Oregon emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1909-1920, May 13, 1911, SPORTING SECTION, Image 14

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The Teams Break Even on Their
Second Series—Losing First:
Winning Second
The Moscovites took the first game
from Oregon on Wednesday after IS
as exciting innings as have* been
seen on the campus diamond. At the
close score of 4 to 3.
The game was slow at firsb and
Oregon led up to the eighth, when a
number of errors allowed the visitors
to tie- the score. Stupid work in the.
field and on the bases was the cause
of Oregon’s defeat.
xxuuciw piicneu until tne iiiutii wiitsn
he was succeeded by Jamison, who
pitched a steady game until an error
in the field flowed Idaho her four
runs and brought the game to a close.
Idaho’s fourth run was made by
Kettenbach on. a hit to right field by
Williams. The Oregon team were out
hit two to one by the Idaho men.
Robinson, Who pitched the entire game
for Idaho judged his batters to a nice
ty ancf worked steadily through the
entire thirteen innings.
Batteries: Idaho, Robinson, Wil
liams; Oregon: Houck, Jamison, Tay
Umpire: Ferd Henkle.
Byron Houck
A freshman pitcher with a poetic
name and some curves that fool the
hater up—that is Houck. Houck has
been performing excellently in the box
for Oregon throughout the season and
has suceeded in winning his O. He
Qame at an opportune time for Ore
gon and has proven satisfactory both
to Coach Lynch and the varsity fans.
As a curtain raiser to the Tri-State
field n^eet this afternoon, one hundred
freshmen burned their green caps in
a huge bon fire on Kincaid Field. Prof.'
Buchen delivered a short eulogy be
fore the ceremony began and was fol
lowed. by the ever flowery “Beauty”
Robison who 'delivered a parting shot
on Oregon spirit. Pres. Yoden then
escorted the faithful Knights bf the
Cap, in serpentine formation to the
western corner of Kincaid field where
with a few raising cheers the fresh
man sky pieces went up in smoke.
The Montana Agricultural College
is to have what they call a work day
which is to be May 6th. On this day
all the students of the institution are
to turn out and devote the day to the
improvement of their athletic field.
the conclusion of the days labor the
young ladies of the Domestic Science
Department are to award the laborers
with a bounteous repast. Here it
seems is an idea worthy of imitation.
The Michigan legislature has giv
en $280,000 to the University of
Michigan to be used to erect a new
heating and lighting plant.
Dartmouth alumni who serv«d In
the Civil War are to be given special
recognition in the commencement ex
ercises in June.
The Wright brothers are lending
an aeroplane motor to the students
of Michigan for experimental pur
The scrappiest first baseman .in the
league and a man in whom Oregon
alyways feels confidence in sending
into the pitcher’s box. Jamison was
captain of basketball -for 1910-11 and
has been re-eleected for, 1911-12.
That he is a first class all around
athlete is attested *by the fact that he'
made his. football “O” in his. first
season' at t^ie game last yean .
880-yard run—Barber, Washington,
High; Windnagle, Washington High,
Autt, Enterprise; Dickson, Pendleton.
Time, 2 minutes 5 seconds.
High Jump—Woodworth, Lincolii
High; Magone, St Johns; Sheehan,
Oregon City; Lawrdnce, Jefferson.
Height, 5 feet 6 inches.
120-yard hurdles—Bibee, Jefferson
High; Fee, Pendleton; McFare.i,
Washington; MilLering, LaGrandt.
Time, 17 4-5 seconds.
Droad jump—Fendall, NeWberg;
Skip worth, Eugene; Small, Portland
Academy; Wilson, Oregon City, 'Dis
tance, li.35 feet. V 'V/
Mile run—Wilson, Washington
High; McKay, Lincoln High; Wind
nagle, Washington High; Lafky, Sa
lem. Time, 4 minutes 46 4-5 sec
onds. +
Shot put—A. Poster, Dayton; Di
vine, Pendleton; Childress, Medford;
Hendricks, Eugene. Distance, 40-12
feet. ' *-■ (.i '-V
44U aasn—carper, ■ Wasmngto 1
High; Hartman, Ont^rfe; McLaren,
balem; Wilson, Oregon City. 'Time
t.4 3-5 seconds. . ,
12-pound hammer—Ar Foster, p^y~*
ton; Forbes, Medford; Davici, La
Grande; Divine, Pendleton. Distance,
146.9 feet. (New interscholast^c^rec
ord.l ; . »
220 'dash—Qickmore, Washington
High; Kaiser, Salem, Sheeha&tJC&e-;
gon City; Small, Safem.
Discus throw—Drake, Dayton; C.
Perkins, Columbia university; Divine,
Pendleton; Vincent, Salem. Distance
99.33 feet. 1
220 hurdles—Bibee, Jeffers’oh High;
liacey, Columbia university; McFareo,
Washington High; Chipman, Pendle
ton. Time 27 1-5 seconds.
Half mile relay—Won by Pendleton.
Time, 1 minute, 38 1-6 seconds.*
Tabulated Score of Each School
YVttsmngxun . m
Pendleton . 1ft
Dayton . 1ft
Jefferson * ...,..\......... 11
Salem . 10
Oregon City . 9
Lincoln .. 8
Nfewberg ..... 3
Ontario;........•.... 8
Columbus .....4.......7
Medford ....... 5
Eu^jeue ................................................ ft
La Grande
St Johns
Portland Academy..
Enterprise ....%.„....
Junction City ...___
Statistics compiled at Yale show
that out of 3,000 men, 1,740 take
daily exercise.
s. w. uiimian, 'is,will captain the
Stanford varsity nine for neat year.
Examinations at the University of
Oregon begin June seventh..
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