The news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1948-1994, October 13, 1949, Page 13, Image 13

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13, 1949
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A. M. IAGLEY, owner of the Bagley Crate and Box Company at Deady, is pictured beside a
handhole machine of his own design. Mr. Bagley purchased his present plant in 192?, operating
it with partners as a sawmill. In 1932, buying out the other interests, he converted the plant into
a box manufacturing concern. Born in Ma'ne and to the sawmill business, he removed to Minne
sota when his father, a sawmill man, took over an operation there. "It was mighty tough going
here in Douglas county during the early thirties," he recalled. But he hung on! (Picture by Paul
Protestant Film
To Be Shown To
Hit Race Hatred
NEW YORK, Oct. 12 UP)
In 100 cities throughout the coun
try next week, the Protestant
church will show how well it ts
learning from Hollywood.
Wiih a splash and hoop-l;i
usually associated with million
dollar spectacles from movie
land, the Protestant Film com
mission will conduct simultani1
ous premieres in those cities
Monday of its latest full length
movie. "Prejudice."
Produced by the commission
In cooperation with the Anti-Defamation
league of B'Nai B'riti,
the $100,000 movie was backed
financially by 17 major protes
tant denominations.
It "presents the Christian ap
proach to the problems if relig
ious hatreds." says the commis
sion and is the first motion pic
ture ever produced under exci'i
sively religious auspices to be
shown in commercial theaters.
In the premieres the film will
be show'n to invited audiences of
Clergymen. Civic and Labor
leaders. From there it will go
into the big time movie houses
to compete with such current
Northwest Transmission
Lines' Addition Assured
PORTLAND, Oct. 13.-4.PV
Continued progress in building
transmission lines to meet the
Pacific Northwest's power short
age is assured through another
year, Paul J. Raver, Bonneville
administrator, said Wednesday.
When President Truman sign
ed the Interior department appro
priation bill yesterday. It made
available $46,524,000 for the 1949
50 Bonneville fiscal year, Raver
The monev will be used on
projects in 6regon, Washington,
Northern Idaho and Montana.
The total sum Includes $26.284,.
500 for construction and $4,000,
000 for operation and mainten
ance. The bill also gives $16,239,
500 in contract authorizations,
the administrator said.
Although the money Is $5,000.
00 short of the President's budget
request, it is about $6,000,000 over
the appropriation for the past
fiscal year.
commercially made features as
"Pinky" and "Lost Boundaries,"
which also deal with racial pro
blems. Experienced Hollywood actors
were hired to play all the parts.
Corn Crop This
Year 2nd Largest
In U. S. Records
The Agriculture department
Tuesday estimated this year's
corn crop at 3.476,986,000 bushels.
the second largest of record.
This estimate is 4S.755.000
bushels less than the 3.525,741,000
forecast a month ago. It compares
with last year's record of 3.650,
548,000 bushels and with the ten
year H938 47I average of 2,787,-
628,000 bushels.
Wheat production was put ar bushels, or 2.855,000
less than the 1,129.081,000 forecast
last month. It compares with the
1948 crop of 1,288.406.000 bushels
and with the ten-year average of
The indicated production of
other crops compared with a
month ago, last year and the ten
year average, respectively, in
cluded: Oats 1.321,075,000 bushels for
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Housewares Department
T? '
A Home-Owned and Operated Store
N. Jackson Phone
JSLi) friHsb " ' ....
lU&SW-.i, .'At -Jt" (rl
WmAfimm ll&WS" - - .tm , -Sat
il A VIC VAIJ CI FFT at lUm mft in he Dhoto above, and Cerald Claypool operate the cutoff
.w the Baolev Crate and Box factory. The plant manufactures boxes of all kinds, including
fruit boxes, milk bottle containers and Coca Cola bottle containers. It eaters chiefly to
local trade. (Picture by Paul Jenkins.)
MRS. DOROTHY GODFREY, left above and Martin (Popl Brown operate a rip-saw at the Bagley
Crate and Box Factory at Deady. The plant is a small one, employing from five to seven work
men. It's extremely neat. "Cleanliness about a mill keeps insurance rates down," Mr. Bagley, the
owner, explained! "It alto makes the place a nicer one in which to work." (Picture by
First Woman Is
Nominated For
Ambassador Post
Mrs. Eugenie Anderson of Red
Wing, Minn., was nominated
Wednesday as ambassador to
She would be the first woman
to hold that rank in the diplo
matic service.
President Truman sent the
nomination of the Democratic
national commltteewoman from
Minnesota to the senate.
Active in the Democratic party
since 1944, Mrs. Anderson has
long been Identified with the
League of Women Voters.
While other women have serv
ed this country as minister
Mrs. Perle Mesta. former Wash
ington hostess holds that rank in
Luxembourg Mrs. Anderson is
the only one this country has ever
had with the full rank of ambas
sador. Mrs. Ruth Bryan Owen was
minister to Denmark before the
mission there was raised to em
bassy rank.
The post In Denmark has been
vacant since Josiah Marvel Jr.
left it some months ago.
Mrs. Anderson was born In
Iowa in 1909. Her husband, John
P. Anderson, is an artist
Married in 1930, they have a
daughter, Johanna and a son,
Hans. -i
October: 1.314.258,000 a month
ago; 1,491.742,000 last year and
1.234,082,000 for the ten-year ave
rage. Dry field pe. 3,418.000 bags;
Propane Tanks For Rent
No Need To Buy
Pacific Bldg.
3,418.000: 3,584.000 and 5,620.000.
Potatoes, 378.805,000 bushels;
363.061,000; 445,850,000 and 393,
403.000. Apples (commercial) 132,126,.
000 bushels; 129.423,000; 88,407,
000 and 111.114.000.
Peaches, 75,114.000; 75,729,000;
65,352,000 and 68,947,000.
Pears. 35,936,000 ; 35,505,000;
26,334,000 and 30,832,000.
Estimate On Eggs, Milk
The production of milk In Sep
tember was reported at 9,390,000,
000 pounds compared with 10,
546,000.000 in August. Production
in September last year was 9,
124.000.000 pounds and 9.102,000.
000 for the ten-year September
Production of eggs In Septem
ber was reported at 3,576.000,000
compared with 3,853.000,000 in
August. This compared with 3,
516,000.000 in September last year
and 3,004,000,000 for the ten year
September average.
Youth Accidentally Kills
Himself With Shotgun
A 16-year-old youth was acciden-1
tally killed by a : last from his
Own snoigun weanesuay wniie
driving a tractor in the fields of
his dairy farm home, seven miles
south of Port Orchard.
He was Richard G. Hall, son of
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Hall.
Several hunters had seen the
youth a few minutes before the
accident occurred, driving the ma
chine with his gun on his lap.
They heard the discharge and re
turned to find him wounded in
the back. Just above the hip.
He was dead on arrival at a
hospital here.
Bank With
A Douglas, County Institution ,
Home Owned Home Operated
Member Federal
Deposit Insurance Corp.
Douglas County State Bank
Phone 235
The United States has one of
the world's highest accident rat
es, an annual 67.1 deaths per
100,000 population compared with
a world average of less than 50.
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reheel, reline, reinforce of
points of extra wear.
. f MM IH
If they're worth wearing
they're worth repairing
108 t. Washington
. i ... "
It -f II
m me cup...
H -
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