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Highway Engineers In Race
With Weather On '99' Job
Oer. 13, 1961 The Newt-Review, Rsteburg, Ore. I
Dl'NSMl lit, la. if ( V Huli
way enunt'iTS, rjtms a4.1i i the
oncoming rains of winte-, arc con
founded t a mourn; moun'jtn.
They art- the nu n who aw hmld
in ii a six mile segment of V. S
9. a now four-lane divided huh
way in the Sacramonio Kiwr can
yon between KeddinK and Duns
nuur. The river rushe between, nar
row canyon wain a tier pom ins
from glacial springs near Dunv
The en u t nee i s re a I ied they
Portland, rontr actors on 'he sec
tion between Shotgun i'reek ai.d
lastclla, started work in June.
ISt.o, engineers figured it would '
cost $1 25 million a mile. j
Almost at once, hea y equip
me nt operators bean to run into'
soil and rock that just uouldn t
stay put. To date the original es
tun a led cost of the si miles has;
been revised upward lo $8 78 mil !
lion. j
Herb Miles, district engineer for
the California Division of Hiuh j
wavj at KeddinK. says that inov-l
- ..', . '.SftrrtrtiWW . Its
ADVANCED STUDENTS of the fourth through the sixth
grodes ot Rose grade School are shown here taking on
extro work in the way of books at the Douglas County
Library. The students have shown in their studies they ore
slightly ahead of their classes. They will check out books,
usually non-fiction, and make oral reports on them in
about two weeks time. All of them have previously selected
categories. (News-Review Photo)
Army Enaineers
Slate Fallout
Shelter Survey
Camas Valley Grange Holds 'Jackie, Lady Bird
Election, Slates Activities To Visit Northwest
Prosecutor To Ask
Fall Boehme Trial
Gordon 1.. Warren. Kitsap
County pro-editing attorney, said
Thursday he will ask that the trial
of Dr. Robert K. Roehme, Port
Orchard physician
Lee Banks presided, reports Mrs.
I William Banks, Camas Valley cor-j
PORTLAND (AP) A survey of ! respondent. j
community fallout shelters in the Obligations Givtn j
live i-acinc iwinwesi siaies iS) Bvron Baker was re in,,a,pd into
Deing conauciea uy me Army r.n- mpmhorsh.n and Mrs
were confronted with a mammoth i"fi the 4iK).ooo additional cubic
task wnen they started the 10b of, yards of rock an1 soil, together
squeezing four lanes of pavement with additional clearing, possible
into this sheer cam on. ' required drainaee and other re
Then they encountered the mov- lated work, may run the extra
inc mountain alxmt nine miles cost on this one cut up to $."i50.000.
south of Dunsimiii. An unstable The state now is looking into
section of earth and rock is mak-j the possibility of changing the
ing it necessary to remove above' highway alignment to move the
original estimates about 400,000 new freeway away from the ma
cubic yards of soil and rock. 1 jor slide area at the north end
When Slate Hall Hamilton of of the protect.
This would require moving the
Sacramento River into a new
channel and realigning the South
ern Pacific mainline tracks fur a
short distance.
Miles said this could realize a
saving in final costs and should
eliminate or reduce further main
tenance problems in the slide
litant searchlights are being;
used at some of the work areas
be held at this sn eartn moving can continue at
Jim Leinbach, superintendent
for the contractors, said the ori
ginal anticipated completion date
aws Nov. 1, liHi2. Now it appears
construction may be going on
through the summer of 13.
Seventy five years ago, building
r-l 1 .1 - -1J J 1 J SFATT1 P fAT PrAcilnnl V n
as Vallev Orange was held this asked to furnish his own table nedV and Vice President Johnson ,faU s Jur' ,rrm
week at the Orange Hall. Overseer, service. probably will be accompanied by I Dr. Boehme, 41, is charged with
Mrs. Homer Spurlock and Mrs. lhcir wives wnen they visit Seattle anempung 10 poison his wite.
M1I0 Claughton were hostesses and Nov- 16- Tn Seattle Times special Dorothy, 34. under the guise of
served refreshments at the close of Washington correspondent said taking a blood sample from her
the mertmg. : Thursday. arm.
The annual Booster Night pro-' "Mrs. KennedyV plans are not We'll have our rase readv bv
orim ill II ha hiM nn .A Certain VCt. hilt at thl d'Af I Vmn m hnr IV 1 n w . tt
Raknr urac ..... .1 n-. '. 1 i,j .u. ...:u c l ,. ' '. a railrnaH in flip Karmmpnln ran.
1 .u. v- d ,,,v""" -'( - is open 10 me duoiic. ine next ree-: r win iu wnon i see anv reason wnv ihe rap . -
:.r::a?--Z-J elected to membership. The degree uiar Grance meetinc will he the attle with the President." Andrew'can't come to trial immediatPlv -von Presented tremendous engi
larns ana itocks. hi.noi.,n o.i-n tho nur hv , . . . u.i ni
tv... jlcnin( wJ9V fct tho 6" v.. .v t - social evening uci. t at me iisidn- nimr nuust
, 'V V , ' V ) ine overseer. Grange Hall. secrelary". told th? newspaper,
onn t acme imis.on 01 me, Leshe Catchpoie presented: i Mrs. Kennedy usually d)es not
Army engineers, wnicn win super- $20 Q (he (;ranep Reneral fund CUurrU Wnmpn Mt announce her plans more than
Vise the survey. ; frnm thp momhpr: nf thp i:ranee nUrCn VVOmen eeT few davs in advance.
This survey is in line with Presi . Itm. ivftnfimi,e inh i The October meeting of the V in-1 Brlh Ahi1!. niTsnn.'!! sprrplarv In
dent Kennedy'! new program to, Vli i-iaushton. ;rane Insur-'stnn Christian Church Christian Mrs. Johnson, said Mis. Johnson's
69. Port Or-
attorney for
Rav R. C.reenwood
'chard, chief defense
.Dr. Boehme. said he would move
that the case he put over untd
next spring's jury term.
"The proseculion admits it has
neerinK challenges when Southern
Pacific tracks were pushed north
ward from Redding.
In the 1930s, building I'. S. 99
from Redding to Punsmmr was
considered n engineering feat
when the canyon walls were push-
r.Mu.i .... u ,'.. , Agent for Lamas alley. re-1 rriiusnii was reia ai - present plan is to go 10 Seattle heen nvesl ealini this rase f,,p at a rihr .ari ...
""-, ported on the insurance program : ' .wra.jrwnn ner nusnann 1.... ,ix months" Green wood 1 surfaced road with many grades
and the Juvenile tirange. The numners ana guesis were present. 1 ine president will speak at the . u 1 and manv curves
members of the Juvenile Grange reports Phehe McGuire, Winston Centennial convocation at the I'm- sald- 'Surely, we ought to he Riven , aMmany cu"fs'
corrpsnonnpnl , cakiiv nF U i,hinainn it A an,n an ennal lime lo nrenarp the rte- I'on i . . jj "r-
1 he tneme of ".New hpint in New at a dinner hononn-. Senator War- fense."
was demonstrated with the ren G. Magnuson for his 25 vears ! n, ai,..'. .,;.) ;,
jwill stage the seating drill at the!
annual Booster Night program I
in every city and town.
The Northwest and Alaskan Di
visions of the Navy Bureau of
Yards and Docks and the Seattle,
Portland, Walla Walla and Alaska Saturday, according to Claughton. Time:
districts 01 tne Army fcngmeersl Education and community serv
will make the regional field sur- ice chairman Guy Moore announc
vev. . 0H that nut nf pnlnps !hrnn"h
Contracts now are heine neeoti-1 out the state of Oregon in the ! wl" h heA Kn.
alert ivith arphitept-enainppp firms ("nmmiinitv Service Contest. Cam-: Susan Davis on
for marking public and privately-1 as Vallev placed eighth. This was ! All women of the church are invit-
owned buildings and other facili- the largest number of entries ever I attend
ties in the region which might be received in the annual Sears
used for community fallout shel l Grange contest
bottleneck in the north-
1 came
1 south traffic by the niid-1930s.
educational part of tlje program, of servire in Congress. Seventeen ,' n ' . . . .1 Since World War II, California,
The devotions were given by Lois years have been spent in the Sen- sf 1 '"r l- 2 ' ' charRert wilh federal help has been con
.nary veaicn. ine next meeting ate. tirsi acgree assauii wim mieni io verting this M mile stretch of
6 at the home of Besides the President and Yice'kill. I highway inlo a four-lane freeway.
1 ivn nend Ave. president, a senators and several
congressmen plan to attend the
1 $100-a-plate dinner for Magnuson.
C"otr sf. 14860 ' Ruerv, D.itnct No. 12
First National Bank of Roscburg
In tk Stat of Ortf en
t fh clot el buiinett mi Sep. 27, 1961.
Published in reipentt to cell mede by cemptretltr e the currency
under Sechen 521 1, U. S. Reviaed Stefufei
CaK, boloncrs with othfr bonk,, on cflih tm in
process ot" collfction 589,743 46
United States Government obligation, direct ond
auaranteed 2,4l,952 99
Obltgation of States and political subxiivisions ... . . 265, 901. 2S
r . i i. j ts t nn f r .
ral Reserve bank) 13,500 00 '
Loons and discounts (including 58,286 70 overd'cmO 2 221,012 68
BanK premises owned $12,267.12, furniture and
turev $55,609.12 S7,87624"
Other assets 39,138 87
TOTAL ASSETS $5 689,125 52.
Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and
corporations $1,710,71640
Time and savino deposits of individuals, partnerships,
end corporations 1,438,539 41
Deposits of United States Government (including postal
sov.ngs) 281,193 02
Deposits of States and political subdivisions 1,593.445 20
Cert.f.ed and officers' checks, etc 39,621.55
TOTAL DEPOSITS $5 063,515 58
(a) Total demand deposits . . $2,545,226 66
(b Total time and savings deposits $2,518,288 92
Other Labilities 76,071,28
TOTAL LIABILITIES - $5,139,586 86
In) Common stock, total par $50 00 250.000.00
Surplus 200,000 00
Undivided profits - 99,538 64
Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities ond
lor other purposes $2,320,026 50
I, S. W. McLaughlin, Cashier of the above named bank, rW
hereby dec lore that this report of condition is true and correct to
best of my knowledge ond belief.
S. W. McLaughlm
We, the undersigned directors attest the eorrectne of this report
of condition and declare that it has been examined by us ond to the
best of our knowledge and belief is true ond correct.
Mall Seelv
Paul E. Geddes
George C. Gratke Directors
tfrg in case of a nuclear attack,
the Army Engineers said.
December. 1962, is the sched
uled completion date for the sur
vey and community shelter mark
ing program in Washington, Ore
gon. Idaho, Montana and Alaska.
Army engineers said that the
community shelter program does
not replace the family fallout shel
ter program.
Mrs. James Combs reported on
the compilation of the Grange His
tory booklet that she is preparing.1
Election of officers for the com
ing year was held and the follow
ing were elected: Russell liar
wood, re - elected master; Lee
Banks, re - elected overseer; Mrs.
Lee Banks, lecturer; James
Combs, steward; Byron Baker, as
sistant steward; Mrs. Edgar Mark
ham, chaplain; Ernest Booth, treas-
Warren Releases Convicted
Gambler On $100,000 Bail
WASHINGTON ( AP) Justice lhc jitstiie said, "that one whs
William O. DnuRlas of the Su-;jumps bail and leaves this coun
preme Court has granted Mick-1 try for Mexico is not extraditable
ey Cohen, I.os Angeles gambling i under existing treaties."
figure, release on bail of $100.0001 Douglas said he was greatly In.
iimr- l.ft1tn fatrhnolp clprt.
MEETING PLACE CHANGED od scrretarv: Havdon Taylor, gate
Pue tn the present remodeling keeper, Mr.':. Homer Spurlock. Cer
of the Roseburg Woman's Club, the I es; Mrs. Byron Baker, Pomona;
Newton Creek Church of Christ will Mrs. Louis Papst, Flora: Mrs.
hold services Sunday at the home : Leslie Catchpoie. lady assistant
of .lohn Bogen, 1125 SE Main. steward: Mrs. Ethel Brown, chair-
The morning service will be at man, executive committee; and
J1) a.m. and the evening service Mrs. James Combs and Edcar
at 7:30 p.m. j Markham, executive committee
It was announcer1 that the regu
lar meeting of the Douglas County
Pomona Grange will be held at
GMnn,,li r.ranf. Halt nn Oct 2ft.
Ln.,n. . ,th a notlnrk dinner :stnp(easer.
,7nm anH followed hv the hlisi-' f"" SCinst
ness meeting at 8 p m. Visiting ! wuntry
pending appeals from his ennvic-.
tion of income tar violations.
Cohen was sentenced on the in-1
come tax charges to 15 years in
prison and fined $ j
The U. S. District Court in Los '
Angeles and the V. S. Circuit
fluenced by refusal of the lower
courts to permit Cohen s release
on bail. But he commented that
he had an obligation to discharge
"that none other can assume for
me "
Inder that obligation, the just-
Court in San Francisco refused iice sa,rf. he wa, nprslla(1ed that
to permit release of Cohen on bail should be granted for a num
ber nf reasons.
Sptcial Agent - Room 301
Pacific Building
Off. OR 3-7491. R... OR 3-7195
Douglas, in permitting Lonen s Among them. h cited the fact
release, commented that before (hat Cohen had been out on bail
conviction Cohen was out on bail fr sonle months and never failed
and made no effort tn escape. 0 respond: there has been no de-
me justice saia mai ennen ain av ln prosecuting an appeal bv
help to secrete Candy Barr,
;n-xico while s
her was pending ir
She subsequently re
Grangers are nsked to bring either turned to the United States.
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Cohen to the Circuit Court in San
Francisco: questions raised in the
appeal have been treated hy both
lower courts as substantial, and
Cohen's sister bat made on nffi.
That episode, said Douglas, was davit that she and her hnshand
emphasized to him as showing wl pledge as security for Cohen
Cohen's "proclivity for evasive their business which is their only
conduct " It also was pointed out, 1 source of income Cohen's moth-
another affidavit
W. German Parties OK
Longer Draft Periods
BONN. C.prmanr fAP) 1-j
frne Minister Franz .lnef Strauss!
levealerl the two parties expert
ed to form West Germany's new i
government have agreed to
lencthen the period of service for
draftees in the armed forces.
Stra-is said this pronahly
meant that starting next year
draftees in the army, navy and
air force would serve 18 months
instead of the present 12. He said
agreement had heen reached on
an extension but there remained
some slight doubt about how
The defense minister told a
meeting of fellow Christian Dem
ocratic Bundestag ( Parliament i
members that Chancellor Konrad
Adenauer and the Free Demo,
eratie party chairman, Knch
Mende, derided on the loncer
service in their negotiations for a
new coalition uovernment.
er, in another affidavit, said she
I would piedee as security the trust
J deed on her home.
What is a
Oregon Safety Record j
Best Ever In 1960-61
SAI.FM fAP) Oregon's indiM-!
trial safety record was the hrst
ever in 10-fil. (.'nmmiionrr Km-'
ily P. Logan of th Industrial Ac
cident Commission said Thruday, 1
Miss I-ogan. addrptnj a S;tUm
croup, said that in 1W2 .Vt thrre
were T4 5 accidents per million
man hours worked.
!n the 13ti0-M year, she said,
there were only n6 15 accident
per million man hours worked.
Mi-s I-ocan said the commission
will take in some $2R 8 million in
premiums this fiscal year from
?, 500 emplovrrs ff.r ind'ufnal ac
cident insurance wih the sta'e
wall TO WALL
"Tw er Country"
Call J. I NIWBIRHr. 0 3-7010
f att.r t M , OR 1-3541
"Ysur Vacuum Claaaar Maa'
A proton is the positively
charged nucleus of an atom.
Study of the proton may be
a key to scientific progress
in the United States. Yet
many potential scientists
may never study it because
they may never go to college.
Many colleges are over
crowded and in 10 years
applications w ill double. We
will need more and better
college laboratories and
thousands more of the high-e-t
quality professors. i
n" io you con fc.'p. W"a 'of
wa boo.i.t. "O'EN WIDE THE
COLLEGE DOC ." lo 34. I
SqwO'i S'o'to", Saw York 34t N. Y.
r,h J it n rllir rrr
""ii U, , l Bail aaaBBaw .
. I v I 'V-
at IV-i.
tv,-., n ., i ,, J-y ;--;;- ( ;.
"Superb" ; : . "luxurious" ; ; ; "beautiful" : : ;
"brilliant" there are many words that might be
used to describe the new 1962 Cadillac car.
But if we were to select from the Cadillac
vornhulary the one word that most completely
captures the essence of this latest "car of cam"
we would choose "masterful".
For here is a motor car that has already estab
lished it mastery in everything that makes an
automobile good and fine and desirable.
In appearance, it is clearly Cadillac master-pieie-graccful,
clean-lined and elegant.
In performance, it it a rovelation. Its power plant
is a rr-srrvoir of nlken power and the car ride
and handles with an instinctive ea and sure ness.
In safety, it is in a clasa of it) own with a host
of exclusive features, including remarkable new
aide cornering lighta.
In craftsmanship, it is aimply without rival.
Every 1962 Cadillac will undergo more than 1400
inspections to assure its quality and goodness.
On and on the list could go. But however
IcnfHhy, that list could never replace the experi
ence of inspecting the car and driving it.
Your dealer will happily let you do both.
Once you have, you'll understand why the word
has gone out so quickly that thia ia the finest
motor car ever to bear the Cadillac name.
RO'.E i WASHINGTON STS. Phone OR 3-6651
poat sixty ves Thi tandasio os tms would-