Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, May 03, 1929, Page 3, Image 3

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Orchestra To
Be Feature Of
Station KOBE
University Symphony
Group Will Play
Second Broadcast Given
By Extension Division
Emerald Program Tonight
8 to 8:30—Concert by the Uni
versify Little Symphony orches
tra under the direction of Ed- ’
ward Best. To be broadcast by
remote control from the school 1
of music auditorium.
The University of Oregon Little
Symphony orchestra, under the di
rection of Edward Best, will be
heard in concert over radio KOBE
tonight from 8 to 8:30 on the sec
ond program to bo sponsored by the
extension division of the university
in cooperation with the Oregon
Daily Emerald.
The orchestra is composed of 16
musicians from the regular univer
sity symphony orchestra and in
cludes strings, woodwinds, brass,
and percussion instruments. The
concert will be given in the school
j. of music auditorium and broadcast
over the local station by remote
Three numbers by the orchestra,
“Kauglity Marietta,” (Herbert);
“Intermezzo from Cavalieria Bus
ticann,” (Mascagni); and selections
from “Tho Chocolate Soldier,”
(Strauss) will be played.
A vocal solo, “Where My Cara
van Has Bested,” sung by Jack
‘ Dennis, and a violin solo, “Canzon
etta,” (D’Ambrosio) played by
Esther Wicks will complete the
With the advent of the extension
division into the management and
arrangement of the broadcasts over
KOBE, the programs ■will become
really authentic of the university.
Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fri
day nights from 8 to 8:30 programs
featuring talks by' professors, mu
sic, and drama, will go out over
the air.
Summer Students
Will Have Formal
Two State Conferences to
Be Held; Outings
Sports Planned
A catalogue for 1929 summer ses
sions just issued by tlie extension
division includes information about
a number of new features of the
Graduation exercises will be held
In the music auditorium August 30,
at the final assembly of the post
session. This will be the first time
that students completing their work
at the end of a summer session have
been able to receive their degrees
without waiting until the following
Recreation opportunities during
the summer will include several
hikes and picnics on week-ends, car
ried out under the leadership of
Marion McClain, member of the Ma
zamas and the Eugene Outdoor club.
There will also be a trip to the
Three Sisters region and a climb of
the Middle Sister. There will also
be opportunity for tennis and golf.
Two state conferences—one an
economic conference, the other on
atypical children — will be held on
June 28, as part of the campus ses
sion. Dr. William Trufant Foster,
formerly president of Reed college,
and director of the Polaek Founda
Who wear brogues the
year ’round can find
many styles in heavy, im
ported leather oxford^
priced from—
$5.50 to $8.50
Shoe Co.,
Weyco Exclusively
1032 Willamette St.
Class Officers the Past Year
The four men pictured above arc just rounding out their year at the
heads of the various classes of the A. §. U. O. All four are from Port
land. With the class elections but two weeks away, eyes of campus ,
politicians are turning toward selecting successors for them. They are,
left to right, Francis McKenna, senior; Geoirge Mborad, junior; Francis
Hill, sophomore; and Brian Mimnaugh, freshman. Moorad has not been
in school the past term, but served the first two terms of the year at
the head of the junior class.
tion for Economic Research, New
ton, Massachusetts, will be the lead
ing speaker on the economic confer
The conference on atypical chil
dren will be held under the direc
tion of Dr. B. W. DeBusk, professor
of education in the University of
Oregon, and director of the bureau
of research of the Portland public
schools; Dr. Grace Fernald, associate
professor of psychology, University
of California at Los Angeles; and
Miss Ruth Kneeland, research di
rector, Modesto public schools, Cali
fornia. Dr. Isaac Leon Kandel, not
ed authority on comparative educa
tion, and professor of education, Co
lumbia university, will bo a speaker
at the joint conferences.
Dean Lawrence Gets
Vice-president Post
Ellis F. Lawrence, dean of the
school of architecture and allied
arts, was elected vice-president of
the National Association of Schools
of Architecture, at its annual meet
ing now being held in New York
City, according to word received
at the school of architecture yes
\V. R. B. Wilcox, professor of
architecture, who is also attending
the meeting, has also been accorded
important committee appointments,
an honor which has also been given
Dean Lawrence. The two men ex
pect to leave New York within the
next few days and return to Eu
Degree Team to Take Trip
The Degree team of tho Crafts
man club will make a trip this week
end to Cottage Grove and Marsh
field to attend the district meeting
of Masonic lodges. This meeting
is being held in order that the de
gree team may exemplify the order
of the third degree, before the mem
bers of the lodge in this district.
FOR neat, accurate typewriting,
call Miss Elinor Henry, 1387
Onvx street; phone 1586-J.
1, 2, 3, 4
Oh Dear!
What will the vaudeville mean if
your hat doesn’t go with your
dress? Remember the chorus is
going to give you competition and
you know you want to keep your
date interested.
Letitia Abrams Millinery
Next to First National Bank
Jaunty numbers .... keeping time with the spirit of
spring term. Smart—good looking—comfoi'table.
The shoes in our store carry with them absolute satisfac
tion for the selective co-ed. In fact, we take a great
pleasure in buying your type of shoe for you.
Blonds — high and Cuban heels, all colors, shades, and
Kenny & McCargar
On the Balcony at
Color Melodies
Distinguish Fete
Essay Writers Praise
Campus Functions
(The following essays received
honorable mention in the Emernld
Hobi essay contest, which ended
Phantom ships glide by, an ebb
and flow of color on faintly-glisten
ing moonlit, water. It is a May
night and there is a May moon.
Graceful willows with pal<*, new
leaves, bend and nod at the par
ade. Eager trailing vines dip for
a drink of the lazy dark waters.
From somewhere there is a swing
of soft music, its plaintive melody
Cleopatra in a sumptuous barge—
fascinating, dark-eyed women, lotus
blossoms, palms. It is a May night
on the Nile and Antony is coming.
A Spanish galleon laden with grim
pirates intent on dark, mysterious
pirate work slips by through the
A gigantic, long, green dragon
thrashes by in pursuit, its lurid
eyes glowing red in defiance of the
It is a fairyland of enchantment
an oddity; a dream of forgotten,
far-away things. One feels very
young and very thrilled, ns perhaps
Atiee.in-Wonderlond felt. A May
night, a moon and soft music on
water \vill always bring a memory
of a night at Oregon—phantom
ships on a moonlit mill race, an
interlude of fantasy.
Philomelete is the baby among
campus organizations. It was born
last fall, and has been' carefully
nurtured by Phi Theta Upsilon, with
Diana Deininger ns foster mother.
Now, having been reared according
to the latest theories of child-rais
ing, and having successfully sur
vived the diseases of early child
hood, it is taking its first, heroic
steps on its own somewhat inade
quate legs.
Philomelete is unique. Tts pur
pose is to bind friends together,
which in itself is not an unusual
aim. But the means Uy which the
bonds of friendship are , to be
forged is different. Love of hobbies
is the means, as the name, Philom
elete, indicates. The different chap
ters are organized according to
hobbies. There are groups whose
Canoe Feters
Only 7 days
to finish your float
We have on hand for immediate delivery
all the supplies that yon need to complete yonr
work — plaster paris, wall board, paints, colors,
moulding and lumber. We can help you plan
on the amound needed and the best size.
We deliver x with fast service in those
yellow trucks.
Twin Oaks Lumber Co.
Phone 782
669 High St.
major interest is in music, drama,
literature, nature study, or art.; and
there are others whose attention is
focused on mythology, charm, wom
en, play or international affairs.
There are ten groups all together,
each one majoring in one of the
interests listed above.
In this way, friendship among
women of the campus is stimulated
and interest in specific, hobbies is
eeneournged. Is this not a delight
ful way to do two tilings at once!
With so goodly a heritage as
Oregon traditional culture and with
the wise mothering of Phi Theta
Upsilon, this lusty infant seems de
stined to a happy life and a ripe
old age.
Haycox, 923. Visitor
On Campus Wednesday
Ernie TTayrox, well-known writer
and a, graduate t'rom the University
af Oregon in the class of ’2.'!, was
a visitor in Eugene Wednesday. He
contributes western stories regu
larly to Short Stories and The West
While a student here he served
as editor of the Sunday Emerald,
was a member of Sigma Delta Chi,
national journalistic fraternity, and
president of Tabard Inn, national
literary honorary. He wrote and
sold articles while in attendance at
Refill Obtainable Evetywhen
New— double size — and
specially shaped to give ex
quisite, clear-cut outlines
to the lips. The five radiant
Coty shades are a subtle
glorification o'f nature’s
colouring, imparting soft,
fresh, satiny beauty
in a final dashing
point of
Just for the real joy of the smoke
Camels are cool and refreshing.
The taste of Camels is smooth and
The fragrance of Camels is always
pleasant, indoors or out.
Camels are mild and mellow.
They do not tire the taste nor leave
any cigaretty after-taste.
Camels are made of the choicest
tobaccos grown—cured and blended
with expert care.
© 1929, R. J. Reynold* Tobacco
Company, Wintion SeWm, N. C.