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    4 Th Newt-Review, Roteburg, Ore. Wed., Dee. 21, 1949
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lipriHItll by WEST-HOLLIDAT CO., INC., affleaa la New farlt, Chlew.
lraolea. Laa Anfalaa. laatlla. rartlaad. St. Last.
IDUIumniuN mm-la Oraan Hall rar Taar II.M. all maalha H.M.
Ibraa maalbi li t. B. Clli Cacrlar-r.r ytar Ili.H cla ''"
aaa faar. paf moalh 11.00 Oalilda Oraiaa Br Mall Tar yaar W M. !
manlba 14.7ft Miraa uiantha l.M
Unlike the children who, according to legend, are supposed
to have "visions of sugar plums" at Christmas time, mer
chants have visions of tax statements, income taxes, first
of-the-year inventories, payroll overtime, personal property
assessments and mounting overhead. Consequently they are
exceedingly pleased by the way
floors, counters and shelves.
Retail business wasn't too sure of this year's Christmas
buying. Opinion of experts varied widely. In fact, some of
the best and usually most accurate forecasters were caught
way off base in predicting a drop in Christmas sales. Too,
many predictions were in error concerning items people
would buy.
One usually reliable source had expected buying to be
confined largely to smaller items of durable goods,-but
reports are that people are buying expensive items of
furnishings and appliances, rather than the smaller pieces
predicted for brisk movement.
This year's trend, merchants report, is toward durable
goods, particularly household furnishings. Jewelry stores
say they are moving much silverware, china, watches, etc.,
rather than costume jewelry and accessories. Clothing stores
are doing brisk trade on quality items.
People are spending freely for Christmas, but are selective
in their buying.
Indications are that dollar volume will fully equal that
of last year although in some cases profits may decline
slightly, due to lower mark-up on the type of merchandise
moving out of stores.
On the whole, the Christmas trade has been very satis
factory, merchants report.
Preparations Made For Holiday
While merchants are pleased by the commercial aspect of
the Christmas season, spiritual and festival factors also are
prominent in holiday planning.
Many people and organizations are engaged in charitable
work. The Elks lodge gave its annual Christmas party for
children last Saturday. Religious, fraternal and civic or
ganizations are working diligently preparing Christmas
baskets containing food, clothing and toys. The Junior
Chamber of-Commerce has arranged with Santa to be on tho
telephone for last-minute requests. It would be impossible
to list in this space all the work in progress by the many
organizations to spread happiness during the holiday period.
For the first time in many years,' Roseburg homes are
again displaying outdoor decorations and Christmas light
ing. Power shortage had prevented this activity .in late years,
but for the current season the outdoor lighting contest is
being revived. The lifting of restrictions on use of power
also has made it possible for Roseburg to string colored
lights again along its main streets and a most effective
display has been provided. Another beautiful display is made
at the city hall.
The outstanding Rccne, however, is to be found on the
grounds of the Veterans hospital, where the nativity is
portrayed in a unique way. Everyone able to do so should go
to the hospital grounds to see this outdoor, animated picture,
with its live shepherds and animals under artistically ar
ranged floodlighting.
Then, of course, preparations for the holiday are being
made in homes, as plans are advanced for reunions, dinners
and parties.
In the churches of the city, the Christmas story is being
told through entertainments for children and adults.
Another outstanding event of the celebration was the
presentation of "The Messiah" by the Roseburg Choral
society Tuesday night. Carol singers will add to the musical
interpretation of the season and choirs will sing the story
at special programs.
Altogether, the events of the week presage a merry Christ
mas for all.
to the Editor
Urges "Take It Easy"
On Voting New Taxes
ROSEBURG We notice some
very interesting letters in your
paper recently. Also an interest
ing editorial in which the editor
thought it very "amusing" that
anvone would bring up such a
trifling matter as a few local
taxes. You will likely be "amus
ed" at this: There was an elec
tion held December 13 for annex
ation of certain "frlnpe" dis
tricts. Out of more than 3,300
voters only 43-1. or about one
eighth of the legal voters, went
to the polls and voted. That might
make the "fringe" feel like poor
relations. On Wednesday the po-
lfA flt-a rliinnrlmpnl And officl-
als staged quite a demonstration
lo welcome mum imu m.- uij.
We wonder what is the matter
that we have so small a vote.
Could It be we have become to
talitarian? Here is a secret you will be let
In on when It comes to paying
for a new city hall and airport at
a half million or so: It will show
up on your taxes. There will, no
election In the coming year. We
need sewers In West Roseburg.
Thursday evening a couple of pro-
tAMinnal nefltlnn nflrkeni were on
the Job. A sort oi blank check I
merchandise is moving from
for sewers.
We need sewers. We ncd a new
city hall. We need an airport.
We need more schools. We nej
to keep our taxes down to where
we can pay them. It wasn't too
long ago the city owned a good
manv lots, foreclosed for taxes.
When we get all these things.
taxes w III kelv be at a conns-
calory point. Let's take it easy
on voting laxes.
Roseburg, Ore.
F. D. R. Jr. Heads Drive
For Jewish Aid Funds
NEW YORK, Dee. 21 B
Ren. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr.
ID-Lib) has accepted the Job of
chairman or me National i nns-
ttan committee of the United Jew
ish anneal.
He will serve as national chair
man of committees formed
throughout the nation to solicit
funds from persons ui the Lliris
tian faith to help Jewish refugees
all over the world.
Henry Morgenthau Jr.. general
cnairman oi ine uja, saiu ai a
news conference with Roosevelt
that the organization's 1130 goal
Is $272,4R5,.
UJA funds arc used for Immi
gration and settlement in Israel,
rehabilitation and relief In Eu
rope and North Africa, and ad
justment of refugees in the Unit
ed States.
It takes four pounds nf fresh
grapes to make one pound of
Y. O r awS. JV ISW'J!MtKBBMjm5Fil
In the Day's News
(Continued from Page One)
ERE in the middle of the
Christmas season, that sounds
pretty rough to you and me and
others of our commoner kind. Im
perfect as we doubtless are, we
couldn't bring ourselves to the
point of taking care of our Christ
mas list with gifts we had looted
from somebody else.
That is because we ARE Just
common, everyday people. The
Big Ones have been doing it
Mao's way ever since history
began. They go out and LOOT IT
CONQUERED and then give It
as a gift to somebody they want
to make a deal with to go out and
conquer somebody else.
In world-conquest circles, that
has long been known as states
manship, i
IN considering all the aspects
of -the situation, we have to
remember that the 15 carloads of
"rare historical and art objects"
which Mao looted from the Pel
ping palace and museum to give
to Stalin and his gang had prob
ably been given to the Pelping
institution in the first place by
some other royal looter who loot
ed them from somebody else to
give them to Pelping.
The pages of history are full
of Incidents like that.
IN Jogjakarta, Java, a new na
tion is being born. It is the
Indonesian Republic. Its first
president, Dr. Soekarno, Is being
Inaugurated at Jogjakarta. He
has led his people in a successful
rebellion against Dutch overlord
ship, and the new nation will be
a PARTNER, not a vassal, of the
Great things can come of it all.
GREAT things will come of what
Is happening down there UN
GOVERNMENT. If self-government is to work,
responsibility must go hand In
hand with privilege.
a a
THIS seems to be history day in
the news.
Forty-six years ago, at Kitty
Hawk, North Carolina, Wilbur
and Orvllle Wright made the first
successful flight In a heavler-than-air,
power-driven machine.
THE Wright Brothers were of
course immensely proud on
that day 46 years ago of what
they had accomplished.
Do you reckon they would have
been as proud of It if they had
known that a direct descendant of
their Invention would be used
some four decades later TO DROP
SHIMA? I sometimes wonder.
Benjamin Arthur Zellmer, 54,
Days Creek, charged with oper
ating a motor vehicle while un
der the Influence of intoxicating
liquor, was sentenced In Justice
court to 30 davs In the county
jail and fined $-'30, Judge A. J.
Geddes reported.
the Night Before Christmas
Christmas for everyone un
doubtedly contains a rejoicing
thought that a Girl Scout (Mari
ner Sea Scout) demonstrated the
value of that fine activity for
boys and girls SCOUTING.
"Daddy, it was my Scout train
ing that saved me. It taught me
to conserve my energies . . ."
an Oregonian dispatch quotes
Ruth Aberle as saying. There
were two Sea Scouts In our home
for several years; how well I
know what a wonderful train
ing it is for the boys and girls,
too who really take an Interest
In it. Scouting, like everything
else worthwhile, gives returns
in proportion to what Is put into
Not long ago the newspapers
paid tribute to 17-year old Don
Lee of Salt Lake City, picturing
his happy. smile as Miss Anna
Rosenkilke, his guardian, pinned
the Eagle Scout badge on him.
Don Lee had refused to accept
defeat. In spite of a handicap
which most anybody would think
certain to prevent any such am
bition, Don Lee won through.
U. S. Forces Paid In Script
MANILA, (F) American
Armed Forces personnel in the
Philippines were paid in mili
tary script in an effort lo com
bat Inflation in the islands.
The ban against possession of
United States currency and ne
gotiable foreign exchange instru
ments was extended to the mili
tary personnel of the American
government. The ban already
was in effect for Filipinos
The military script will be used
Children's Party
Slated By Lions
The Roseburg Lions club's first
children's Christmas party is
scheduled for Thursday at 6:30
p.m. in the Hotel Um'pqua.
Approximately 40 children will
be present for the occasion. They
will be treated to dinner and a
program in the banquet room,
and a Christmas tree party in
the hotel lobby, here gifts will
be presented.
Dr. E. W. Carter Is in charge
of general arrangements. Al Mo
Bee has arranged transportation.
Several of the members will take
the responsibility of getting the
children to the hotel, and Lions
members and their wives are
each asked to assume the re
sponsibility of taking charge of a
child for the evening, to show
thpm the best time possible.
Members calling for children
should do so by 6 p.m. and are
asked to be present by 6:15 to
take over their charges.
SALEM (.T) Mississippi won't
let Oregon camellias be shipped
into that state unless the plants
are free from soil and are ac
companied bv a certificate from
I he Oregon Department of Agri
culture. The Oregon Agriculture depart
ment said Mississippi adopted
the ban on Oregon and Califor
nia camellias because of camel
lia flower blight.
SALEM (.? The population
of Taft, a newly incorporated
city. Is 4S9. Secretary oi State
Ncwbry announced after taking
a census of the city.
The census will make It pos
sible for Taft to share In state
highway and liquor revenues.
mmiviwm mm h i?i
By Viaknitt S. Martin
God bless him for the inspira
tion he must be to younger boys
who may be tempted to 'slide
through' any of the Scout tests
or think them not worth bother
ing about!
Even the Hiking badge . . .
every step of the way was made
by a brave-hearted lad, who has
been legless since babyhood, on
artificial legs. There may be vet
erans, too, who will find comfort
and Inspiration in that Boy
Scout's achievement. Why limit
it to any group? ALL of us can
take fresh heart when difficul
ties beset us, can we not?
There have been other distin
guished Scouts through the year3.
Just now Ruth Aberle has been
receiving the headlines. A while
ago it was Don Lee. Tomorrow
it will be the boy . down the
street, or the one in the next
town . . . county . . . state . .
country . . . overseas! Scouting is
worldwide, doing its bit toward
brotherhood! Girls of other races,
other creeds will hear about Ruth
and Don and find inspiration,
and greater understanding.
To Combat Inflation
for transactions in service stores.
American military personnel
may obtain as much peso cur
rency as they desire in exchange
for their script at the legal rate
of two pesos for $1. Pesos, how
ever, may not be converted into
The script may be converted
into postal money orders or
other foreign exchange to be sent
out of the country by military
personnel. .
Morris, 22, was arrested by po
lice on a reckless driving charge,
but that wasn't the worst.
A woman walked up while po
lice were questioning him, and
she exclaimed, "You're the cne
who scared hell out of me. I
ought to slap your face.".
And she did.
She walked away before police
recovered from their surprise.
The Douglas County court has
issued orders abandoning por
tions of the Edenbowcr-Millwood
county road 6 and a portion of
Hayhurst road, known as Morn
ing Star Bridge, as no longer nec
essary in the general road sys
tem of the county.
For " I ops"
on Drilnboardt
Set Phil Durnam
Lino'eum Laying and
Venetian Blinds
920 S. Main 1336-J
between 6 15 and 7
p. m., it you have not
received your Newi
Review. Ask for Harold Mobley
Rev. Tyson Tells
True Meaning
Of Christmas
Christmas without Christianity
Is not true Christmas, Rev. Al
fred Tyson, rector of St. George's
Episcopal church, told the Rose
burg Kiwanls club Tuesday.
Rev. Mr. Tyson reviewed the
history of Christmas and the car
ols. Christmas need not be sad,
he said. It should be gay, as in
dicated in the carols, but the
Christmas season should be filled
with the Christian spirit, he said.
Many of the songs we common
ly refer to as carols are hymns,
he said. The true carols, most of
which were written in the 15th
century, had their origin in dance
tunes. Such favorites as "Come
All Ye Faithful," "Joy to the
World," "Little Town of Bethle
hem," and "Hark the Herald An
gels Sing" are hymns rather than
He read one carol, which, he
said, seemed to lend the modern
idea of "trick or treat" at Hallo
ween. The song referred to sing
ing for treats.
We usually associate Christmas
with Christ, the term originating
from the worlds Christ and mass,
or holy communion in whatever
form to which it is referred. The
spirit of giving is referred to as
pertaining to the gifts brought to
the Christ child.
However, he said, the idea of
Christmas giving to others, the
Christmas tree and decorations
have their origin in pagan festi
vals. The speaker stressed the im
portance of Christianity. It Is not
just a matter of being good and
living by the Golden Rule, he
said. It is not just a matter of
Christianity is the basis of de
mocracy, he asserted. While only
about seven percent of the people
living in the colonies at the time
of the Revolutionary war were
Christians, about 90 percent of
the constitution signers were.
Dictators Mindful
The national average rf Christ.
ians In the United States is 50
percent, while on the west coast
it is only 25 Dercent or less.
Whether or not we recognize:
the importance of Christianity
dictators do, he said. Dictators
have sought either to destroy or
control the church. The FBI re
ports 80 percent of crimes are
committed bv Juveniles. Of these.
85 percent are from hrnken
homes, where either one or both
parents were non-Christ ans. J.
Edgar Hoover, FBI chief, he
said, has considered the church
the strongest factor In the pre
vention of crime.
The greatest enemv of Christ
ianity, he said, is ignorance of
its true meaning, he stated.
A leature oi the meetine was
presentation by Rollie Quam,
Douglas county scout executive,
of a trophy to Glenn Scoficid,
guide of Explorer troop 237. suon-
sored by the Klwanis club.
The trophv was awarded the
Roseburg unit as winner of a
shooting competition, held in oon
nection.with a recent scout meet
ing in Eugene. The trophy was
purchased by the Eugene Rotary
club. The local team's total score
was 747, or an average score of
Due to the congestion of tur
keys at its plant, the Northwest
Poultry and Dairy Products com
pany, Roseburg, will be unable
to receive any more chickens un
til after the Christmas holidays,
it was announced Tuesday.
11 he perfect Christmas
Tree 'twould seem
Is one which is
Aplumbor's dream.
That's what the man said . . .
So we're closing from
day, January 3rd, so
without us underfoot.
A Merry Christmas
a Happy New Year
to You, from
Garden Valley Road
Oregon FEP Law Not For
5AXEM, Dec. 21 CP) The
state fair employment practices
law doesn't applv to vocational
schools, Attorney General George
Neuner ruled.
The law makes It illegal for
any employer, labor union or
employment agency to discrimi
nate against any person because
of his race or religion.
A New Year's
$e5olu tlo
Start your preparations now to do your 1950
business with us. Compbte banking services
available, including safe deposit boxes and
night depositories.
A Home Owned, Home Operated Institution
Member, Federal Deposit Insurance
,J, J, 1 v 1 '
f&Zl $t Ml . J .
to shop
oCe 6
Gift and
337 N. Jackson
and a
Happy New
tO Ail a . .
We know you'll enjoy a safe and prosperous .
1950 if you remember our slogan:
It Pays to Insure in Sure Insurance
PHONE 1277-R
Inciirnnro '
214 W.
Bill Tipton
Monday, December '9th, to Tues
the workmen can make repai
In the meantime . . .
Vocational Schools
The opinion was asked by
David Robinson, Portland, chair
man of" the. state fair employ,
ment practices advisory commit
tee. ' .'
Under the opinion, vocational
schools can refuse to admit a
person because of his race or
' that keep givin9 "
. . fnr flvprvnns nn vnur Ikt.
Remember ... -only
3 days
for Christmas
e r S
Model Shop
' ' . Phone 534-j
Permin f ' M J
",ww i-sr -iff
Cass ;
door to
Carl Permin