Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, November 04, 1925, Page 4, Image 4

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    Just Like Finding 'Em !
You want a car, of course everybody does, and
perhaps you are considering the purchase of a good
used car. That is the thing to do rather than walk
or drive the team.
' , ' , ' ' '
!:'.- '
We are i pricing used . cars so low
that it seems like Ae buyer is just '
about finding 'em. ', i ; ; .
We Want to Show You Some
of These Bargains
" "
' The cost to you is so low and the terms
so easy that you cannot refuse your fam
ily the privilege of an auto.
If jt is a new car that you want, why, there is noth
ing for the price that wiil compare with any of the
You have been thinking of coming down to talk
over this matter, so pick up" your hat and start
today. . Brothers
Mntnr car enthusiasts of southern
; California were thrilled last week
by a repetition, previously an
1 nounced aa a public demonstration,
of the famous 8tar car high gear
climb from Ban Bernardino to Lake
Arrowhead, over the winding Wa
terman Canyon rdad.
Any doubu as to the authenticity
Of the Star's previous climb, offic
ially recorded in March, were dis
pelled for all time. Crowds gather
ed at the start and finish of the run
and along the route, while a trio of
official observers recorded the feat
which Is unquestionably one of the
most sensational ever witnessed In
toe entire history of motoring In
A standard stock touring car was
used for the run. The car was
equipped with disc wheels and bal
loon tires. ; Top, windshield and
fenders bad been removed as a
safety measure as the driver was
a novice an employee of the Star
Motor Company of California, who
had do claim to fame as a so-ealird
stunt driver picked from among
the shop mechanics and sent out
to drive the car and prova that it
was the Star automobile and not
the driver that had made all the
remarkable high gear demonstra
tions of the past few months.
The climb was announced in San
Bernardino several days previous
to the run. The public was Invited,
through large newspaper advertise
ments, to witness the feat Almost
immediately following the an-
wlth deal'-rs and distributors, fac
tory officials declared there will
probably be produced and shipped
between 17,000 and 18.000 cars
daring November, as compared
i with the 5,000 cara produced in
November of 1924.
I Cable advices from "London lndl.
I cate tbat orders for more than
t250,Utt worth of cars were taken
during ths Oiympia Motor Exhibi
tion Jusf closed, Great Britain's
greatest automobile show, while
other sections of the world report
unusual aalea activities for the fall
.0 .
fresh grape Juice at Overland
Orchards. Bring containers or leave
at Brand's ttoad Stand. Will de
livered when filled.
change in the method of reimburs
ing the government for reclamation
expenditures was advocated today
by Representative Cramton. repub
lican, of Michigan, In a report to
President Coolidge on ae extensive,
inspection of Irrigation projects inl
the west, just completed. I
Representative Cramton, who is.
ehalrman of the house sub-corn- j
mittee, which drafts the interior
department aupropriation bill, said!
settlers should be required to com-1
plete their payments In forty years
with Interest Instead of having re
imbursement to the government
reckoned at five per cent of their
gross crop as the law now pro
vides. He said he was wholeheartedly
fn favor of Secretary Work'8 ef
forts to require payment from the
users of water on reclamation pro
jects and tbat while there was crlt-
lor ail of tStis th&
price is only
i 595 . . Jffiai'
fob. Toledo
aounceroent. It became the chief, icism of the secretary's policy In
inpic or conversattoin among the tie west, largely of a political r.a
The best sales talk ever mode foe the
Overland Standard Sedan was this remark
made by Ae owner of smother make of
light car to hit wife who came m to risk mt
large WtUysAJveriand Sates I
Efficiency in Sleep Now Aim of
Scientists, Who Use College Boys,
'.' Special Beds and a Chronoscope
pfETSBURGH, Nov! I. ' Pittsburgh-
has 12 "experimental
sleepers," who nightly, while rest
ing In the arma of Morpheas, are
aiding- scientists In tests which
are expected to make ths world
a belter place in which to sleep.
A technical study of the psych
ology of sleep it being made by
scientists of the Mellon Institute
of ' Industrial Research and a
dosen boys, atndents at the, Unl-
The recording apparatus attach
ed to each of the experimental
beds will chronicle the decree and
time of movements of the sleeper,
which will Indicate periods whon
there is not complete relnxaton.
Experiments will be made after
a sufficient number of "reading"
are obtained to give a working
basis, usng various types of beds
and bedding In an effort to find
tne most desirable aud sleep-In-
verslty of Pittsburgh and Carnc-iiiuclng condtlon
gle Institute of Technology, are Using the standards as to the
the 'subjects." nr. H. M. John, irate or depth of sleep, it will be
noted for hie scientific work and a matter of record-taking, the
formerly of the faculty of Ohio scientists say, to determine the
State University, ia in charge of 'relationship between sleep under
the work,
' The 12 boys aleep In specially
constructed beds, mounted on
gymbals which permit of easy
lateral motion in the two hori
tojital planes, In opposition to the
teaslbn of light springs, and to
each bed la attached a recording
motorwlse, and many wagrr were
posted before the run started.
Observing this demonstration of
the Star car were George Moran,
representing the San Bernardino
Sun. James L. Marshall, of the Bet
ter Business Bureau of the Jjm An
geles Advertising Club, and Capt.
Jay Boone and Officer Clinton
Kingman of the State Motor Pa
trol. . . . ' -
A large crowd watched the car
leave San Bernardino, and at vari
ous points along the road, eager
watchers were waiting for the car
to finish the run. Many were gath
thered at the Crestll:ie, where the
car was stopped for photographs,
and still more were at (he J.ak Ar
rowhead ' village when the car
reached the summit.
At San Bernardino, 'the grant
wero Prreu , "high", mesh, an,i
the shifting lever removed and
turned over to Unm k i i
newspaperman. It remained In his I OAKI'A'n. Calif.-i-Compart.50ns'
possession unill tho run was ovtor Oakland's undeveloped water-i
-ne car was wnn tne Humors of Portland:
''Invidious and :
the op'n'on of Mayor
lure, the settlers, he tald, are not
antagonistic and believe the gov
ernment is attempting to institute a
more business like program to their
benefit as well as that of the gov
ernment. Representative Cramton said be
was opposed to the present method
of computing .reclamation pay
ments because it Involved compli
cated calculation that bad not prov
en feasible ard i.i the opinion of
experts, would result in stretching
reimbfteuea:s over at least 73
1'reah giupc Juice at Overland
OichicUj. iinng containers or leave
at-Brand's rtuad Slund. Will deliver
when filled.
one condition or another, under
certain types of bedding and In
certain types of beds, under tie j
grees of fatigue and other pro
blems. The scientists will be aided In
their work by the chronoscope, an
Instrument Invented by Dr. Johu-
brought back In Ran n...i, ' ana San Pedro are
under oh. r.n.. ..... .,.. ""' 'libelous'
. me gears
were taken from the rear end for
examination. They were proved to
bo stundard stock units.
o ,
apparatus which indicates every I son. which records such conditions
ehango of posture, both ai to ias mental alertness and the de
flate and extent. 'rren 0f fntlgno nnd efficiency.
1-fcmm3mip,,..T Ml
I ' lxr Price ' 1
III ii
Davie sought In vain to have the ,
city council order motion picture
houses to stop exhibiting pictures j
of the three ports. j
Think these facts orerl
The prife of the Overland Standard
Sedan is onrf $15 higher than the
price of the lowest cost sedan it is
$100 lower than the price of the next
nearest enclosed car. The $15 boy a
standard gliding gear tranamtasion.
honeycomb radiator, full size brakes
note room than in any other light car
boat, big car frame and drive system
and many other features of construe
tion that go to build srp-long and sat
isfactory service.
7The $100 too save is that much"
money in your pocket a study of
Overland specifications will qviddy
pcosst this to yon.
"Here is what you gej
A fall size sedan plenty oT room fof
5 grown people a trim, smartly de
signed car with rjp-to-the-minute lines
polished lacquer finish with nick
eled trimmings beautiful and dur
able upholstery heavy fenders a
. quality cat from stem to stern.
Unusual convenience
is afforded by the wide doors it's
easy to get into the front or rear seats
and the doors are sturdily hung on
four hinges they'll never, sag nor
Clear riding and driving vision
the result of big windows and
the latest type one-piece windshield.
In seven weeks the 'pice wS announced
Sept. 13 this Overland Sedan has upset all
motor car tradition. Today it is the greatest,
popular, favorite the country has eveti known
There are 20 square feet of window;
space it's like riding in an open car.
with all the snug protection of en
closed car construction.
Wonderful power
Is always available in the 27-Korse-power
motor Overland ability in
rough going has always been one re
markable feature of its performance
large valves in the I.-head motor
give smooth power and mote of it
and there are fewer parts than in any
other type of motor construction.
Sturdy drive system
from clutch to axle shafts, the drive
system is the finest that can be put into
any cm Borg Beck type clutch,
one of the finest clutches ever made,
selective sliding transmission. Molyb
denum steel axle shafts, the toughest
steel known, and the axle shaft is as
large as that used in many cars of
double the weight.
Big ear chassis
unusually strong, rigid frame with' '
plenty of bracing Chrome LVana-
Hkrm steel rprirrgj Tlmten 'rorier '
bearings in the front wheels New;
- Departure ball bearings in the rear
wheels Molybdenum steel steering
knuckles only 27 points to lubricate,
as against 35.-60 on other cars.
How Overland can build this car,
simply by advanced manufacturing 1
methods weeding out overhead here
and there planning and studying
every factory procedure. In this Over
land Sedan you get every essential of
big car performance big car equip
ment big car appearance and com
fort and convenience. And with it yon'
get the most surprising economy ever,
known in the light car field. There; .
are years of trouble free service in the
motor there are thousands of miles
of trouble free service in the chassis.
There is everything you are looking
for in this tradition smashing sedan. .
The terms are very easy
a small down payment and IS
months on the balance your old cat
in part payment. Come in. See what
you can really buy. in this cat; priced,
at $595. .
Some Idea of how greatly this
rail a motor business exceeds that
of a year ago Is awn In the sales
and production figures of Wlllys
Overlnnd, Inc., for October and for
the period from January 1 to Oc
tober 20. ism. M, llcrt
wells and Chase, local distributors
for these cars.
Por the year to October 20 Wll-lys-Overland
shipment, totaled
more than ears as coin-
i"1"'" wiin i:ii;.7. for ih
I period or last year.
MODESTO. Calif. A death bed '
statement by J. C. Nattrtss of Tu
olumne county accused Charles '
Plummer, half breed Indian, of !
shooting him twice through the leg. I
Nat tress died before the com pie-1
tlon of the statement. j
BAKF.nSFIEU), ' Cal. George I
Bouchen roeelviil fninl tnlm-t,,. '
when his automobile was overturn-1
ed by a whirlwind on' the highway
near nero.
317 North Jackson Street Roseburg Phone 399
Greater Heauty
"Plus Tiner "Performance
- ' "Plus Lower Price
. J&tom" But All Three
Without question the Oldsmobilc Coach
occupies a class of its own an unmatched
value. Comparison and demonstration prove
conclusively that no other automobile oilers
you tuch- Beauty such Performance at
such Low Price. Let us give you a demon-'
stration one ride will tell the whole story.
' ' Touring $875. Coach $950, Sedan $1023
LOS ANOKl.ES It. C. Mlllerj
was arrested last niKht as the al-
leged embezzler of two carloads of
wneat in Kansas a tuv years ago.
Detectives say he altered a bill of
tailing while working as a railroad
coinclerk In Newton. Kansas, and
corre-i caused HO.SuO pounds of wheat to
n au-ihe consigned to himself at Kansas
KEt.SO. Wash. Mrs. Cora Zark.
menied mother of nine children.
ld approximately 1.1.000 cars, In-
mming mat hetween in.Diio and I
21.000 cars will be built during', ,
..........,..,, mure mat will
break all proiluetlon records for
October shipments and production '
m company history. This figure :
compares with the October proilue
tlon of 192-1 which totalled approxl-1
malely lo.otxi cars.
Orders tor more than-13,000 cars
for November delivery are now on
ni"'d "d. after a cnn-ful checkup
who has lived for 20 years on a
lonely homestead in the upper Kal
'ama Itiver Valley, killed her
youngest son, Gilbert, five, by
hacking his head oft with an ax.
She was brought hero by the sher
iff after a neighbor had notified
authorities of the tragedy.
Men's suits Cleaned ana pressed
St. So. Koeeburg Cleaners, phon
439 N. Jackson St Phone 593
, i
TMsVHKsS3Bslf i
It will toon be time to glvo -that
car an overhauling and
In doing so Dear in mind that
Auto Wrecking
129 N. Main St.
will save yon money on the
parts you nerd. Bear In
mind, do not forget, money
saved Is money earned.
Phone 553
1 4 m
T,rr-rr Tii :. :
They held an automobile rare less than a quarter of a century.
In linntlr.gton Park, near Los An- The race was won by a 1902 Old.4
geles. recently that did not cx- mo'ille, which bested two other
eeed the speed limit. It was a makes of about the same age.
battle between three old timers At times the Olds dashed along
and. while no records were made, at a rdte of fully 15 miles an
it showed the great strides Ihe hour. Small boys were cnrrled la
automotive industry has made in the "racers, ' either as ballast or
to helfl pu?h, if necessary. The
lini'iue contest was staged by Les
lie H. Lnmley, Huntington Park
Oldmcbile dealer. Tho photo
graph shows the "racers" lined
tin for the start. Lnmley is
standing at the side of the Olds
nioolle ready to fire the Starting
You cannot expect any oth- ,
cr usrd car leader to have
the same interest as the
Ford authorized Dealer in
seeing thut you Ret the best
u;icd Ford lor the money
you invest.
C A. Lockvocd Motor Co.
Oak and Rose Sts. Roseburg, Oregon
iuii.isi'ra '.' Tijifwssarryiyr'ips"
half of certain Oregon interests, incisure of the use of and dntnaco
Mr. Crawford seeks to viave the10 'ne highways so tar devised or
M'nited States Courts Invalidated ru'"Cteo.
line law of Oregon providing lor nnTiep NOT ."iinwrn m
the present g.isullno tax which la.8 UTLE",?, ,rb. -'used
for the construction and '. FINISH CLEAN-UP TASK
I maintenance of the hlgliwajs. 1 WASHINGTON, Nov.s 4. Ilrlga-
Mr. Lemen states that tho sine dl'r General Smedlcy D. Butler,
cpethtors of this state throurh wno has been serving as head of
tiiu Orecon Motor Stape Aa.-.iria- ,n8 Philadelphia police depart
tlon. representing 95 per cent of ment under leave of absence, must
;th. stare interests of Oregon, return to duty with the Marine
Ihnvo several times gone oi record Corps January 1.
jpnliilcally and offlelnlly. as beiiii; l Further extension of General
Aecordng to Mr. ft. W. Lemen, jln favor of, not only the present Butler's leave, which began two
manager of Ihe Oregon Stare i gasoline tax, but an Inereasa t.i years ago, was denied yesterday
System and a member of ths Ore-it til." tax if additional fjnds aril by President Coolldge, who, In s
gon Motor Stage Association, the 'needed for oon'trurtlon anu main- letter to Mayor Kendrick of Phita
organlied stage operators of the itenanre of our highways, their delphia. said there was no new de
state are rot in sympathy with j position being that the gasoline velopment warranting change In
the attack on the gasoline ux,ua .together with a lloen-e fee his position, set forth a year ago.
made by Mr. W. H. Crawford in based on ths welgat of vehicle. , tbs) the arrangement shiid end
IBs United States Courts ia be-!. the Uiiest and moss eiuable at Ue close of the year.