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    Students Get
4 lob* Training
In Stiiily Habits
Sfiifly ITabjfs. Roiitine
Of CajnTJii'' Life
Post-School Trainin'!:
Life at fb" TTni-”or^ifr' of Oregon
duplicates in an energetic way the
Hrpnr that. nWCit.S the student fol
lowing graduation. First of rill,
in the university ho boo a “job.”
which is represent ed by his stud
ins. Just as a lawyer, doctor or
architect must devote the maior
portion of his energy to attending
to his daily duties and "preparing
himself for future advancement, so
must a student get his lessons ev
ery day, keening in mind the ob
jective of bettering himself for the
ypnrs to rnme
But. pc in after ]if" the “joh”
is not alt of one’s existence, To
round out n 'em" stale there must
be nl"’r and recreation, there must
he hobbir= social pfe. and what is
perhans mo-t lmnortant of el'
there nurt lie a eertain amount of
time devoted to the service of one’ ’
fellow man / II of these phases of
life nr" available at the university,
where with the enerv’' ambition,
pnri versatility of vonth, 1 bey are
carried on at a rapid pare.
A man not attending school ean
rot always pick ami choose his
"lob.” He may have to take any
thing lucrative thal is offered to
him, for eeonomie reasons. Here
the university student has a tre
mendous advent a "r he ran not
onlv rhon-w hi "field of stndv, such
as iournalism. medleine, arts and
letters, social sciences or others
offered, hut ran determine just
what courses he may take, or in
other words, choose his own
“tools ”
University faculty and staff
members consider I he teaching of
their courses their first duty, but
thev also r»alirp the value and im
portance of other activities. These
are given a definite place in the
program of life, and students are
encouraged to work out a well bal
anced schedule that will not only
give them the most efficient, ap
proach to learning, but will pro
vide for t.heir enjoyment and
health as well.
First of at I in interest to the
more energetic university students
come athletics and sports of var
ious kind i. Oregon teams compete
with other great colleges and uni
versities in football, basketball, J
baseball, track, golf, swimming,
and tennis. To h" one of the plov
ers or even one of Hie yelling,1
frantic mob at a great football
game is a thrill to lie remembered
for all time.
The man or woman who lias the
ability to lead others, to think out.
social problems and pvsent solu
tions, to gain the reined anl eon-'
fidcnco of fellow rit icons quite of
ten finds himself or herself in
“politics ” This also holds tmo in
the university, where students:
have their own government, with
a student body president, councils j
that correspond to legislative bod
ies, and other officials. Students j
manage their own affairs such as J
athletics, publications and other'
activities, In so doing gain valuable
experience that will be of immense j
value to them later on in I ife. Btu-,
dent elections are hotly contested.;
with the voters and candidates di
vided into "parties" that stage
rallies and campaigns as vigorous
and exciting as any that go on out
Student committees take charge
of sir li events as junior week-end,
with its colorful canoe fete, its
junior prom, campus luncheon and
other activities; "Dad’s" and
"Mi tbev’s" days, when patents are
special guest a on the campus; and
many other uffui.u that are h Id
during the year.
A daily newspaper, the "Finer
~y I . >.;s tJ v ;j .si .in.1,
i : co s let.et'T. ' i r!gh' hell
. c ! t’;o 19 5 Un vs: \ty o
Cr.-_:.i f. oiL'SlI cty.::::!. !•!« to i.v.
rs r.i rv‘. blccl.e:', elospit
Iks la... of
' "-rS, ”~
f)rnvn with last year’s crowns. On with youthifying berets, brims
ind cute little caps. (Courtesy of women clotniers in this kjnerald.)
Double-breasted suits gain in favor. Strip"! fabrics
tire nnimlur. (Courtesy of men clothiers in this Emerald.)
aid" the year book, the "Oregana,’
and other publications are entire
ly edited, managed and distrlbut
ed bv students. Several hundrec
students find in journalism a fas
cinating activity.
The student who is interested ir
religion or social work may joir
the Y.MCA. or the Y.W.C A„ oi
work with anv one of a number ol
church organizations maintained
on the campus.
f - ini li'e end good fella,w.shii:
is provided by Sororities, fraterni
ties, honor societies and variola
< lulls. Some of these are living or
ganizations, that maintain home:
where companionship is added t.i
the other advantages these organ
izations offer.
Students should enter the Uni
versity of Oregon determined ti
get the most from studies, to pro
pare theavolves for a richer, fnilei
end activities of the insi.ii.ulion.
life, and to learn to live with one
another by taking put in the lift
You'll like Ilia greater Oregana
| University Life
j Prepares Students
For Job Routine
j As a freshman, the young man
or woman has an advantage not so
|common with upperclassmen. This
I is the very interesting task of try
,ing to work up on the campus by
'meeting "big shots.” Working on
j the "Emerald nt the beginning of
I school. I was afforded more of an
advantage of meeting the higher
ups than the average freshman be
cause of my journalistic wander
i ings. Naturally it i.s the big gun
who makes the news, and when the
i editor tells you to go to the student
j body president, the graduate man
ager, the president of the Associ
ated Women Students or the head
of the Order of the “O,” all there
is to do is to go and see the person.
Tn time, the older students will rec
ognize you on the campus and you
are afforded ttie opportunity of
numbering them among your per
i sonal friends.
' Junior Week-end, held every
1015 Willamette St.
The store where the
students shop
and save.
I wish to subscribe to the Oregon Daily Emerald for the
current school year, ending June, UKU5.
Name .-.
Street ...
City .
(l'lease check one of the following.)
1 ) Kudosed find check imoney order) for $100 one term.
( ) Enclosed find check (money order) for $2.50 One year.
(Mail to Circulation Manager, Oregon Dally Emerald, Eu
gene, Oregon.
sprint?, is thp highlight of a fresh
man's year at Oregon. For it is
then that the first year men paint
the large block letter “O” with yel
low paint. This huge letter is lo
cated on a slope of a neirbv hil!
which overlooks the campus - Skin
ner's butte. Tt is up to the freshmen
always to keep thi3 letter bright
and shiny. Also on Junior Week
end, the freshmen and the sopho
mores stage their annual tug-of
war across the mill race. I was
appointed chairman of this event
last vesr and the fiery rivalry be
tween the two underclasses reached
fever pitch before the "go" signal
to tie-in tugging was given. It
ended in a free-for-all last year, as
usual. The freshmen are always
more numerous because of the fact
that they consider themselves the
under dogs and turn out in greater
numbers. The outnumbered sophs
always attempt to contrive some
trick of making fools out of th"
first year men.
The coldest T got during the en
tire year was when I dived into the
mill race to help steer a float down
the waterway during the Canoe
Fete. It was almost 9 o’clock at
night and after a period of 15 min
utes in the murky waters, a fire
place’s glow felt pretty warm.
Eugene is located where it has
a good snow about once a winter.
It is always a wet snow which 3oon
melts, but plenty of fun in had on
the campus and streets when the
white blanket first falls. When Ihe
ice freezes on the pavement, stu
dents sometimes hail automobiles,
hitch sleds behind them and coast
all over tov/n. Dangerous, yes, but
youth must have its moments of
When you come to Oregon,
DON'T sit on the senior bench!
DON’T tread on the sacred Oregon
Seal placed so conveniently for such
purposes in front of Villard hall!
Don’t wear white shoes or neckties
to the all-campus luncheon on Jun
ior Week-end! If you do, you will
be penalized by being ducked in the
fountain by husky Order of the "O”
To all would-be fro3h, don’t let
this lengthy epistle scare you into
going to some other institution of
higher learning. I have attempted
to narrate to you in the most infor
mal manner, a few of the memor
able experiences I enjoyed as a
freshman — experiences which I
know you will equally enjoy. The
old-fashioned hazing is no more on
the Oregon campus. All of it is
capably supervised by school offi
cials. Nothing injurious in the way
of meting out punishments to
“green” freshmen is now left. Those
days are gone when youngsters are
blistered by paddlings so hard they
cannot sit down for days. Gone are
the days when fraternities resort to
cruel methods of downright torture
In their "hell weeks.” But still, on
the Oregon campus, enough of these
traditions remain to make college
what every young man and woman
thinks it will be before coming.
College Rally
- i
<Cnufirtiirr! t*-nm Pane Onp)
tenth of September, two week's be
fore vhool opened. The dance that
followed on Wednesday was crowd
ed with 700 people—active stu
dents, prospective students. Over
the radio to Tacoma. Seattle, Kpo-1
kane by direct hook-up went a roar
nip- rendition of "Mighty Oregon,"'
cheers from enthusiasts.
You'll lik'e the greater Oregana. i
Low Round-Trip and
One-Way Fares
For students from the East go- j
ing to the
0. of Oregon
via Portland, where direct rail
connection can be made for
Arriving Portland 7:35 a.m.
Reclining seat coaches, tourist
and standard sleepers, diner, ob
servation lounge car- all air
conditioned. Porter service and
free pillows in coaches.
Low Cost Meals
Served in coach and tourist
Ereakfats 25c, luncheon 30c,
dinner 35c, sandwiches 10c,
milk or coffee 5c, doughnuts
or pie 10c, fruit 5c.
Arriving Portland 1):00 pan.
Coaches and standard sleeper—
Cafe-observation car.
Free pillows and porter service
in coaches.
Your local agent will help you
plan your hack to college trip.
You Pay Nothing Extra
for Correct
It make* a fellow entering college feel confident to
know that lie is well turned out . . . and that the ward
robe lu> has assembled is undeniably correct.
You Will Find That:
“One really fine suit and top
coat is better than two or three
ordinary ones."
You Will Find That:
, We have “Ilart-Sehaffner &
Marx” and other suits priced
front $20.00 to 00, and top
coats from $19.oO to $:id.00.
Wade Bros.
ST:■> Willamette
Phone 422
In1936 CiuQta
,4'"t%f( \s i
. fi\$y
itls^ For A Greater
George Root, Editor
Newton Stearns, Manageh
modem throughout
Pfflf; A »V>'
more pictures than ever
dJtiESHKfitEBMflflng: 'SSPJMKW?';;'x v:7’ ■ •
' \ I rwrtr.au,
new features and attractions
~ na
A small down payment of
one dollar and fifty cents will
hold this Oregana for you.
i otal
Pi ice
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