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Page 2 The News-Review Tue. Kjov. 5, 1963
Rb'seburg's City Council will
ask the engineering firm of Cor
nell, Howell, Hayes and Mer-
ryfield of Corvallis to prepare
a sanitary sewer master plan
for the Keasey-Calkins area.
The council Monday authoriz
ed City Manager Craig McMick
en to' negotiate a contract with
the engineering firm for such
a study.
The city wants to mjve ahead
with the engineering studies
this winter to pave the way
tor possible annexation. Sever
al requests for annexation have
come to the city from Ktasey
Calkins residents following a re
port from Douglas County san
itarians indicating the area fac
es potential health hazards due
to inadequate sewage disposal.
City officials said today they
have received 40 requests for
annexation (or the Keasey-Calkins
McMicken said funds for the
survey are available in the
city's Sewer Assessment Fund.
Roquait Rejected
In another council action, a
request from Douglas County
Housing Authority for a com
mercial rate on sewer service
charges was turned down.
Charles Dondero, authority ad
ministrator, said the authority
felt its housing program (Rose
wood Park Homes) deserved re
lief on sewer charges due to
the special public nature of the
Houses in the project are now
charged on the same basis as
other multiple dwelling unts as?ab,net ! Premier Giovanni
result of a re-evaluation of sew-i1?0 resigned en masse today,
er service charges undertakenlP1'ln(;ln8 this . Nrtt A"a""c
by the city a couple of years:1"' Orgamzauon (NAJJ
ago. This hiked the Rosewoodcoun,ry. bf wto the political
Italy Faces Political Crisis
After Stop-Gap Cabinet Quits
ROME (UP1) The stop-gap to stop it is taken.
Ordinance Calls For Hearing
On Kline-Calkins Annexation
An ordinance calling for pub
lic hearing on proposed annex
ation of property lying east of
NV Kline Street and north of
NW Calkins Rood was adopted
by the Roscburg City Council
Monday night.
The hearing was set for Nov,
25. Three ownerships are in
volvcd in the annexation, and
all have consented to the plan.
Owners are Elliott E. Perkins
Man Draws Fine
On Alcohol Charge
Tommy Joe Ray. 18, Winston,
was sentenced Monday to serve
60 days in the Douglas County
jail and fined $100 and $5 costs,
on a plea of guilty to giving al
cohol to a minor. -
District Court Judge Gerald
R. Hayes suspended the jail
term on provision he pay - the
fine. Ray was accused of giv
ing liquor to a 16-year-old girl
Oct. 31.
In other District Court ac
tions, John Domingo Uborauga,
21, John Day, pleaded guilty to
driving with suspended opera
tor's license. He was fined $1501
and $5 costs' and sentenced to
serve seven days in the county
In Rosuburg Municipal Court
of Judge Warren Woodruff lion
day, Randolph Nowlin Brooks,
55, of El Monte, Calif;, pleaded
gullly to drunken driving ami
was fined $150 und $5 costs.
Ho was arrested by city po
lice, after his car sideswiped a
city street cleaning pickup early
Monday morning.
Miko Perry, 18, Rt. 1, Box
1112, Roscburg, forfeited $35
hail by failure to appear Mon
day in answer to a charge of
disorderly conduct. He was ac
sued in connection with an as
sault on a 15-year-old boy,
George Simpson, Sept. 14.
who has two lots on the Kline
Calkins corner on which new
homes are to be built; Frances
M. Shepherd, who has an acre'
age east of Vale Court which
will be subdivided into 12 lots:
and Clarence II. Berg, owner of
a 30-foot strip between the oth
er two properties.
If annexed, the area would
add about four acres to the
city. Although other property
owners in this section have re
quested annexation, the city is
moving ahead with action on
these three parcels due to im
mediate property development
needs, city officials explained.
Applications Okayed
Several liquor license appli
cations were approved by the
council, based on recommenda
tion by Police Chief John Tru-oil.
Renewal applications for dis
pensers licenses were approv
ed for Swede's Tavern, 937 SE
Stephens St.; Pat's Tavern, 721
IE Jackson and The Club, 624
IE Cass Ave.
Renewal applications for
package beverage licenses were
approved for Mark's Shopping
Center on West Harvard, Mar
tin's Grocery at 1224 SE Booth
nd Tho Food Mart, 930 SE
Stephens. Application for dis
penser s license and package
beverage license was okayed
for B & M Tavern, 809 SE
Cass. The applicants were
Miles C. i and Vcrna I, lluagy
and Joyco 1, Proctor.
Work Started
On New Bridge
Eugene contractor Merlin R.
Main lias started .pouring con
crote. for pier footings on the
Blllzeif Bridge ' which, Is being
constructed ; across the North
Umjqiiu Uivor about 30 'ii)iles
vuki mi ituscuurg. , t . .
Umpqu'a National Forest uffi
rials, said the contractor has in
stalled., a temporary "shoo-fly"
bridijo (a wooden access struc
turo) in connection with prelim
inary work nn tho main bridge.
The Ei
Parked Car Gets
Fender Damaged
Jane S. Pcttit, 393 SE Rasl
St., Roscburg, Monday report'
cd to city police that her car
was sideswiped and forced onto
the sidewalk by another car
which did not stop at the scene
of the accident.
The accident occurred on W.
Harvard Ave. near the Rosc
burg High School ' entrance
about 7 p.m. She (old officers
woman witli a small girl in
the. car was operator of the
car. Fender damage was caus-
ed. ; i ' ' '" .
Another minor ; accident In-!
volvcd tho car of. John Thomas
Worden, of 322 SE Pitzer St.,
which was stopped at a stop
sign on Diamond Lake Blvd. at
Winchester. It was struck by
another caV opcratod by Fred
Delberl Town; Myrtle Creek,
Who Has making a wide turn
at the intersection. Damage was
minor. The accident occurred at
5:20 p.m. Monday.
Irene Day, of 845 NE Dixon
Park charge from $300 to $1,100
Dondero contended the au
thority will be unable to pay
the higher rate without curtail
ing its maintenance program.
He said it is also impossible to
raise rent of tenants to offset
the higher charge since the
rents are based oir fixed sched
ules predicated on the fact that
most of the "low income" fam
ilies living in the homes have
unchanging incomes.
City Attorney Paul Geddcs
said the city cannot grant ex
ceptions or relief under the
present ordinance which cov
crs sewer service charges. The
council did not favor amending
the ordinance to provide a spe
cial exception
Mayor Thomas Garrison said
such an exception would have
the clfecl of "subsidizing" the
authority's operation in some
degree and slated the city is
in no position to stand such a
"The city already has a prob
lem of providing sufficient rev
enue to pay the costs of the
sewer program, he said
Dondero indicated the author
ity's board would pay the charg
cs without further protest.
Discussion of a proposed pro.
gram in which street improve.
mems would be "iniatiatcd" for
selected streets in the Cloakcs
Ferry area was postponed until
next council meeting by Mc
Alicken. The city plans to in
troduce a new policy of initiat
ing ' street projects and the
Coukcs Ferry area is the first
Public Works Director Ken
neth Mcng reported on a plan
to provide a splash shield to
protect pedestrians crossing
Washington Ave. . Bridge during
inclement weather. He present,
cd for council inspection a ma
terial known as alsynitc plastic
glare-shield which is used on
the Santa Monica, Calif., free
way. He said the material could
be used to form a fence shield
running the length of the side
The council called for further
studies on the proposal and ask
ed the public works director to
report on the feasibility of wul
ening the sidewalk by two feet
in connection with the improve
ment, ;
In' 'other action, the council
ordered that an agreement be
executed with the slate High
way Department in connection
with the traffic signal installa
tion at the West Harvard Boulc
vard-Bcllows Street intersection
and set Nov. 25 as public hear
ing date for assessments on the
completed West Pilgcr Street
sanitary sewer improvements.
crisis that has plagued it for
most of the year.
The cabinet, formed after
general elections last April,
voted to resign in a 24-minutc
session, ending its 137 days in
office. The development had
been expected.
ine mgni oi money aoroaoixhe n,an heW ms Ught
is a result of a steady ina- snut. He took of his glasses
tionary spiral. Little has beenland ezed ni - ,
situation, according to econo-
Prosecutor Tells Trial Jury
Thompson Set Up Wife's Death
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn (LTD see who it was. But he never.hire." 3esides the "other worn
It was only a smiling picturejsaw it as Segell held it at closeian" motive, he offered to prove
but it bad a most telling effect. 'range. He dug ms rigm nana uiai m a apace oi auoui a year
mists, is reaching the critical
point .
The other for.n'da for a polit
ical solution based on right
wing support has been tried
repeatedly over the past years.
Because a number of small
right-wing parties, must give
Women Voters
Set Meetings
Foreign economic policy, with
emphasis on private investment
and commodity arrangements,
will he discussed at the two
unit meetings of the League of
Women Voters in Roseburg
Wednesday and Thursday.
The Lciiguo supports U.S. eco
nomic policies and programs
which promote world develop
ment and maintain a sound U.S.
Leone immediately went toisuPPort in order to form a par
present his resignation to Presi-fiamentary majority, it usually
dent Antonio Segni, a Christian i'eafls to ; a short-lived gov
Democrat like himself. eninieM.
Other Possible Action
UnlcsJ they call new elec
tions, the Christian Democrats
appeared to have only two pos-!
sible courses of action: To form
another center-left coalition or.
to set up a new government
based on right-wing support.
Either could lead to serious
trouble, with the Communists
the second largest political
party in the country waiting in
the wings to cash in. The Com
munists also might stand to
gain by elections. In April, they
picked up another million votes
To form a new center left
under Christian Democratic
Party Leader Aldo Moro prob
ably would mean bowing to the
left-wing Socialists who are op
posed to any nuclear arms in
Europe. It also would mean giv
ing the Socialists cabinet posts,
ending their government opposi
tion which has stretched over
most of their 71-year history in
Italian politics.
, Money Leaves Country
A center-left also could open
the road to numerous economic
problems. During the past
months, the industrialists who
have been mostly responsible
for Italy's tremendous economic
growth have been depositing
lire worth hundreds of millions
of dollars in Swiss banks.
The drain on Italian currency
already has had an effect, and
a new center-left government is
almost certain to increase the
flow unless some definite action
Assault Charge
Jails Husband
Joe Marshall Dixon, 33, Myr-
tic Creek, is booked at the
Douglas County jail on a charge
of assault with a dangerous
weapon, in connection with an
alleged knifo assault on h i s
wife, Nancy Ann Dixon, Nov. 2.
He asked to soo an attorney
on appcaranco before District
Court Judge Gerald R. Hayes
Monday. The assault is alleged
to have taken place at the Tri-
Cily Drive In Theatre.
Dixon was arrested initially
on a charge of being drunk in
public place, to which he
pleaded guilty before Judge
Hayes. He was fined S30 and $5
costs on arraignment Monday.
rlic assault charge was prefer
red after his arrest on the
drunkenness charge.
In Circuit Court. Monday, Dav
id Edward Jobson, 18, Portland,
pleaded guilty to a charge of
burglary not in a dwelling, in
connection with the burglary of
l' rank s Chevron Coffee Shop on
Oct. 14. Throe other persons al-i
legedly were involved. -
Judge Charles S. Woodrieh!
asked for a pre-sentence inves
tigation and set bail at $500
Glide Board Gets
Building Report
Supt. Donald Fluke reported
to the Glide School Board at its
Monday meeting on the progress
of the new elementary building
under construction.
Fluke said that the building
was not completed, and it would
probajly take a week longer
than expected. This would make
the completion date Nov. 18, at
which time the board will make
its final inspection.
The board aiso discussed giving
a right-of-way and easement on
the grounds where the new
building is being constructed to
the East Glide Water Corp. No
decision was reached. Further
discussion is scheduled after
Fluke checks several points with
the school district's attorney,
George . Neuner.
Representatives of the high
school student council were
present at Monday's meeting to
discuss the possibility of secur
ing lights for the football field.
The students were instructed to
gather facts and figures which
will be presented to the board
at a later date. Glide is the
only school in the Umpqua Val
ley League that does not have
a lighted field.
In other action, the board ex
crcised its option to place a 20-
year bond on the roof of the
new elementary building, and
excused Patricia Hays from the
compulsory attendance law, re
ports correspondent Mrs. Arthur
Vacation dates for Glide stu
dents during November will be
Veteran's Day, Nov. 11; county
school institute, Nov. 12; and
Thanksgiving Nov. L8-29.
The next regular meetins of
the Glide School Board will be
held Nov. 25.
into his eyes. His neck red-jDelore carols nornwy botched
dened. His left jaw muscloislaying last March 6, Thompson
his eyes with his right hand
His eyelids were clamped in a
Tilmer Eugene Thompson, the
former elder of the Presbyter
ian church in St. Paul in which
his 34-year-old wife was a choir
singer, had heaid himself de
scribed Monday at his murder
trial as a faithless husband who
sneaked off with another wom
an for nights in motels and
The st-te of Minnesota had
said it would show he took the
"other woman" dining, dancing, j
paid for her baby sitters, had!
her teeth cared for, financed I
her secretarial training, and
begged her to give him 111
months to get enough money
for both of them to live on.
The begging the "other
woman" had informed Thomp
son she intended to marry an
other man took place 15
months before the slaying of
Thompson's wife Carol, prosecu-j
tor William B. Randall said the
state would show.
Late in the afternoon, Randall
Will Ask For Life
took out $1,055,000 in term and
accidental death insurance on
Randall will ask this jury to! her, with himself as ben-
send the crewcut criminal law-lefieiary.
yer to prison for life, the maxi- Randall told the jury he
mum sentence for first dcgreclwould snow inompson sent
murder in Minnesota. " j$2,500 in cash to his police
He told the jury in his open.- character acquaintance, Nor-
ing statement Monday J. iiasirian, wno went
Thompson "instigated, planned "shopping for a killer" and
and helped" in what the statejfound one on his fourth try.
expects to show was a three-This alleged killer has con
man conspiracy in "murder for;fessed the crime.
Officials See Berlin Blockade
As Move To Seek Political Gain
WASHINGTON (UPI) - U.S. I tact do not change the Soviet
Union's long-standing goal to
whittle away the Western posi
tion in Berlin.
Post World War II agree
ments provide for Western ac
cess to West Berlin, and the
officials today viewed Russia's
latest Berlin highway blockade
as part of a Kremlin campaign
to seek political gain through
repeated incidents of "brinkmanship."
The State Department saidjUnited States has declared that
that the blocking of an Ameri-jthis access is one of its "vital
can troop convoy since early, interests" to be defended at all
Mondav had created a situation! costs.
was in the middle of question-0f -quite serious dimensions." -
ing his third witness, a fnend Diplomats of the United I ni J
of the Thompsons who told howiStates Britain, France andly I IVWOOu rlffll
he had advised the husband to Wcst Germany met at the Statcl '
take out insurance on his wife. Department Monday night to e CtAA By Dfivic
plan counter moves and were,' "J
expected to meet again today.
Other Allied consultations were:
going on in Bonn.
. The new incident appeared to
have removed any thoughts ad
ministration officials still held
Suddenly the prosecutor from
St. Paul produced -the smiling
picture, identified it to the court
clerk as state exhibit H, and
handed it to defense attorney
Hy Segell. Segell sits five feet
in front of defendant Thompson
He held the picture in front of that recent Soviet actions chal-
mill auu siuuicu ll.
It was Carol. Thompson must
have had a glimpse earlier to
Oregon Sheepmen
Told Of Imports
sheepmen were told Monday
lamb imports from Australia
and New Zealand have doubled
since last year.
The statement came from
Jean Wyckoff, Denver, manager
of the market research depart
ment of the American Sheep
Producers Council.
Wyckoff told the Oregon Wool
Growers Association that last
year imports were highest on
record and the 1962 figure now
has been doubled.
He said that under the gov
ernment's present trade policy
of lowering tariffs and liberaliz
ing trade it did not appear the
trend would change. He said the
A bench warrant has been is-Lucsl c".anee 01 so,,mon .woT
sued for the f Tlmm-d e wonting out agrcemem wim
Eugene firm is racing to
complete the bridge before rains'st., driving south on SE Steph
and high water endanger-lliciens near Douglas, struck the
temporary crossing. . !ri.r f tic parked pickup of
Ihe bridge will provide accessiCarter Tire Co. Monday about
to new timlier areas. liiditi p.m. She was cited for viola
amount was $52.Xi8. i lion of, Ihe basic rule (control).
The lineup members will rp
view information concerning the! Reginald Voach. who has forcl'!n Producers.
International Monetary Fund, ordered to be brought to Cir-! wyckoff added an effort is ne
and the Bank forjeuit Court to show cause. if,ing made to coordinate imports
Reconstruction and Develon. i... i,;. .u' ....'so that the market will not be
ment (World Bank). Also JwTrH'' duri"S tl,c ncav' 'lo
the agenda are problems of pri-iimnn.iti,. r ..., " mcstic production season.
vote enterprise in international 0(1 on Dcc. 7,' 12. should not
New Social Work
Chief Joins VA
Southern Oregon Plywood Inc.
of Grants Pass has been sold
to Clear Fir Stiles Co. of Spring-.
field for more than $2 million
dollars. .
The announcement was made
Monday by Robert G. Davis,
one of the owners. Davis is for
mer district attorney and for
mer circuit court judge f o f
The Roscburg Veterans Ad
ministration Hospital has a new
chief for its Social Work Service.
He is Jimmy D. Barr. for
merly chief of the psychiatric
social work section for a VA
hospital at Palo Aito. Calif.
Barr takes the post vacated by
Gain Wnppnpr whn ic nnw phinF
social worker at a VA hospitalgram sales
m hepulveda, Calif.
The new staff member receiv
ed a BA degree from Fresno
State Collor-e and a master's
degree in social work from the
lenging Western access to Ber
lin might have resulted from
was that Russia probably still j Do"gl(ahs
was sincere in us cooperation
with the Kennedy administra
tion to reduce the risk of nucle
ar war; for example, through
the recently signed limited nu
clear test ban and the "hoi
line" communications link be
tween Washington and Moscow.
Officials also believe the
Kremlin still wants to purchase
American wheat, although Rus-
ci. hoc m.t tint i.nnlinrl In in
cent American proposals for;1106 rp Named as, "vvnel-s
, .-(- o "-iCinlH triTmt n...n,. nf 1 t ... ..
Southern Oregon Plywood is
the oldest plywood firm in
Southern Oregon. It was owned
by Davis and Jackson Bea
man. Beaman will remain as
general manager of Ihe opera
lion, and Davis will slay for
several months as full-time ad
viser. He will serve as part
time adviser after that.
The purchase was made by
Clear Fir under the name of
But the Russians have made
clear, officials feel, that these
forms of cooperation and con-
. . joins VA Hospital
Plywood of Myrtle Creek, and
Jay Pritzker of Chicago, III.
The sale includes all stock,
the plant and timbevlands.
Southern Oregon Plywood em
ploys about 240 people in the
mill. Timber holdings of the
company are located in Jose
phine, Douglas and Jackson
counties. Clear Fir has inter-1
100 nersons were Dres-'cs,s in Pan,s at bo11' Mvrtle
Rose Open House
Well Attended
Creek and Roseburg.
ent for the November meeting
of the Rose School PTA Mon ! ;
day night. An open housq, was, TV VlPWPfC frill Kott
a feature of the evening's pro-! 'ters V.UM JBB
During the business portion of L0C2' Sj8r TOUigHt
the meeting, .t was reported j Tonight is thc nighl-fol. a
that around Sao had been rc-jvoung Iiosebllr;, Komiin Gav,e
ahzed from the recent PTA food Gcdds Caldwell, to appear on
sale and that the treasurer s;the Be Teephone Hour during
T",""1 u":" a nation-wide TV broadcast.
Plans were made
PTA lo assist with ;
development and their relations
to balance of payments.
Chairman of the "foreign
trade" study committee is Mrs.
James Pratt.
attend the unit meetings. Unlli,u s,",'w" ms
1 meets at the homo of Mrs. I
Jack Garnet, 2233 W. Harvard MfllTV E MdllOllOV
Blvd., Wednesday at 8 p.m.l lilUnOllcy
Unit 2 meets at the home of
be imposed. Thc original chargciTOQSinKISierS HOVC
was larceny under S75. Reasons1- a ! LI
for probation revocation are SpeQKerS AVailQDie
II.AI l. K... -I -.1 1
.imi in: nun uusi-uilMl'U 1IOI11
probation and that he has failed'
University of Southern Califor
nia. His experience includes as
sociations with the Bureau ofiJi.hc -ih al,,i ti.n,,- ,,.,. i.
Social Work in the California iDe st.'rvjcc
Department of Mental Hygiene,! pn.i' n, i,
Caiforn.a Youth Authority and:jng rcfreshm(,nts werc servcd
Veterans Administration at le dc ,
Brentwood and Pah, Alto, Calif. I , ..Jo . ,e
Jj,!f A" a1dmiss,ons s- World" will be used for the
soc.a worker at Bren wod. ,,,,,. , hM
J1' "e neuropsych.atr.c!Dcc 2 , school A
ZE Z . ,,,c ,-os Cen-icnts an( (l.jpnds are m,,C(',
,.1 vS VTTi "'"Viattend. A special prosram will,
in the U S. Navy Air Corps. ;bc prcscntcd. i
The social work chief is a
member of National Association! ..... ,
of Social Workers and has been 4-H SeWMd UTOUU
nation-vvidp TV
'Tllft lll'il'iram will h nnn In.
for the'cany at 10 m
football! r.nvl.. Ihr ,l,ninl.l,..- .,f Mi-
banquet Nov. 8 at 0 p.m. at!and Mrs Paul Gcrid ;
the school honoring Pee Wccs.innnr in i;.iini
Heavies and the rally squad.; mp. nf n, ,..,.., ,.,
The PTA will decorate for Ihelvw rhiku- Aiinsi..,,ic ihn .i.'
banquet and serve dessert. Thc;ing Bl.oup 'fca,lln!d la's, scason
affair will be potluck and those on the Andv Williams Show,
attending are to bring mainl
''THE PEACEFUL B EAUTY ' . . ; ' ,
OF OUR HOME :; ; ''; . '.
Throoahout ihe yeor. th dignilied. quiet lurround
Ingj ot our Horn hovt tomlortcd our friend her
in the tommumty. We con truly soy) "Our home it
your home in time ot need " '
Frank and Jewel) Long
A. F. (Tony) and Vera Shukle
Serving Reiebure, Community
(er Oter 37 Veen
Long 6 Shuttle
Elects New Officers
Rosalind Aheene was elerted!
president of thc Finger Slickers
4-H Sewing Club at a recent,
Thc Roseburg Toastmasters
Club is reactivating its Speak
ers Bureau. jactivc in Toastmasters. He
Spokesman Richard Harris rc-jmarried and has one child.
ports that Toastmasters 604 Willi
again offer its training and 11 I m
v,,r,i .,,. ,..i,.i ..,.,.;. ,.. ..,,u,. ,. nousei VYiison
Mrs.' Pratt. .120 W. Riverside;.,!,,,. Wnlni.riv .i i ui ,m ' .r0!.ni,.itinn i
V1?' TiL"30. ''"! the Oakland Communil.v Pres-i Members of the speaking club!" Wilson. 68. died at " '"u " 4
bytcrian Church for llurrv E.iare from various professions, noscuiirg Hospital .Monday eve -., r;.,or now.i i,. chnP1,,.
iMahoncy. 80, former Oakland and occupations and can speak!"'"!!- His home was at Rt. l,!cUrry was elected vice presi' l
'postmaster. Mahoney died Sun-! from personal experience on, Box 1110, Roseburg. idont.
'day in Salem at tlie home nfi many subjects. Mean" isl Wilson was born June 14. 1S35.I other officers named were
his daughter, Mrs. W. E. Sand-' meeting at Its regulat time'in New York state. He had no! Mary Sceaice secretary- Hi.'
.Mary Caroline Wells. 45, of!l"st. Wednesday at the Umpqua Ho-i'mown living relatives. iannc Howell, reporter; Betty-
457 NE Kulton. Roseburg, died lk' was h""n April 4, 1883, in: lei to discuss further plans fori Funeral services are sched-anne Crcasv. recreation leader:1
at a Roseburg hospital Monday Oakland and had lived in the its Speakers Bureau. Meeting tiled at 3 p.m. Wednesday at, Susan Howell, recreation assist
aftrrnoon. She had been ill for community almost all his life.jtime is 7 p.m. Any men interest-Long & Shukle Memorial Chap-ant; Gretchen Bladorn. health
sometime. ;lle was postmaster (or 45 ed in improving their public! el. Harry Wallin, reader for the' chairman; and Dcna Scearce,!
She was born April 9. 1918,' at ' until his retirement .Ma.v,Pcal.inj; may attend. Roseburg Christian Science community service chairman. '
Idaho Kails, Idaho. She had x- Mahoney was the son1 Further infor nation on the Church, will officiate. j On Oct. 3;i and 31 members
lived in the Roseburg area for "f Mr- ni1 Mrs- JamM Malum- Speakers Bureau may be secur-j WOnt out trick or treating for;
the hut 30 vears cominc here c- Pioneer Oakland farmers nv calling Toastmaster Pre- HEU MEETING DRAWS ,1'MCEF.
from Idaho Falls. She was mar-lwno moved to the area from 'o' "ure onaner ai ok-vim. Twenty-one members of the;
Moro information mav be se
cured hy calling 673-6564.
Mary C. Wells
City, County, 5 Firms
Add Payroll Plans
i Riverside Home Extension Unit!
, were present for the recent!
luncheon and meeting which!
featured a lesson on foods from!
jthe freejer. Florence Engdahl.l"
. HEU representative, was a il's
ri.Ml Mirrh 31 inju .t v.. . .Missouri in lKKv
to Donald Wells. ! Thf deceased hal hcen a
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Time For This!
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Funeral services are sched
uled Thursday at 3 p m at
PHONE 672-2611
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lo real experience?
A. Recent investigations show
that dreams do not occur in
stantaneously. In the typical
night, four or five dreams
take place. The initial dream
is about 10 minutes in length.
After a period of about I'i
hours of sleep, a second
dream occurs which lastt
about' 20 minutes. Further
sleep is followed by a dream
of about 25 minutes and still
more sleep by a dream ot
about 28 minutes. Although
everyone has his own pattern,
the average total dream peri
od night after night is very
consistent, making up 18 to
20 of lcep time. Dream re
call seldom occurs unless Ihe.
subject awakens during or
shortly after the dream.
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Remember Ihe diagnosis
and treatment of disease
is the Junction of Ine pa
tient's personal physician.
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