Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, November 07, 1921, Page 2, Image 2

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luatl Dll piec
B W . nun i. Wftorlr it"l Hie
D.My. pr yesr. by mall
Pally. al Bmnlhs. by mall J
By Csrrtsr. Tor munlb
" h Alaoclaled Prn
Milled lo tha uia for republication of
all 'nfta illipatchaa credited to It or
not Otberwlae credited Ui thla paper
aad aleo the local newn published here
in. All rlBlita of republication or l
fwl rtupaeuhea riereinare alau reeervad
Cnli red ae aecond-rljin matter Al:y
IT. liD. at the poet office at liuerburx,
fwri.n, undei the Act of March K. PIT
itimcburg. Ore., Xove ruber 7, IU21.
Bf Strt tl Sattt
About a month an 1'iune IMi kin's
contained an Itt'in tombing on the
excellent qualities of a wedge ul
huckleberry ile ami about audi
elge Ileitis the fli-t word ill chuck.
Ye ed. Ihot at the lime pvriuiM some
kind reader would lake the liiul ami
paaa around Hip pie but this morn
ing, when we were most giving up
the butt hope, the plume Untiled ami
a voice ranie over the wire with the
mewgiKe that a Jar of hucklrlierrleit,
already for the pie, hail lieen I' ll at
our houiie. And now we're happy
Kltnln. Thank you. Mm. Iloiuk!
lieautoiip thanks!
VK were at a movie allow
The other night.
And Whilst I he picture
Didn't particularly interest us
There was a little monkey
That hail nothing to do with the
Plot or the purpose
Of the play;
Itnl every time
The monkey appeared on the
Kcreen people laughed.
And a younK lady
Who sat behlntl us
Would remark:
"Ain't It too cute?"
About twenty fines
The young laily said:
"Ain't It too cute?"
And If we were the young man
Who waa with the young lady
We would buy her a monkey
If It took our hist nlcklc.
We hear there la a man employed
at the courthouse who does nothing
but fill Ink wells. Who haa the job
of distributing chewing gum to the
A sixteen year obi member of the
high school English class Jusl In
formed ye ed. that thla la "tood
Speech" week and naked ua to plenae
be a "leetle" careful of our grain
mer. Now if ye ed. ha.t to conform
to the rules of grammnr, rhetoric and
algebra to conduct thla colyuin we'd
Just aa well discontinue our efforts
for the v. eel:, r.tit In rebut wp
rise to ask the high achnol atudent
one tpiealiou: "Hill )u please re
frain Inun using audi football yells
aa: Ooki, wow, wow, oski, wee,
The home team that loaea ofteocat
Is mother and father.
Those abort skirts are emharaatdng.
They make my color rise.
Whene'er I see a llialil go by
I stand with downcast eyes.
A lioston man broke his neck
chasing bis wife. There's a novelty.
We've knoun of a man breaking hla
neik while chasing a girl befme the
wedding, lint this is the first time
. we ever heard of one breaking it af
terwards. I
"The demure, ahi'lnking tyiv of
maiflen used to be able to walk lo
the nltar Hh I lie niatrimonuil
: haeon," complains Mis l-Ula keete,
, "11111 Ibe one who brings home the
husband nnivndava seems l lie Ihe
one who grain him and bites her
Initials in bis cheeks."
I'nder the head of city improve
ments we lake great pleasure this
evening In presenting to you our
Western t'nlon messenger who Just
donned a new is-a-grecn iinlfono. All
lie needs to make Ibe disguise per
fect Is a pair of wings on his heel
like Mercury and when we told him
alsiiit Mercury Ibis a. m., he disdain
fully answered, "The only mercury
what 1 knows altout is the doe In
the thermometers."
I.ady timllva, Ihe flame with the
long hair who dashed around some
ancient village sans clothing,
wouldn't rre-ite much of A Ktir now
adays unless she happened to bob
her hair. t
Dear ed. of Prune Plekln's: When
and how Is Ibe best way to dig po
tatoes? Ana: If you take our ndvlce,
you'll wait mil II the ground freezes
and then blast them out with dyna
mite. There Is no sorting, as the ex
plosion blows Ihe small ones out of
sight and no dirt adheres to the big
1 ones.
! And then If you can't find all of
your iMitatoea and you're plum-disgusted
with life on this orb why
not cheer tip by ordering the Prune
I Plekln's Winter Annual and tlie
Cly. Police Khamhrook aiys the
holm crop Is shaping up nicely and
the production this season will be as
hungry as ever.
"The most necessary hook for
every' college student Is dad's check
"Tanlae must be a wonderful
medicine to do what It has for my
little six-yeur-old girl," eald Mrs. S.
I'. Temple, who resides at 464 East
Clay St.. Portland. Oregon, recently.
"Maxine had been suffering from
loss of appetlre for a year or Dior
Nolhlng seemed to agree with her
and it's a mystery to me how she
lived on the little she would eat. Her
kidneys were disordered and weak,
too, and sbe was so thin, pale and
puny looking that I was uneasy
about her all the time. She was dull
and languid all the time and never
wanted lo get out and play like other
"Well, my dad had been helped so
much by Tanlac that we all think it
the grandest medicine In the world.
I didn't know of course how it would
act on my little girl, but I had her
take a bottle anyway and it Is simply
astonishing how it has brought her
out. She eats like a pig, everything
agrees with her and she no longer
looks or acls like the same child.
Her kidneys arc in much better con
dition, too, and she Is Just bubbling
over with energy. Why, she's "but
nt play all the time. I Just can't keep
her in the house. I am so thankful
to see my little girl so healthy and
hearty that I Just can't praise Tan
lac enough."
T.inlac is sold in RoBeburg by W.
F Chapman's Pharmacy and by
leading druggists everywhere.
Alleged Auto
Thieves Arrested
II. nryan and Glenn Kline were ar
rested Saturday evening charged
with the thert of the Ford car be
longing to John Kruze of Yoncalla.
Tha arrest was made by Deputy
Sheriff C. H. Daugherty and Franl
Hopkins who chased the alleged auto
thieves to Merlin where they captur
ed them as they were leaving that
place. As soon as the theft was re
ported Deputy Sheriff Daugherty and
Mr. Kruse started south. At Can
yonvllle thoy picked up Frank Hop
kins and continued south. The men,
who are alleged to have stolen the
Ford car, had stopped at Merlin In
tending to wait for darkness before
continuing their trip. They were Just
starting out when the officers caught
up with them and brought them back
to Rnseburg. They admitted the
theft but denied having driven the
Eugene car wrecked at Drain. A
suitcase containing some of their pos
esslons. however, was found In the
wrecked machine.
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Bankers Tell Why
The Mark Slumps
(United Press Staff Currenlonunt.)
NEW YORK, Nov. 7. Is Germany
forcing the mark down artificially
wth a view-to dodging her repara
tions obligations?
This question, propounded In
France and America, is answered
with an emphatic negative by botli
American and. German bankers with
whom I have been in contact. They
say that the enormous purchases of
foreign currency Germany must
inako to meet her reparations obliga
tions Is the ma'n cause for the big
slump in the mark the past few
months. They predict this slump
will continue so long as the present
reparations conditions are main
tained. I presented the question lo Di
rector Paul Mankiewitst of Ihe Deut
sche bank. Berlin, before leaving
Berlin. He answered quickly.
"One. ought not to consider the
German government- foolish. It
hasn't the slightest Interest In de
pressing the mark. From
Churchill's speech and Lloyd
George's dealings. It ought to be to the whole world that re
sponsible quarters In Germany and
the entente have gnined the Impres
sion that the whole reparations de
mands. Including the ultimatum, are
built on uncertain ground."
lie pointed out that the govern
ment must pay vnstfy more for Its
railroad and witerways material, for
wages and salaries under a failing
mark, and that a constant deprecia
tion makes it Impossible to present
a real budget. Under such circum
stance's. h maintained. It could
Frarceiy be to the government's ad
vantage to try artificial depression.
As for playing Into the hnnds of in-
Roseburg Merchants' As-iO-
elation is cooperating with the
American Legion in making
Armistice Day, Friday, Novem-
bor 11th, a day to Ls ever re-
membered. 4
The banks and stores will be
closed all day and the News-
Review will issue no paper on
next Friday.
Every luerohant and business
firm carrying an advertisement
in the local press Is urgently re-
quested to insert a line in their
advertisement ns follows: THIS
By the Secretary,
dnstry thereby, Manlilewlti observed,
"German prices are such that no
body can compete with them now;
Industry doesn't need any such help
from the government." He shares
the view of other German bankers
that a different method of repara
tions payments or periods must be
American bankers, familiar with
the situation, also tell me that there
can be no tajk of an artificial play.
Such a thing would be too risky, thoy
say, for It would lend to a crash
worse than the process of meeting
reparations. They agree with Mjn
kiewltz that a readjustment In ihe
reparalinns matter would strengthen
the market and tend to make Ger
many a less formidable competitor
on lire world market, where now she
undersells because of low exchange.
Green the Tire Man half-soics rub
ber boots.
Wilbur P-T
Has Fine Meeting
There was a large attendance of
Wilbur community at a meeting of
the parent teacher association In the
schoolhouso last Friday evening. Mr.
Wilfred Brown, principal, occupied
the chair. County Superintendent O.
C. Brown made an instructive talk
on health education In public
schools. He advocated as wise econ
om.. , the curing w minor physical de
fects that retard mental progress in
some cases, to the detriment of the
pupil and expense to the taxpayer.
School Supervisor Mrs. O. C. Brown
spoke" briefly, and promised to give
an extended lecture on a future occa
sion. The chairman brought before
tho association the advisability of se
curing the services of a competent
instructor In vocal music, to give vo
cal instruction in the schools one
half day each week. This matter
will be considered by the directors.
Tae treat of the evening was a
real moving picture show, the first
ever produced In Wilbur. The films
were furnished by the University of
Oregon; the lantern by the Douglas
County Farm Bureau, and the motor
power by the kindness of Mr. Ellis
Miller of the Delco Light Company.
Three reels were shown, illustrating
incidents of U. S. army life, and
teaching the moral that the regular
and effective use of a tooth-brush
keeps a fellow clean and fit for self
defense and the service of "Old
Wilbur community was highly
pleased with Its first movie show and
additional educational films will be
screened at future P. T. A. meetings.
The meeting closed with refresh
ments, generously furnished for this
occasion by Mcsdnmes Kinscl, Hume.
Ruth Sands, Dlmmick, Stnton," God-
ley, Parker,
Moxley and Kw It
Good Program hr
Homecoming Wttl
CORVALI.IS, Nov. 7.-Hot
ing week-end is planned tobeoui'
the best in the history of the
Many functions are under wijra
tho biggest feature, the 0. A. C.
W.. S. C. football game comldl
A "Beaver Feed" in honor of li
varsity "O" men will be ginnilM
the game. Many official!. Unit!
members and notable alumni Tiilu-
Other events scheduled ire
lows; Rally and parade Tbanci:
night, soccer game Friday mora
football game U. of 0. Irosb n. 0
A. C. rooks, Saturday afternoon m
the big homecoming dance Sitirdi:
night. Open house Is Sumlaj id
noon where everyone may set
ItLTI RX TO Bosrarst
D. V. Rast and family arrM i
rtnschure last night and ul
their future home here. Mrm
Mrs. Rast spent many yean la
city but recently hare been locate! s
Texas, where Mr. Rast condtfW'
plumbing business. They decided
return to Roseburg and Mr. W
purchased the Roscbun? PlM
anil Heating business formerly m
ducted by Mr. C. W. Huahet. il
now In California. He opened
nirico today and is now reMf
business. They had a very pl"
..I- kn,o flllhnllirh they WH
lo. nj .n,o-hnt hv the floods IV
nod Colorado. They o
home directly nflcr the floo i
occurred and found the bnS
washed out and the roads in tr
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