Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, June 20, 1930, Page 3, Image 3

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Inquest on Assassinated Reporter
Pineapple-Apricot Sherbert
1 cup whipping cream
and Buear, cooking until cuutard
coats the spoon. Chill, add pniflt
pulp and stiffly beaten creuhi.
Place In Ice-making drawer und
3 cups water
3 tablespoons orange juice
Local News
3 tablespoons lemon juice
cup sugar
teaspoon gelatine
egg whites
cup grated pineapple
cup of cooked apricot
Cook prunes until soft and put
through sieve. Scald milk, add egg freeze 34 or 4 hours.
Olalla Man in J. R. Davis, of
Olaila, attended to business affairs
in this city Thursday. .
Here on Business It. O. Goff, of
Wilbur, was In this city Thursday
attending to business matters.
From Dlxonville Mrs. Wilbur
TiBon came in from Dlxonville yes
terday to visit friends and shop.
2 lemons
Serve only the Finest
A tall, frosted 9I0U of Uplon'i Tsa Icsdl The bl.nd rival
yisldi the fflott dwllcious flavor, either hot or ksd. Ask for
tipton's Ysllaw label brand in 1 lb., V lb., ' lb., lCyt;
and tea bag tins.
Shops in Town Mrs. Cora Jones
of Oakland, was shopping in this
city Thursday.
Boil water and sugar together
for ten minutes. Add pineapple,
apricot pulp and gelatine which
has been soaked In cold water.
is Business Visitor H. M.
Knapp, of Wilbur, was a business
visitor today in Roseburg.
Thoroughly chill, beat slightly with
eg beater and add well beaten egg
Place In Ice-making pan to
In From Cleveland Robert Kay
den, of Cleveland, was in town yes
terday transacting business.
freeze. Stir It 3 times at half hour
Intervals, from back to front, mix
ing until smooth each tlma. This
unust freeze at least three and one-
half hours.
Transacts Bus-iies Here Smith
Prowell, of Carnes, transacted
business In Roseburg Thursday.
Srnta Clara Special
Transacts Business Here J. F.
Brown, from lies ton, transacted
business in Roseburg yesterday.
Is Business Visitor Fred Ball.
Riddle resident, was in tills riiy
yesterday as a business vis'.ior.
J cup milk
1-8 teaspoon salt
1 egg
Business Visitor From Coquille
Frank D. Schram, of Coquille, wa3
a business visitor la this city to
day. tablespoons sugar
3 cup prune pulp
s i i r i ;
ft; " t! .rC3H
Mr. Bond Transacts Business
Roy Bond, ot Glide, transacted,
business in Ro5burg yesterday.
Mrs. Bond Shops Mrs. Perry
Bond; of Glide, shopped and visit
ed friends yesterday in this city.
In From Canyonvilte J. N.
Gross came In from Canyonvilto
to attend to business matters yes
terday. Mrs. Abeene Shops Mm. Ada
Abeene, of Sutherlin, spent sev
eral hours shopping in town yes
terday. In From . Lookingglass A. B.
Nickens, of LookingglaBS, was in
Roseburg Thursday transacting
Goes to Salem Senator B. I,.
Eddy left yesterday for Salem
where he will spend a few days on
Mrs. Slack Visits Mrs. B. S.
Slack, of Suthoiiin, spent several
hnnrs in town yesterday visiting
with friends.
' From Canyonvilte Mrs. Jessie
Mnivlnn wns in fmm Pnnvntivlllo
yesterday shopping and visiting
with friends.
Here on Business N. J. Fair
hanks, of Oanyonvllle. wns In this
city yesterday looking after busi
ness affairs.
, .
Mrs. Collison in Mrs. Harry
Oollison, ot Dixonville. spent a
few hours in town yesterday visit
ing and shopping.
in From Melrose Mr. nnd Mrs.
Lawrence Goodbourn were in from
Melrose today, transacting busU
ness and visiting friends.
Mrs. Haifleld Here Mrs. K. Hnt
fleld, of Dlxonville, snent a few
hours here yesterday shopping and
visiting with friends.
From Azalea Mr. and Mrs.
George Wenderoth, of Azalea,' were
In town Thursday transacting busi
ness and calling on friends. j
Shops In Roseburg Mrs. F. For
tin, Oakland resident, spent sev
eral hours shopping and visiting
friends in town yesterday.
Accepts Temporary Position
Miss Dorothy Arundel has accept
ed a temporary position as clerk
in the local Woolworth store.
License Issued A mnrrlaire li
cense wss issued here veserdav
to Darrel T. Carter of Riddle and
Juanita Knight of Canyonvllle.
Mure on Business Alvln TTcm-
nilngsen. of Mvrtle Creek, spent
several hours in Roseburg yester
day In the Interests of business.
Mirs. Stearns Visits Mrs. Ed
Stearns, of Oakland, was In thi
Mty todnv attending to business
affairs and visiting with friends.
Visitors From Wilbur Mrs. W
E. Oodsey and Miss Alice Godsey
Wilbur residents, were vlsitlnr
friends and shopping In this city
From Myrtle Creek Mrs. Laurr
Stephenson and Mrs. M. McDougal'
of Myrtle Creek, were In towr
Thursday visiting with friends and
looking after business.
Visit in California Mrs. V. R
Duncan and son, Carl and dauch
ter. Bernlce. are leaving today fo
Oakland. California, where they
will visit with relatives.
Mrs. Blskely Here Mrs. Glen
dora M. Blakely, state advisory
nurse from the state hoard o'
health in Portland, spent Thursday
In Roseburg on business.
Leaves for Honolulu Edwarr"
Parker, who has been visiting htr
mother. Mrs. Charles Healv. lef
for Honolulu, T. H.. yesterday. Hf
will sail from Portland.
Enroute to Medford Mr. and
Mrs. John Bacon of Powers werr
In town today enroute to Med'orr"
to spend the week-end as quests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cochran.
Assist Superintendent Miss Car
ol Ackert and Mrs. Ornha Collin'
are asslslini! Mrs. Edith Ackert
countv school superintendent slnre
the resignation of Mrs. L. C. Davis
as clerk.
Ml BMk In TflWD Miss TT1
sie Bergh. who is emnloyed In the
r'altrnrnta hnnlr In T.OS AneelPS
Is snendlne her vacation vlsitlnr
In this cltv with her parents, air.
and Mrs. W. M. Bergh.
Underno Minor Operations Vlr
elnia. Faith nnd Anita Yo"ne
daughters of Mr. and 'Mrs. Rov
Ynrm nf this cltv. underwent ton
silTtomv nnerntions vesterdnv
morning In Dr. A. C. Seely's of
Visitor From Powers Vs. v.".
nita Mi""hv. of Powers. Is visit
ing In this 'city with hr mother
Mrs. Davis, of South Main street
and her sister. Mrs. Alfred Stevens.
Here on Business E. G. Harlan
of the Oregon State Chamber of
Commerce, Portland, is in Rose
burg on business.
Mr. Sinclair in Town Pete Sin
clair, of Garden valley, was In
town this morning looking after
business interests.
From Weston Mr. and Mrs.
Ivan Lander came In from Winston
Thursday to visit friends and at
tend to business matters.
Wholesale Grocer Here F. D.
Stephenson, wholesale grocer in
Portland, Is spending a few days
here transacting business.
Sutherlin Resident In Mrs. E.
M. Jenkins, Sutherlin resident.
was In this city yesterday shop
ping and visiting with friends.
Undergoes Major Operation A.
Denn of Camas valley underwent a
major operation tills morning In
Mercy hospital. Dr. L. M. Lehrbach
in attendance.
By Max Trell
Is to burst."
The worst
It to burst."
Shadow Sayings.
Do you know Mr. Bubble? Mi,
Flor, Hanid, Yam and Knarf the
shadows of five real-children met
him yesterday morning in the bowl
of a clay pipe. Just the top of his
round head showed over the top
of the pipe.
"Good-morning," . Hanid greeted.
"What are you doing inside the
"I live here," he replied, putting
his head out a bit more the better
to Bee whom he was talking to.
"This is my home. Won't you come
in?" . .. . it
"Oh no, thank 'you," they said.
"there doesn t seem to be any
room. You look terribly crowded."
"It Is rather small. I've thought
of that myself. It was quite all
right when I was little but I'm
growing every instant. I'm afraid
II have to seek bigger quarters
unless something is done very
soon. See here, young man," he
said to Flor's master, Rolf, who
was at the other end of the pipe
with puffed-out cheeks, "you must
find me a larger house, do you
understand? I'm growing so lnrge
I m coming out at the roof." The
boy paid no heed.
"Why don't you stop growing?"
MiJ asked.
"That's a good Idea, I'll stop at
once." Instead of doing so, how
ever, he continued to grow larger
and larger. His round sides spar
kled in the sunlight reflecting all
the windows in the house.
"Dear me." he sighed. "If only
that boy would listen to me. But
he pays no attention at all. I'm
sure if he'd only stop blowing I'd
stop growing."
"I have a plan," Knarf said.
"We'll put our arms around you
and keep you from getting bigger.
"Why Don't You Stop Growing?"
Joining hands the shadows put
their arms around Mr. Bubble. Iu
vain. He grew In spite of them
"Ouch, ouch, let me go!" he
cried. "You're squeezing the stuff
ings out of me!"
"Humph, you haven't any stuff
ings but air," said Yam. Fortun
ately he didn't hear her. or else
he would have been insulted. So
big was he now that he was far
biiger than the pipe and he bal -
Watro-goMwyn -Mayer,
rretend .
Teleuhuto of a slirriiiK scene
on extreme right, brother-in-law of
desen is conducting a thorough inquest into Lingle't murder on a crowded Chicago Btreet. Seated along
the wall from left to-right, are the jurors. At a table at the left is Commissioner of Police Russell, who
was a personal friend ot tire murdered reporter. 155,000 reward has been
viction of his slayers.
anced himself nervously upon the
edge. .
"I'm not going to stay here an
other Instant," he cried, suddenly
breaking free and floating down
the garden path. "Do you know
of any homes lor rent in the neigh
borhood?" he asked the shadows,
who ran along with him just be
low. "There's the kennel," said Flor.
"Kennel? Do you suppose I'll live
In a kennel! I should say not! I'm
not a dog. Oh, how angry this
makes me. First, I'm thrown out
ot my home, then I'm asked to live
in a kennel. One would think I
had no feelings, that I didn't mat
ter to anybody. Well I have feel
ings and I do matter. It's enough
to make me burst with Indigna
tion !"
And to the shadows' astonish
ment, that's exactly what he did.
ANTLERS. Today. Saturday,
"The Rogue Song," with Lawrence
Tlhbett, entirely in technicolor.
LIBERTY. ' Today, Saturday,
"This 'Mad World."
WASHINGTON, June 20. The
senate today without a record vote
confirmed the nomination of Han
ford L. MacNider, of Iowa, as min
ister to Canada.
Objecting to confirmation of Mac
nlder, Senator Brookhart, repub
lican, Iowa, today told the senate
he "Is personally offensive to me
in the highest degree."
Senator Brookhart told the sen
ate that MacNider, who also Is a
republican, was "the chief lobbyist
against me at the time of my con
test for n Beat in the senate.".
EUGENE, Ore., June 20. Lum
bermen and scientists gathered
here yesterday for the forest sym
posium of the annual session of
the Pacific division of the Ameri
can Association for the Advance
ment of Science nad were told that
tree diseases take an annual toll
of six billion feet of timber, valued
at $878,000,000 and that forest
fires destroy annually from ten to
twenty million acres of timber.
E. I. Kotok, director ot the Cali
fornia forest experiment station,
declared western lumbermen must
come to realize that slashing by
burning is not only out of date but
very Injurious to reforestation.
Clearing of land should be done
scientifically, he said, and protec
tion of forest from fire should be
done more Intelligently. Forest
fires must be followed by careful
reforestation and these new forests
must be protected, he told the as-
All Talking Comedy
Charlie Chase
"Fifty Million
Special Act
Matinee 10-25
Evening 10-36
Matinee Sat at 2.15
as Coroner ButideHen (with hand raised) swears in Matthew J. Sullivan
Jake Lingle. the star crime reporter of the Chicago Tribune. Dun-
Come Into
Mechanical refrigeration is
grandest thine a snap of
than ice" actually! Electricity
promptly chills the refrigerator to
the temperature desired and main
tains these temperatures constant
ly with never a speck of varia
tion day and night Bummer and
winter. Vegetables and fruits keep
for weeks because of the intense
dry cold; baby's milk Is vigilantly
guarded "cuz germs can't possibly
grow in this frigid zone and be
sides It's really a miniature manu
facturing plant In which all sorts
of frozen foods can be made. Food
insurance Is positively guaranteed.
It's absolutely no bother, easily
installed and easier cleaned. A
bit of baking soda In tepid water
and a soft cloth to wipe it out
there always snick and span in
Its gleaming white coat.
Frozen Desserts
There Is no end to the varletv
of frozen desserts. Frozen electri
cally means no labor nor messv
clean-up and oh so good! The
food value of such desserts is high.
They are easv to digest and are
valuable In the diet, unless too
much cake or too rich CRke Is eaten
with them. -Simple wafers, sponge
cake and macaroons are an xceU
lent accompaniment. Frozen mix
tures are variously named. There
are three types of Ice cream!
French ice cream rich custard
with cream or milk added. Apri
can ice cream flour or cornstarch
Ht The year's
C A Greatest
Vj5 i faWl it Sensation.
A hurricane of passion and
love a whirlwina of adven
ture and romance a storm
of emotion and action glit
tering with color awe-inspiring
Bpoctacle made di
vine by the greatest singing
voice the picture world has
ever known!
Coming Sunday "Paris"
ofrered for fhe capture and con
the Kitchen .
the I added to leRs rich custard. Phila
the delnhia Ice cream thin cream (or
cream nn'1 milk)
without PRgS,
Frozen electrically these require
beating at half hour Intervals
nearly always. They reuulro from
4i to 5 hours to freeze.
Water Ices may be sugar-water
or sugar-milk, syrup and fruit
juice or they may have pgg white
or gelatine added at which they
become a sherbert or sorbet. Ices
frozen without stirring are: Par
falt Eggs cooked with syrup with
whipped cream added. Mousse
whipped cream prepared with gela
tin and flavored. Frozen whipped
cream, or gelatine. Frozen pud
dling with fruits, nuts and ori
ginally a bit of alcoholic mixture.
Frozen fruit fruit pulp nnd su
gar. Recipes for crank nnd Ice
abound there are:
Frozen by Wire
Fresh Strawberry Mousse
2 cuns crushed strawberries
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 cup sugar (scant)
2 teaspoons gelatine.
1 cup whipping cream.
Soak gelatine In 2 tnblesnoonn
cold wnter nnd molt over hot wa
ter. Allow crushed strawberries
to atnnd In sugar for a s.iort time
add lemon iulce and gelatine and
combine with a smnll amount of
stlfftv beaten cream. Place In one
of the Ice-mnltine trnvs. allow to
freeze from 4 J to 5 hours. ServeR
six people.
and Saturday
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Evening 1050 '
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care-Free (oiks out to see this great land
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may lake you, Middle West, Southwest,
Rocky Mountain States, Pacific Coast
even up into Western Canadcvvlhere
will always be a clean, economical, de
pendable Safeway Store conveniently near.
Always get your camping foods at Safeway.
Highway, medium ripe,
tasty relish. No. 1 tail
2 cans j. 29j!
Heinz genuine fermented
Dills, supreme for lunches
and picnics. . O C W
Dozen -tJ
Ginger Ale
Pale Face, distributed on
ly by Safeway. Refreshing
and invigorating. Try it I
2 bottles 29
Fig Bars
Fresh well filled plain or
whole wheat. 24$
Recommended by the
leading beauty experts.
bars .
The billion
dry sonp.
1 4 bars ..
bubble laun-
Peanut Butter
Highest quality,
tasty, in bulk.
Select Your Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at Safeway
Watermelons Cabbage Cantaloupes
Red meated Klondike.
Guaranteed ripe
Large bunches.
3 for 10$
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tomato .
dium cans.
4 cans 33$
Chili or
Walker's real Mexican
quality. Quickly prepar
ed. No. 1 cans,
4 cans 49$
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mustard or tomato sauce.
3 cans 29$
Highest quality, guaran
teed by Snfeway. Save in
itk:. 28$
Corned Beef
I i. oz. (
Albers, take it camping.
Local grown, fresh, crisp.
New Potatoes
Medium size. Smooth
Safeway quality, fancy
fresh creamery butter.
2 ,bs 65$
Milk i
i. mtism
Max-I-Mum or Pel quality
evaporated, always fresh.
7 tall cans -59$
Pure cane fine granulated.
10, bs. 49$
Apex special blended
family flour. Note the low.,
49,b. ba8 ...$1.49
Snowflnkes, fresh, crisp
saltine flnke9, Fam- QQW
ily package wJjS
Super Suds
Deads of soap, making
your dishwashing easier.
Package 9$ .
Marsh mallow
Fresh and f iuffy, toast
them by the campfire. ';,
Lb 19$
Fancy ripe fruit.
3 for
Golden ripe fruit.
5,bs 27$
Phone 230