The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, October 23, 1913, Page 3, Image 3

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    Mrs. F. J. Bolter, hop grower of
the Willametio Valley, has shipped
her auto to San Francisco, ifrom
thence she will motor through
Southern California fnr three months
and also visit her daughter, Mrs. C.
W. Decker, of California. She will be
aicompanied by her daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Dora Bolter and her son, Ern
est, who will drive the car.
Robert Green returned to Green
last evenlug after a day spent in
We are disposing of some of our
office furniture at the corner of Jack,
son and Cass streets, as we are mov
ing to new quarters where it will not
be needed, but where we shall be
better than ever prepared to take
care of our rapidly Increasing nur
sery trade. Kitchin & Black. tf
! Encountered by the Notables
at Washington.
The Rochdale Store
can supply your
grocery and 'dry
good wants.
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Telephone 208
Are You Loyal?
Are You Useing a Roseburg Broom?
The best on the market for the money.
The' will last longer, and your work will
be lighter.
You will be helping a home enterprise and
making a greater Roseburg,
Every merchant in Roseburg is selling
them; so be LOYAL and demand the home pro
duct. ,
Whist Brooms at all Drygoods and Drug
Stores. All are sold with money-back guarantee.
Free Seed For Planting.
There is no need now to bother
with Wood, Coal, Gas or Gas
oline. Cook by Electricity, the
cheap, the convenient, the mod
ern way. The rate is reduced
so that it can be used for all
purposes. f $
Panitorium Dye Works
AU work tullj guaranteed. Goods called for and delivered. Prac
tical dyeing and cleaning of all kinds of Ladies and Gents' Cloth-(j
ing, Cravenettes and I'ortiers.
Roseburg, Ore
Many "XttiiHlity" Wonls Are Passed
.UtMfen The Hij:Iier-l"ps I Hir
ing Hitter Debutes nt
Xatitmal Capitol.
way, eventually will trim am tt 150,000 !
horsepower about 240 miles to Lob
Angeles and vicinity.
For mailing electric light bulbs
and other fragile articles in safety
two Englishmen hnve patented a box
containing wire netting to hold the
contents away from the aide.
A small flat plate to be attached
to the tun or a tt-legroph key at any
desired angie has been patented by;
a North Dakota man to relieve the
strain of sending with a flat knob.
For measuring the force exerted
French doctor has invented a ma
chine in which bicycle mechanism
drives a dnamo, which registers on
j delicate electrical Inst rumenls.
I A new picture moulding is stamped
j from bheet metal and is intended to
j be nailed to a wall before the plaster
I Is applied, the taller helping to sup
j port heavy weights which may be
' hung upon it.
The Argentine government has ar
ranged to maintain permanently a
lneionrlogieal station established by n
Iirit:sh Antartle expedition nt L-uuruv
May, the southernmost point in the
In a recently patented life preserv-
WASHINGTON', D. C, Oct. 23. )
Th;a man Donovan who came to j
cungre&s from Connect uut has al
ready practically destroyed harmony i
j and equanimity among the great;
; liylita of Alabama, and as a result !
in showing how Representative Hob-!
I son is neglecting his congressional
I mines, was preeiunaieu a wumi i u- j er 8Il!t tne iower portions are made
; tie between Air. tlobson and Mr. In-, of a pold Teaistills material and the
denvood. who aio rivals lor the sen-f (.t,nlr:iI porUtm is an ,lir chamber.
! atorship of Alabama. Dr. Donovan while lh(, foet aro WelBhted to koep
j inserted In the Kecord a snort th a wearers head above water.
j loriai l roni i lie uru ui m,
I which tells completely the story of
Ilobson. Here it is: "Fifteen ears
ago last June, Richmond Pearson
Hubsun was a hero. He has been a
nuisance ever since. With his mili
tarism, his jingoism, his anti-Japan
To warn a balloonist if his air craft
! is rising or sinking there has been
invented a vertical tube containing
a horizontal fan, which rings two
j bells of different tones as a'r enter i
j the tube from above or below.
P lor ii t..r lw.U' lr.r,l
ism, he has been a visitation upon his dry (.iu; takeu OHt of wooien
afflicted country. Now he is running
for the United States senate against
J Oscar V. Underwood. He feels that
demands for $50,000,000 for the
navy for ten superdrendnnughts, ev
en for immediate war with Japan,
have lost their pristine charm. So
he turns over a new leaf by denounc
ing Mr. Underwood as 'the tool of
the whiskey ring and the money in
terests.' Coming on the heels of the
passage of the Underwood tariff net,
it is hard to decide whether this
charge is the more outrageous or lud
icrous. With South Carolina threat
ening to send Cole Blense to the Unit
ed States senate, the bare possibility
that Alabama might inflict Hobson
on the country is enough to arouse a
nation-wide interest in Mr. Under
wood's candidacy."
The Alaskan Delegate.
Delegate James Wlckersham, from
Alaska, who though unable to vote in
congress, constantly keeps things
stirring, has made himself so obnox
ious to the Morgans and Guggenheims
that .they are said to fairly hate the
sound of his name. Nevertheless,
Wlckersham lets congress know the
things our great northern possession
needs. In speaking of his work, the
delegate asks: "What's the niat
ance. just plain Ignorance! Congress
ter " And then he answers: "Ignor
is the darkest Africa of ignorance
about matters Alaskan, Congress
has a hazy idea that the red-headed
stepchild's estate, of which it is true
tee, consists of Ice bergs and snow
fields, and that whoever snys Alaska
hag resources is a prevaricator. Alas
ka to them, is an Arctic mystery, af-flic,f-d
with the Guggenheims and a
tick-Rate, both of which they wish in
t'.c land of hades, at least. In 171)9
the leased Alaska to the Hussinn-Ainork-iiii
company, which thereupon
become both government nnd monop
olist of nil trade and opportunity In
I'.t,isiHn America
clothing with equal parts o! turpen
tine and ammonia.
The United Kingdom inmported
IIOO.OOO.OOO pounds of esparto grass
for paper-making the first eight
months this year.
Toothed tongs with which much
leverage can be applied have been
patented by a Washington inventor
for pulling weeds.
Firemen's helmets currying stornge
battery for electric lighting front are
being tried out in several ICnglish cit
ties. A gather elaborate sling shot
featured by sight to aid in aiming it
has been patented by two Pennsyl
vania inventors.
Huge linen shields raised high in
the air on poles are used to protect
young trees in Iterlin parks from too
much sunshine.
Automatic devices check the speed
of a new gasoline railroad section
car at 20 miles an hour to elminate
the danger of speeding.
Thirty-One Hundred Dollars Taken
From Hecortlor's Safe.
to a single monopoly continued until
In the treaty of purchase in ISfiT the
United States paid an extra $200,000
to end It. Immediately upon the pur
chase, the United States in 1870
leased Alaska's only known resource,
be fur seal islands, to a United
MARSH FIELD, Or., Oct. 22.
Nothing new developed today to
clear the mystery of the disappear
ance of the $3100 of city money
missing from the city hall safe at
Kastslde. The loss was discovered
lan night.
William Leaton, city recorder of
I'Jastside, Bays tne money was collect
ed for street assessments nnd with It
was $115 of his personal money. Ho
is custodian of the city money and
responsible for it.
beveral weeks ago it was found
the sale would not open when the
This Russian lear.e i combination was turned and several
experts worked at it. I-eatun went to
the hospital October 7. While he was
there the outside safe door was op
ened by a mechanic. Leaton sent the
key to the inside safe door and ask
ed that the money be taken out and
deposited in the bank. City offic
Steamer Miikiirn 1 tew tie Vancouver
With 1520 l(oi-s for Ameri
can Market.
States monopoly for forty years. This litis decided not to do this until Leat
lease expired In 1910, and thus for on returned from the hospital. When
one hundred and ten yenrs Alaska: the inside sale door was opened, the
wiis in n state of lease-hold peonage,) money was all gone,
created first by the Russian czar, and j
second by the United States congress.
Meat nnd Kjuet Foreign Trade.
In 1J04 the United States export
ed $44,000,000 worth of beef dur
ing the first eight months, while in
1313 the exports were but $1,000,
000 for the corresponding period.
21,000,000 dozen eggs were export
ed from the United States in the fis
cal year 1913, against one and a half
million dozen ten years ago. These
figures show that while American
cattle are decreasing in number, that
the barnyard foul is prosperous In
supplying Its palatable food for for
eign breakfast tables.
Wearing Dutch Shoes.
According to the department of ag
riculture wooden shoes can be con
sfucted in the United States for
froi'i fifty to sixty cents a pair, and
with ordinary use will last two years.
While this class is not adapted as a
substitute for dancing pumps, yet
they are used by those who work In
cold or wet places, such nB tanneries,
breweries, or livery stables, and by
workmen In steel or ghtHS factories
who have to walk on hot grates or
floors. It was determined some tim!
PORTLAND, Or., Oct. 22. Butter
from New Zealand may be a common
article in the Portland markets in the
next few weeks. The new tariff law
has reduced the duty on imported
butter from 6 cents to 2 ft cents a
pound, and as New Zealand Is a great
butter exporting country, a consider
able part of the product naturally
will lie sent to the United States.
The steamer Markura, which arriv
ed at Vancouver, H. C, a few daya
ago, brought a shipment of 1520
boxes for the American market. Most
of this will be consumed in the Pit
get Sound cities. Another steamer
from the Antipodes, due at San Fran
cisco on October 110 also will bring a
considerable quantity of butter. j
A i'ortliind broker has a consign
ment of, 100 cubes aboard and thisi
will he put on sale in this city uh
soon as It Is received. The retail
ago that more wooden shoes were ! price will be 35 rents a pound, an,
worn In the United Slates than In! "gainst 40 cents, the price of Ore-,
Holland, where "Dutch shoes" had I gn butter.
their origin. The principal users ofj The Mritfsh Columbia cities have'
wooden shoes are in the middle west- been using New Zealand butter for.
era states, and thousands of pairs years and experts pronounce it a mi-,
an tiKtiiufaotured annually for the ; perior art h ie. j
tnurk'.'t. j It will be fiO days yet before butter
Importations become large, as thel
HITS 1 Oil hi PI'KK.
A s!i.-!e telephone company serves
' client 7".()f)t communities in the;
; I'uiied States as compared with about
j 0.'i."'M post offices and 00.000 rail-'
! road s'Htioiis.
I So that linemen testing telephone
I c' mi its will not be endnngeied by
i heavv rtir rents a new Kngltt-.h tevtitm
i outfit Is mounted on a steel rod for
I grounding.
For drying women s hair a Kan
sas ity niHii han invenu-d a box-like
pff-ilr to conduct hot air from a floor
nutter tu the hair as a user sits in
i:o:n of It.
Astronomers In IS observatories in
nimoKt as many nations are compiling
a map 'f the heavens that Is expected
to cp'flotrun from 30,000,000 to
M.fHMt.ouo stars.
California'i greatest water power
t- . .o;,:iit-n:, woik ou which ii under
While this forelKii butter will help
in reducing th" cost of living here, it
will also have (he effect nf reducing
materially the income nnd profits of
the Oreon dairy farmer.
tf. J. DENN
Hoiisini!d goods, piano, bag
gaqe, lumber, wood and a
general transfer business.
Baggage checks called for.
All wmtU carefully handled,
and stored at reasonable
Oflice P. 102 Fm. P. 308
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