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No. 13
First Play of fthe Year Promises
to Furnish Fun for All—Miss
Burgess Will Coach Actors.
“A Likely Story is the title of the
lirst. sketch which the Dramatic Cub
will produce this year. 1 he program
committee has announced the follow
ing cast :
Mrs. Campbell. Jennie Lilly..
Mr. Campbell.Ronald Kennedy
Mr. Welling.Mr. Murphy
Miss Greenway.Helena Hughes
Miss Rice.Helen Beach
Maid., Jane.TCIsie Seachrist
This sketch will he put on between
the Thanksgiving and Christmas vaca
tions. William 1). Howells is its au
thor. anil like most of Howell’s sketches,
it is humorous and lively. Miss Burgess
will probably coach for its production.
Sophomores at Y. M. C. A.
'i he Men’s Meeting on Friday evening
has been turned over to the sophomores,
and Sweeney who has charge of the
meeting has arranged a brief but inter
esting program for the occasion. Five
minute talks will he given 011 various
phases of the Y. M. C. A. by four of
the sophomores.
Cash will speak on "The Y. M. C. A.
as a Student Enterprise.” Walls will
talk about "The Work the Y. M. C. A.
lias Done in Other Institutions.” Os
terholm will tell "How Much 1'ime
Should Be Reasonably Given to Y. M.
C. A. Work.” Sweanoy will close this
part of the program with a few re
marks on “The Effect of Active Y. M.
C. A. Work in the Lift of a Student."
A violin duet has been arranged for by
Roscoe Lyons and Beuford Roach.
Although the ittendance has not been
very prompt, the meeting will be called
at seven sharp so that it may be' dis
missed at 7:50.
Decide Yell Content.
The yell and song contest will actual
ly be decided this evening. After hear
ing the different contributions in real
practice last Saturday, the committee be
lieve they are able to judge, and their
report will be made tonight.
The yells and songs which appeared
most acceptable, have been printed free
of charge, by the Eugene Register of
fice, and it is presumed that the report
will contain most of the specimens in
the yell book.
Grand Opera for Glee Club.
The Glee Club is working on a sketch
that gives promise of being the great
est hit in years. The sRetch is entitled
“Fire in a brat" and is a screaming
burlesque on grand opera. 1 he words
are from the pen of .Geo. Ade and the
At a meeting of the Oratory and De
bate committee Monday afternoon it
decided to hold the tryouts for the Ore
gon-Utah debate during the two weeks
following the 1 hanksgiving vacation un
der the following rules:
1 here will be four tryouts—the first
on Tuesday yevening, November 30; the
second on Friday afternoon. December
3; and the remaining two on the same
days of vhe following week. Every
man will appear in every tryout, only
the judges and two other contestants
being present to hear each speaker, hive
minutes has been set as the limit for
the speeches, but this may he extended
in the last tryouts if the judges deem
it advisable.
At these tryouts two men will be
chosen to represent Oregon against
I'tali on January 14th and they may
also lie given places in final tryout for
the triangular teams, in which only
eight men take part. The short time
limit was made necessary because of
the large number who will try out, over
thirty having already signified their in
tention of doing so. The order in
which the men will appear has been
arranged so that each will hear the
opponent preceding him, answer that
argument, and then listen to the op
| ponent following him to sec- where, if
at all, his own argument is refuted. In
irder to prevent one speaker from al
ways answering the same argument, they
.vill be shifted in each tryout. This
•will also avoid the chance of one man
meeting a strong or weak argument
in every case. The order in the first
;ryout will he determined by lot.
'1 he judges for the contest will be
Coach Buchen, Professor DeCou, Pro
fessor Glen, Professor Sheldon and Dr.
Gilbert. Each debater will be left free
to choose his own side. He may
change at any time, may vary his
speeches, or always follow the same
argument. In short, he will be the sole
nidge of how to impress the judges
nost forcibly and convince them of his
___ . _
Wednesday, Xovember 1()—
Eutaxian Literary Society, 7 p.
m., Library.
German Club, 8 p. m., Avavia
Thursday, Xovember 11—
.Meeting of Senior Git Is. 4 p. m.,
Vi Hard Hall.
Triday, Xovember 12—
Promenade Concert, 8 p. m., Vil
lard Hall.
Y. M. C. A., 7 p. m„ Heady Hall.
Engineering Club, 8 p. m., Mc
Clure Hall.
Emersonian Club, 8 p. m., Heady
Saturday, Xovetflber 13—
L uirean Society, 7 p. ni.. Heady
Philologian Society, 7 p. in., Mc
Clure Hall.
musical setting was done by a lady in
Chicago. The number was procured
by ’! homas Burke through his aunt,
Mrs. \ homas Carrick Burke, of Baker
Cite. It Has never been played before.
I'he roles will he sung by Burke, Gush
er. Frazier, and Vaughter. Probably
Prof. Glenn will be persuaded to take a
star role.
Game WTill Show Comparative
Strength of Varsity Team Be
side Washington, Whitman and
W. S. C.
The Oregon football team will Imre
tomorrow for Portland for the big game
with the University of Idaho. Tins will
be Oregon's first game with a confer
ence college this season and should give
the critics a chance to compare her
strength with that of Washington,
Whitman, W. S. C, and somewhat with
O. A. C.
Contrary to the haid luck stories in
some of the daily papers, the Oregon
team is not made up ■>! cripples" nui
expects to give a good account of itself.
Coach Forbes has not ‘been for md to
abandon his system." Fa is going right
ahead with it and will make tew
changes in the regular line up. The
students have confidence in h s ability
and say they will back his methods to
the finish.
Thanks to Trainer 11 ay warn, every
man on the team is in the p m< of con
dition with the exception of a few minor
bruises. In spite of the unpropitious
weather, they have been working i.aider
than ever this week, the competition be
ing especially keen for pi ices.
Coach Forbes has he t specializing on
team work and will cut down 'hr squad
to about seventeen men, as lias mum Ins
intention all along as soon as the pre
liminary games were played. Latourette
is in his old position at quarter and will
probably remain there me rest ot the
season. Captain Clarke ins been moved
to bis half back position where his
weight is most advantageous By Sat
urday the team will be m .added int o as
good a scoring machine as has ever
represented the University.
Idaho has had hard luck this year, but
it is well known that the team itself 'S
weak and has no chance for the cham
pionship. Washington, Whitman and
W. S. C. all overwhelmed them, and
though they put up a good fight In the
last game, they were unable to hold out
in the second half. Ludstrom, jewel I
and Thornton are till back in the game
now and they are probably somewhat
stronger in team work, although 'hc.v
can hardly he fully recovered from that
terrible struggle last Friday night with
W. S. C.
Considering all the factors, then—
conceding that Idaho is stronger than
formerly, but remembering that Oregon
should also he further along than were
Washington and Pullman, those who are
speculating on Oregon’s chances feel
that if she is in line for the champion
ship, she shoud run up a fair score
against her rivals in Portland. Wash
ington's score was fifty to nothing.
This was not all deserved perhaps, yet
all admit that if Oregon is to hop for
victory against I) Tie's men on Thanks
giving day, her team must run up a
good score against Idaho. The two
A moral boycott is to be started next
week on all freshmen who refuse to
wear the green caps. This was de
cided last night at a meeting of repre
sentative men from all the clubs, and
fraternities and from the Dormitory,
All the houses agreed to see that
their freshmen wore caps and then it
was felt that the outsiders would have
to fall in line. It is said that most
of the opposition comes from Eugene
students. beginning next Monday,
every freshman wearing a hat will be
quietly ignored by all the upper class -
It was also agreed that the green
cap rule should not apply at rallies
and games if the freshmen wore root
er's hats. On all other occasions, how
ever, no one will speak to a freshman
unless he wears a green cap.
Co-eds Will Debate.
(iirls of Oregon and Washington are
rejoicing over the fact that the facul
ties of the two institutions have given
their consent for an inter-state Co-ed
debate. Manager Steele iconfcring
with the Washington debate manager
over tin' terms of a two-year contract.
If the debate is held this year it will
be in Seattle some time in the spring.
1 here is little doubt that satisfactory
terms can be agreed upon though it
may take a little time to arrange all
details. Manager Augevine of Wash
ington wrote last week that they fa
vored the debate but asked that each
institution should have half the ex
pense. Inasmuch as this year Oregon
will be under a heavy financial burden
and next year under a very light bur
den Manager Steele preferred to make
a two-year contract for Washington to
finance the debate this year and Ote
goti next year. 1 le has not yet re
ceived a reply in the matter.
The institutions have never held such
a contest. Last year it was suggested
by Washington, but the Oregon faculty
objected to the plan. This year there
seems to he on such objections. The
girls believe that they have a right to
represent the University in some line
of activity, and look upon debating as
their best opportunity. The Eutaxian
Society is strongly in favor of it and
is said to contain many worthy de
baters. I he question and arrangements
for selecting the team will be deter
mined later.
teams will line up as follows Saturday:
.Mitchell (188)
Bailey (236)
Position. Idaho.
C. Jewell (177)
L. (,. R.
Stokesbury (’85) Capt.
(lilies (188) R. G. L. Hayes (198)
Pinkham ( 175) L. T. R. Williams (195)
Main (176) R. I . L. Dosett (175)
Michael ( 172) 1.. Is. R. Rdmundson (140)
Hickson (160) R. K (..Armstrong (147)
Clark (182) L. ! 1. R.Thornton (166)
Latourette (157) ij. Perkins (150)
Taylor ( 164 ) R. I I. L.Lundstrom( 150)
Walker (166) P Hillman (170)
Average weight—Oregon, (179);
line, (189); hacks, (172).
Average weight—Idaho, (171); line,
(173); hacks, (170).
Oregon substitutes— Kellogg, Storie,
Scott, Sullivan, McKinley, Dodson,
Idaho substitutes—Bennett, Cook,
Large Crowd Only Complains
That Time Is Too Short—
Speeches Made and Much
Spirit Manifested.
I hi' Sophomore class initiated a new
custom in the University of Oregon,
this morning—a "class hour" at which
the Class of 1912 took full charge of
the regular student assembly, and the
entire program was furnished by its
I he musical numbers, consisting of a
piano solo by Raphael (icislcr, a vocal
solo by Miss Alma l’ayton, and a trom
bone solo by l\. Hums Powell, were ex
ceptionally line and all received enthu
siastic encores. Ralph Moores delivered
a short address on "Class Spirit," draw
ing a very pointed moral for the benefit
of the underclassmen and appealing to
them to uphold the traditions of the
University and not to let themselves be
known as the first class that ever llew
in the face of student opinion in the
University of Oregon.
The entire program was received with
the heartiest appreciation by the stu
dents who attended, and their applause
seemed to show that they thoroughly
agreed with the sentiments of Benjamin
Williams, president of the student body,
who said later, "It was line, and the only
possible fault I can line! with it is that
there wasn't near enough of it.” It is
the purpose of the students to continue
the custom initiated by the class of 12,
each class taking upon itself at some
one of the student assemblies during the
year, the work of preparing and giving a
After the close of the Sophomore pro
gram, R M. Alton, who had presided,
turned the assembly over to the student
body for a short football rally Dean
Coodman, manager of the team, made a
plea for a revival of the real “Oregon
Spirit” which, he declared, appeared to
be .almost lacking in the support that
the student: accorded their football team
that represented them. He appealed to
the men of the University to turn out
on every possible occasion and do all
in their power to make their team feel
that they were really hacking it. “The
team,” lie said, "is discouraged with the
lukewarm support it is receiving, and
Trainer I l.ayward, who is usually about
as optimistic a man as one can lind,
told me yesterday that the players were
thinking serioush of disbanding if the
support from the students continued as
half-hearted as it has been thus far."
He called upon the men of the Univer
sity to come out on Saturday mornings
and assist in the completion of the new
bleachers in time for the game against
(). A. C. I he bleachers on the north
side of the held have been promised to
the rooters who are to come from Cor
-, ..
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