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    1 Tlit Newa-IUvlew, Roseburg, Ore Frl., Aua. U, 1949g p DuiHig Cdf
Mrs. Vera Linch
Of Leona Passes
Mn. Vert Els Llnch, 25, died
at her home at Leona yesterday
evening after a long illness.
She was born April 21. 1924,
and was married Nov. 9, 1947, to
Ivan Q. Llnch at Vancouver,
Surviving, besides the widower,
are her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John H. Booher, Leona; two chil
dren, Donald Ray and Linda Kay,
and three sisters, Mrs. Eldon
Powell, Mrs. Robert Sanders, and
Mrs. Bernard Asker, all ol Drain.
Mrs. Llnch was a member of
the Presbyterian church. Her fu
neral will be conducted by the
Rev. Morris H. Roach, Roseburg,
at the Drain Christian church
Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Interment
will take place at the Yoncalla
Arrangements are In care of
Stearns mortuary, Oakland.
Cops Fail, Doctor Wins
In Effort To End Siege
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Amateur radio operators In
terested in organizing a club will
meet at the Naval Reserve ar
morv at the fairgrounds at 7:30
tonight, It was announced by Ray
Parslow. Persons who are not li
censed, yet are interested in radio,
are also Invited.
Beltone For
Better Hearing
Good hearing is becoming
more and more important
not only in the business
world but on social occa
sions. Beltone is a recog
nized leader in its field as
thousands will verify. Why
not ovoil yourself of this
free clinic to prove to your
self what octually can be ac
complished? Mr. S. C. Mitchell of 305
I. 0. 0. F. Bldg., Eugene, a
member of J N. Toft 4 As
sociates of Portland - will
hold a . . . ? ,
; i
Free Clinic
Umpqua Hotel
Friday, August 19
Fresh Batteries For All
the tear eas.
A short time later, he offered
to come out only if Dr. Chrus
Reynolds, a Tacoma physician,
was called. Dr. Reynolds arrived
about 1:15 a, m. and within a
few minutes had talked Davis
Into putting on his clothes and
going down to the county Jail
with him.
Reynolds said he presumed
Davis asked for him because he
had treated him three months
aeo for a broken arm.
Coroner Paul Mellinger said
this morning that an autopsy
will be performed to determine
tne cause or Mrs. stones aeain.
He said there is evidence she
may have died of natural causes
nrougnt on Dy too mucn party
ing." Old Offender
Sheriff Lee Croft said his rec
ords show that Davis has been
Jailed five times for assault. The
first time was In June, l.JU, at
Holmesburg, Penn., where he was
booKed an a leionioua assault
On assault charges, he has
served a total of 2 and one half
years imprisonment, been pa
roled twice and placed on pro:
ballon once.
The Jail terms were served In
Holmesburg, Philadelphia, Wash
ineton. D. C. Ridley Park. Penn..
and Chester, Penh.
Davis is 5 feet 9 inches tall
and weighs 197 pounds. His arm
was broken three months ago
when he scuffled with Tacoma
police officers who attempted to
arrest him for being drunk and
"Gone With Wind" Author
Drunken Driver's Victim
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right leg. Her face was badly
Police charged the taxi driver
28-year-old Hugh D. Graven
with drunken driving, speeding
on the wrong side of the street.
Her husband, victim of a heart
ailment for several years, said
he was about a step behind his
wife. Otherwise he, too, would
have been Injured.
Mim Mitchell, 43, started out
to be a newspaper feature writer
and wound up Dy penning a novel
that literally swept the world.
"Gone With the Wind," her only
book, has been translated Into a
down foreign languages and has
sold nearly 6,000,000 copies.
Head, With Noted
Record, To Retire
Harry A. Butler, head of South
ern Pacific' dining car depart
ment In Oregon and six other
western states, who has attend
ed to the meal time wants of mil
lions of the travelers in his 17
years with the railroad, has an
nounced he will retire from ac
tive service September 1.
Butler climaxed his career by
performing a near miracle of ca
tering during the war years when
Southern Pacific served more
military meals than any other
three railroads in the country.
Many times, because of the short
age of help, he had to recruit
dining car crews from among ex
perienced military passengers.
Starting with the railroad as a
clerk in 1902 and serving in Port
land at various times, Butler roe
to head the department whose
employes number more than 2.
100 men and women, and whose
dining cars travel more than 15
million miles a year. Since he be
came manager in 1932. an esti
mated 185 million meals have
been served under his Jurisidc-tlon.-
Butler has been responsible for
originating Ideas which have be
come standard practice on rail
roads and in restaurants through
out the nation, and even beyond
its borders. In 1933 he originated
"meals select." the Dractice of
serving a complete meal for the
price of the entree, oomewhat
earlier he Introduced the now fa
mous Southern Pacific salad
bowl, and casserole, from either
of which the passenger is privi
leged to take all he can consume.
In the White House is a rectie
for baked trout requested by
President Franklin Roosevelt,
after the chief executive had re
quested a repeat meal of Butler s
"III !. 1'
-'-. J i
.. L.
Police Department
Gets New Motorcycle
A three-wheeled Servt-Car
motorcycle is scheduled for de
livery to the police department,
I Chief Calvin H. Balrd said today.
I Delivery of the new cycle will
be made by Joe's Harley-Davtdson,
Roseburg. Chief Baird said the
cycle will be radio-equipped in the
near future.
i The new three-wheeler has a
turning radius of about eight feet
'and has a seven cubic feet capac
ity Dooy constructed or auto steel,
permitting of maximum load of
300 pounds. The clutch pedal op
erates tha same as an automobile
Tito Target Of New
Soviet Denunciation
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Lilian Angeles Graham, 59,
Roseburg, was committed to the
County Jail In lieu of a $10 fine
upon entering a plea of guilty to
being drunk in a public place,
Justice A. J. Geddcs reported
An advertisement In yesterday's issue of the Newt-Review
for Roseburg Refrigeration read "Estate .Range . . .
. . . 369.95.
Roseburg Feed & Seed Co.
H i Centennial Feeds and Centennial Flour
Oak and Spruce Sts. , Phone 374
reports as attempted Intimida
tion, but warned he was ready to
fight any invader.)
mperlallsm Bogey used
Referring to the present na
ture of Yugoslav-Russian rela
tions, the Soviet note said:
That certain strong ties bind
the Yugoslav government or
rhlef persons in the Yugoslav
government with the camp of
foreign capitalists.
'The Yugoslav government
more and more is Joining up with
Imperialistic circles (the west)
against the U.S.S.R. and is in a
bloc with them.
'That the Soviet government
can no longer consider the Yugo
slav government as an ally."
The Russians published a let
ter from Yugoslav Foreign Min
ister KardelJ dated April 20, 1947,
In which he offered variations
of the minimum Yugoslav de
mands on. Austria. In essence,
these reduced Yugoslav's claims
to a small piece of territory con
taining two electric power sta
tions. Blame Dodging Charge
The Soviet note charged the
Yugoslav government was afraid
to bear the responsibility for sac
rlflclnp national interests, but
wanted Instead to have the Soviet
Union play that role. Russia re
fused to be cast as a "political
swlndlci " the note said.
Yugoslavia's communist gov
ernment, which was intimately
associated with the other com
munist regimes of eastern Europe
in the Immediate postwar period,
was expelled from the Moscow
directed Comlnform (Communist
International Information bu
reau) a little more than a year
ago. The Kremlin accused Tito
and his followers of nationalistic
deviations from orthodox com
munism. Russia and the countries in her
sphere then put an economic
squeeze on Yugoslavia.
Fire Leaves Only Bank
In Little Montana Town
JUDITH GAP. Mont.. Aug. 12
(.It Fire early Thursday de
stroyed all buildings In this little
central Montana town's business
Hlstrirt. except for a bank.
Flames swept through six
buildings, valued at about $75,-000.
Have you ever had the desire to browse around an emptv home without our
"sales talk" ringing In your ears? Then drive up to the'lovely home at 380
Terrace Avenue iturn right at the end of the pavement off East I-anel anv
time this week. The doors will be open from 9 a. m. to 8:30 p. m. There wiil
be no one there to show It to you. Stay 15 minutes or all day If you want to
see how it woi.i feel to live there. There are two berirooms plus room In the
full basement for you to plan with. There are also two fireplaces and a living
and dining room. But. see it for yourself. The owner wants $14,750. though
he realizes he probably won't get ihat much and he must sell immediately!
When vou have seen It. call us and tell us what you'll give for it. You can prac
tlaclly name your own terms.
Immediate Possession Payments Less Than Rent
for Many Apartments
, Umpqua Hotel Lobby
WINNER Competing aqainst
some 1,000 other top California-designed
styles is this dra
matic black velveteen skirt with
its appliqued flower trim on the
pocket. The skirt was given a
Gold Medal award in the Cali
fornia Stat Fair's competition.
Winning styles will be present
ed at a fashion show in the out
door theater during the state
fair, Sept. I-II at Sacramento.
IAP Wirephotol
W. Roseburg Annexation
Proposal Is Revived
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Deep Freezer Gifts
Enter 5 Percenter Quiz
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Deerlng Millikin Research Trust,
of Greewich, Conn., had been
referred to Hunt as a man who
could help him get some research
contracts for the trust.
Hanagan said that in the fall
of 1948 Armitage met with Hunt
in Washington and was given a
list of names which Hunt said
he should check as references.
These Included:
Steelman. Mat. Gen. Herman
Feldman, then deputy quarter
master general; iviaj. lien. Alden
H. Waitt, chief of the armv
chemical corps; Stuart Syming
ton, secretary of air; Eugene
Zuckert, assistant secretary for
air; senaior styles Bridges (K.
N. H.), Col. Paul Young, vice
president of Air Craft Engine
and Parts Corp., and a number
of others.
Flanagan said Armitage con
tacted several of these including
Steelman and that Armitage had
made a notation that Steelman
said Hunt was "O. K."
A similar nod of approval,
Flanagan said, was noted as com
ing from Zukert
Money Increase Given
Milk Administration
PORTLAND, Aug. 12 -OP)-The
milk control administration
got an $18,150 increase in funds
for the current biennium at a
meeting here yesterdav.
The State Board of Agriculture
granted the increase at the re
quest of Thomas L. Ohlsen, mlik
control administrator. The sum
Included $6,000 for purchase of
six automobiles from the Agri
culture department.
Chairman Freck Cockell. Mil
waukie. reported that Agriculture
Director E. L. Peterson was .-e-moving
himself completely from
administration of milk control.
Peterson asked to be excused
from his normal duties as secre
tary of the agriculture board
when milk control matters are
Two Bandits Sought In
Washington-Canada Area
OSOYOOS, & C, Aug. 12
(CP I Two armed men are be
ing sought by B. C. provincial
police and U. S. immigration pa
trols through the terrain lying in
the southern Interior of the prov
ince and the border area of Wash
ington state.
The men Wednesday held tip
traveling salesman, faking $300
and his car, and are believed to
be American cattle rustlers.
A bicycling craze In the ISOOs
brought a demand for better
committee said they realize the
importance of constructing sewer
lines In West Roseburg, but thev
feel this may be accomplished
more auicklv and at Imi fnmt ht,
tuiniiiK inio ine cuy.
It was also pointed out that
the state returns approximately
37.25 tier twruin tn rho in
the form of liquor and gasoline
tax revenues. An additional rev
enue estimated at $10,000 a year
wuum De ooiainea lor tne city
In this manner by annexing th?
large suburban area population.
The annexation committee in
cludes, besides Feldkamp, Edward
M. Murphy, Paul Davis, R. C.
Gile, W. C. Carr, Keith Bryant,
Sam K. McGaughey, W. H. "Doc"
Carter and Mrs. E. W. Carter.
Those who attended an Initial
meeting last week to discuss an
nexation included Paul Abeel,
Carlo A. Falgant, J. W. Williams,
Feldkamp, Murphy and Bollman.
Juke Box Music Routs
Thief; He Leaves Watch
SEATTLE, Aug. 12 JPt The
"Beer Barrel Polka" routed a
burglar from a Sammamish
dance resort Wednesday night
A juke box served as a musical
burglar alarm.
The prowler set off the music
box while trying to get the mon
ey out of It. Neighbors, awakened
by the strident strains, called
sheriff's officers.
They founu a wrist watch on
the piano. Officers said it was
the burglar's left behind in his
hurried departure.
Judge Ira B. Riddle reported the
disposition of the following mu
nicipal court cases today:
Walter L. Johnson, 43, trans
lent, and Wallace A. Sarty, 35,
transient, both received $20 fines
on vagrancy charges. The fines
were suspended on condition the
men leave town.
John Henry Smith. 62. Rose
burg. guilty to being drunk on a
puonc street. DisDosltion of the
case Is pending.
waiter Christian Jensen, 37,
Roseburg, charged with vagrancy.
Disposition of the case Is pending.
f .
EVERETT. Aug. 12 f.V) Sno
homish county's sixth infantile
paralysis victim this vear dlxl
yesterday. He was Fred Clarke,
I f
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ever before. And that's
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cause that new high value
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Play safe! Make certain
now that you're insured
Phone 417
205 W. Cass St.
. i -1,
As Refreshing as
Bohemian Club
cjfj E x o r t L r e r B e e r
Western Distributing Co., Phone 1294-L
Funeral Services
Set For Logging
Accident Victim
Funeral services were an
nounced today for Jesper B.
Lambert, who was killed Tues
day in a logging accident at the
K. K. Jones sawmill, about 18
miles east of Myrtle Creek. Lam
bert w.i struck by a falling snag
as he fought a brush fire. .
Serpices will be held at 11 a.m.
Saturday in the Chapel of the
Roses, at the Roseburg Funeral
home, with the Rev. Morris H.
Roach officiating. Interment will
take place In the Masonic cem
etery. Lambert was born Feb. 5, 1918,
at Pittsburgh, Okla., and resided
in Oregon 14 years. Surviving
are his father, Joe C. Lambert,
Myrtle Creek; a brother, Alvin
Lambert, Chino, Calif.; two sis
ters. Mrs. Trixie J. McLeod, Chi
no, Calit., and Mrs. Dixie Dun
ham, Stuttgart, Ark.
Graveside Services For
Hammond Infant Held
Graveside services were held
this morning for David Allan
Hammond. Infant son of Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Fay Hammond, 1015
W. 1st street, who died yesterday
after a brief illness.
tntprmpnt took olace at the
Mainnir remeterv. with the Rev.
Ray Kleinfeld officiating. Ar
rangements were by the Roseburg
Funeral home.
The Weather
U. S. Weather Bureau Office
Roseburg, Oregon
Mostly cleudy today, tonight
and Saturday.
Highest temp, for any Aug.- 10
Lowest temp, for any Aug. 39
Highest temp, yesterday 7S
Lowest temp, last 24 hr... 98
Precipitation last 24 hrs.. 0
Precipitation sine Sept. 1 274
Precipitation since Aug. 1 T
Deficiency since Aug. 1 .03
The Chinese have special fans
for spring, summer and' autumn.
North Douglas County Residents:
As newly appointed representative for .
for this district, I earnestly solicit your patron
age and I will be calling on you in the near
324 E. 2nd Ave. N.
Tortus 0 1 l.. ; I
fathionabh Kroehler erection . . . , 7i
In fin durable Tapestries
In thick-pile Mohair Frieze $1590
luxurious large pattern moder
Boucle's $790
The Smashing Sale You Read About
Only the dose cooperation of dealers all over the
country with the famous Kroehler Mfg. Co. could
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