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"Longies" the Latest Camp Costume
Tbs hiking costume to quits m
Important an accessory far camp
ing oat this kuob as are too port
able tent, tba cooking utensils and
jtho food. Too latest word In blk
lng costumes comes from the south
I England and Wales where girls
ar wearing a suit known as
"longies r Agnes Ayres, newest
'Paramount star, who was leading
woman for Thomas Helghaa In
, "Capo Kicks," has had on of
these mad and many happy boors
ara spent In them betwseo pictures
ta tba California moan tains.
1 Tba sketch In mannish mode
shown was mada from this suit of
Miss Ayres, and Is delightfully In
formal and comfortable. It Is
made of light weight flannel with
vest of contrasting shads.
. Tba sports eoetoms worn by lllss
Ayres In the halftone Is worn on
an ordinary tramp when a trip In
town Is scheduled as well It la
of tstr' colored tweed, with putch
pockets In the lower and upper part
of the coat. Giving breadth to the
skirts srs Inverted pleats which
tend to dlitract from Its severity.
The srs found, too, In the back
of the coat The hat Is of Jade
green angora snd la trimmed with
brown pheasant quills.
Another staunch standby of MlM
Ayres may be found In the heavy
boots shown here, which have a
sensible half Inch sole of felt and
an. added reinforcement of the
strap over the Instep. Them are
used eaperlnlly for swampy lands
or for fishing. The stockings are
of heavy wool with a Scotch plaid
design. '
The greatest' comfort In the
world Is claimed for the soft bat
sketched here. It Is a felt cloche
nnd may be crumpled snd folded as
much as necessary without alter
ing Its pleasing Una. They are un
usually becoming and are found In -Jade
(green, tan, rose and old blue.
can trade relations In Argentina ars
tbs UAiatenaue of local omkos un
der permanent American maaasw-
mtmt aad the Investment or Aden-
can capital in the eouatily. It Is
pointed out that wniia ins n
nri. of tha dollar la a disadvantage
I sailing goods here, it Is a decided
advantage lo making Investments i
(By Associated Press.)
dollar value of sales of thirty rsp-
resentatlro department stores sou
mall order houses in the Tweiiin
Kedoral Reeerv district during July
declined 1 J per cent, compared
with July, J 820. according to Jonn
Perrln, chairman of the board and
federal reserve ssrnt. Mr. Perrln.
said, however, that present retail
prices were reported to average 20
ear cent lesa than In July of last
year, and .the value of the average
sale was reported by 11 stores as
1C.3 per cent less. Indicating inai
the nhyalcal volume of trade con
tinues to be greater than It was a
Year ago.
The amount of tbs average sale
reported Jy 11 firms was IZ.3U in
July, compared with 12.51 In June,
and 12.75 In July, 1920.
Collections were said by 11 firms
to be good, but 1 1 others character
ised them as only fair.
gnpTKMBBH. i.rer
ir'orlws, secretary
Open Day and Night
Cor. Cass & Sheridan Sts.
Big Union
Threshing Machines
Pag Wovm Wire Peace
Stearns & Chenoweth
s T
Monday, September 5th, 1921
Wrestling Match.
Canyonrille vs. Yoncalli
DANCING 8pnLto2am
Olt's Orchestra
One Big Time all Day
We have the following
Used Cars
For sale at prices that will In
terest you. No Inflated prices,
but real buys, everyone of
them. We want to anil and
will give you good terms oa
the car you purchase, so slop
In and figure with us.
ltll Ford louring, good
, sonillllon.
110 Ford touring, good
1IJ0 Ford Sedan, a dandy
for lbs money, almost good as
It 10 Ford truck. pneu
matics front, solids oa rear,
ready for aervios.
ltll Brlacos Inuring, a
sasp. Is In good condition.
ltll Oakland six la very
ood condition.
HIT Overland, Bewly Mint
ed and la good condition,
ltll Overland 10 In mod
HIT Overland la good
send it ion.
HIT Overlaad II model, a
food bay.
Aa almost rood as new
three auarter toa Republla
track, ready for hard service;
a aew oa would cost youal-
asost doable what ws ara ask
ing for this.
a a TOMAs fYsss.
Rice's Garage
Cylinder Rc-Boring
a Specialty.
Only electric re-borlng machine
la the county. Ktprrt machltiM.
aaa noiitk mais.
Myrtle Point,
Coquille and
Marshfield Stage
7-fosafer CsiiBst-l CiTS
Leaves Hotel Us.
Far to Myrtle Point. 1141.
Fare to Coqallla, I T O.
Fare to Marshfield, II I.
American Business
Is Being Battered
(Ur Associated Press.)
ni'ENOS AIRES, Aug. 21. (By
i Mail, ) American business In Ar
gentina is. at present being battered
I by a drum tire of German com pot I
, lion, according to Edward F. Feely,
American Commercial Attache In
Uuinos Alros.
In ninny lines." he said "we are
losing business and from the present
oiiiiouk it appears that this condi
tion Mil rol.tbly contluue for some
lime a-i the (iermans are able to of
for lower prices In a number of cases
when the hlKh rate of tha American
noiinr la taken Into consideration.
'However, It may be accepted as
a certainty that In the one run
Americans needs have no sreat fear
ot uirnian or other competition
Dure a normal balance has been es
tablished In International trade, so
that the American trader will not be
handicapped by the high quotation
of the dollar. I am confident that
American manufacturers will be able
I to hold their own with anv country
in sucn items as machinery, tools,
small hardware of all kinds, paper,
wlrv, etc., competition Is particularly
seen, ana ine American manurac-
hirer has small chance of getting
oruers when pries Is the principal
Iliils recently received by the Div
ision of Naviguton and Porta or ih.
, ministry ot rubllc oWrks Illustrate
j the comparison - between lliitlsh.
" ruan ana liorman prices. Out
;Of ten Hems bid on, the Hermans
were able lo undersell their com
i lemurs in nine casea and got the
j hi jjverm lusiamrs the low (ier-
.man UU Wka tar beluw the levol of
i the competing bids, Indicating that
the firms offerlns the aooils wr.
willing to sacrifice profits la order
(o get business. Oue such rase, says
Air. Freely, showed sUr ovldenca of
uumping, me firm making the big
reduction quoting a price equivalent
to about tl.Ouv below the factory
pries in Germany and not taking
imo account insurance, freight and
other costs of delivery.
M any firms that before tha war
profiled trout atrong Herman con
nections have been making efforts
io. win Di' men- places in the mar
ket. Some of these have gone so
far ss to help re-finale ths German
iseioriea so as to be able to set oulck
deliveries, la one such case a sew-J
mg matnine agency helped the fae
tory to compels with American sew
ing machines.
W hile Germany, however . Is able
to undersell Amrriran merchants la
ths Argentine market oa many Items
in at least two ways Ameriraa manu
facturers have a considerable adtaa
te. Theaa are la tbs matters of
oulek delivery and credits. At tha
I'resent time. German manufacturars
In moit rases ars demanding either
eonurmed credit before acceptance
or oraer or payment la advance.
tmunff oiner eountnes last are
maklna sa effort to Increase their
nastnew la Argentina Is Helglnm,
whll. h la offering steel products In
particular at attrac'tlvs rates, bat
which, like Germany, aremlagly Is
not able to offer adeaaate credit
t acllltlea.
Among the recommend atloa that
in. A ..ivl, t PnM 1
Wholesale trade during July was
less in vslue snd probably In volume
than It was In July a year ago. it
was said by John Perrln, chairman
of the board of the Twelfth reaerai
Reserve district Reports from -185
representative wholesale firms In ten
lines of business in the district, he
said, showed decreases of from 17.1
per cent to 50.1 per cent In the value
of net sales In July, this year, com
pared with July 1920. In all linei
except automobile tires, in which an
increase of 8.1 per oent was re
Compared with June. 1921, the
net value of July sales of reporting
stores was less In all lines except
automobile tires, automobile equip
ment and arocerles Aeriemtural
Implements registered the largest de
crease, 40 per cent.
Present prices compared with
those of one year ago are sulistan
tlally lower In all' reporting lines of
business. It Is Indicated that the
physical volume of merchandise be
ing sold at wholesale Is somewhat
less that It was a year ago. In July,
however, prlcea .were reported as
steadier than they had been hitherto
for a year. Some further reductions
In prices were reported In hardware
snd furniture, but previous declines
In these lines had not been so lnrge
as other goods.
!T .....Uia tha
.. . ... !.,'. r.fci,'-0. . 4
Tbs urn stop Ti. h.TbsL 3
tj. .n . Minnutwlls. Helena, i m
3rvkaes. SsatUe. Taeoma and Port-A
pad. ftr wucb b. will o W 8 5
Franusco ano
W hen tha aew plans ar In op
eration the work of. the bureau
which has bereiofors oeen
ised here In Waiblngton will be
largely distributed ov ths country
through the various olflces.
Mandates Hard
Problem Before
Nation's League
man SInnott of the public lands com
mitteo of the house has been receiv
ing congratulations on .he part of
his committee played In tha work of
congress up to the time or recess. In
all, sixty-fire measures became law
snd of these twelve came out of the
public lands committee. Of the 130
measures which passed the house,
but as yet hsve not passed the sen
ate, thirty were passed upon by pub
lie lands committee.
WASHINGTON. AuxT. 31. Meth
ods of encouraging the lumber Indus
try employed In British Columbia
and the necessity of Inducing refor
estation by creating a bright future
for the lumber trade In the North
west were made basic arguments for
tariff on lumber and wood products
In briefs filed with the senate fi
nance committee by tha Columbia
tiver Loggers Information bureau
and VS. D..B. Dodson, general man
ager of the Portland Chamber of
Pack horses and sruldes for that
trip up the North Umoaua. Address
or phone N. U. Packers and Guides
Assn., Hoaglln. Ore. Larkln Rico,
Sec Pbooa 3I-F11.
Forbes called at the While linn
yesterday and left with the president
report containing detailed recom
mendations for the utilisation by the
federal government of some one of
the shandoned irmv eaninntnonta
a renaDintation center for the voca
tional tralninr of ex-aolrilera
nia report was nrenarerf tar h.
Ifreaioent at Mr. Hardtnr'a ri.u
following a thorough canvass of the
matter, at several mnaiinn n it..
cabinet. The orealdent la mn,h i
terested In the matter mnA kn....
'' win rve possible to work n..i
- lor me use or armv esntnn.
"l work. The president
'ne Forties report his I
meaiaie consideration and may be
"ay to make a definite announce
ment of the plan later la the week
Bureau Director
Coming West
(News-Revle-T Waahln
Charlea R rorb director of the
JJV tmns' bureau, who leaves
vtsshlngtoa tomorrow to a trin rj in
spection, expects to reach Portland
about September la.
Ills trip is to reontanlie the a
tlre.war veteraa arttvltea on a aew
baala of several rational offices aad
mora thaa a ksadrwd brsnch offices
ono of whKh wUI a lixated at
(VnltriJ Press Staff -OENEVA.
(By Mall.) The thorny
question of mandates over Ger
many's former colonies will In ail
"l i.... H.flniielv settled dur-
ing the second general assembly of
the league of nations, which con
venes here on September S. '
Unless unforseen obstacIs ' arise,
the council of ths league will be able
to submit to the assembly the final
terms of the mandates under which
England will administer Palestine
and Mesopotamia and France, Syria
and Lebanon. Mandates will similar
ly be approved and handed over to
England. France and Belgium for
the administration of the former
German colonies in Africa.
In the meantime. German West
Africa and all of the former German
Islands in the Pacific, both north
and south of the Equator are already
being administered under the terms
of the mandates approved by the
council snd assembly last December
by Ihe Union of South Africa, Aus
tralia, New Zealand. England and
Janan with but one exception.
This one exception Is the Japanese
mandate over the Island of Yap.
against which the United States has
As a matter or fact, practically all
of the delay In the approving ot the
perms of the mandates has been due
to the American protest against the
Yap mandate and the Franco-British
oil agreement In Syria and . Meso
As a consequence, while waiting
for the mandates to be actually given
them, all of the allied powers who
are to administer mandated terri
tories are being obliged to hold
down the latter by what Is virtually
a military regime and dictatorship.
This has resulted In several revolu
tions and near-revolutions of the
native populations, who are clamor
ing the mandate administrations
promised them under the treatres or
Versailles and Severs instead of the
French and English troops now
governing tYiem.
The result has been to make the
question of mandates one of ' the
most urgent Importance.
Owing to the refusal of the Unit
ed States to accept the approval of
any mandates which do not provide
for equal commercial rights In the
mandated territories for all of the I
allies and of the Anglo-French agree
ment to split up the oil production
of Mesopotamia and Syria between
them, the final drawing np of the
' T
Bell Millinery
, Friday and Saturday
. i, v September 2d 3d
New Fall 1921 hats fVm the leading MODEt, Maker
Every hat a popular atyla, In Lyons (American) Vsl
Panna( Velvet. Duvetyn t French Felta, trimmed with 'rw
trich,-Coque, Burnt. Olycerlned Fancies, ribbons and besA
shown In all the new colors, black, black and cherry vu-J
and Jade, black and burnt orange, tine grey, and phsuaat
New Coats, Suits and Waists. - ;
terms of the mandates by the league
council has been delayed. 1
The council last June notified all
ot the allies and the United States
that the mandates could not be ap
proved until the allies should get
together with the United States on
the details As a result, direct nego
tiations we're immediately entered
into between England, France and
the United States. It Is expected
that a full agreement will be reached
by them so that when the league
council meeta at Geneva on Septem
ber 1. five days preceding the open
ing of the league's second general
assembly, it will then be possible to
approve -the terms ot the mandates.
These -will then be submitted to
the assembly and finally riven am.
to the mandate powers, so that they I
can begin at once the administration
ot me territories under the man
date system.
Each country holding a mandate
will be required to report yearly to
a commission on - the manner in
which it Is carrying out its man
dates,' and this commlssoln In turn
will advise the league on the manner
In which the territories are being
'' ' AOTICaV
Dr. R. P. and w..-i
In nrartlrA n....!.... ran
224. Perk-In. U1A A Wtl
1000. "' 0s
AU kinds ot sheet metal ZT
warm air furnaces, both Dlnaaas
plpeleas. 119 Oak 8treet.
Phone 421. Rosebarg, Om
.i.ii Jill Atmmm
a nssssi
tdsj rooa urmk sot AH Asm
yfuMm liSDH sn, nasDsuQaXLes!
Fountains, Ask for HOBLKXX
M-AVwid lauUtioalaSsJsflUi
3 inch.. 40
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5 inch 90
5ip:h...:......... $1.10
30X3.J $1.50
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ur Long, representing ths pabllcl
health, iiium cki.t i f-
ar. mads lor elMagtaeaia. Art- ol Us vatsrtaY bami sia CjloVsl
of your printed stationery reflects
the character of your business
Fhst impressions are usually
lasting, ana you should no more
think of representing your busi-
. ness with ill-arranged, poorly
printed stationery than with an
uncouth, inexperienced sales
man. The psychological effetf
would be the same.
, The Snap&nd vitality of our
."distinctive Drintinff registers
instant approval. Ask a User.
Shift your printing troubles
over to our shouldersthey are
a burden to you a pleasure to us.
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