden all
season, the yearlings have come
through with victories in nine out
of ten games, bowing only to a
strong Longview quintet. The fact
that these same frosh have already
beaten the Dragons once should
show their prowess.
Both teams come primed for the
kill, with lop-sided victories over
highly-touted opponents. The frosh
last Friday slaughtered The Dalles,
68 to 36, while Dallas was wallop
ing Chemawa's versatile Indians,
41 to 23.
After Revenge
The Dragon’s have a penchant
for revenge, and will be gunning
for the frosh this afternoon. Fol
lowing their Salem defeat, they
decisively turned the tables in a
second game, to administer the
Capital city quintet’s only loss.
Warren’s frosh seem to have
dodged their injury jinx for the
time, with only one first stringer
slated for the side lines. Jake
Werschkul, giant forward, is still
hobbling on a crippled ankle, and
it is doubtful whether he will see
Warren will probably start Tay
lor and Sidesinger at the forward
posts, with Borrcvik, high-scorer
on the team, at center. The Duck
ling's great combination of Kirsch
and Tuttle will be at guard.
The frosh will again see action
Saturday afternoon, with Multno
mah club’s Intermediates furnish
ing the opposition. Like the Dallas
game, it will be played in the Ig
loo, starting at 4 o'clock.
anything but a first name now but
they sometimes call him "Uncle
Hec’’. . . they do that when they’ve
got a head start on Washington’s
gum-chewing coach ... he doesn’t
like to be called "Uncle Hec.”
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ball squads playing, this
weekend at the Igloo—is
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Pi Kaps, Delts, DUs, Duds,
Phi Delts and Sig EpsWin
Intramural Cage Battles
Delts Trip Fijis by Narrow Margin as
'A' League Hoopmen Reopen Play; No
Tilts Today Because of Dads' Day
“A" league action got underway 1
again as three intramural basket
ball games went down on the score
; sheet yesterday in court 46.
Pi Kappa Alpha dropped Canard
club, 20 to 7; Delta Upsilon beat
Sherry Ross hall, 17 to 3; and Delta
Tau Delta edged Phi Gamma Delta,
9 to 8, in the day's thriller.
The Fijis piled up a 4. to 0 lead
at the end of the first quarter but
Because of Dad's day, there
will be no further play until
gave ground in the second to trail j
6-5 at the half. Both squads took
it easy in the third frame as the
Delts collected a foul shot and the!
Fijis failed to enter the scoring
The Alder street team got two
baskets and a foul shot in the clos
ing quarter but the Delts sank
another two-pointer and stalled the
last half minute to win.
Delts, 9 ’ 8, Fijis
Hill, 6.F Marland |
Hewitt.F Lonigan
Self ridge, 1.C . 2, Haliski ’
Fishburne, 2 G.1, Ferrall
Lott .G .... 5, Stincbaugli
Pi Kaps Triumph
Pi Kappa Alpha and Canard!
club played a knock-down and1
dreg-out affair with occasional!
flashes of basketball interspersed
between the foul shots which kept
the referee’s whistle smoking.
Archie Rama of Canard fired an
archless howitzer from midcourt
to provide the game’s spectacular
shot. The Pi Kaps were consider- j
ably smoother than the clubmen
but even so were hardly up to form, j
Pi Kappa Alplta, 20 7, Canard
Iverson, 4 .F . Stanhurst
McKeown, 6 .F.2, McFaddin
King, 4.C.3, Williams
Dietrich, 5.G . Krugar
Pemberton, 1.... G . 2, McGuire
Substitutes—Canard: Rama; Pi
Kaps: Roblin, Gennette.
DUs 17, Sherry Ross 3
Delta Upsilon fielded an iron
man five which lasted the whole
game and shellacked Sherry Ross
hall, 17 to 3. Leading 9 to 3 at the
half, the fratmen checked the hall
quint to no points during the last
half. The hall scored no field goals
during the game, collecting all
their points on foul shots.
DUs, 17 3, Sherry Koss
White, 6.F Carrilho
Foster, 3 .F.1, Warren
Nicklas, 2 .C .McCarthy
Corby, 1.G.„.2, Blair
Weber, 5 .G . Greedy
Substitutes—Sherry Ross: Mil
ler, Thomson, Dolan, Ryel.
Phi Delta Theta downed Sigma
Alpha Epsilon and Bun Hodgen's
Duds defeated Phi Kappa Psi in
two well-played “A" league intra
mural basketball games, while on
the same court Sigma Phi Epsi
lon’s “B" team overwhelmed Phi
Sigma Kappa Bees in a wild, slam
bang affair.
Phi Delts 28, SAE 8
Phi Delta Theta's smooth-work
ing quintet took three full quarters
before they could pull away from a
determined SAE five and ring up a
23 to 8 triumph.
It was not until after a close
checking first that ended in a 4 to
4 tie, could the Phi Delts use their
superior height and backboard
ability to forge a slight lead. In
the last period the Phi Delts turned
on the speed to chalk up 14 points
while their rather tired opponents
scored only one field goal.
Phi Delts ,23 8, SAE
Stevenson, 4.F . 1, Meek
Shipley, 2 .C.2, Shearer
Hplmes, 7 .G’. 2, Beckner
Bailey, 5 .G.3, Thomas
Parker.S . Hamel
Wimberly, 5 .S
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“Where the Crowd Gathers”
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Chicken and Steak Sandwiches t
Seafood Cocktails
35c per couple
Saturday night.—Art Holman .> Band
' -
Duds 14, Phi Psl 9
Late in the first period the Duds
took a 2 to 1 lead on a long under
hand toss by Bun Hodgen and they
kept ahead throughout the game to
win 14 to 9 from the green clad
Phi Psis,
The Duds were ahead 11 to 9
with but two and a half minutes
to play when they proceeded to
stall. This proved extremely suc
cessful for not only were the Phi
Psis held scoreless, but Wilson
scored a free throw and Hodgen a
setup shot.
14, Duds
F .3, Ager
. F. 8, Hodgen
.. C.2, Taylor
.. G . Clemens
- G . Mann
S . 1, Wilson
S . Blenkinsop
Sig Ep 18, Phi Sig 8
Overcoming a 3 to 2 first half
deficit, the Sig Eps held the Phi
Sigs scoreless in the final half and
ran up an 18 to 3 victory in a wild
It was speedy Sig Ep forward,
Richardson, who was the big gun
offensively scoring 9 points. This
game was far and above the rough
est of the afternoon.
Sig Ep, 18 3, Phi Sig
Manning, 4.F.2, Thompson
Reynolds.F.1, Rice
Richardson, 2 .... C . Hitchcock
Hutchins, 1.o.Cougill
Gray .G Porter
Sinclair .S . Bowman
Barber, 2.S . O'Neill
Harquail, 2 .S
Officials: Tower and Teats.
Phi Psi, 9
Hichens, 2 .
Simmons, 5
Collier, 2 ....
Why Pay More?
°”,y 59c
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Donut Handball
Results Posted
Chi Psi- Sig Tilt
Only Remaining
First Round Game
With the Chi Psi versus Phi Sig
ma Kappa match the only one re
maining, first-round games in the
intramural handball tournament
are virtually completed.
Following are the results of
matches already played (figures
stand for games won; each match
has three games, two singles and
a doubles)—
Pi Kappa Alpha 2; Sigma hall 0
(1 draw).
Delta Upsilon 3; Canard club 0.
Phi Gamma Delta 2; Omega
hall 1.
Theta Chi 3; Scotch Terriers 0.
Sigma Phi Epsilon 0; Kappa
Sigma 3.
Yeomen default to Delta Tau
Gamma hall 0; Sigma Nu 3.
Phi Delta Theta 3; Phi Kappa
Psi 0.
Sherry Ross hall 0; Sigma Alpha
Epsilon 0.
•Campbell co-op 1; Sigma Chi 2.
103/ rt.'LLAMETTE ST
• Dressmaking
583 E. 13th St. Ph. 1058.
• Lost _
GOLD LION HEAD diamond ring
in gymnasium. Reward. Call Vic
Nudelman, phone 2898.
♦ Found
Found from University Depot
1 dissecting set
5 pr. glasses
Assorted pens and pencils
3 sets keys
Miscellaneous gloves, scarfs,
1 overcoat
1 leather jacket
3 wool jackets
3 men's hats
3 rain jackets
6 umbrellas
1 Bible
4 accounting books
10 English
1 Shakespeare
2 hygiene
2 psychology
1 reporting
1 German
2 French
Miscellaneous notebooks
These articles rua^y be obtained by
> calling at the University depot
in the heating plant. There will
; be a chai'Sn c£ Jive csgts fcp each
— • ••