Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, March 08, 1929, Page 5, Image 5

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In Review
Hoover Wards Off 800
Callers; Mexico Is in
Midst of Revolution
pcricndng trials similar to those
ot' a managing edWor pf a college
daily at the start of school.
After being duly5 installed in the
White House that has been Cool
idge’s for the past six years, the
high sachem sat down and started
to ward off job-hunters.
They came in hordes and droves,
his first-day visitors numbering 800.
Hoover took on the role of a har
vest hand in between his medita
tions about the evils of rebels and
-Mexican revolutions and mowed a
swath in the ranks of those who
wanted a “hand-out” job for the
votes they polled for liiyn last No
from behind the Mexican cac
tus gardens. Revolts started the
first of *the month for t#ie under
stood purpose of unseating President
Portes Gil and putting in his rival
for the presidential job in the re
mit campaign, Gilberto Valenzuela,
ex-minister of Mexico to Great
'Idle rebels had the advantage of
surprise during the first part of the
uprising and raptured several strong
vantage cities, but with the arming
of government troops, the news col
umns are full of loyalist victories.
American interests in Mexieo
amounting to two billion dollars,
have nbt been touched by the revo
lutionaries, who are smart enough
to keep from roiling Uncle Sam,
who last mouth signed a pact to
abolish war.
THE WEDDING of Colonel
Olias. A. Lindbergh and his
fiancee, Miss Anne Morrow, who al
most got theirs in an airplane
wreck last week, will probably take
place in the next week, friends of
the pair having divulged that they
have received invitations to attend
the affair.
Probably no marriage iit recent
history has attracted the notice of
the world as the coming nuptials-of
the famed flier and his bride will
The plane wreck in which Lindy
injured his shoulder did not seem
to. daunt him or Miss Morrow very
much. Before many hours they
were flitting across tho sky again
one hand.
« ® *
TRUE TO HIS promise ill his in
augural speech, Hoover is-turn
ing his eyes toward a solution of
Die prohibition problem of the na
During his campaign, lie expressed
himself as favoring an investigation
with Lindy steering his plane with
into today’s burning opus entitled
“Why Americans Break Laws and
Drink Hootch.” When Senator
Harris of Georgia proposed spend
ing $24,000,000 to try to enforce
prohibition, Hoover took the stand
along with Treasury Keeper Mellon
that lie would liko to find out what
was the matter with the liquor aboi- j
ishment forces before spending mil- I
lions without knowing where it was j
He will appoint a probing board
soon, says late press dispatches.
* * •
^TVABLOID BITS from the press:
A John D. Rockefeller Jr. ’« friends I
have ousted Colonel liobt. W.
Stewart as head of Standard Oil
i-uinpaiic of Indiana . . . Elihu Root
to investigate United States chances
to join world court . . . Seventieth
congress spent new high mark of
more than nine billions during its'
two years in session . . . David
Buick, founder of ear, dies penniless
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A Funny Little, Sunny-Tempered
Truck Comes Gathering-—Girls
A funny little truck, a sunnv-tem
pered one that doesn’t go very fast
\ or very slow, cftmes gathering at
the University of Oregon every day.
Its driver’s name is Sam Manerud,
but you always call him Sam be
| cause everyone else does. Sam stops
at a corner every day and rings a
funny little bell. The bell—it really
does sound like a eowbell—brings
forth, not laundry nor milk bottles,
but college women, trimly attired
in riding Jiajoits, who call “Hello
Sam—sorry I 'm late.” °
They hop in and perch themselves
on one of two little benches in the
“lumpity” little truck. When
enough habit-clad girls have piled
in, away goes Sam out to Bangs’
Riding academy, of which he is
owner, for the day’s classes.
Eighty-five university women are
signed up for horseback riding this
year, taking it for credit as their
physical education requirement.
This is, Sam declares, one of the
largest riding classes the university
has ever had, and to him it is a
demonstration that the popularity
of the sport is growing, rather than
languishing as it did from about
1910 to 1920. Worni n students ride
two hours an aftt n a each week,
making up the thir ' required hour
if physical educate . n some other
Sam Manerud, v.i has made his j
mine in Eugene for udv 30 years
md has been com. .led with the
icademy more than 1 wo, says that
icing in charge of <■!.■. s has taught
lim one tiling—"g d are-game.”
“A girl who is a id and shows
i, is about as ran r ; a blue moon,
oine of them coma nit here, and I
anow they haven't ridden much be
fore and are nervous, but they just
smile and stick to it,” the veteran
rider related. “Sometimes they fall
. . . Utah senate votes to enter
seven-state part to construct Bould
er dam . . . Senate challenges Hoov
er’s choice of Mellon for secretary
of state.
off, but not often. The most serious
injury any girl ever has had in this
group was a broken foot,” he con
tinued. “Biding horses makes good
sports out of people.”
Sam thinks, too, that riding is
one of the best recreations, because
it develops muscles Usually ncifl
lceted. “And then you get out in
the fresh air and the country and
get to see nature,” he added.
The owner hopes to build a riding
1 hall, about 200 by 180 feet next
year “if things go right.”
This, he declared, will make pos
sible mose thorough evening rid
ing performances.
He has about 18 horses this yea -.
“You might mention that Lady is
the girl's favorite horse—everyoi. ■
wants to ride Lady,” Sam sai
“Bess is the second choice and tin n
lots of girls like trt ride No Foolin .
Skeet, Cling and Helen.
“But for the real treat- we a
ways give the girls Snowball,” Sa. i
laughed, explaining that poor Snov
ball, because of a deliberate gai ,
is the academy joke. “Satisfyin ■
riders in assigning horses at ever
class isn't always so easy,” th
equestrian said. “But 1 just te
'eni, ‘No, you don't want to rid
lady today; here’s Bess, she’s
good horse, ’ and that fixes it.”
Girls make good riders and learn
M;; kv’> believes the academ;
*: ;si9Riimi
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Marcel, 75e
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Symbol: Wo.
A member of tlie human family.
Occurrence; Can be found wher
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experienced hands.
iVeer and Long Annex
Doubles Handball Title
Tlit> free lance doubles champion- I
i ship of the university in handball !
went to Henry Noer and Wil Loup;
yesterday by virtue of their defeat |
of Dave Bauman and Fred Deuel. !
Near and Long won two straight j
games to eineh the title which has j
been the object of a tournament car- 'j
ried on for the past two months.
The first game was tied three !
times before the champions finally f
won, 21-lS. ,In the second game. >
Bauman and Deue0l broke away tt , i>
four jioint lead before Ncer and
Lon^ could score. The count was
tied almost immediately at six all
and then the champions started a
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tie rest of the game and the match
o the title, their opponents taking
>ut two points after (lie first tie
KINGSTON, Ont.—(II*)—Queen V
university is to have a new $125,000
gymnasium, half of the cost of
which may be undertaken by tiro
university itself and tiro other half
bv tiro Athletic Board of Control.
Students voted to help pay for tho
building by contributing a an
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