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Section Two
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tCoousCAs county"
VOL. XIII NO. 999 nw tub ruruiun lieu.
" ' "'"M'MM'aaaMigM
(I 'JtZF"
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pre-war Bosisrii
Proof of tne podding Is In Ust- Quick turnover. Advertise. A
Ide whether Duyer or seller read classified ad today brings sales to
the classified a dp morrow. v
Situation in United States
Satisfactory; Outlook
Abroad Hopeful.
Installment Buying Unwise,
Private Loans to War ;
Debtor Countries
What ?-AutomobiIe Day.
When? Next Sunday.
Where? Christian Bible School.
PRIZE for car with largest load of people.
MENTION for other large loads.
WRITE-UP in Monday's paper for the MAKE of
car with the largest number of cars present.
WELCOME to all. TIME 9:45 A. M.
WASHINGTON. Dec 11. Early
accomplishment of a complete
world wide economic stabilization
Is foreseen by Secretary Mellon.
Both at home and abroad, the
secretary declared in his annual re
port submitted to congress today,
developments of the last year have
been so satisfactory that the way
Is now clear for a more complete
world recovery." Mr. Mellon be
lieves the underlying factors of the
business situation here were fun'
damentally sound and "warrant op
timism for the future.'
While the secretary saw no ap
proaching cloud on the economic
sky, he warned against expansion
and speculative tendencies. The
program of public economy has had
its effect, as has the public debt re-
2 ; tlrement program, he said, but
K i "there is some tendency for the
K : consuming public to buy every con
9 I celvable commodity on time' and
A I mortgage future earnings." On the
A j other hand, he found business men
'A conducting their affairs with re-
2 straint and caution in order that
R the prosperity may not bring on
R carelessness.
g "It Is hoped, furthermore." he
f added, "that the speculative ten
A . dency in real estate in some com
5j j munltles may not proceed to the
2 1 point of undermining the spirit of
E caution In business."
B . Enlarge Coast Patrol.
Mr. Mellon reviewed the depart
ment's work In enforcement of pro
hibition and expressed the belief
that progress had been made in re
ducing the supply of Illicit liquor
through -the reorganization direct
ed by Assistant Secretary Andrews.
He suggested that expansion of the
coast guard was necessary If It
were to continue efficient work In
Its dual capacity as a conserver of
life and property and a guard
against rum smuggling, and reiter
ated that the department's policy
was to attack sources of supply
rather than to attempt local police
Included in the secretary's report
was one by the American debt com-j
mission, of which he is chairman.
genius of the screen, left Los An
geles today for Europe on a trip
of observation to gather data and 1
select locations for the filming of
a super-hlstoriral epic to be called. PORTLAND. Ore., Dec. 10. To
"Old Ironsides." Cruse will visit expedite the granting of appllca
Trlpoll, .where the "Constitution"; lions of extensions of time in
reached the climax of its nawil ' which to file Income tax returns,
fame during the war against Hie Commissioner of Internal Revenue
pirates of the Mediterranean by j David H. Illalr, has delegated to
the United States in 1804. 1 Collectors or Internal Revenue au-
Saved once before by Oliver thorlty to grant such extensions.
Wendell Holmes' stirring poem, . Heretofore, under the revenue act
"Old Ironsides," the frigate, now ; of 1924, applications for exten
falllng to pieces from rot and dls-, along have been addressed to the
use in the Boston Navy yard, is to! commissioner.
day again being rescued from ob : - Extensions are granted in cases
llvion by the school children ftf of absence, sickness or Inability to
America under the leadership of obtain data to make a correct re
the navy department, through mil- turn with certain provisions. No
Hons of small contributions toward extension will be granted unless
its reconstruction. The Elks, application is made therefor on or
Daughters of the Revolution and berore March 16 the date prescrlb
many other patriotic societies afe ed by law for filing the return.
The applicant must state specif!
Have Orders for 1,000 Turkeys
WILL PAY 45c FOR NO. l's
Delivered to Economy Market
Wednesday, Dec 16th
lending their cooperation and su
Although this will preserve tq
vessel for another half century, It
is now to be immortalised in
larger way by Cruze. It Is to
preserved not as a glorious hulk
fallen Into sad oecav. but as a. 111
ling thlag, beautiful and proud, i
nanvna tulMu4 In )w. ( ...I KaV
down, sailing forever before tlii
eyes of American youth across trie
magic of the silver screen.
Coincident with Craze's depart
ure, Jesse L. Lanky, first vice-!30 to t days. Where a taxpayer
president of Famous Players Las k' i requests an extension of more than
corporation, announced that tlie9l) days, the extension may be
"Constitution's" gripping stork granted only for 90 days and the
from the time Its keel was laid til collector will advise the taxpayer
cally the reason for such request,
which will be granted only If the
explanation is satisfactory to the
collector. Illness or absence of a
particular officer of a corporation
or a member of a partnership does
not constitute, In itseir, a suffici
ent reason for granting the corpor
ation or partnership such extension.
In no case will a particular ex
tension be granted for more than
the Philadelphia navy yard
1794 and Including Its valiant
vice against the pirates of Trlpol
will be filmed on the mlgtitii
scale ever attempted.
" 'Old Ironsides' Is another col
trlbutlon by Paramount to til
preservation of the thrilling
that If he is unable to file the
completed return prior to the ex
piration of the 90-dny period, a new
application should be made before
that period expires. In this way,
extensions may be granted, in meri
torious cases, for a period of not
j i to exceed six months from the pre-
trips to Washington for extensive
research In the flies of the navy
department and the congressional
"Secretary ' of the Navy, Curtis
D. Wilbur, is giving the full co
operation of the United Slates
navy In this gigantic undertaking,
this story of youthful heroism and
bravery which cradled the glori
ous traditions which the navy has
maintained for more than 135
years. For many years It has
been my pleasure to pass on many
possibilities for the screen, but In
all the years I have found no niece
of fiction or chapter of history so
ricn in drama and color."
In 1804 seven kings and two re
publics of the world were paylnR
tribute to the pirates of Tripoli. It
was "Old Ironsides" which carried
the flag of a puny nation, the I'nlt
ed States of America, to the Meiil-
epic history of the United States," scribed (late by law for filing the
said Mr. Lasky. "For many months I return. No extensions may be
our corporation has been quietly panted for more than six months,
working up its plans. Harry Carr, j exwnt ln ,,,e ca" of American
one of America's foremost newspa-1 d,lz,'n" residing or traveling
per men, and Walter Woods arel00"""1' non-resident alien Indlvldu-co-authors
of the story, which i jal and foreign corporations having
historically accurate throughout no amc'1 or 'laI'e business
Both of them have made special w"m wie uiiueo. nuties.
ill I lie Last, in corporations, no
quent press comments respecting
refusal of the administration to
sanction foreign loanB here when
i the powers seeking new money had
I not ninqea tneir debts to this gov
I eminent.
I Halt Foreign Loans.
"Early In 1S25, after much con
sideration, "the commission report
(said, "It was decided that it was
I contrary to the best Interests of the
United States to permit foreign gov
ernments which refused to adjust
j or make a reasonable effort to nd-
IJust their debts to the United
I States to finance any portion of
j their requirements In this country.
, States, municipalities, and private
i enterprises within the country con
cerned were Included In the prohl
hltlnn. Hankers consulting the
j state department were notified that
j the government objected to such
I financing. While the United States
was loath to exert pressure by this
means on any foreign government
to settle its Indebtedness, and
while this country has every desire
to see Its surplus resources at work
In the economic reconstruction and
development of countries abroad.
national Interest demands that our
resources be not permitted to flow
Into countries which do not honor
their obligations to the I'nlt
ed Slates and throngh the United
States to its citizens."
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Heat with gas.
frigate "Constitution," lovingly
known In history as "Old Iron
sides," and the record of its glori
ous career, are to be preserved to
posterity forever.
James Cruze, the man who made
"The Covered Wagon" and estab
lished himself as the historical
noi one cent for tribute," swept
tne pirates from the seas forevt-r.
In that glorious chapter of our
navy's history, leading parts were
played by lads, most of them mere
striplings, whose names form a
veritable roll of honor of the Amer
ican navy Stephen Hecatur, Law
rence, Itainbrldge, Porter and
Somera. ,
Full pressure on the work of pre
paling the story, setting and prop
erties is now under way at the
Paramount studio In Hollywood.
Cruze has been taken off all
extensions of time usually may be
granted, unless conditioned upon
the filing of a tentative return and
payment of one-fourth the esti
mated tax. on or before the date
prescribed by. law for filing the re
turn. Iloweven If the application
for the extension was made on or
before such date, but It was impos
sible to grant the extension In
ample time to enable taxpayers to
file a tentative return on or before
due date, the dale for filing such
tentative return and paying one
fourth of the estimated tax may he
advanced in the communication
granting the extension to permit
the taxpayer to comply with this
Individuals also are required to
file a tentative return and pay
one-fourth of the estimated tax, on
or before the date prescribed by
law for filing returnB. whenever.
In the opinion of the collector. It Is
possible for the particular Individ
ual to do so. Where, in the case
of such Individuals, the application
was made on or before tho date
prescribed by law for filing the re
turn and where It is Impossible to
grant such extension In time to en
able the taxpayer to fll a tenta
tive return, on or before the due
date for filing and payment of one-
fourth the estimated tax may be
advanced, as Is done in tho case of
In all cases of requests for an ex
tension conditioned upon the filing
of a tentative return and payment
wise precaution, for the day had
hardly begun when, a trail of
smoke to the northeast proclaimed
the arrival of the loyalist forces by
Sometime later a warship, once
the American "Iowa" but now a
Greek battleship, stole into the
outer harbor, and luug range shells
began to whistle overhead. One
dropped nine yards from SUss
Cuah man's office door. Another
dropped near her clinic, where the
doctor had forty little patients ln
the waiting room.
Before the day was over, there
came also a squadron of loyalist
aeroplanes, which dropped thous
ands of small slips of paper, In
scribed with propaganda messages.
Miss Cushman sent peremptory let
ters to the commander of the op
posing forces, demanding that they
move their war away from her or
phanage. No answers came, but
during the night a ten-Inch shell
exploded on the campus, so close
to a tent where 60 little trachoma
patients were housed, that it got
Miss Cushman out of bed and
across the campus with her bath
robe flapping in the breeze. "Are
you all right. boy8t" she asked.
"Oh, yes," they answered, "we
did just as you told us." Every
one of them, wise In the ways of
war, was flat on the ground under
his bM.
At daybreak the next morning
Miss Cushman sent an ultimatum
to the rebel garrison, demanding
that the aeroplanes be moved
away from the school. She waited
an hour, and when no reply came,
she summoned the largest of her
hoys and with their aid rolled the
five big air birds off the campus
and a half mile beyond. She fol
lowed this with a personal call on
the commander of the battleship,
demanding that he move the war
somewhere else.
It Is not known Just how much
her reouest had to do with termin
ating the little revolution. Revol
utions in the Near East are fre
quently short-lived. This one last
ed only htree days, and when It
was over Miss Cushman was Invit
ed only three days, and when it
planes. But having pushed five of
them for some distance through the
sand, she felt it would be antl-cllm-ax
to let one of them propel her
through the air. "And besides,"
she says, "I do not like aeroplanes,
and never will."
Miss Cushman has lived In (he
Near East for many years, and has
been one of Ibe most important di
plomatic figures in that troubled
area. For nursing work In the
Balkan war she was awarded the
Oueen Alexandra war medal bv
nreat Britain. In 11119 she received
the French Cross of the Legion of
Hono Mr humanitarian work with
the Near East Relief In Turkey.
TMirlng the past vear she has won
the Gold Cross of the Holy Sepul
chre and the Greek Cross of St.
ysvlr for her work among refugee
children after Ihe Smyrna disaster.
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MILLERS VILLfi, lnd.. Dec 10
(A. P.) Joy and grief have fol
lowed each other through the
luxurious corridors of Laurel Hall,
once the palatial country "eat of
Sloughtnn A. Fletcher, lmlianano
lia capitalist, which soon bt to be
come a school for girls.
The pretentious home and 220
acres of the estate have been pur
chased by the Sisters of Provi
dence, a Catholic order, who will
convert It Into an academy.
Fletcher, once ono or the wealth
iest men In Indiana, built the home
and laid out the estate In 1916 at
a cost of more than (2.000,000. For
several years It was the scene of
many social functions.
In 1921 Mrs. Fletcher, because
of 111 health, took her life "In
Laurel Hall. Her mother died the
same night, either from drinking
accidentally of the same draught
which killed her daughter, or pur
posely from grief when she found
her daughter's body.
Three year's later, Fletcher be
came a bankrupt, through poor In
vestments and speculation, and
Laurel Hall passed to his creditor.
At one lime, Fletcher had a pre
tentious stable of thoroughbred
horses, and among- the animala
was "Peter the Great," famous;
trotter for which the banker paid
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prices at Powell's Furniture Store.
nlU , . , , - ' , : or b ipnianve rMiirn Htm payment
nH m Z r'"' W0!'k AtJrl"" of one-fourth of the estimated ta,
Zl 1 f """I8" ,"r "' h' " "" 'hereon, such requirements
not only gather local color and his- ,, m, or , ntvAtnn of
no effect. The taxpayer need only
show on his tentative return, filed
torlcal data, but choose locations
for part of the production Is to be
... '. . ion appropriate blanks, his name
., nIM ur- K.Mif w-iwn-ii ""iand address i
"u! t!". wepk"',n nl" r'1"rn hH! amount, If any,
Will tinlrl ai f ! n I.. ' ' 1
ii. mi LUIWlf ntr 111 I q
WaahiriRton with Secretary Wilbur ,
am! on hln arrival In llnllywoo.1 Li?T f eenA nd Vr.
Inln the nuBfuurg viwtuers, puunv
and the estimated
of Die tax flue.
NEW YOItK, Tlcc. 10. The Near
East Relief has announced tho
award of Its Distinguished Service
Medal to Miss Kmma II. Cushman
"for bravery under
will plunge Immediately Into
work of actual production.
Consideration of a cast for "Old
Ironsides," which will be a 12-reel.
super-special, and will be sent out
as a road show as were "The Cov
ered Wagon" and "The Ten Com-
maadments," la now In progress
Jesse L. Lasky predicts that It will
Be the most brilliant cast ever as
sembled in a motion picture.
"I expect 'Old Ironsides' to be
the crowning event of my career as, of Koaton
director," said Cruze, who is noted ,fire."
ror his usual reluctance in making One mprnlng last spring, during
predictions, as he prepared to 'the so-called "Seventh Revolution"
board the train, "and .Mr. Laskv Islln Greece. Miss Cushman. who Is
determined to make It the crowning the head of a Near East Relief
event of his career as a producer."! training school for l.Vto orphsns
me "Constitution" will nrobahlv at Corinth, awoke to find five army
be sufficiently reconditioned, ac-1 aeroplanes on the campus outside
cording to navy officials, to nias"ln,,r windows. They represented
It ready for aea when the filming"1" rebel faction In tne army, and
actually starts. I were preparing for an attack from
tne loyal ractinn, which controlled
the fireek navy.
Miss Cushman, a descendant of
the Robert Cushman who rliartep.
ed the Mavflnwer, was distinctly
opposed to having any revolutions
fought out on her doorstep. She
first of all assembled her family
of 1.100 children, and Instruc'ed
them to flatten themselves on the
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earth at any Aindlratlnn
bardment frouj the ica.
of bom-
It was
I will not he responsible for
debts contracted by anyone other
than myself, after December 6,
WASHINGTON. Dec. 10. The
nomination of Wallace MeCatnant
of Oregon to be United States Cir
cuit Judge of Ihe ninth district
which Is opnosed by Senator John
son of California, waa todav refer
red to a sub-conimllteo by the sen
ate Judiciary committee.
The sun-committee consists of
Senators Means, Colorado; Deneen,
III., republicans and Kin, Utah.
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