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I t T
! Church of OirUt or Myrtle
Creek. Halny weather and warm
blankets caused old man (lump to
appear last Sunday morning, but
this coming Sunday let ua all try
to reach our goal of 100. And
remember, "IT PAYS TO 00 TO
lular preaching hour there la to
program that la different
From Soup to Nuts
For many months we have been gathering together
good things to eat and now we have everything you
will need for your Thanksgiving dinner.
Have (he following to offer ad quality guaran
teed. Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Cabbage, Turnips,
Beets, and Carrots, Onions, Cauliflower, Spinach,
Lettuce, Celery, Radish, Cranberries, Apples,
Oranges, Bananas, Grape Fruit, Grapes, Toma
toes, Boiled and Sweet Cider, Fancy Mince Meat,
bulk and in jars, Raisins and Currants, Dates and
Figs, Citron, Lemon, and Orange Peel, Walnuts,
Almonds, Brazil Nuts and Filberts. Candy, Chew
ing Gum and Pop Corn. Come in and do your
Holiday Shopping while stock is complete.
A few more of those Brooms at.! 49c and 59c
New crop fancy small white Beans, 1 2 lbs for $1.00
Qt. Jug of fancy Cane and Maple Syrup for 40c
4 oz. bottle M. & R. Vanilla, per bottle 49c
Stores at Roseburg and Sutherlin
ot Roast, lb 15c
oilinz Beef, lb . 12 1-Z
Fancy Veal Shoulder Roast, lb . 15c
Heavy Breast of Veal, lb 12 1-2
Veal Steak, lb. .-. :.'.-20c
Hamburger, lb .15c
Nice Pork Roast, lb 25c
Pork Sausage, lb 20c
Pure Lard, 2 lbs 45c
Cottage Hams, lb 30c
Picnic Hams, lb 23c
Dry Salt Pork. lb. 30c
Half or whole Eastern Hams, lb ......35c
Heavy Bacon, lb 34c
Bacon, light, lb. 37c
Bacon Squares, lb 28c
Fancy Fryers Heavy Hens
- Where Your Dollar Has More Cents
Grocery Phone 145 Meat Market 363
. ' , .
' ' Free Delivery
be ft
from the regular routine program.
jThs young people are to hare
charge of the eerrlce. They will
lead Ihe tinging, have charge of
the offering, and will preach the
ermon. Three of the young la
diea of the church will deliver a
three fold sermon on the subject
of, "God's Ureat Desires." This
will be a message worth hearing.
Ilrlng your friends and come to
this service. ' The young folks will
give you somoihing worth while.
i You can't afford to miss it.- The
Christian, Endeavor at :30. The
C. E. Is keeping up fine and let
ull the young people continue to
show their loyalty to the program
of the society and the church pro
gram a well. The sermon In the
evening will be on the subject.
"The Kaltb Men Die Kor". and
1 should be heard by all. Bring your
nelgbbor and come.
j LUKE ELLIOTT, Minister.
1 International llilile Student As
xoruttkm Hible Study at the
Moose Hull, Sunday at 10:30 a. ni.
i The subjects for study Sunday will
j be "The Necessity for the Aton
J ment The Curse." "And There
;Shall He No More Curse." Kev.
122:3. What la Implied by this
I stntement of Scripture. All. Inter
ested In Iilble Study are cordially
' invited to come and study with
j Catholic Church Kane, and
I Oak streets. Kev. B. Clery, Pas-
, tor. November 22nd. Mass and !
Sermon at 8:00 a. m. Catechism ;
, Classes at 9:45 a. m. High Mass
land Sermon at 10:30 a. m. Ros
ary and Benediction of the M. B.
S. in the evening at 7:30.
Mrst Methodist Oiurrli Cor- 1
' ner of. Main and Lane streets;
Kev. Joseph Knolls, paator. A
parent's duly it not fulfilled un
til the parent bn shown a real
Interest in tho spiritual develop
ment of the child. The best way
' to do that Is to come with your
children to Sunday School and
slay for church. Regular attend
ance Is a great help to efficiency.
Come Sunday morning at 9:46.
The Junior League meets at 3 p.
m. The Senior Kpworth League
meets at 8:30. The morning ser
non theme Is "Our Neighbors ".
! This Is a special sermon preached
by the request of tha ladies of
the W. H. M. S. The evening
sermon theme is "Drifters." Do
not miss hearing these sermons.
Uood music by the choir. A cor
dial Invitation is extended to ail,
particularly strangers.
j- 1
Savory Cuts from our choice Meats are fully ap'
preciatcd by the entire family.
A" our meats are fresh, cut from the choicest cattle,
and always sold to consumers at lowest prices. You
get the best for less here. .
No. 1 Steer Prime Rib Roast, lb , 15c
No. I Steer Pot Roast, lb 14c
All Steer Steaks, lb 20c
Shoulder Pork Roust, lb 23c
Shoulder Pork Steak, lb .25c
Loin Pork Chops, lb :...30c
Fancy Milk Fed Veal Shoulder Roast 16s
Veal Shoulder Steaks, lb A 20c
Fancy Eastern Bacon, half or whole 37c
Heavy Eastern Bacon, lb. 33c
Fancy Eastern I lams, half or whole !...33c
Picnic Hams, lb .24c
Cottage Rolls, lb 33c
Pure Lard, lb. .: 20c
. Methodist Church, South C.
I S. Coberly, pastor. Sunday school
at 9:45 a. m. - W. L. Cobb. Supt.
I'reaclrlnw at 11 a.' nr. and ?:3(l
p. m. Wednoduy owning prayer
meting at 7:30. Senior Kpworth
League devotional meeting at
6:30 p. m., led by Miss Velma Poo..
' Junior I.eague Sunday afternoon,
'2:30. The public la cordially in
, vtted to worship with us. ...
The First I In pi M Church
Corner of ,ane and 'Mote streets;
11. L. Cnldwell, Minister. 9:45
a. m. The Church School; Carlos
Page. Supt. This service Is the
church In a teaching and charac
ter building function. Are you
doing your part In this work by
being present and twisting your
children or other people's chil
dren to receive this unmeasured
benefit T If not, begin now. You
are Invited lo be In this splendid
school. 11:00 a. m. Morning
worship. A Thanksgiving Message
by the pastor. Two special
Thanksgiving numbers by the
choir. Orchestra. A welcome to
the public. 6:30 p. m. Young
People's Meetings. Three socie
ties: Senior, Intermediate and
Juniors. A place for every young
person to express themselves in
activity for Christ. An Invitation
to all young people. 7:30, p. m.
lEYenln Service:' Message by the
pastor on "Tho Lure of (Joodnoss
versus The Lure of Evil." It Is
a message that young people espe
cially will be glad to hear. Music
by Ihe choir and orchestra. A
'quartette will be featured In the
service of iiiuhIc. You will enjoy
the music and the message. In-
ivlte your friends. Tho public Is
always Invited.
North Side Market
Boyer Bros.
Phone 280
First (liriMJan Church There
will be great service at the church
on Sunday. We aie counting on
'a btg Hlble School. Ho sure to
bo In your place next Sunday. We
have been having some great ser
vices. Have you attentled any
yet! I'vangellsl Kelletus will lirinx
to you line gospel meagcs on '
the Lords liny, l.els crowd the'
church to the garret and pruy for'
a great harvest. You will enjoy '
the singing of Mr. 1'llewocd. Com
morning and evening. Kemcmber i
we start at 9:45, ' 1
II. K. MOW. . ;
Itihlo Slanilmd Rer. L. P.
Iturror, ussier, llavo, you been i
attending the services 'at the big
tent on Hone street? If you have
not, yon have been missing some
thlgg good and you had better
plun lo attend some of thee good
If It It Md of Wood W Make It
im 1 1 i
Roseburg Lumber & Mfg. Co.
Stnn them with the
tv r-s physicians' sale pre.
v. J L-cripiion An-a-tin.
- t 'nntflln no narcotics
l)oea not cilcct heart.
Cttnlestlr provrs by phi -isti throimh
tin yt ronrtAAl IM twr tibUdita sua
adult ni sit as.
An-a-cin Sajely Relieves ;
TiMthschs CaMs Neiirslals
tjtnt li lnJliMa KtivuutMillMV)
of '
ion Without Watte J JO
t4Viit 2rO If Distribution Without Wail
savin? i
Thanksgiving is near again and with the coming of these cold blustry days comes also an increased appetite. 'This
is the time of year when food tastes best. Tantalizing odors coming from the kitchen inform us of the delicious foods
which are being prepared for our Thanksgiving dinner. ....
How convenient for the housewife, when preparing her meals, to have her pantry well stocked with good seasonable
foodstuffs. ' i . ' i . . :'"-..
Skaggs Stores are filled with all the "makin's" necessary for a fine meal whether Oregon Products or products from
the other side of the worfd, wo have them for you. And whether you buy a can or a carload, youwill save at Skaggs Stores.
3 lbs.
From the beginning of tbitf ex
planation of the essentially co-operative
plan of operation that has
mnrln th f.hpnnniinii.l srnwfh nf
skagra atorea possible it must be Celery, nice and white,
Wivau; uuurmtuun Hint ting tut I j O C
cern does not and never haa post'd or
a nh a natlful An T... I
haps, because of early influences,
toward their associates and the
public, and these. In turn, may
have innplred many of the soeni
lnKly revolutionary' policies that
have been put Into practice. But
these policies have only been made
operative after it had been deter-
Lettuce, fresh and crisp,
each ..
Sweet Spuds,
6 lbs.
mined that tin y would prove sound.
Cr A CAW A Dt P r srvrs
the executive heads have been poa-' ixdm -tV l KJUD
sessed of ft more than ordinary ! KUN I he best Italian pack
deep sense of Justice and fair play I lb 59c
Fancy quality
1 lb 35c
WALNUTS New crop of Oregon's
Large jize. 2 lbe 75c
Mrrliiim ' 4 Ik. ' OC
ZV11 ?c.Sahcn!h.?;PEANUTSF;eah rorinSheli
practically everything anyone does Z9c
is based on his conception ot self- ALMONDS Fine sweet meats
interest or lelf uratiflcatlon. And 2 lbs 57c
this applies to our noblest as well i RR A-711' MV'-fc"""V"i -------- e
as to our meanest actions. We do, BhjAf 'V. FS !nly " feW to
the things which we consciously or I had this year ,
subconsciously hellere will satLily Large, lb. 29c
onr spiritual or material desires. 1 PAMnv ci T"i"".
This is a. it should be and-upon j UY Skaggs hand dipped .
a little thought will be aeen to asorteclchoco!ates !
3-lb. boxes 91.79
Old Fashioned Chocolate Drops,
lb :...;.i..24c
3 lbs. 67c
French hand-made Bon Bona,
! COOKING FIGS Fine quality white j FLOUR, CEREALS and STAPLE
figs, 3 lba : ....:....28c ITEMS
' rl t icTrn r a ioiio t i ; Dir .t. c . n 1 1
u.uoiu rvtJli'iJ in lancy pacK- uivj r rinesi an purpose nara
age, 2 for 38c ' wheat flour. Price must advance
4-lb. Market Day bags, each. .....39c,
PKUNLS Large Oregon Italian
harmonize perfectly with the lohl-!
est teachings and the most altru-
Istic ambitions. Even unselfUbness i
is selfish. . I
Therefore, when our men work '
overtime they do so because It lj
distinctly to their own personal ad
vantage as well as from a sense of
loyalty to the organization and the j
enjoyment they get out of ttfelr
work. And the organization. In!
turn, has made It possible for thej
Individual to profit from extra ef-
fort, not only from a sense ot Jus-,
tlce and falrnesj, but slso as a
mear.8 of Insuring its own euccbss-!
fill operation.
' CfUntlmes the things xvhlch-iwet
do as a nitens of stltfylng rli:ri
own sense' of fairness will ruacl,
unexpeciauiy, 10 our own matunai t
49-lb. sack $2.39
Barrel $9.45
3 lbs. 33c CORN MEAL White or Yellow
10 lbs 98c' 9-lb. sacks, each 45c
PRUNES Fine Sweet Oregon I ROLLED OATS No. 1 0 sacks.
. , Petites. 3 lbs. '. 28c Best brands, each :...55c
io ibs. 85c kellogg-s corn flakes or
DATESV'Dromedary" Fancy ! j POST TOASTIES, 3 for 28c
pack, 2 for ....;.....r-44c CRACKERS No. 5 wooden boxes
"Sunset" Pitted Variety in ' Perfection Sodas, each... 55c
Glassine package, 2 for ...45c No. 3 wooden boxes, Graham
"Hallowii" -Golden fruit, ' 'Crackers, each 85c
2 lba .I..'!.f.23cl, I TJo." 5 wooden boxes, Snow-
STRA1NED HONEY new crop. ' ! flakes, each : ...65c
fin flavor. Full pint Mason 1 MACARONI or SPAGHETTI -
jar :.i.-.v'..'... 32c Bert Grade in bulk. 3 lbs 29c
Full quart Mason jar 57c BEANS Large white
5rlb, can .,......-.. .....'....85c Good cookers, 3 lbs 25c
lb,.;. ........-: , .'...:29c 'ASPARAGUS Libbys No. I square
tins.' Medium green, 2 cans 78c
Salad points No. 1 round tins, ..
2 cans .'..63c
Medium green tips. Picnic tins,
2 cans 1 45c
....$1.63 COFFEE Skasgs Best Blend
3 lbs :.. .:...:..85c
Extra Cream Mix beautiful
assortment, lb ......;.i..24c
3 lbs. .,67c
Special Cream and Gum Drop 1
mix, lb ;.19c
I Ib- - -.;-55c CORN Standard grade. No. 2
advantage and It will be found that, POP CORN
Satin Mix. all hard candies, lb. 18c
3 lbs. . , ,...50c
Christmas Mix all sizes and ',
colors, lb ;.....:...20c
5 lbs. .i.....: .;:93c
vo have accirlentally uncovered a
nrlnelnlp whlrh If Intelllirentlv ni I . 4 105
piled will solve many of our most LAYER FIGS Delicious eating
rcrioua prnbiems. Such a thing
happened with the opening of the
second Skaggs store.
, . . . , 4
When the second store
op-iyd It became necessary to em-t
ploy someone. tti operate it and the'
owner of boih stores believing! v
earnestly In the -principle; that
every man la eatitled to share In !
the profits he heliu to create and
desiring, sincerely, to provide the '
new man with every opporttinliy '
and incentive hit upon the plan ot1
faying , Hie mnyiwr i. the now
tore a noininal salary plin 3;) per
cent of Iho net profits of his store,
such slmre of the net profits to be
paid every three, months.
It should he made clear that the
plan nf eonipFnfatlon decided npon
-The kind that pops : '
variety, 5 -lb. box .89c
Lb , 20c
lOLIVES-Large Ripe Olives .
was i Medium tins, each 25c
3 for ..l...;;..:....
Queen Olives small bottles
Each I... ..14c
Queen Olives small Mason jars
Eacn .." ..28c
Large "Royal" Mason Jars 1 1
Each .... ....i.i.i., . 55c
tins, 2 for ............v 25c
Case r24 tins-....!.... $2.85
"Native American" Minnesota
Baby-tooth, No. 2 tins, 2 for 33c
" Case 24 tins v.."...'!:......$3.48
"Xmas Tree' Fancy Minnesota
'White Wrap", pound 47c
Skaggs Medium Blend "Blue
Wrap," pound 38c
. 3 Ibs $1.10
Skaggs Peaberry, Blend "Orange
Wrap", pound 47c
3 lbs. $1.39
TEA Skaggs Orange Pekoe or
Green Japan, J lb 39c
Pound , 69c
COCQA "Our Mothers"
Pure Cocoa, J lb ...13c
' Pound ..; ...23c
2 lbs 39c
Crosby, No. 2 tins, 3 for 55c PEANUT BUTTER Best grade
Case 24 tins ..$4.05
"Lily of the Valley", white or j
Golden Bantam, No. 2 tins, I
3 for ..:....4....:...:...72c;
Dozen . ... $2.85
in bulk, pound 20c
1 -lb. toy pails, each 27c
.Mb. tin 29c
7 I. IV, tin R.!r
- - 70c PEAS "Brentwood" small tender - - f ' 5-lb. tin "S""S"SS"'$i.l9
peas. No. 2 tins, 3 for 55c BAKING POWDER "Royal"
Case 24 tins ....i.,.: $4.05 12-oz. tins . 43c
"Lily of the Valley" sifted early 2Mb. tins .., $1.29
June. No. 2 tins. 3 for 72c! 5-lb. tins $2.29
Dozen .... $2.85 BAKING POWDER "K. C."
i-. w om TnMiTnr! 9.,j.rj r.,j. i is n.
Stuffed Olives small bottles i I .,. nu 71 ,;. 1 f, aa- cvui ip" "ei.'""6"i"r "- '"'Z'j "
."ft-,. t 4 " ............ i ivi uic vauu fi 1 1 V.
Case 24 tins $3.0a Maple" Pint glass jugs, each. ...32c
Island Urand, Oregon solid
pack, 6 large cans $1.00
Case 24 tins $3.85
"Hunt's Supreme" fancy solid
pack, 3 large cans
Case 24 cans ,
Each .... 15c
3 for ..: 40c i
6-oz. larger bottles, each 27c
3 foe 78c
Small Mason jars, each 43c
for the flrn Slciwm manager re- PUMPKIN No. 21 tins. Best !
bmii'-u, prniiiirii , iniui i,ie unnern . , (
desire to he absolutely fair with his i brands, can .'. IC -
assotiate. However, It was also! 3 cans
obvious that such an arrangement i PINEAPPLE-
II Duiiiu iiihhv ine inniiHK' i ft per-1
soual earnings dependent, lo a !
Inrge extent., upon his own effort,1
Intelligence anil efficiency and lend:
to Insure his enihnsiatlc cn-npera-'
tlon In the niethods which the sue-
cess of the first Kkaggs Store had
demonstrated to be fundamentally!
That this plan of
-No. 2 tins. Best
Quart glass jugs, each 57c
2Mb. tins 53c
5-lb. tins 93c
10-lb. tins ... $1.63
55c SYRUP "Golden Mnrshmallow"
$4.05, 5-lb. tins 65c
broken slice,
Doz. cans
No. 2 tins, fancy sliced
3 cans
Doz. cans
No. I tall tins, fancy sliced
2 cans 37c
Doz. cans $2.10
pvoriis wiih the mm who helped to MAKArCHlNO CHKKKIti
SAUER KRAUT Libbys 10-lb. tins
No. 2J tins. 2 for o5c BROOMS Skaggs "Domestic
6 cans $1.00 Hiirh erade. each 79c
HOMINY Van Camp's" j MATCHES-4-arge. well-filled
, No. 21 tins, 2 for 35c boxes, 6 for 23c
t, ' C 1 A1 r-. li a nfn lAnn I . r-
as wn i wij-c i rrtrLi i Kjjj snect line
...s.o PEACHES Hunt's Supreme. tissue. 3 rolls 25c
Heavy syrup. Cling or rree- 1 2 rolls.... 88c
stone. No. 21 tins, 2 cans 55c SOAP P. and G. White Naptha
6 cans $1.55 j Large bars, 10 for 43c
3-oz. bottles, each
5-oz. bottles, each
earn them was the result of s uiore
or les ldiallstlc impulse illil not,
tli-al value, both to emiei.y.-r and OYSTER COCKTAIL SAUCE
impinyel, end Its cnutimiH'.ifni and ; Sniders large bottle
rislorat'on to - the pr.!eni lime : Snidrr's small bottle
rui.,titut s one of ihe niriol liupor- ftaiv,-.r- Mr ax li
f.nt fonndalim sion-.i uK.n which M't MtAI Hienz
this vast i) gatiinitun nin The 1 -lb. glass jars, each
; pii;i v tilth il .vrapHlles h;n at- "None Such". 2 packages
HBCieil II) us I lie mcne.l iyi Oi 1 1;, k -rU
Casf! 100 bars ...
No. 21 tins, each 19c CANVAS GLOVES Cotton.
4 cans ,. 73c 1 2 pair
39c CURRANTS "Young's" j DRY PEACHES Extra choice
25c ' Fancy reclcaned, 1 5 oz. pack- I Pound ....
I ages, 2 for 43c' 5 Ibs
,43,' n tine assortment oi iresn iruus in t-t.lU5U. Uregon full Cream
35c all Skaggs Stores Oranges, Apples. 2 "lbs.
ee. Bananas, Grapes. Grapefruit, Lemons. SHRIMP Fancy dry pack, can.. ..18c
i and ni-.w to l found In any . . ,. . T,',.. ' ,. ' Cranberries. Celerv and Sweet Pola- A ran, Si nn
similar lnuiue-n In th- world, but rU-M I 1-IJUliM-i menz , : kJ, criAP trmrjo ".-" r-.-j -
for w!i.)ro loj uhy. m.erest anil in-, Medium tins, each 43c m'..""" , , r.. , CH'PS Sw.ft s Quick
trlligence It would be impos Ible CATSUP "Sonoma" Brand. I BKUW N SULiAK Gulden C Naptha. Lare package, 2 for.. ..45c
for n, to successfully opiate our, WV i.... llTlI. 2?r! 10 Ibs 79c SUNURITE CLEANSER, 3 cans....!4c
, i-.- - - nriirnrDrrt enr a u D - TAnirm w i . r ah
-i ure i-niic i iui)av.i.u v civet, rtincc MDert,
48c, Union Leader, 2 cans 25c
more than 300
widely scattered ( pe.l , ' APRICOTS-Good fruit POWDERED SUGAR
in medium syrup
5 lbs
(Ntxt Wesk-"Who Owns
Skaaai Stares?")
No. U tin. 2 for 45c PURE CANE SUGAR "Berry'
Doz. tins JZ.bJ; Brand. IUU ids. ...... .
; CIGARETTES Camels, Chester-
.$6.03: fields. Lucky Strike, 2 pkgs 25c
115 South Stephens St.
Roseburg, Oregon
Itcml those service..' NOTICE JO WATER
Handy Pocket Tin Only 25 C
live tervlies. Services tnnlglit
if'rlday) at '-.CO, sermon by the
, pastor. Our Sunday school i
growlns and we will snon he ever
ihe 10 mark, this l s live
rrlionl and you will tfim it.
Clautes for all competent teacher
In charge. At It .-on rrm'B hy
ho paator, "The yolre of the Tiir
jtle". This will he a hit-'
i mon relative to (he aerund com.
log, be sure to hear the nuiuiii:
mosfuKe. Our younpr reopln meet
at 6:30, heny Is Dumber of real
live young people and you arc
Invited to attend their meetinas.
Evening worfhlp at ::iu. You
should hear this evanaelStlr mes
saKe by th pastor "HOW doe."
YOl It ticket read." Special mu
lc at these services. Week night
services eery Tuesday and Friday
aveninga at iiSD. To You. la
cuiijial welicm exttnded to at
tend these services.
j Hen Ires at Melius Theie
iwtll bo preaching at Melrese on
Sunday mornlns. Kev. Tt. R. Mil
hnllar.d of Kiddle will deliver the
; message. '
0 i.i .
! Mrs. C.eorge Kaicht. of Pays
Creek, spent a fo hoar here
yesterday morning ' attending to
I'U inij aftalit.
', Owing to repair, water w ill be
Ishut olf Saturday, November Jlst
from 1:10 to 2:(HI p. m.. sf feeling
the following diitrlcts: From Jack
son ea?t on Commercial: Kast Sixth
from (ommen'ial south to Fleser
street: Second Avenue South from
Eaxl 3inh to end of Main, and
i all retard s Addition.
9 4
The ladles of the Haptlst 4
church will havo for sals all- i
chicken hot tamalca and candy i
next Maturday, Nov. 21st at 1
Mckean, liarby Raldwln's.
W'iil take orders and deliver.
Phone 10 or JCt-Y.
Heat with gas.