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1 HAUU1S KLUiWOUTii Editor
cinierea nwuunu "itnim
May 17. 1820. at the poat office at
Hoaeburg, Oregon, under Act of
Mmcb Z. 1879.
Subacrlptlou ItHteM
Dally, per year, by mall 4.0f)
Daily, single month, by mall.., M
Dallv. hv carrier. ptr month... .60
H. G. Wells Heaves a Brick
If - WELLS, tho sometimes
genial but often peevish writ
er of old England, In furnishing
lor the Tortland OreRonlan a sor
lea of Blsned arlielns. In effect hr
says in Ills last article that wlthiu
the last fifty years bolh faith anil
chastity have nearly vanished and
'"that we now scorn such regula
tions as "ye shall not" and "ye
-shall." -
- Wells loves to write things lik
that. He likes to stand off and
say "MOO!" at a serious-minded
liardwoi-KiiiK world, JiisjL to see
what It will do.
Have things so changed? No.
not so very much, ir you look at
things squarely. Rather we have
changed for the betler, morally,
IT the written histories of tho sev
enteenth and eighteenth centuries
are to be believed. The very lax-
lty of those ages was. largely
" responsible for tbe reversion to
--terrific strictness und so It goes.
If people, generation after gen
eration, accumulated the attributes
and mental habits of previous gen
erations, Wells' conclusions that
all Is now changed and that faith
and other human attributes which
we call virtues, have been cast,
overboard, might furnish food ror
worry and thought. New genera
tions come along, though, and do
their own thinking particularly
now do they do their own think
ing. Wells correctly says that we are
Inquiring more Into facts of thin
and that now more than ever be
fore. In the opinion of this writer,
Mr. Wells falls down in his Inter
pretation of what this original
thinking will lead to. He thinks li
'.means what he calls "freedom"
-'and what we would cull a moral
; break-down. ' '.
i B'allh, (mill orthodox religious
faith and blind trusting faith of
tho non-reli'iious mind, Is stronger
In tho world today than before. We
have no figures or other arguments
to BiihBtantlale that statoment -only
a question: Do you find In
the written or spoken word today
as much of atheism as there was
even a few years ago? The hor
rors, losses and sufferings of the
World war created atheism out of
billernesB but on have come the
young people leavening this bitter
ncas with an active IntcroBi In the
bwchUicbb of life- helping those
embittered to rowel. Kalth shall
live on lu spite of Mr. Wells, for
we are created to ttavo faith.
Says Mr. Wells: "Wo are now
confronted with a now generation
which finds no value In faith and
no virtue In cbasllly."
Tomtnyrot! Wo havo some
. twenty or thirty centurion of ac
curate record of human experience
behind us and now someone Bays
there Is "no virtue In chastity."
There has always been anil al
ways will be a great price, many
prices, paid by those foolish indi
viduals wiio tririo carelessly with
tho thing we call sex. No "shining
of the standards ot morality" as
WellB puts It, can eliminate or
lessen one whit the consequences
resulting In what, In spite of Mr.
'Wells, we shall call Immorality.
Writings like those of Mr. Wells
ony serve to get weekly foolish and
cureless people Into trouble. The
world has never tolerated sex tin
morality and It never will, but I!
there Is any present trend II Is a
sure trend toward limiting the
consequences of the Immoral act
to tbe Individual. This enlightened
(rend toward placing the respon
"Hibillly and consequences where
they belong will serve as nolblnpj
else to check the htxness which
, Mr. Wells nttrtbutes to the present
If Mr. Wells is right (und wi
think not I and there Is a la.vness
atid a looseness prevalent In the
world today- It Is too hud for the
generation or tbe present hut pre
diets most surely an Improvement
111 t lit future.
Oregon Editors'
The Summer Heat
( Salem Statesman )
TlIK bent in tin east has been
terrible flits mmihuii. Some
have died, others have gone loco.
Its eflect. may persist like the war--time
influenza. Shall wo attiibuU'
to t be heat of summer the an
pounced VHft ten of I w o of the
country's literary eniic.H?
H. L. Mencken, caustic critic,
editor of the Aincilran Mercury,
and contributor to papers and mag
amines, it cii;h :td io bp mart ie.l.
and cIioum loi his bnde Sara
Powell lliiaidt, a writer t'nr popu
lar magazines. A coulirmcd bucuu-
lor of 50, whose heart as revealed
in his writings resembles a dried
pea, is stepping out into matri
mony. What a shock to the Intel
ligensia, to the literary guild and
to the dear public who have been
fed so long on Mencken's acid
Then Heywood Broun, contribu
tor to the "Nation" and the New
York Telegram, Is becoming a can
didate for congress. Ilroun con
tributes a weekly page to the "Na
tion" entitled "It Seems to Hey
wood Ilroun." How delectable It
would be to have him write as a
member of congress, a socialist at
that. Ilroun. like Mencken, suc
ceeds in finding most everything
wrong and out of Joint. He would
probably find plenty more material
if he should by any mischance get
sent to congress.
Now here is a q'uestton about as
good as Edison's desert question:
Which Is worse, for Mencken to
get married or Ilroun .go to con
(La Grande ObKerver)
"I do not nlay golf. In fact. I'm
afraid I am noihfi.K but a tennis
player," Mn,; Helen Wills Moody
told reporters upon her return from
conquests abroad.
Kew champions excel In more
than one field. The Jaek-of-all-trades
does nothing, best, yet who
does not wish, at limes, that lie
were accomplished In all thinps?
Kut the "Nothing-huts" are tho
proudest company.
There was Socrates. He told
friend and foe ftllke: "I am not a
teacher nor yet a poet, nor yet
rhetorician or lawyer or pleader
or pretender to any superior learn
ing. 1 am nothing but a seeker
after truth."
"This one thing I do," the Apos
t le i'au 1 told h is fol lowers, thus
placing himself among the Illus
trious "nothing-huts."
And so might tbe list be length
ened with the names of the great
specialists of the world and of all
timeGalileo nnd Newton and Co
lumbus and Washington.
All -Kreat men and women have
acknowledged themselves nothing
In great spheres of knowledge and
endeavor, and In that lay the
sotirco or their greatness. They
reaped the rewards of concentra
tion, of Idealism, of devotion and
perse vo ranee.
Wo Hope We Never Have to
Do This!
(Medford Daily News)
The editor of a auiall-towu news
paper explains the loss of tho let
ter "s" from his composing room
as follows:
Lath night thome thneaklng
thcoumlrel thtole into our com
pothing room and pilfered the cab
inetth of all the ethlhcth. There
fore we would like to take advan
tage of thith opportunity to apolo
gize to our readerth for the gen
erul lnthlpid appearance of our
paper. We would like altho to
thtalc Hint if at any time In Hi
y earth to come we thould thee
thith dirty thnake In the gratli
about our premltheth, It will be
our complete and thorough that-
Ithfacllon to thoot him full of
hojeth. Thank you! Patton's
Monthly. (
Editorials on News
(Continued from page 1)
lion per cow is well under 20l
pounds per year.
TpHKSl-; facts UONT get bluek
headlliicu. They aro printed in
very few newspapers and there
fore are read by very tew people.
Yet the fact that lu two coun
ties of Oregon uveruge butteifat
production ' por cow has been
brought up until it is now more
than DOL'liLK the averago for tho
entire stale lu INFINITKLY more
important than the firing of a few
traffic olficers.
pilUNU a few traffic office m and
giving their jobs to somebody
else means nothing to the pros
perity of Oregon, and therefore
means nothing to you and to me
in the way of added ability to pay
our bills.
Mut doubling the itvorago butter
fat product inn of all the dairy
cows of Oregon would mean put
ting the dairy Industry of ibis
state on a Bound and prosperous
looting. It would mean that dairy-
pen would have more to spend
and so could IIL'Y more from the
rest of us.
1'ultlng dairying on a sound ami
prosperous tooling in Oregon
would mean large expansion f
dairying In this slate, which would
mean brin;;inn in new population
and new wealth, thus changing
wholly the agricultural and indus
trial outlook in litis oldest of the
elates of the Pacltic coast.
PKHIIATS one of the things
riiiin uiih dm niio i ilm rea-
hoiis why we do not advanee tn-
.ULstnally and ngrtcul tut ally as ,
rapidly as we want to, is that wr
pay loo mui h attention to things
Hum dtft amount to much and
TOO I.ITTI.K attention to lulugft
thai ate leaily tremendously im
iNiiM'i.AM), Aim. ti.A hearing
was to be held today in district
eoiut tor Jesse L. Jones, UK, ar
rested esterday al Heavertou on
a charue of assault and battery of
Ids se mi -months old mui, James.
"It bawls and bawln and It's ihe
only way to quiet il." Jones told
repot leis.
the inlaut, in court, w na found
to bear wMt and brut yes alleged
to have been tutlicU'd by ttb Uth
er. The Oregon Humane society
ui"ii..l tho u.-iriJiMt
rr wwT for me? i rtvi amo try
Maybe I m Wrong
T1IM fellow who spends all hU
money at kisalng bazaars Bhould
realize that charity begins at home.
Take It or Leave It Many u
three letter man got his reputation
on I. O. U.'b.
Matrimonial Martyrs The hen
pecked husband who even had to
put his tombstone In his wife'a
Excuse It Please Bachelors are
the only men who understand wo
men. That's probably why they're
Sausage Slogan "Eat our frank
furtors made from contented ca
Ode to a Bathing Beauty A
stitch. lu time saves a reprimand
from tho censor.
Necessary Evils Delicatessens
were Invented so that housewives
could play bridge a couple or hours
later In the afternoon.
You Said It It won't' be long
now until the reformers will want
the big dipper replaced by a sani
tary drinking cup.
Today's Tightwad The miser
who got married last week and
wanted to match the bride to see
who'd pay the minister.
Our Own Vaudeville Producer:
Ih yom; play an up-to-date drama?
Author:" Yes, the servants are
chanced in every act.
Copyright 1030, King Featuros Syn
dicate. Inc.
Talks on Health
NEXT time you walk down the
street make note of the per
sons who appear to have sore feet.
You w ill marvel at the numbers ol
limping, hobbling, mincing foot
There are many causes: corns,
bunions, lug row In? toe-nails, cal
louses, scraped heels. One or more
o" these ailments will make the
feet sore and incapable ol normal
There are two reasons for nit
such disturbances. Neglect of the
feet snd the wrong sort of shoes
in one of these lies tho trouble.
When you go to bed at night or
get up in tho morning, you do not
fail to wash the lace and hands.
Why should not the feet have an
equal share of attention? The
travel In dust and dirt, in wind and
water. Their use Is such that a
single day will soil them far more
than ihe hands. On this account
they should be bathed in water
with soap. Each day should see
the teet thoroughly cleansed. To
soak them In salt and water will
relieve many an ache and pain.
There should be remilar trim
ming of the nails. If done care
fully, shaving of the corns and re
moval of tbe callouses w ill do
much to promote happiness. It
you do not feel competent to treat
your own feel you may consult a
"podiatrist" or trained chlrodopts'
A dollar or two paid him will
prove a profitable investment.
Hut even though you' wash, dry
and powder your Teet regularly,
they will continue to bother you
if they are not welt shod. It pays
to purchase good shoes. Don't be
coaxed into taking any ol hers.
The writings and preachings of
health experts have tausht the pub
lie to read the labels on food pack
a Res. It has come to be know n
that what yon eat is vitally import
ant. It is time now to teach the
public Mutt there Is much to learn
about shoes.
It Is a good thing to talk to
jour dealer and find out what Is
a good shoe und what Isn't. He
will gladly point out the many yah
liable points about tbe fitting ol
your fool covering
EitMd the newspapers uud uuiM
ziues. Study the advertisements.
You can learn much iu this way
y J mavbe.volthiu rrH
iff! -?s f;: 5
I ;; L ; Sis
fi IMO. IntT FV.ture
netfte SDoefss
about everything you intend to pur
chase. When you are attracted by the
statements made about this shoe
or that go to the store where It is
sold. See how the article looks.
Try on the shoes, both shoes, and
see how they feel and look. Make
sure of fit and quality.
It pays to care for the feet. You
have but two and will never have
more. You may be uncomfortable
whenever you walk. If this is the
case It is probable your shoes are
wrong. Take the best of care of
your feet and they will serve you
well all your life.
Answers to Health Queries
M. S. 1). Q. What do you ad
vise for asthma?
A. I would suggest that you
have your teeth, tonsils, nasal sin
uses and urine examined. Consti
pation should he corrected. Avoid
dust and violent exertion. Take
:ots ol fresh air day and night, in
all probability you suffer from
some form of food poisoning.
Strange as this may seem, asthma
Is frequently due to one of the
common foods acting as an irritant
to the system.
Miss O. A. Q. How can I re
duce? 2. What should a .alrl weight
who is ir4 years oLd, and five feet
2 Inches tall?
3. What can be done for const!
A. Weight reduction Is merely
a matter of self-control as regards
the diet. Kor further particulars
sond a selt-addressed. stamped en
velope and repeat your question.
2. For her age and Height she
should weigh about 112 pounds.
3. Tho diet should be corrected.
Most important of all, foods unduly
rich in fats and starches should be
Advice to Girls
I am twenty-two years old and
am In love with a nice young man
twenty-six years of age. We have
been keeping company steadily for
three years. Now he very seldom
spoke of marriage. Of course, he
would give me an understandiim
be couldn't get married yet. This
was at first when we started to go
tonether. So on my birthday be
surprised me with a diamond ring
and told me lie experts to be mar
ried some time during the summer.
So I am wondering whether it is a
sign of engagement or not. lie did
n't say, and I was too nervous to
ask. 1 am afraid to wear it, be
cause it people ask me I don't
know what to say. So please.
Nancy, advise me what to do,
as I w ish to find out. Do yon
think it proper to ask him or
would you advise me not to wear
the ring? WONDEKINC.
IiroNDEIUNl.: I should imagine
a little adroit questioning!
would reveal what you want to I
know. A diamond ring is general
ly considered a token of betrothal,
unless it is distinctly .understood
that it is just a "friendship ring."
As tilings are, I should think you
are entitled to ronslder yourself
engaged, and you should certainly
wear the ring.
I am a young girl siretn mr
of tine and a junior in high school.
I am interested iu a young fellow
in my class. l"p till a few days
ago 1 was sure he cared for me. Ij
have reason to think he is interest-!
cd in some one else because ot his '
altitude toward me. Iteallv. Nancy
Lee, I still think 1 like this ynuiw '
fellow. Please don't tell me to for-!
net htm and :lve my attention to
my studies. It has no ellect uu my I
studios. Thanking ou in advance
fur your ath ice. !
A Pnionu;utr.. '!
ASCHOOl.tilliL: It ou insist on
taking a scluo!glrl and boy af-.
fair seriously, who am i to stop :
you? And if you care t. think
and dream about a boy w ho is in- i
teivrttd ip auothtr g'ri. well. Hint's'
uur prMlese. I am not wo'vyinal
much about you- for we ail get j
over much worse blows iu luel
By Geo. McManus
Service. Inc.. Great Britain right, reserved.
. without bping any the worse for
I the experTunc.rr. Ho, come back to
earth and -set some fun out of your
j young years, unless, of course, you
I get a bigger joy out of being hea'rt
1 sick.
Around the County
Purebred f-Jogs Prove Prof
itable to Garden Valley
r-armer; Raises Own
i Feed,
After growing frit tor some
yeui s, ami suueilng loiv prices,
ng.itiug uugs and air soi ls ol true
uiseascs diuing tuat time militat
ing against possibilities of iare
dividends, Win. li. nanisou, a
rosluem. of Oanlen vaiioj, uecidwu
to lortgj no. UclUiiut purs ui ib
and try auotnur line oi endeavor,
he r lulled uruunu ana koi enough
cash on hand to buy a lew pu.e
bred O. I. C. hogs una siurieu in on
a small scale, iughL tneie is wnere
success came hu way. i'aitm out
tne uees tnat comprised ius or
chard, ne planted tne land to com,
artichokes and allaha. He took ihe
best of care oi those hogs, ana
urny throve uu tne Uiversiueu
feed provided and soon i. unison
hau a nice diove of O. 1. C swine,
he crossed tno brood sow s wmi
tne best males of Hie breed lie
could get, and in a little wnue had
not oniy a lot ot desirable porkers
bat ouyers came in lor the best
indiviuuais loc foundation stock
lor their farms. At piescnt ttic
Harrison brood sows are headed
by a boar from Hie famous world
cuampiou '".Montana Rex," that
was lately exhibited at the Port
land international, and demand
tor breeding stock has been so
persistent Hint -Mr. Harrison finds
it hard to keep up with orders, de
spile tbe fact that be lias more
than thirty lemalcs iu his herd.
He informed this writer that dur
ing lite past eighteen mouths ne
lias sold JsIOtH) worth ot stock
from this herd, every one a regis
tered, individual.
Mr. Harrison Iris several acres
of Oregon Yellow Dent corn coin
ing on Unit he will leed, and this
corn is a grcni yiolder and there-
lore profitable to grow'. In addi
tion, be is growing genuine Jeru
salem artichokes, which normally
yield from t-n to 'l tons per
aiTe. and they ure a great, feed
for bogs. Not only thai, hut arti
chokes are a w omlei I ul ve:;et;ule
for human cons.impiton. and Har
rison alleues Uiey are a cure for
diabetics. This tanner is preparing
to broaden out in jus activities,
and lateiy has purchased a farm a
mile from Canvonville. Ho will
move there in the near future. On
Specialist in tbe fitting of
116 Jackson St.
Chiropractor '
Mineral Vapcr Iiaths
127 Cass Phone 401
"Complete H-.-Hth Service"
Painless Extraction
Gas When Desired
Pyorrhea Treated
I'hone 4S1 Masonic Hhltr. i
Roceburg Cabinet Shop ;
542 Fowler St. Phone 54UJ
Dryer Fans
Spei-iai;y adapted for KurttE s
Pi une PryiM-s. Come in and let !
us demonstrate them. Kans com
plete remiv to install.
Price $10.30 ;
: V r.
am mmmmvmma :
the Canyonville place he will grow
more alfalfa, in addition to corn
and artichokes, and expects to In
crease Ilia number of brood sows
in order to be able to supply the
demand for pure breds. It will do
any lover of pure bred stock good
to talk with this genial old larmer,
who is bubbling over with enthusi
asm for the beat lu live stock.
( A'-aoc-idhil Civs liisol W;iv)
Chief Justice Yiilliam H. Waste to
dav announced Warren K. lHllintrs
preparedness day bombT whose j
pardon plea is being heard bv the
supreme court justices, v ill oe
brought from his lifer's cell in
Kolsom prison before t he court
some time later in tha hearing.
(Associated Press Iawd Wire)
VANCOUVER, Wash.. Aug. 5.
Struck by a golf ball sliced from
the tee into an orchard where h
was working, Donald Raven, 10,
was In a hospital to y suffering
a fractured skull. C ' MeKenzie.
Washouyal. Wash., sliced the ball
into the orchard. The bull struck a
tree trunk, glanced and hit Raven.
nORTON, 5. Boatswain
Lewis K. Pratt of the Salisbury
bench coast guard station was fat
ally wounded by bullets from an
other const guard boat out or'
Oioi'eester. last night, when his
surf boat was mistaken for a rum
runner near the mouth of the lp
' ) X .
swkh river IpswHch Mass. Earl 1 discussing changes In barber and
rl ? bid '"ed the shots; beauty shop "XU'uSS
were fired from a rum vessel. ja"d proposed legislation atiettlug
Pratt died at Ipswich hospital a the Industry.
few hours after a fellow guardsman i
had brought their craft into Little
Neck, a summer residential sec
tion of Ipswich.
Barber siiop owners and em
ployees and beauty nr'nr nn"m
tors enjoyed a very delightful ban
quet at bilvernoOK G.iu mst
Tliere were twenty-three persons
present and all spent a very plea-
1 sant evening. Kay Last, district
organizer for the union was pres
1 ent and gave an interesting talk.
9 f 4ss33.S?H better than one, and feeds S
Friday and Saturday
Feeds and Feeding
Every year a more impor
tant question. If you have a
special feeding problem let's
talk it over, two heads are
better than one, and feeds
and feeding are our only
If you are having trouble
of sny kind with your flocks,
call Mr. Gurney and he will
be on the job to help you if
it Is possible.
A keen-eyed director spotted Alice pound
ing the keys of a studio typewriter. In a
few short years a new White star rose in
Hollywood's heavens. Alice White was
endowed by Nature with a special charm
to thrill the millions.
OLD gold, too, is one of Nature's favor
ites. Endowed with mellower, sweeter
tobaccos. It gave to millions a brand new
taste-thrill, without a trace of throat
irritation. That's why OLD GOLD broke
into the "Big-4" in less than a year,
that's why today it's the country's fast
est grow ing cigarette from coast to coast.