Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, December 02, 1921, Page 3, Image 3

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During This
Bargains That
Put Money
In Your
I w SB f 1
9:00 O'CLOCK A. M.
For this time of the year we nre greatly overstocked, and desire very much to turn this merchan
dise into money as quickly as possible. We have decided therefore to open a campaign of CUT
PRICES and NO PROFITS that will turn these goods into cash in a hurry. In this PRE-IIOLI-DAY
CLEARING SALE a large and exclusive stock will be thrown open and subjected to CUT
PRICES that you will thoroughly appreciate. This stock consists of LADIES' READY TO
WEAR garments and accessories all regular stock, NEW, DEPENDABLE and STYLISH
carefully selected and purchased for our particular clientele. Make your CHRISTMAS shopping
easy and a pleasure, buying useful and sensible gifts NOW at this pre-holiday money saving sale.
December 3rd
9:00 O'CLOCK A. M.
Dresses, Kimonas
Skirts, Middies
fu'jOJBArf tM
Petticoats, Aprons
Evening Gowns
Waists, Cloves
Hair Goods
Coats, Hosiery
Bath Robes .
Suits, Umbrellas
Silk Gloves
Sweaters, Purses
Silk Shirts
Mocha Gloves
Corsets, Brassiers
Silk Envelopes
Kid Gloves
Evening Gowns values up to $32.50
aj iiiiim i n ii rural rrr
Ladies' Fleeced Vests and Pants
SALE 35c
Fine Quality Union, regular price
CUT TO $1.35
Extra Fine Skirts, reg. price $28.50
CUT TO $14.50
White VoileWaists, vals. up to $1.50
gzsssaas-g ---..-iigzzre r , .rr
Not An Item
Prices Cut
To the Limit
Juc'gs Bingham Holds That
Road Districts Are Not
( Corporations.
Wi ll Try l Make
!r Vt"' a Son's Kar ns
t iiii ilulity
a Silk
a Mil-Dis.
liinliam says.
1. i
H'nal ri
road n-'i- .
t-r,. i,.E:iv ,,
rr 0f in..
l; alti'rninni !,v
Hn;ha:ii of iho ',
""n the Tit ,
" f J. K K ,
"tol -fsl-l. t i;.
r. tn-.intv.'i
iU " '",',';. i-,
J f tV eve ,1,
"".nri'y ;n
" tax
'-n ti
and t
'lv rr.rn; 11
':-l f
f -ini.-ir-ni .,,.,.
" hold n tax
""r holding I),,,
had ni i,.
J 'o op. n h
t Tl
court 1
- -ii ,x r-v. i .
r.f pvh.,,,,,
-l no p.,
dm a .
I To .,
C'1 'an n.iV
Tim; (lie j:.3
'I lavs voted bv
- of Marion coun--1
on .ovei:;iior 5.
iii'. rendered
.Indo Coorgo (;
i'rii!' lO'iii in nl
mandamus in the
' representing
"I'd Oscar Stecl-
i o! his nicinornn
' I'l l to hi i.l "that
Mil? unci rn
eluding road districts, school dis
tricts, towns, etc.. must make a bud
:ot to go Into effect Ihe first of the
oar. If this were hold constitution
al It would throw out the special
taxes voted by several districts and
would create great confusion. It was
bold by several counties that the
road districts had no authored or
sanizaUo , and consequently had
i n power lo consider budgets. For a
group of people within a road dis
trict to get together and form a bud
got without authorization, would not
So lesal and consequently all of the
counties of the state were In a quan
dary. In order to settle the matter,
Marion county took the case Into
court for legal Interpretation with
ihe result that Judge Itlngham rules body welcome.
that a road district cannot bo Included.
This is a striking semion, and one
hat should be heard. There will be
peclal musical features, liible school
ut 9:45. Every Sunday the liible
school is filled, and great interest is
shown. Y. P. S. O. K. ut 6:30; sub
ject. ,-Thv Will be Done With Mv
1 lhilia " A or.rHfnl u-nlf.,.nw 1 nil
Dillurd SI. "i:. Cliurrli Sunday,
Dec. 4. Sunday school at 10 a. in.;
preaching at 11; Kpworth League
ut G:30 p. m. Come, wo will do you
good; everybody come. N- M.
Shrode, Pastor.
Ten Mile M. K. CTiurch Sunday,
Dec. 4. Sunday school at 10 a. in.;
preaching in owning at 7:30. Kvery-
Here From Wllliur
Mrs. Charles Staten and daughter,
of Wilbur, were In this city today for
several hours,
fn From filendnle
I,. L. Hurd, the Glendale postmas
ter, spent several hours In this city
today attending to business matters.
Water will be shut off Sunday,
forenoon, D-c. 4tli, 1921, from 8 a.
to 10 a. m. affecting all of North
Itoseburg north of Douglas street.
riilnft von will Hn
!us good. N. M. Shrode. Pastor.
Methodist KpiHCopal church, Son lb,
corner Main and Lane, J. I). Necd
ham, minister. Sunday school at
9:45, W L. Cobb, Supt. The entire
membership ought to be present and
study the bible. There are classes
for all agos. Preaching service at 11
a. m. anU 7:30 p. m. Subject for
tho morning hour, "At Eaae In
The evening service, "Faith
and Doubt." Kpworth League ser
vice at 6:30; subject. "Life Service,
Thy Will be Done With our Plants."
Leader, Mrs. Need ham. Prayer
meeting on Wednesday at 7:30 p.
Hi. All are welcome to all services.
1 1.
Presbyterian, L. Dowrlng Quick,
Minister Sunday school at !):45;
morning worship at 11. Junior ser
mon, "Thorns." Morning topic,
"Wings of a Dove." 3 p. m., tinion
nei'vieo. conducted by Christian vi
'Workers linnd. everyone in ine
Icily, especially young people, are in
Ivirod. 6:30 p. in.. Christian En
deavor. Topic, "Thy Will be Done."
VI. With Vy Tlans. Leader. Mar
garet Millikin. 7:30 p. m.. evening
service; topic, "God Is Light." Every
one welcome to these services.
First M"lliedist Church, Hov. W.
x-ornnn. puaior. i Bchool D. P. Coshow. Supt. "The
I'.rol power nml i'limrtrly communion occasion. At
"fecial mad dis-111 o'clock the pastor will give a
'"! tar was not lnort address on "Why We Should
n of the hiirigot j"biorvo Ihe Lord's Supper." after
' a 1. ml tax nn.l 'v.-hich it will be administered. We
are especiauy anxious " " I Message by the pastor on ' Tho Value
Pt-rjT rfUJafortoaatcS pop)t? are gnraiy laty.
-the -table and opsefcs , Z jff
oihar- side has I I I V KVV. R
"or !inrld Immrili
'i i i-x'enrt nle tax as
1 ir of U'21."
"' read district as
aMnn nn-l roiiuiros
i ro tiiiR h,.fore
"a. t!i" county as-
' tiie bivll'ot meet-
ii" ii and then fore
is ho
First Itnptist 1iurcli, corner of
Lane and Hose streets, II. L. Ca!d
well. Minister. 9:45 a. m., church
Pear of God Is the beginning of wis
dom." Dring the children and let
tho church school help you to teach
thein the word of God. You also
will be profiled. Classes for nil
rges. 11 a. m., morning worship.
children, nnd ft cordial Invitation Is
extended to all others. We believe
in Ihe "open communion" and all
are welcome. In the evening at 7:30
tl.oro will hp an Inspirational ad
dress on "The History and Present
Work of the F.pworth League."
I s to extend Mre fascinating than fiction Is the
"cnra or tneir worid-wme activities.
I t'-at th ro "as n')l'rr", y"ri5 people are planning to
1 ;: t o kror, the ree- rnake this a raily servlrv. following
" no lowing board ,nn,r "nl meetlnp at 6:30. There
- ' ti.T'?or -i will bo special music nt each service
a:t: I' .ti'e nf mu'ilcl- ''""ier Ihe direction of Mrs. A. N.
" The romi i-on jOrcxit t. with Mrs. C. S. lleinllne as
.xirs. loungs orcnei-
you heard ihom? The Sunday school
meets at 9:45. with clnses for nil
nire. Mid-week service Wednesday
at 7:30.
4lrltlnn Tor. Pln ad Wood-
ister. The minister has returned
;'rom the meetlrg he was holding at
icania Clara, and will be In h's pulpit
both morning and evening. Morning
elect. "Tl-e Crest While Throne
n 1 rUla'ivo fl-,i ,ra ' doing splendid work.
mi; , i;'H
rmd rt'
'p rool
'ri-t a now
il'ni of ir
"ike a 'silk
of Christianity." If you are one of
Ihe many of this community who
shows by your action that you think
the cause of Christ Is of Indifferent
xalue. then you will appreciate this
message. You are cordially Invited.
B:30 p m., joung people's meeting.
Young people with life. Intelligence,
and Ihe spirit of Christ nltend these
meetings". It Is a good place to he.
AH young people ore more than wel
cune. 7:30, evening worship. Mes
Fae by the pastor. The meetings
l rn Informal, cordial, nnd Irelpful.
You may be a fireside Christian
every other night In the week, but
ought to be In Ihe hnne nf Cod on
the evening that closes the laird's
f ny. Non-Christians are eseclally
J" " Out ,,f
1 i. r.' ... i
.l x for a rnmnll.n..
- nZ" ' " !r' ' '1'v ' taken out of , !,ri1 R(v- C. II. Hilton
l-. r ,v ! '" ''i" tax Is voted
, !lr, bnar.,;. '"! " ""I by
in imn.... 1 l ' ' Re ,repi n nun i nrone.
l. ,. "" Conntiea f the ' """"K U"J-1 win on. ini-
. V . . Mmw n . 1. T 1 1 , , . , , . . . .i
inunlciii.llil iMTinn , learij manuesiea.
uunicipauuct In- and tn homu. elements ax shown
kela tut
the Divine wa Clearly Manifested.'
Mrs. L. C. Klose cf Los Angeles,
ho has been spending several weeks
here visiting wl:h her parents, left
this morning for Kiddle whore she
will visit a short lime.
Out of a flivver. Makes her more
owerful, and economical, too. The
loach Ttattery system for Forda.
Wives haven't much oje for blondes;
The -fellow who writes "the cifenrette .
pr-obably n offshoot of the Ananias -famiy.
fSK dowtrt Tnattef how
Av? are it there
S&rt ' re enooth.
It's about time -fche bosses -formeA -their- om
union. nd raised their own. wabes.
:VvS,V m)
vV' r :"L' how9- vo m
1 II n l
tnore -than, a X
miss'in.' -Trorct t:t'HS
-tooth." (.JV
Dinner Party
At Umpqua Hotel
A lovely dinner party was given
Inst night at 8:15 In the banquet
room of the Umpqua hotel by Misses
Kdna Lough ami Zonule McDonald
in honor of Miss Maxine Sykes who
loaves Tuesday for Los Angeles
where she will spend two months
Clever and unique favors, consist
ing of celluloid animals, bugs, but
terflies, and dolls, nnd artistic place
cards decorated each place. A do
llghtful time was enjoyed by six or
Miss Sykes" girl friends who all Join
ed In wishing her a pleaBant time
during her slay In California. The
guest list Included Misses Mario Vo
rolnohl of Sutherlln. Evelyn Hogers,
Hello nrldges, Maxine McLaughlin,
the guest of honor Miss Maxine Sykes
nnd the hostesses. Misses Edna
Lough and Zonnlo McDonald.
Feud of 30 Years '
Is Remembered
SALEM. Dec. I. The visit or Em
melt Dalton, once notorious hank
linnfltt. In Rnlem this wpek has beeli
of peculiar Interest to three men of
this city.
These three men are II. I... L. F..
and It. W. Marster. former resi
dents of Neodosha, Kan., and their
Interest In the former bandit cen
ters about the fact thnt a nephew,
Lucius M. Daldwln. was one of the
three citizens of Cofleyvllle, Kan
killed In Ihe battle In thnt city In
October. 1892. In whl"h Ihe famous
Dnlton gang was rout mI, only Kmett
escaping with his life, and ho oes
lierntelv wounded.
Although the tragody occurred
nearly 30 years ago tho Marsters
have never been able to forget or for
give the slnylng of llaldwln, who
was advancing on the bandits with
a revolver lu his hand when he was
shot uown.
. o-
Thousands Want
' Hangings Stopped
SALEM. Dee. 2. A petition with
"several thousand names attached"
ntklng for the coiuiiiulailon of Ihe
sentence of John Hallilo and r.ivie
Klrby for their part In the murder
i f Til Taylor. Pendleton sheriff,
from the ilenth penalty to life Im
prisonment, is In the possesion of
the office of Governor Olcoll. With
'hla petition are two or thrco hund-
' Ir" to'i,Htlng the same
hlng, whllo on the other tide there
ar twenty or thirty letter askln
linat he Midi la tno dcclalon at the
1 co arte.
Died, at her home in Myrtle Creek.
Nov. 30, 1921, Mrs. Levlna Ackert,
aged 78 years. 4
Thus ends another long, useful
lire. "Grandma." as she was famil
iarly known to all her friends, was
loved anil respected by all who knew
her. The bereaved family have tho
sympathy of the entire community.
The funeral will be Held at the Meth
odist church Friday at 2 p. m.
Out of long years of struggle.
And days oft filled with pnln.
She has passed to life eternal,
Our loss is but her gain.
n it 1 1 .. 1 1 1 n 1 , . ri...l.
v. fi. imin'j unit kum ui ireci v-f.-iv
attended the funeral of John C. Elder
at Myrtle Creek Wednesday.
Eldon Wood of Eugene spent the
Thanliofflirlnff rinllrlnva with tils nar.
cuts, Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Wood.
Jirs. wyKorr or isorin iienci, who
Is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
tiuiey, sang at ine t nriniinii iiuim
last Sunday at both morning: and
evening services.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hamm of Pen
dleton are spending a few weeks hero
1 1 , .... a u q 11 (I
VinitiUK r:iULi.T, nn .j .-muo ......
Incidentally, missing one or two
i I H I Will- ll'-l "
organized here last week. Mrs. O. R.
Hates was elected president; sirs. v..
O. March, vice-president, and Mrs.
Perl Wilder, secretary. The grade
-1. 1 1 bva aneA short nro-
CIlllUltTll F. ' " P.
gram after which a bo social wns
given, tho proceeds going 10 ins mu
letlc fund for the high school.
There Is a good deal of slcknuess
n this community at present.
Mrs A. W. Coswell Is quite 111.
Mrs. It. W. Reynolds Is Visiting hor
friends at Glendale.
Mr. and Mrs. Fnrrar nre moving
to their new homo In town.
Posters are out announcing a re
turn engagement for Blegrlst ft Ce
rtnrstrnni In another wrestling niatrii
here Friday night. If our city offi
cials can do nothing to prevent : this
disreputable crowd of blacklisted
Itoseburg hoodlums wno wr ......
before, from coming back l '
other such dlsgraroiui ..ou..
. ..... ihe rot or ine
coV MyrM0rck to take"
hand and give them sucu
that it will forever be -ar",n
such trh to stay whore they be-
Uing. r.lnnl
Dr lloiick mane ..
visit to Myrtle Creek MondnT.
Come In and Inspect the new
Rosch Battery Ignition System for
Fords. Let us show you n-
matces Ford engine more powerful,
economical end dependable