Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, November 02, 1925, Page 3, Image 3

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Wednesday, Nov. 4 th
V 9:00 A.M.
Saturday, Nov. 14th
Everything Reduced
Note Clcse Out Prices '
On Wool Piece Goods
Wool Serges, Crepes,
$1.49 a yd.
Regularly $2.25 to $2.50 value..
About a dozen pieces, big variety of
56-In. Coatings, $2.59 a yd.
Polaire cloth, with nib
dued plaid patterns,
very heavy. Color, tan
and brown. Priced hard .
to believe. $3.50 values.
50-In. Coatings, $1.59 a yd.
Regular $2.50 value, color, brown.
Great bargain.
36-in. Wool Baptiste, .
Etc., 79c
Several pieces of this well known ma
terial. One of red serge. .
56 Wool Skirtings,
$2.59 a yd.
Finest of wool materials, mostly dark
with beautiful stripes. Reg. $4.00
40 and 48-in. All Wool
Plaids $1.89
Excellent pattern, such a. can be used
in combination with velvet for sport
suits. $3.00 and $4.00 value..
58-in. Coats and Dresses
Woolens, $2.98
Dark goods, very best quality, with pin
check pattern, $4.25 value.
56-in. Silk Figured Wool
Price $3.25. Regular $4.00 value. Ex
cellent for wool dress or skirt.
42-Jn. Wool Crepe, $1.79
Several colors. Regular $2.25 value.
56-in. Tweed Coatings,
$1.79 a yd.
Remarkable close out value. Regular
$3.50 value. Good quantity, but speak
early. .
54-in. Blk. and White Check
For suits, skirts, dresses. Regular fash
ionable small check. All wool. Regular
$3.50 value.
42-in. Wool
Plaids, 98c
Regular $2 and $1.59
54-in. Jersey Suitings, $1.79
Regular $2.50 value. Several colors.
36-in. Comfort Challies, 20c
Best material for comforts a low
Baby Flannels, yard wide,
Regular 35c value, all colors.
32-in. Ginghams, 19c
Checked and striped pattern- Regular
25c and 29c value..
Only a few words are necessary. The prices
tell most of the story. It has been a long time
since our last big sale. This is a big one. We
believe many are waiting and now is the
time. Let the prices tell the rest., ' '
Better Service Better Merchandise
, Roseburg, Oregon
You will find most things any family needs for
winter wear at this sale. That makes it most
important. The goods are those you need and
want, and priced to start activity in every
household. Remember, winter and the gay
holidays are just ahead I '
i n n ,r
Will low prices move several thousand dollars worth of goods for us? Well, we will see. For ten days
we will cut so low you will think we are selling out. , You will buy. Cost price is no consdieration in
a case of this kind when we decide the goods must be sold out
36-in. Cotton Serge and Plaids, 33c
Such a value only at a close out price. Good, long pieces.
56-in. Checked Flannels, $2.59
A variety of colors. Best of wool material. Regular $3.50
values. v
Remnants in one to three
yard length. all , colore
all kinds. Priced for a rem
nant clearance.
$2.00 Crepe de Chine $1.70
$2.25 Crepe de Chine $1.90
$2.50 Crepe de Chine $2.12
r mm
$3.50 Crepe de Satin,
All Colors, $3.00 a yd.
Towel Special, 19c
Huck Towels 30x 18 in.
Turkish Bath Towels 40x20
Big Special .'.'.'.1.. .....23c
Outing Flannel, Special, 18c
Standard grade, white outing, 27 in. wide' and
limited quantity.
36-in. Outing, 29c
Regular 35c value. Best quality plain and striped,
all colors. .
Lumber Jack
Leading plaids for both girl,
and boy., all sizes.
44.95 values, now. $4.05
$7.85 values now $6.67
Sweater Specials
I lot Ladies and child's.
Your choice .$1.00
I lot ladie. wool, silk, sev
eral type.. A close out
t $3.98
All Sweater. . in this store
will be reduced.
, 36-in. Percales,
Regular 2 5c values.
Good patterns.
36-in. Striped Cretonnes, 29c
Good for . shirting, upholstering a
variety of, uses. Fast colors. Reg. 40c
'10-4 Bleached Seetings
10 Days Sale, While They Last
There are new coats just received for this sale these and all regular
'fall stock now on hand all are cut to a new low mark. This is the
b'g price cut of the year on coats and we have gone the limit.
Two Remarkable Groups
67c a yd. Extra quality. , A remarkable
; : -
9-0 Bleached Sheeting
t 59c a yd. ' -
Reliable quality. Very special.
9-4 Pequot Sheeting, 64c
Best standard grade of sheeting very
36-in. Pajama Check,
19c a yd.
A wonderful buy in white goods. Ex
cellent in material.
36-in. Lingette, 64c
Another special value that is unbeat
able. This is the well known lingerie
material. All colors.
Good fur on collars and cuffs of
most of these coats of Veloria, Po
laire, New Scotch Check,. Suede
cloth, etc. Some tailored without
fur. Close out price-
Excellent materials and trimmed
with rich fur in new shaded color
ing. These coats were valued to $30
and up. Close out price
$ 1 8.85$23.85
One Group Priced at $14:85
Conde Coats of highest quality of material and trimmings, marked down from
$29.00. $32.50, $31.00 $46.00, $50.00 and up.
Not a Coat reserved.
Closing out all numbers in low price range.
Undreamed of values.
A group of Silks, Balbriggans, and
some wool suits included.
Great Reductions
on Phoenix
Fast Color Play Cloths, 25c
Regular 35c value, includes school day, Large
c i: -i-.L- tit : "5 .
iiuiH. -iiu yiay uuiin, yji. m. models,
wide.) quickly.
All gTades are included real close
out values
All $1.50. $1.65 Phoenix Hose, now $1.00
All $1.25 Silk and Wool Phoenix. .85c
All $1.00 Phoenix Hose 73c
All $1.39 Phoenix Silk, Wool and Silk 93e
Mostly wool, several plaid and
check flannels, including outing num
bers. Up to size 5 2 J.
Exceptionally good values. New
Silks, new bright trimmings.
16 to 42.
We have a line of party dresses just in $22.50 each.
group, mostly
Sizes 1 6 to
Silk Umbrellas, $2.98
Several, best grade silk, long handle,
very artistic, at close out price. Regular
$5.00 to $7.50 value.
Bob-rellas, New, $3.00 -
Very new short handle style, fine silk ,
Pequot Sheets, $2.07
81x108 in. Regular $2.45.
Fine Quality Sheets, $1.49
Size 81x90. Regular $1.75.
Hope Pillow
Cases, 34c
Size 42x36.
Pequot Pillow Cases 42c
42x36 Size. Regular 50c.
' Silk Georgette Blouses, .
Closing out all numbers regardless of
cost. English broadcloth, crepe, pon
gee. all sizes, all colors.
Cotton Tub Blouses. $1.79
Closing out entire stock. Values to
$2.50 in organdie flaxon,' dimitie.
Fine Lingerie
Two-piece suits, vests and step-ins.
Regular $4.50 value, now $3.29
Two-piece voil Lingerie, pastal shades.
now $1.49, $2.29, $2.98
Corset Special, 98c
Closing out several numbers of R. &
G; V. Gossard Corsets.
Brassiers and Corsets '
Entire stock on sale at big reduction
for this 10 days' sale.
Indian Head Cloth I 36-in. Lingerie Crepe, 32c
)2 in. width now 25c Light colors with flower designs, yard
36 in. width now 33c
46 in. width now . 42c
54 in. width now Sic
63 in. width now 59c
Ladies' Silk and Wool
Union Suits?$l. 49,
$1.90, $2.12
Standard made garments. Reg
Jar value, up to $2.50,
wide? regular 39c value.
. Children's Union Suits,
Munsing wear, heavy cotton suits, all
$1.50 Union Suits now $1.28
$3.39 Wool Munsing Suits $2.03
All Munsing Underwear
Now Reduced
New Wool Plaid
Hose, $1.37
The new sport hose in wool.
regular $1.50 value and just
Our Special $1.98
Silk Hose Now $1.70
All colors either regular
silk or chiffon.
Cotton Hose Special,
Children's Sweaters
$4.50 values, some slightly
Limited quantity in brown.
Children's Cotton
Hose, 21c
Our reeular numbers. Buster
Brown and Munsing make. Curtain Scrim, 19c
Regular 25c, extra value. Colors, white, cream, acorn.
Terry Cloth Drapery
Regular $1.50 value, beauti
ful coloring.. .
Cretonne Drapery,
Several piece., regular 40c
-jc value..
Vednecd-y, I':t. Ci
V Saturday, Kov. Kij
Everything Red-c: J
Shoes Dept Offers ,
Unrivaled CIinc3
Here are Outstanding Clan
ket Values on Sale -
About I dozen and a
half all wool, full bed
size blankets $10.39.
Regular $12.50 value
Some slightly foiled.
Wool Nap Blankets, $3X3
' Special lot, plain pattern, in acru, lav
ender, blue and pink. - ' . .- .:
" 1 ' ...
All Blankets Reduced . .
For Fall Clearance Sale
Boys' Fabric Raincoats
.pedal lot cut to the core. See display
Men's Khaki Wool Shirts,
Special value, sizes 14 to 17.'
Men's Work Shirts 69c
Fine Chambrgy Cheviot. Regular 89c
to 98c value
Men's Light Weight Unions,.
89c ;.
' Fro' those who wear
lightweight underwear
the year around. Nain-,
sook Athletic Balbrig
gins, $1.00.
Men's Silk Hose, 69c
Regular $1.00 value, the cream of our
stock. 3 pain. $2.00.
Men's Lisle and Art Silk
Value, to 65c now39c, 3 prs. $1.00.
Fine Grade Cotton Sox, 19c
AH colors, a guaranteed how. 6 prs.
$1.00. "
Boys' All Wool Knickers,
Regular $2.25 values.
" Boys' Caps, 89c
Regular value, to $1.25. All color
and sizes.
Men's Broadcloth Shirts,
Also airplane cloth shirt, in white and
tan color
Men's Cotton Sweaters,
Sturdy all-cotton sweater, gray color,
fine for knockabout wear. '
Men's All Wool Sweaters,
4 pocket, coat style, value, to $6.50.
Boys' School Sweaters
All sizes and colon, several very spe
cial price.
Pumps, Shoes, Oxfords
Every pair reduced tor
fall clearance sale,
with exception of only
5 number.
150 pain ' children'
(hoe and pump, 8
to 1 1, special at $1.68
Special price now on men and wo
men's Hi-Cut with Mocassin toe.
About 500 pair women pumps, ox
fords and shoes, special at $1.00,
$1.85, $2.85, $3.85, $4.85. Value
regular to $ 1 0.00.
100 pain men' shoes, oxfords, etc
special at $2.87.