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ruDiisnea ounaaj
baaed pally Except Sunday.
H. W. Bate L. Wlm berly
Dally, per year, by mall
Dally, six months, by mall
Dally, by carrier, per month
Weekly Neva-Review, by mall, per year
Ilert O. Kate
' .bO
Entered as aect.nU.claM matter May 17. lnu. at the post ofll.e at Koae-
burg, Oregon, under tbe Act ol Aiarcn t, !'
In the Congressional Directory there is an interesting study
of human nature concealed. "Concealed" because nobody ever
reads the Congressional Directory unless a senator or representa
tive dies and a sketch of his life is required quickly for obituary
purposes. When Representative Park of the Second Georgia dis
trict dies the speaker will not be helped much by reference to the
Congressional Directory. -
"Frank Park, Democrat, Sylvester" that is all there is about
him. That could be expanded into probably 30 or 40 times the
number of words, but the "soul of wit" has concentrated itself in
that biographical sketch. It is witty. The joke is not on Con
gressman Park; rather it is a sly, subtle, gentle jab at some other
brethren who are immolated in cold type in the pages of that
The new, very newest, members, by contrast, have from 300
to 500 words telling who they are and what they have been and
where they were born and all about them. The gentleman from
the Second of Georgia sets down his life in his name and two more
words and the name has no middle initial. It is the shortest
sketch in the whole list of senators and congressmen of all the
And the great point in this is: The senators and representa
tives themselves write these sketches for the directory.
Tbe News-Review yesterday issued
the first news edition ever put out
In Roseburg on Sunday Because of
the Intense Interest In the murder
mystery, the News force remained on
the job yesterday and with new de
velopments arising an extra edition
was IsHued at 4 o'clock In the after
noon The fact that an "extra" had
been Dut on the press was rapidly
circulated over the city and by the
time tire papers were ready for dis
tribution many hundred people had
Fathered to obtain this latest news.
The papers were sold directly over
the counter and by "newsies" and
were seized eagerly. Tbe supply of
papers was soon exhausted and It be
came necessary before aix o'clock to
issue a second edition. The "extra"
had tbe largest sale of any special
edition ever published In tbe city.
FOR SALE Cheney Phonograph
Now. all record machine, 24 selec
tions free. Easy monthly payment
Phone 412. R. F. Callahan, Umpqua
Hotel. Will call at your house and
give confidential term. Phono
graphs traded for pianos. .
at Srt O Sett-i
Individual suspense is aggravating, but when the entire com
munity "gets off its feet" as it has during the period following
the recent murder mystery there is no hope for any relief until
the facts are laid bare, and the sooner something "drops" to clear
up the atmosphere the sooner the nervous suspense will come to
an end. People are literally exhausted. The whole affair is
shrouded in the deepest mystery. The tragedy is being discussed
in every city in the United States of any importance, and thous
ands of people who never before heard of Roseburg are now fa
miliar with its location and the important details connected with
the crime. Officers of the state are alert to gather information
that would in any way clear up the mystery, while every possible
clue has been systematically ferreted out by local officers and
nothing has been left undone by them that would tend to unravel
one of the deepest and most profound murder mysteries ever re
corded in this section of the state. ,
The millennium in dress which women seem to have as their
goal will be reached when gowns may be utilized as bathing suits.
! o
Dempsey is now reported to be "overweight" the first time,
according to war records, that he has ever been over.
A center of gravitation was a big advantage the hammock
had over the porch swing.
The trouble, it seems, is that too many persons are raising
something that is not edible.
lhe poison ivy sometimes called the picnic season is here
Roseburg Wins
From Melrose
ity c. ii .union.
The game of ball played here Sat
urday afternoon between Melrose
and a picked nine from Host-burg,
was a walk-away for Uosi'burg. Rose
burg buys did some very good hit
ting and the Melrose boys did some
rather poor playing. They pulled
off two or three good honehead plays
which made the game easy for the
home team. The Melrose boys were
short two men when the game began.
so thuy borrowed Cederstrom to
pitch for them, and also borrowed
Hall to piny left (lelil. Hall put up
a fine fielding game for them, and
was a tower of strength In It'lt field.
The feature of the game was a star,
nne-bnnileit running rslch by Hush
A ball knocked tut over third and
ticketed fr the gale, wns speared by
Hush and held on to, making one ol
the prettiest plays of the season.
"Itnilv" llHftnnn pitched for Itoae-
burg, and he had the Melrose boys
at his mercy, except when he elected
to Just toas them over soinp dew
drops. AH the scores the visitors
made were by tlie (lew drop toaes
that Itltzman threw up to them
When be elected to pitch as he can
there was uothiiiK doing. Itltzman
shut the visitors out for four Innings
then gave them a chance. The hem
boys were shut out the first three
Innings, and It began to look as If
there would bo a real ball game, and
a pitcher's battle, lint the bms be
gan to hit Ceclnr and coupled with
errors, the game wss non stowed
awav. ine regular Twilight league
names will be resumed tonight when
the nuptials and Southern Vaclfl
The score of Saturday's game
1 2 3 4 r. d 7 X 9 It II. K
Itnsehurg DOOl.iOIIII I! !
Melrose . 0 0 0 n : 2 0 0 0 .i 9 10
VIANDS - tTsed pianos and player
pianos lor sale. I'lione 412. It. F
Callahan. I'mpqua Hotel for ap
polntnients noon or ewnilmre.
Finds Oregon Growers Co
operative Associtation
Doing Excellent Work J
Examined Carefullly Into Book aud
Records Which Went Thrown
Oytm By Official and Found
Affairs la Kino Shape,
I'liilertuker rush Ju where fool
don't fear to tread.
A physician told ye scribe, t'other
duy that a man can live on onions
nlone. If be doe he probably will.
THE 1. 11) SUITKD.
lnbiton (Mont.) Democrat.)
Miss til-ace Wook is recovering
nicely from the effects of severe
buriiH sustained when Mie fell Into
boiler of hot water last Saturday.
A lid on which she was sittinK lif
I el and let her into the water.
Forty-two muscles are used in
smiling. Coiiie on, folk, don't get
muscle bound.
A man who make a living by the
sweat of Ills brow should get rich
these warm days.
Wo oliM'i-vc Hint Kgj pt had home
brew 4MH years ago, which, pos
sibly, is why they were able to
pickle their imunntle so success
.Vilnius is harder on a woman's
reputation than two women.
A fashion writer says that ladle'
stockings hitve never been o fasci
nating. That's what the gang In
front of tbe cigar store say.
Yoiuiff ladies seldom get lumbago.
Hut many of them have limb-ego.
liots of those fellers who married
to avoid the draft have long since
wished that they had died for thelr
Where is my wandering boy tonight?
When, oh where, ran he be?
Tlitu-e ain't no place he ran go no
In this land of the brave and free.
Willi a meniliendilp limited to
some MMM), t. V. Htarrett today or
ganized the "I told you an" club, div
voted exclusively to solving myster
ies. The four degrees necessary for
memlMtrship are as follows: 1. "I'll
lie dmiined If I know." a. "I had
hunch." 8. "You can't fool me." 4.
"I figured It out In less than twenty
minutes." J no. starrett holds the
high and mh;hty position of keeper
of the seal and custodian of the
cracker bid. t'lainle. Cannon was
unanimously chosen as royal and
lofty custodian of rumor, Ilemle
Hvbinil. iilliw-graiid spreader of the
oil, Itnlpb (Juiiie, vice-grand spreader
of tbe oil. and Hi III .Nichols, leader
of liHiunioiis lecturers.. Harry
I'l-tirce has donated club room for
the luwttngK,
The time Is past when we ran call
a girl a "skirt."
Several Ixirns in the Mxomtllc
district have been repainted from
none tonic to liver pill.
W hen a uoman start the conver
sation in this way: "We've never Issd
a cms nurd since we were mar
rled," it's time to look out.
lon't lie n small spoil If you want
to get to lhe top of the heap.
- I
Cashier D. 8. Beals of the Riddle
State Bank, who arrived home from
a business trip of several days at
Salem, last Sunday, states that he
spent most of the day Saturday In
the office of the Oregon Growers
Cooperative association, where be
went Into the affair of the asso
ciation a far as possible with the
limited time available, says tbe Rid
dle Tribune.
'The sale of prune Is progressing
as fast as could be expected and at
quite satisfactory prices," stated Mr.
"Although mistakes have been
made in the early management and
expenses have been excessive, still
these expense will not exceed to
any material extent the five per cent
allowed for such purposes and will
be comparatively light this year.
Difficulties encountered in handling
the 1920 prune crop have been tre
mendous the unsettled market con
ditions and other unforeseen diffi
culties making the burden a heavy
"The pool I now drawing to a
close, however, and a satisfactory
settlement 1 in sight. The officers
and employes of the association are
working almost day and night to
clean up the pools and make the ap
portionment, realizing the vital lm
tiortance this matter Is to the grower
ind tbe country in general. At this
Particular time 1 believe it behooves
the grower to exercise more patience
In that it will be vastly to hi ad
vantage. I fully realize that It Is
difficult to be patient when monoy
Is so badly needed, but there are
growers out of the Association In an
extremely worse predicament. I be
lieve It Is quite well understood that
money was borrowed at the time the
advance was made and that consld
erable money was needed to pack
ind handle these prunes. Of course
this borrowed money was first to be
tald as the prunes were sold, and
this debt Is now entirely cleaned up
and the expense of packing. Insur
ance, etc.. Is also paid, so that the
prune already sold and not collected
for and those to be sold will be prac
tically clear to the grower and this
of considerable amount and should
net the growers a good price on the
large size of which this section had
"I found the organization well
equipped to handle the Immense
business of the association and all
business well under way to a suc
cessful conclusion of the pools and
believe It mould be rank folly to in
any way hamper the management,
especially by members who might
be disposed so to do on account of
delayed payments.
"I have particular faith in the
efficient management of Mr. R. C.
Paulus. who Is virtually head of the
organization and without doubt both
Mr. Lewis and Mr. Staler are valua
ble men In the organization. All are
hard workers and are giving the
trowers their best ability. These
officers conversed freely with me,
answered freely and cheerfully all
questions asked, gave me free access
to the books and records, all of
which I found in splendid condition
with alt the financial affairs of the
organization being clearly visible.
"There is no question but that the
trower ia still to receive a very sat
isfactory settlement for the 1920
prune and this Is coming before the
next harvest, so I am advised, and
which I have reason to believe will
most certainly take place.
"Tbe association la doing splendid
SHE COM'! Ml. Wil
"I am now going on alxty-flvs
yeajs of age and for a long time I
was hardly able to walk; but by. the
time I finished my second bottle or
Tanlac I was out in my garden hoe
ing." aald Mrs Jennie Root, 1409
Powers St., Portland, Oregon.
"For year I Buffered terribly with
rheumatism and would often be
down in bed for daya at. a time. Id
tbe last five years there was never a
time that I didu't feel those rheu
matic pains all through my body.
About two month ago, however, I
got very much worse, and my arm
aud legs were so bad that 1 was al
most helpless and couldn't even hold
a pen to sign my name. I had no
appetite at all, was so weak I
couldn't do any housework, and even
to walk a few steps would tire me
out completely. I couldn't even
sleep, and for a week before i got
Tanlac I was so bad off I couldn't
mora at all without Jielp.
Mr son got me to try Tanlac ana
before I had taken one bottle I hard
ly felt like the same person and now
1 feel Just fine. Why, I even walked
ud four flights of stairs in an onioe
building where the elevator wo out
of order not long ago and stood it
fine. The fact is what Tanlac has
done for me seems almost a miracle.
I have gained fourteen pounds In
weight and all my strength has come
bnck to me and thoso aches and
palus have disappeared I will praise
Tanlac as long as I live.
Tanlac la sold In Roseburg by the
W. F. Chapman Pharmacy.
0 Effective July l.'th the following prices will prevail on Chevrolet Cars: t
t 490 Model Touring or Roadster, - $777.00 t
J 490 Model Delivery or Express Body, $777.00 t
t 490 Model Sedan or Coupe, - $1,185.00 A
p F.B.ModelvIiabyGrand)tour.or roadster $1,185.00 I
work, now with other, fruit crops,
and virtually getting the proper
stride to quickly and profitably han
dle all crops of their members and
I do not expect the delay this year
that we bad with the 1920 crop. Or
dinarily with market conditions Mi
lled and normal it should not take
more than from 60 to 90 dys to
handle the prune crop and get the
money In the bands of the grower.
'I have facts and figure at my
disposal that Justify my belief that
tho association has In reality made
splendid progress when the many
adverse conditions are taken into
consideration. Furthermore It
my belief that the rank and file of
the association members should get
closer together in their own enter
prise and educate themselves that It
is their own organization of which
they are a part, and not an outside
concern. Aside from the fact that
believe the grower will yet realize
more out of the prune pool than he
could have otherwise, there is to be
taken into account the future bene
fits of such an organization- which
are vast. It simply mean the plac
ing of the prune industry and other
fruits on a basis that will actually
increase the value of the orchard
which will be done by advertising
and a well established market for the
splendid Oregon product and this
could never be accomplished In the
manner our prunes and other fruits
have been handled in the past, that
is under a foreign brand.
uoth as a banker and a grower
I too have been Impatient over the
delayed prune pool payment. How
ever being a member under a strong
contract obviates the argument as to
the continuance of such member
ship. Furthermore advice as to
whether or not such membership
should be contained is also obvious
and it therefore becomes safe to say
in all respects that better Judgment
would dictate that any idea of mem
her to free themselves from the
contract would be useless and ' un
availing as well a a poor business
move. '
A fully equipped Automobile for $127.00 more than the universal Car. Come
in and look at the lowest prices fully equipped automobile in the world.
GLENN H. TAYLOR 332 Jackson St. Phon-
478 i
The Town Dog. he bark at Caller
nd nakei Friends with Tramps,
chases Cat, scire Lil Olrla. dig
Hole In the Flower Bed. starts rowdy
Street Fights, Track np th Kitchen
Floor, nil the Tard with Juuk and
Booe. and wakes reiki up at Sight
howliag at th Moos.
Mrs. C. Y. Sherman will have for
sale at the Misses Bitier's, 117 So.
Jackson St., a collection of hand
wovon and embroidered linens, Ca
nadlun wool blaukets, linen and
painted luncheon sets, bedspreads
ine nanawork of the southern tnoun
taineer women; and various other
articles from The Shop at Portland,
Oregon. Hours 10 a. m. to 6 p. m
July 17 to 23rd, Inclusive.
file Roseburg Art Emhrnlriort.
club will have an all day picnic at
Lieuows tirove on Wednesday. Th
Picnic win negm at 10 a. m. and
basket dinner will be enjoyed
at at
Trie best
in the world
the one that
suits your
Maybe its
lust kfiv
package and
"llU QUI
Every Telephone is a Long
Distance Station
The Pacific Long Distance Telephone lines are tht
voice highways of the Coast. Every telephone among the
1,060,000 operated by The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph
Company and its connecting companies is in potential con
nection with every other and can be placed iff actual con.
nection when. desired.
This vast system of communication is at the disposal
of the business men of the Coast States for commercial use
and for personal conversations between far separated
friends. . '
Reach out and get your share of business by the Long
Distance way. Keep in touch with relatives and friends
over Long Distance. You'll find the results are gratifying.
Ask for Pacific Long Distance.
The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph
it raw. '
A Dally Cotama of Qneatloaa aad Answer Conducted by a VToaui
Who Knows. Address your Letter to Mr. EUlabury
Car BooabBig Hewa-Beriew.
Dear Mr. Ellsbury: Is It proper
to mark the linen for the bride-elect
witn her own Initial of with that of
her prospective husband when the
linen I given as a present?
Thanking you very much for your
A FRIEND, Roseburg.
A. Cue either the Initial of the
bride' first name or Uie initial of
hor husband to be. Either one I
correct. Do not use the Initial of
the bride' last name. .
Dear Mrs. Ellsbury: I It no-
sible to buy pongee in other shade
than tbe natural tint?
HOUSEWIFE, Roseburg.
A. Yea, it .1 possible to buy pone
Kep in any image. yon do not
happen to be able to obtah tk
v.vwwu, mi wsum, iuu uin a ,r
light die. Yon will find that if
ft"K uxo mgr innj
Tear Mrs. Ellsbury: Could
tire me some figure teUing tho
meaun oi ine united Sua'
as compared with other counhia
STUDENT, Rosebnrt 1
A. In June, 1920, in a paper m
before the banker's Institute, IM
don, Edgar Cnammond estimated aw
pains have disappeared. I will pn I
follow: United States, $350,IX,i
000,000 to $400,000,000,000! l
ted Kingdom, $120,000,000,K.
France, 92,5OO,OO0,O00; German,
W,0O0,O00,O0Os Italy, $85,0 f
OOO.OOO; Belgium, $ia,000,000,0w,'
Japan. $28,000,000,000. V
m . . l lui uci u. ".f 1 n v wnn n a ua
ur. and Mr. Fred Havniu inH .v. "."":
daughter Teka. Mr. and MrV Charfe. Cor7.7l nTiic TZtl
Wharton and daughter Florence, terday. Mr. EddValso iSd
were among those enjoying the day a ,hort bus n Vision Aihf,.
at Whistler. Bend. The picnic was hi f ,11 T T.".! 'b"
planned In honor of Miss Rhea Sykes successful 3 ". ., V
who 1. visiting here from her home Interesting 8,
In Portland. The day was spent in n I
fishing and boat riding, and a most Goodrich Tint Rai-vi. i. r
dellclou. dinner was ejyed. ' A. Ikwood Mott "."j
tu. Nam CLassirico advmtisbjkts wiu mm roimo on un
WANTED-Palntlnr and roof repair.
Ing-. 8 w. a PowU.
W!TEJ? A sood Jersey cow. Must
no a high totw. Phone ig-P 1.
vice. R. Rhoads.
ring, prompt asr
Phone 104-V.
am tuYoun girl to help with
housework. High Khool girl pre
ferred. Inquire itoseburg photo tku-
WAIsTtl Four young 1400 lb work
florae and harness and heavy wag
ons. Addree p. a Box "Br. Oak-
lnt Orygon.
f-B Blndsr. B. w.
30 Winchester Street.
FOR SALE Team horsea. wmion mi
harneae. Inquire at Deer Cm
Bele Stable
K z ,r- voer, Huberts uw
"OR 8Ai.fc-r-rtoi
gooa a ,n.
'Braun cnec n .
laQulre at t
1 W Mnn..!! "
woiLU TKADE No. 4 Bhsrple. cream
separator n good condition, for
k ure. Aaaress P. o,
Bos 166, Drain. Oregon.
LOST Blue speckled fox hound. Fe-
I aeea west or YnnM .
.iom i-in. Oakland. Ore.
to nee. Don m.T... Ti 1
SoilSJ" "" oSlo cribia
Ixjst Blue and black sooti.J l,.,.J
Phone 10-Ftl ,or addrees a C Long
.Cleveland, OroaoB. R.w.t
i- f
.rZZl-61"' - l-iu're at
Roseborg National IWdIl
RKNT Nicely fnrnUhea room.
lBo HtepheaaphoB 191-j
rOR RENT Three rooin f uraiihid
hoiwe. on eared etreet. Lon leu?
1nlr ttf T.w Commercial i i
FOR "ALB Feather Roseburg "re
duce rf net m i. .... ... t
. - .. - - ... m v. H ,1 g.
FOR SALE Black eak wood and vetch
hay. Phone t-Fl. C. W. o!
. ni-evr team suitable for
roed work. Farm Bureau Kxahian
FOR SAUK I stands of beea Ii Mr
stand. A. a Russell. WeVRoieki?
FOR "ALR A garage doing good
buelneee nd well .locked with ac
ce.eorlee.o5ttlLghwaPlioB SO
?.."h5rAt hargiiSTonr" "new
llll ?ljrr,r u tir and Inner
tub. Inquire Kdenbower Mora
FOR XLB Anrnne wanting to build
a moderate sited bars tin bur
S';. S" of lumtr ..cV.n,,,
eveeiient een
ton aravel irurk FS
Ine- lot, rv...
'lll tak touring ii? for flret nalr.
nVIr Ad4r" 5!w.?r2
FOR SAT.IT ine ...i , .-. .i-ii
gw old sheep, a. u. Joseelya,' RMi
Do DOB car for sal cheap. Will tn
EST .ford or Chevrolet Ad dm
Car," News-Review. ,
. .Iiy store for sale. Will take l
. Vl li. p, trade. Address 'aum
FOR 8AI,K leod team horeea, wl
-uu luftrnree. Horeea about ltt
en, good condition, sound an U
hjih. uaaiand. oreaoa.
TJR 8ALK OR TRAD) Uxi-epus
value I used rare at term to
W wash, poller, and r-pelr jj
guarantee our work. Motor
OaaTK.' F" Mcr,w' 4,,
A SNAP utoo cash buys a l-r
fon"? " PTd street Lot 1H
1JJ ft. All furnished. IncluoW '
I9 rang and a 60 plane Im
for Irooe. Phone til. a. W. I
and Bon.
rOR SALR ll6 a., bourlas
mile from Ounter P. O. tkhoel.
pood range, creek, big gam, f
In . oOod roaa. fliot). 3M
111 monthly. R. E. WonlleT.
Croeby tret. R.n nige. csllf,
A OOXJD FARM for al er resT!
j"ia.ValTey. Contains , Z
ya aje arre anaer ouhi-i
LSt ,
Wlll i --- -, . ... .Mta 1 -
ia or Duiidinge. For f ortn
niioa can at ioj We
-"w. mmrr PumbecK.
fMICED RIOHT 1 aoree oa I
wat; fenced; t bouse, one I rjr
om built-in,- one 4 roomi:
large Darn, ben heuaev ldea rr
trie light. IJOO. U cub tL
OL W. Tanaf a, m. .
at n u
1!0 Ford tnx-V 1350.
I 11 Ford truck 00 . jt
i . ii rord troi-k wlta now I
ran rin snap. ISIS.
x ? Ford touring ". "
condition. I
FDR 8AI.K OR TRAD I) 1 1 0""
mile east of Rugen. f rlJE?
nwell. t aeree Mret
ivt bottom. la eoltlvstioe
e, blllg aad fence.
fsrtM u ... fin1!.
aaa poultry raaeh.
v asnaa. rr i