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    10 Th Newi-Review, Roseburg,
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OPENING NIGHTERS at the Shakespearian Festival, "The
Feasting of the Tribe of Will," at Lithia Park in Ashland
preceding the play, "As You Like It," included Represent
ative and Mrs. W. 0. Kelsay, above at left. At the right
is Ed Singmaster of Ashland. Below, standing at the reor
are Fred Strange of Red Bluff, Calif., member of the 1957
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A DINNER PARTY at the Swedish Dining Room was given recently by Miss Minnie Bll
in compliment to Mrs. Elvin A. Card ond Claudette Mav and Stephen, who wcie visiting
here with Mrs. Card's son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Bell, and childien, ;
Lowrenca and Clarence, of Dixonville. Front row: Claudette May Card, Mrs. Elvin A Card !
holding baby, Clarence Bell; Stephen Lee Card Back row, Mr. ond Mrs. Louis H. Bell
and son, Lawrence. (Picture by Jay Golden of Photo Labi
Parrott-Casey-Scott Dinner
Miss Kosa H. I'arrott. Misj Ilt-l-. and Mrs. I. W. Ji'f ami their
en Casey and Mis Naomi Scott xrandson. Mm .losse, lio is hne
entertained at a very lovely din- visiting from I'kiab. t'ahf ; lr.
ner party at the Kusrburi; Country ; Velio llroadway. Miss Myth Han
Club having as their (iuesla Mr 'an of Tucson, Anr.; Mrs. Anne
and Mrs. John II. Kulnnson and Martin of Auburn, Calif.; Mr. and
their ion, John (the latter is home Mn. John Younn and Mrs. Arthur
from Los Angeles on a visit); Mr. Clarke.
Ore. Sot. Aug. 10, 1937
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Enjoyed Sund.v
j(.jjv.fl i fv tv'il C i III;
y i " r -. ... i
'Jt ' "V . " v.
r a 4
acting company and also a dancer, and Marcia Thayer,
Portland, actress in the company, also a dancer and the
choreographer. Seated left to right ore Mrs. Daniel Dim
ick, A. C. Roll and at right, Mrs. Roll and Senator Dimick,
of Roseburg. (Pictures by Classic Studio, Medford).
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K-i.'. ' - - '.
The Klxaroe Comfort Chili nl!
hold a picnic Sunday, August II
at CuiMua Park for members of,
th rluh and community ami their
invited iiuests. The club will tnr
nivh coffee and solt drinks tor the
pothu'k affair which will start at
12 noon. Those attemtimf are to
bring their own table service
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Dahlias and sweet pens were
used Tuesday by .Mrs. Belle Cook
when she enle-laincd the Past No
ble (irands Club at a 12:30 o'clock
salad luncheon at the IOOK Hal!
in Sutlicrlin.
Those enjoying the luncheon and
afternoon with Mrs. Cook were;
Mesdames Cora Allen, Alma An
derson. Hertha Parse. Ola liiel
man, Kunlce Hcck, Henrietta Ues
wick, Hazel (Jreen, Maggie Fran
cis. Juanita llolgate. Charlotte
Parker. Mable Koss. Klla Wesner.
Uachael Newell, Kthel Wattman
and Juamta Atlerhury.
A social hour was enjoyed after
the meeting, with game prizes
awarded to the winners. Mrs. New
ell won the door prize and Mrs.
Harge the penny prize. The next
regular meeting will lie Tuesday.
Sept. 3, al the home of Mrs. Pearl
Harvey in Oakland for a 12:30
o'clock luncheon.
The lovely new horns of Mr. and
Mrs. Uussell Nelson in Roberts
( reek was the scene Sunday of a
charming housewarnnng ' partv
given as a surprise for the Nei
sous, Delicious refreshments were
served and a beautiful toaster was
presented to the Nelsons from
Mr and Mrs. Kruesi Fox and chil
dren of F.ugcne: Mrs. Marv Moore,
Mrs. Hoberl MeCilchro.! and i-hil.
dren. Mrs Lewis Keith, Mrs. Dick
Mullin. Mrs. F.lmer Hunter, Mr.
and Mis. Sandy McDonald, Mrs.
Jerry Kingly, Mr. and Mrs. Dale
llolcomb, Mr and Mis John Wil
hite, Mr. and Mrs. Oilev Thomp
son Mr. and Mrs John Sinslev, Mr.
and Mis Carl llolhrook, Mr. and
Mrs liayniond Fo, Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Anderson. Mr. and Mrs '
Harry Pen-son, Mr n,u m,., va.
ler Smith. Mr and Mis, l.oia Pitts.
Mr and Mrs Wimlrow Wilson, Mr.
and Mrs. Art McCehey and Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Shelley.
The Aialea Sunshine Club met
Wednesday In the backvard of the
Jim Crotf home The hostess, Mrs.
tirace Croft, was assisted by Mrs.
Terry t'roff. They served ice cream
and rake to the eleven members
and four children present.
'The president. Mrs Yvonne Cae
deeke. passed around a birth an
tioiincoment received from Mr. and
Mrs. t;ien Dnscol, former resi
dents, who are the parents of a
baby girl, born recently in Sacra
mento, Calif.
The group enjoyed playing
games durini; the afternoon. The
next meeting will be held at the
home of Mrs. Jean (Jaedecke.
OFFICIALS of the Douglas
the annual picnic at the brmeJ briggs horns near Canyon
ville Sunday pictured above are: Paul H. Krueger, treasurer;
Mrs. Vera Bacon and Miss Bess Clough, directors; Mrs.
Historical Society
Has Annual Picnic
The Douglas County Historical
Society held its annual meeting at
the Ermel Briggs farm home, east
of Canyonville, on the Gazley Road,
Sunday, Aug. 4. A large crowd
from the southern end of the coun
ty enjoyed a picnic lunch under
the trees in the spacious yard.
The Briggs home is the old Land
Donation Claim of John fullerton.
who crossed the plains and set
tled there in 1853. Years later the
family moved to Koseburg. One of
the old land marks, the barn, is
still in use on the farm.
Mrs. Victor Micelli, president of
the society, held a short business
meeting. Two directors were elect
ed. Mrs. Pearl Yokum Lawson,
no.stma.ster. al Riddle, a mem
ber of a pioneer family, was newly
elected and u. is. uusennarK ot
Koseburg, was re-elected to serve
as members on the board of di
Bess Clough, of Days Creek, a
director of the group since its or
ganization, welcomed all and in
troduced guests. Among them, v.
M. Murdoch, acting Chief of Police,
of the city of Koseburg, who dem
onstrated a gun that once belonged
to Lillie Moure's father, and came
into the possession of the Police
Department by unusual circum
stances. It was later presented, by
them, to the Historical Society.
The gun looks like a cane, and is
called the "Bankers Special." It
is so built that it can be used as
a gun or a club and was used by I
men who carried large sums of
money with them. It is claimed that
Mr. Moore carried as much as
five or six thousand dollars on his
The police department came
into possession of the gun when
the Moore house was broken into
bv boys, who look it and a few
other items, it is claimed. The
mother of one of the boys called
the police department and gave
it to them, the gun was then sent
to Washington 1). C. for analysis,
and to see if it had ever been shot.
II had never been fired but could
be, they found, and advised Mr. ! eighties. The dress belongs to Mrs.
Murdoch, who was later in Wash-j Moore of Canyonville.
ington 1). C. attending a special The Historical Society is seek
school, that it was a valuable relic ,ing the land that connects with the
and offered to buy it for $500. Lillie Moore house on Washington
Mrs. F.nnel Briggs reported on I and Rose Street, in Roseburg. The
a recent visit to 'The Dalles, to join I house and contents now are the
a trek to old forts and historic property of the society.
Duplicate Bridge
! Winners Announced
Duplicate bridge winners for Fri-1 In the open pairs tournament
i day afternoon at the Elks Bridge ! Tuesday evening there weic 9 la
j Club at the temple for North-South blcs in play. Winners were Mrs.
plavers were Mrs. R. D. Coen and . O. W. Marshall and Mrs. A. B. C ol-
Mrs. M. I.. Hallmark, first; Mrs. ilier. first; Mrs. M. Phillips and
I Kdvvin Holmberg and Mrs. Lyle : Mrs. Edgar Lewis, second; Bon
Bodenner. second, and Miss tiert-; Chapman and Dr. willing ol tu
rude Kast and Mrs. J. V. Short, gene, third; Dr. and Mrs. J. 11.
third. East-West winners were Mrs. Harris, fourth; L. Nee and A.
A. B. Collier and Mrs. M. Phil-1 Schatz, of Eugene, fifth, and Mr.
hps, first; Mrs. J. M. Bevans and j and Mrs. Ilarrv Bruffy, sixth, lue
Mrs. I,. E. McClinlock, second, and open pairs tournament will contin
Mrs. O. J. Feldkamp and Mrs. D. Ue Tuesriav, Aug. 13, at 7:30 p.m.
B. Secov, third. . at the Elks Club.
Mrs. James A. Dryden
Honored On Birthday
! A surprise birthday tea honor -
! ing Mrs. James A. Dryden of Pe -
' oria, 111. was given by her daugh- Dahl and the hostess. Mrs. Schneid
ter, Mrs. Parks Schneider, when er.
i she invited friends to call between
2 and 5 p.m. Wednesday at her
i beautiful Laurelwood home.
Roses, dahlias, gladioli and nas -
tursiums were used in the attrac -
Ilia fl,.rl r,n.nmni,l, A .Wi'.
er of birthdav cards and' handker- birthdav motif was also carried of former Glcndale. Ore. Eugene; Mr. and Mrs. Ben C.'llunl
iiii.r ua nrocmiixi Mr, iirv. n.o in ih. niir.ieiivn naiain '8S held Sunday at Lmpqua Park ington and daughter of Blue River.
'den from Mrs. "ilarrv Ingiing". Mrs.
H lovd Riffe. Mrs Mildred Fresh-
our. Mrs. Norman Hyde. Mrs. Fred
Andrus. Mrs. Tom Krowson, Mrs.
Mrs. Berrie Hostess At
Coffee For Visitors
A charming coffee was given by
Mrs. O. M Berrie at her beauti
ful home on SE Douglas Street
Thursday afternoon in compliment
to several visitors. Out-of-town
guests included Miss Myth Italian.
Mrs. E. A. Dow and .Mrs. C G.
Lovelady of Tucson. Aril ; Mrs.
Amies Martin of Auburn. Calif.;
Mrs John Patterson of Oakland.
Calif ; Mrs Florence Wharton of
Honolulu, and .Mrs. Jack Josse of
Ikiah. Calif
Hydrangeas in lovely shades of
ra, i.f-,4r at -t
County Historical Society at
r riiSH
MRS. WEBSTER BRIGGS, aDove, wears a aress of rne 1880's or rne Dougias County his
torical Society picnic at the Ermel Briggs home near Canyonville Sunday. The dress be
longs to Mrs. Pearl Moore of Canyonville. (Pictura by Harlan B. Carter).
places of interest in that section.
She displayed a collection of an
tiques, many of which were brought
in covered wagons across the
plains by both her grandparents
and the Briggs family. She is the
thirteenth child of ihe Edwin Wea
ver family, of Myrtle Creek, where
one of the early gatherings of the
Douglas County Historical Society
was held in the old family house,
which is now used only for family
Mrs. Webster Briggs, daughter-in-law
of .Mr. and Mrs. E r in e I
Briggs. delighted all as she mod
eled an old time frock of the
j Harry Rapp, Mrs. John Ospald,
Mrs. Arvid Johnson. Mrs. Unita
1 A beautiful decorated birthday
cake carrying out the colors of i
vellow, lavender and white, graced i
1 the table. Ice cream and the birth-1
lday cake were served in addition
In flnpol inmlc anA anrliac THfl
Mr. and Mrs. Drvden. who came
to Koschura June 16. are returnine
to their home the first of the
week in Illinois.
pink, lavendar and rose, formed
Ihe decorations. Mrs. Jack Josse
and Mrs. Fred Schwarti assisted
the hostess in serving
Guests invited for the afternoon
besides the out-of-town visitors
were Mrs Arthur Clarke. M r s.
Velle Broadway. Mrs. 1.. V. Josse,
Mrs. A. A. Wilder. Mrs. Charles
W. Wharton, Mrs. Charles Beguhl,
Mrs. L. W. Metiger, Mrs. Frank
Fitzpatrick and Mrs. Frederick J.
Christina Micelli, president; Miss Rosa B. Parrott, vice
president; Mrs Pearl Yokum Lawson, newly-elected direct
or. (Picture by Harlan B. Carter).
' fi" ' A - ' f ' "fit;
V. M. MURDOCH, acting Chief of Police of Roseburg,
right, is shown with V. J. Micelli, retired banker, and is
demonstrating the gun once owned by the lote Lillie
Moore's father. This is the only known gun of its kind
in existence and is called the Bonker's Special. It is the
property of the Douglas County Historical Society and was
demonstrated by Mr. Murdock at the Douglas .County
Historical society picnic at the Ermel Briggs home near
Canyonville Sunday. (Picture by Harlan B. Carter).
Fifth Annual Picnic
Held At Umpqua Park
The fifth annual reunion picnic
i with 22 in attendance. Next year's
re"n"ln wl" be held the first Sun-
i" August at Lmpqua Park
and all former residents are urged and Airs. Herman Avdclott. Mr.
to attend according to an announce- and Mrs. J'ov C. Cunningham, Mr.
men! made by the president Mrs. ; and Mrs. Giles Ashman. Mrs. llel
G. II. Ashman. ga Fowler, Mrs. Bessie Seimer,
Those attending from out of town .Mrs. I.uella Cunningham and Mrs.
were Mr. and Mrs. George Dyer of Earl Blede.
BEAT THI NEAT! H i M v.mplt
complttclr delightful. Just tplaih
Motchobclli t Summer Shower Cologne,
onJ feet 01 though you're by a wotorfoll.
It' utterly refrething end jutt like hoving
your own private cooling tyttem. Come
into Fullerron Drugs ond let me Jeon
Nation itiow you how to (eel freih and
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Iragrant otwoyt.
Yeneta, Ore: Mrs. Olpa,
Ore.; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mvuchett
Sr.. and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mou-
cheit Jr. of Springfield. Ore
on Princa
Jean Notion