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TTie Dafy ancf Twice-a- Wee k
News hnre a larger circulation
than any other two papers pub
lished in Douglas County. They
go into every nook and corner
of this big county.
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Occusimml Itain Tonislit und Sat
lIOSKlirilG, DOUGLAS COUNTY, 0 ltlitiON. KKIIt.VY, SKIT KM UK II 8, 11)11.
vol. n.
No. 2T.9
Ivan Ellmaker Causes Trouble
At Yoncalla.
Hun Away From Home Is Iditer
Captured And I.rfx-ked lit Jail
Sots lied Clothing
On Fire.
Angered because of hla Incarcera
tion in the city jail, Ivan Ellmaker,
of Yoncaila Ignited the bed clothing
with the result that he was almost,
suffocated yesterday.
From reports received form Yon
calla today, It appears that youus
Ellmaker has a mania for leaving
home without adv'sm: his parents
as to his prospective whereabouts.
For the fourth or flfHi tim-3 within
the past two years, the b.iy loft home
a few days ago without the. knowl
edge or consent f hi-? parents. He
had been pone but a few hours,
however, when bis whereabouts be
came known, and Marsiml Wooster
was sent to bring him hack. The of
ficer arrived with the boy and he
was remanded to the city jail jail
awaiting disposition at tho hands
of the juvenile authorities.
Yesterday morning persons who
chanced to be In the vicinity of the
jail noticed smoke issuing from th
roof, and upon gaining entrance a
few minutes later, found the bed
clothing in flames. With the assis
tance of a few pails of water the
Are was soon extinguished without
material damage to either the jail
or Its occupant. Thinking that the
hoy owuld realize the folly of bis
action the officers thought no more
of the incident and left the premises
together with the crowd of specta
tors that assembled following the
They had hardly departed from the
scene, however, when the attention
of persons loitering about the jail
yard was again attracted to clouds
of smoke Issuing from tho roof. An
M"1 FJprh m m r r-Slain
t i fit
An Exploded Myth
The young man who nrgucs for custom tailor made
clothes as ngiiiust ready to wear clothing linrkM bark a (piar
ter of it century. As well might lie depreciate the existence
of n safely razor. The maker like Alfred lldijamlii, Kup
penheiiner, Eidrrhtimeii-Slein as well, are the reiili of mi
evolution lit the method of making's wear. In the place
of the more or less skillful attention of ;iti Individual you re
ceive the Hrfect product of skilled craftsmen in clothes
Npecialisis vtho liuve the imputation of an industry to sus
tain. ,We Make the Bold Assertion
That we tire selling the lcst $15.00 on it in Rosehurg mid
would like n cluiuce to prove it to you. We are kc-ping every
suit we sell lo you press ii fit-,- i,tr )oti too means some
thing tti you doesn't It? Headquarters for the Stetson Rats,
& O Q G O O O Q O 0 0QG 0 Q 0: G 6 O O O 0 0 o O 3 $ Q 0 0 Q 0 0 &
1911 Cordially We Invile You To Attend Our 1911
Fall Opening, Sept. 7th, 8th and 9th. g
It is with pleasure and pride we extend you this sjvjcial invitation to inspect our beautiful Imported
:K3p and Original Models in Fall and Winter Hals. Patterns of refined taste. A choice variety awaits Of
ijr your inspection and approval
0i JameS A. Perry, illintry and Ladies' Toggery j;
"The Faultless Fiskhats" Special attention to order work by our Miss Ivy Henderson. Q.
m m 0 0 q a o o o g o 0 o; o. 0 o. G- o o 0 0 o. m 0-000.0 0
alarm was Immediately sounded, and
Marshal Wouster responded only to
Hud that ho bad carelessly lett his
Keys at home. Running 'to his resi
dence, a distance of several blocks,
the officer soon returned with the
keys and the jail doors were un
locked. I'pou entering the structure
the room was found to be well filled
with smuke, while young Ellmaker
displayed evidence of distress. I'pon
investigation it was found that be
had ignited the bed clothing for the
second time, presumably with a de
terminatioL jf destroying the jail
out revenge. After a few minutes
of diligent labor, the flames were ex
tinguished. Young Ellmaker is well known in
the vicinity of Yoncalla where he. has
caused; (the officers considerable
trouble in time past. Only a few
months ago he disappeared N from
home, and upon solicitation of his
mother, several posses were sent In
search. At that time it was pre
sumed that he had committed sui
cide for the reason that he left the
iamily home following an altercation
with his mother. The lad Is said to
possess a despondent disposition, and
has often made threats that he
would end his life.
, It, is probable that Ellmaker will
be brought before the juvenile court
and questioned at some length rela
tive to his recent acts. At least,
such a course is deemed advisable
by the Yoncalla officers who know
hini best. When interviewed follow
ing tho second fire. Ellmaker had
little to say, other than he had "11
In" for the officers. Marshal Woos
ter searched the lad after the fire
and found a good supply of matches
on his person.
Miss Galdys Strong returned here
this afternoon after a few days spent
at Myrtle Creek visiting at the
Johns homo.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Claude
Cannon was held at St. George'?
Episcopal church at 2 o'clock this
afternoon, interment following In the
Masonic cemetery. Tho services
were conduced by Rev. Charles WU--on
Raker and were impressive.
The funeral was largely attended
evidencing in a measure, the high
nstcem in which tho deceased was
held by her many friends in this lo
cality. The floral offerings were
numerous nnd beautiful.
Secretary Fisher Arrives
Seattle From North.
elic''l That Interests of Actual
Piop-i.s and Settlers Will
lie llceogiilzed Xo Show
For The Capitalists.
(Special to The Evening News.)
SEATTLE, Sept 8. The arrival
of the revenuo cutter Tahoma in
Seattle today, with the Fisher party
im board, marks the end of one ol
i he most notable expeditions evet
made by a United Slates cabinet min
iate.'. The secretary of the interior was
ailed north by the urgency of two
inestions Controller Hay and Alas
ka coal.
Secretary Fisher Impressed him
?elf upon the people of Alaska as
a straightforward man of much abil
ity. In the four "coal towns" of
!atella, Cordova, Valdoz and Se
ward, his every word was watched
with utmost interest in the hope
hat Itmigbt foreshadow the policy
jf the administration on the coal
tuestion. From bis private and pub
ic talks four well defined ideas were
ltcal Settlers Jtccnguizcd.
If there are any legal coal claims
hey will be promptly allowed.
In applying tho law, tho secretary
.ill have much tei.derness for those
.vho have actually participated in
lie work of discovery and develop
nent. but does not feel, as he said,
'particularly enthusiastic about
hose claimants who tell of the hnrd-
iiips of a country they never saw."
The notion entertained by many
Maskans that the coal lauds should
)e turned over to enterprising capi
talists "doesn't go".
Way Advise (overniiient Operation.
The choice lies between a leasing
tvsttmi and direct government oiiera
tlon. Secretary Fisher sailed from
Seattle August Hi on the Admiral
Sampson, accompanied by officials of
he geological survey and others.
At ( ordova he was joined by Gov
rnor Walter E, Clark, of Alaska.
Three Trips Taken.
Three trips Into the Interior were
uken. From Cordova the party
raveled 2 Do ivilej to the Guggen
lelm copper mine over the Morgan
Juggenhehii railway, seeing a rich
nineral country and largo alrcul
nral possibilities. At Seward they
vent 72 miles on the Alaska North
irn, At Hkagway they took the
White Pass and Yukon Into the
'nuadian Yukon country. At Valdez
he party was taken in wagons
' hrouf-'h Keystone Canyon and 1 8
nilcs out on the government trail
nward Fairbanks.
The party left, the Admiral Samp
dii at K -.Italia, August 22, and on re
aming from Merlng ilver hoarded
he revenue cutter Tahoma. which
rved them during the remainder of
lieir tour.
las A TJmer lengthened to Aid In
I'iaiio Playing.
PORTLAND. Sept. 8. Miss Pearl
-'iTtiith, of :S East Twelfth street
North, a teacher In the Dierke school
of mucin, endangered her musical
areer yesterday at I lariishurg. Or.,
!v submitting to an operation to ex-
'end the reach of her left hand to
include one more key. Operations
of his kind are rarely successful,
-iv musician';, and the operation
nly adds one key to the reach of
the operator. If the operat ion is
-ii('ceful, Mis Hiniih will niso have
lier right hand treated In the same
Mly-s Smith reaches two notes over
,in octave already, playing us written
v. hiit must pupils and many artists
play as urpeggoift instead of trying
ei strike the keys at one stroke. Not
Muinv artists have developed tho left
hand to the degree MIhh flmlth has,
-ay Portland musicians, and few con
cerlizers include in their programs
;e t-tiuiis for the left hand alone.
MM.'Wj X1AV8,
Why not trade at a store that can
supplv all your wants. Try the Roch
dale. si
Mrs. L. R. Monro left for points
in the tiort hern part of the (dale
tliis afternoon where she will visit
with friends.
Among thone who left for coast
points on tills morning's stiigeR were
I'. II. Jcrke :md wile. K. H. ILiuson.
Raljdi McDuife. II. Nelson and I. R.
Mr. I!. V. H:tt"n, sicronipftril'-d by
'ier little s'.n. It-. Wiluiot, left last
rtL-ht for :i few tl;; vi-it at Port
; l.u J wltl! re'i-tive and friend--.
English Lord Will Exchange
Peerage For Cash.
San Francisco Medicine Man Cashed
Chauffeur's tYcck Officer
It mi lis Toe In Sleep
Fleet In Harbor.
(Special to The Evening News.)
XEWl'OUT, H. I. Sept. 8. Lord
Camoys, fiance to Mildren Sherman
md prospective son-in-law of Mr. and
Mrs. William Watts Sherman, Is here
from England, well In advance of the
redding date, for tho purpose. It Is
.in id of arranging the tnarrWge set-,
clement. Lord Camoys is not parti
cularly flush. Me traveled tinder tho
name of H. Stoner on the steamship.
Worked The Doctor.
Here's a new bunco game. All that
is necessary is to possess a broken
nose in need of mending. A man
giving the name of William Hoffman
and claiming to he a chauffeur asked
Doctor Henry Horn to set a badly
fractured nose. The doctor did so
and charged him $30. Hoffman gave
1) 1 m a check for $80, got his change
and disappeared. The check was no
Fighting In Dream.
LAWKENCEHUUCr, Ind.. Sept. 8.
t Dream kng that he was fighting
with a lawbreaker whom ho had been
hunting all day. Constable W. W.
Whittaker kicked viciously In his
sleep and broke two bones In bis foot.
Meet At San Francisco.
effort to per.oiado the navy depart
ment' to retain the Pacific fleet at
San Francisco until after Taft visits
here in October to break ground for
the exposition. Is being made today
by directors of the big fair.
The fleet Is under orders to pro
ceed to Hawaii for division battle
and target practice, the orders hav
ing been issued just before It was
announced that the president would
journey to the Pacific coast.
Revy Of Rnitrond Men Drop
Then Out Again.
- Although the surveying crows oT
the Nevers-Aston railroad promoters
have been tho most In evidence late
ly, the Clark Interests have not aban
doned the field by any means, at
the present time have representa
tives out securing rights-of-way for
the Clark project. One or two wise
ones claim to have recognized one of
a party of four that arrived this
morning from Portland as a man
who has made a number of trips 'to
Roseburg and Marshfield In the In
terests of the Coos Hay-RolHO road,
and as this party was later seen
headed west In an automobile. It
Is supposed that they are directly
connected with tho Clark project.
Rights of way are being secured In
Cooc county by agents of the Coos
Hay and Eistein Oregon railroad,
i the (Mark road Is now known, and
'he report Is that these agents have
'eeii very successful.
no of our local citizens was seen
"n eompaiiv with the four "suspects
nd on being questioned, admitted
hat they wem connected with the
"la rk promot Ion, but Insls.' d that
'urther than t hjs be could give no
! n format ion. It was In 1 1 mated
'be News reporter, however, that
there is a very good reason for the
apparent delay In announcing the
plans of Mr. Clark and his backers.
and that the month or September will
sin act mil construction commenced,
and that, any parallel surveys of any
kind will not and have not delaed
the Coos Hay-Eastern Oregon road,
the delay being occasioned by reas
one not connected with any outside
Influences .whatever. As Is usually
the casr the men who were in Rose
burg tl Is morning declined to give
out any Information, leaving the city
just as soon as they could arrange
for trarsportal bin. but the very fact
that t !'' are connected wit h the
Coos I ny-RolHo project Is evidence
that Mr. Clark's Interests are not
being neglected; and that some sub
stantia ' evidence of railroad build
ing wli soon he apparent. Whether
or no', construction commences In
September, there are excellent, reas
ons to believe that definite announce
ments 'till he made during tin
month and that Rosehurg will b"
able to announce to an Interested
public that the act mil route of the
east and west rail mud to thn coast
Is throui h Roseburg, and not several
miles north or south of us, as has
been cipiouned.
' If M ;-. .Severs and his ooeiites
make? com!, then there will be two
: east i nd west linen through Rose
, l.urg, but we ate Ton t h to niitke thtv
claim, m it ui".v result in Eutrene,
Medfu-ii and Cuints Pass to all claim
three ro'ids to the const in order to
keep In the spot tight.
Imposing Industrial Servitude
on the Masses.
To Rinford tilrl Appearing On Stage
Ruin For Many tilrls
Fire lit Hold of
(Special To Tho Evening News.)
BOSTON., Sept, S, Speaking on
Attorney Samuel Cntermeyers state
ment in Paris, recently, that tho
money trust is the basic Influence
of the American financial situation,
Attorney Louis llrandies today said
bat a few rich men, by 'controlling
t ho finances of the United States,
are endumgcJug industrial .liberty
by using the people's money to Im
pose industrial servitude on t lie
masses. Mr. 1 1 randies said that tho
money trusts Influence la more sub
tle, but far more dangerous, than
that of any other trust.
Ruin For Many (iirts.
NEW YORK, Sept. 8. The prom-
Ised theatrical career of Hulah Hln
ford Is hedged about with uncertain
ty, many prominent people through
out tho country protesting her ap
pearance in any such role would
spell ruin for hundreds of girls. For
once tho girl was abashed when she
became acquainted with the sil na
tion, and said that she wished peo
ple would leave her alone. Despite
the threat that censors will bar mov
ing pictures showing the girl nnd rel
ative to the ellattio case, motion pic
lure agents rushed her to secluded
places today for photographing her
for such work,
lire On Hoard Ship.
NEW YORK, Sept. 8. Fire was
discovered In the bold of the Unit
ed State transport Hancock moored
at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Two
hundred sailors Im media tely hean
unloading the vessel and covering
the blaze. The work Is hazardous
on account of the largo amount of
ammunition aboard.
No Motive For Murder.
PORTLAND, Sept. 8.--An autop
sy today on the body of Mrs. Wehr
man proved that her body had not
been violated, as the officers at. first
believed, therefore thn motive for
tho murder of herself mid eh I hi Is
gone. A wbfsp of light hair clutch
ed In the dead woman's hand Is look
ed upon !i a clew to the Identity of
the murderer, and a man with light
hair, believed to be a stranger seen
n tho vicinity Monday, Is being
nought for.
Lone IbiuilR Captured.
LAUREL, Mr., Sept. 8. A lone
bandit attempted to hold up five em
ployes of the National Hunk here to
lay, but was captured after a battle
with Cashier Waters, who fired on
the man when ho demanded cash,
('olio wing the first shot t h bandit
fled, but was captured later by a
posse. He gave the name of Henry
lackson, and said that he was from
Arizona anil needed the coin,
Situation Olllciil.
state department today cabled t he
admiral In charge of Woo Sung to
use. the United States cruiser to pro
tect Americans In the riotous dis
tricts of Sue Cheum, China, where
'he missionaries have been threaten
ed. American Charge d' Affairs at
Pekln has cabled the stale depart
ment that the situation Is critical.
The people are refusing lo pay gov
ernment taxes and many business
;lar 'H have been closed.
Ir. Ci. I.. TiiNh. nl MiTlii'lcy, Oil.
'I i NMa!ik hi HiuHhii'k Sunday.
D-. G. L. Tufts, of Berkeley. Cnl..
Is Hicrclury of the Lord's Day Alll
mce for thn I'aellle Coast States. He
was Instrumental In securing a Sun l
day rest law for Idaho which has
been pronounced lo be the best one
in the Union, lie Is now campaign
ing Oregon In behalf ' of a similar
Dr. Tufts will spenk Sunday moili
ng at the lreb terian church at 1 1
o'clock on th subject : "A mortcji
for American Inst li nl ion." At 7:f'i
it niyht be will deliver an addrens
it the Hiiplfst church on the iies
lon. "Does It. I'ay lo Work on Sun
lav?" AM will he made welcome :.t. the e
H-r-iliiUfi to hear a d Ittfiisf-btn of oim
f the ni'ijt vital reforms of the day
Who Is Dr. Hermann?
Toiiioi row owning at. the Mfict ;i-hr-e
hail I he usual Kaiurd.iv nkhi
ibiiKc will be (ifvil. A good tiin" 1:
'irornied all who attend. dl
Mr. nnd
hild lefl
M r
. ,1. (i. ll'H her
r Piii'html tM a
they w ill h, nd a
eks Visiting Will) ie!'(f.
I will
at niv boil1". 2 1 7
reet nil' il H'-otettibt-r
Alt Kla'-H (jna
niieed to ptve l
Dr. Heimanti, opt.
Iva V -Lmictilin, who h.i nre'tit th" ;
i.ji-t y-:ir in Itom-bin ir e ;,.-r Ih to I
!ei,ve ff,r Aberde-n. Wnxh . In a few
dan where she ronti tnphtfes locat j
In order tl.. t Doitg'n? CDtinty m:iy!
irwike a creditable d'plav at Hie j
riimlng dlstijct fair, H-( retary Mir-,
ihnl of the IfM-al f-itr aHHt.eiiitlofi, Iihk I
i;i'ig'irfited ft r;tup;iii'n wherchv he
f,r- to Interest (he merchant of
)octiiirg In the proposition of ir
r;iiiidrig Individual exbitdts. In the
Kasiern slates the merchants take
Ili'ATTlE IS fil lLTV.
8. Henry Clay Heattiu Jr.,
was this artornoon found guilty
of murder by a Jury In tho clr-
cult court. Kcattle was charg-
ed with murdering his wife, and
tho trial was one of the most
sensational events In the crlm-
inal annals of Virginia. Reatle
wns confident of acquittal dur-
tug the last days or his trial,
and even went so far as to ar-
range for an elaborate Sunday
dinner. .
pride in displaying their wares, and'
there appears to Ihj no valid reason.!
why the local merchants should not
follow the example. It is also sug
gested that the nun-chants write the
I wnoiesaie nouses, or whom they pur
chase goous, ami urge mem to ar
range for space in tho pavilllon.
Secretary Marshal says that the pros
poets for a creditable fair were never
better, and he anticipates an ovent
unprecedented lu the history
Douglas county.
Tho funeral of the lato Harvey
(ones was held at the family resi
dence, nt the corner of Lane and
Sheridan streets, at 10 o'clock this
morning, burial following In the Odd
Fellows' cemetery. Tho funeral ser
vices were conducted by Rev. E. Olln
Eldridge, pastor of tho Iwcal Meth
odist Episcopal church and wore Im
pressive The floral offerings were
henutif't1.. The funeral was attend
ed by thi Odd Fellows and Rehekahs
In a body.
Frank Cheesbro, a Southern Paci
fic section foreman at Comstock, to
day authorized a reward of $100 for
the apprehension of his wife and two
children. Mrs. Cheesbro recently
Moped from Roseburg with Willis
Simpson, until recently employed as
clerk In a store con ducted by her
mother at Myrtle Creek. She- took
her two children with her. whom the
husband Is desirous of recovering.
Sheriff Qulne Is sending out several
hundred photographs of tho fleeing
oupte and hopes to have them under
arrest In tho near future,
Maurice Abraham to S. J. lhisscel,
lots 7, S and l!t, lu the city of (ilen
dale. Consideration $10,
L. E. Froyler to Mirdlo (lelsler, 10
acres, all In Douglas county. Con
sideration $1.
Jennie George to Frederick Noef
& Co., the S. 10. of tho N. E, V4
and lots .'(. 5 and (I, in twp. .10,
R. 0 W. Consideration $10.
No Water
MiiinlhMl In .Musi Snnilary .Miiiiimi, mill (iiuirilllt'i'wl, AlMHilutd
I rot. I-rom Pn'Ni'rvuHv.'N,
1.00 Quart 50c Pint 25c Half Pint
Cass Street Market
Recausc our Hulls, CIoakM ami Waist nro positively correct In
styles, materials and price, wo believe In tho Intelligence of tho
public and offer thorn nothing but absolutely correct, fresh good.
Hecause wo have a fitter that can fit and can guarantee a
perfect lit lu every garment,
Pecnuse wo do not duplicate your Suits, Cloaks Waists and Pat
tern IliltN,
llecmisn our Millinery In tdyles, neullty of material and
splendid nn;ioi Uncut in rar In tho lead of anything ever shown In
Hecause our Hair Loods,
are giving perfect satisfaction.
Itccam.0 our price are a r.
in the
You read and look afar with
equal facility, but no one ob
crve that you are wearing bifo
cals because the usual ' lines"
are absent. Wear the genuine
KRYPTOKS awhile and you will
never willingly return to old.
tjrU bifocal glasses.
Conference of Shopmen in
San Francisco.
Fisher Found Controller liny Desir
able Hnrlmr and Lots of (tood
Coal State of Washington
conference of delegntes from the var
ious Harrlmau line shops is being
held In this city today, but owing to
tho delay In the arrival of some bt
tho shopmen no decision lu the mat
ter of KruttschnltC's refusal to rec
ognize the Federtion is expected be-
fore tomorrow night or possibly Mon-
. .I.r
Kettle Question Monday.
CHICAGO, Sept. 8. Members of
the executive committee of the Illi
nois Ceutrul Rlalrnad shopmens sys
tem federation decided today that
all preparations Hhall be made for
calling the sthku here next Monday.
Headquarters for the strike offices
have been selected and officers select
ed to look after the various
localities. Whether the strike
will bo called will be determined to
morrow when tho executive com
mittee ol the mechanics meet.
Controller Itay All Right.
SEATTLE, Sept. R. Reports that
he found Controller Hal unsatis
factory; that tho harbor was of little
account, that coal deposits were of
Inferior quality, were denied here In
person by Secretary Fisher today.
Other than making this statement
tho secretary refused to give out any
thing that might ho construed as
concerning the future policy of his
i department relative lo Alaska. To
night tho Seattle Commercial Club
I w(ll Kvo a banquet in honor of Sec-
reary Fisher.
Washington Healthiest,
WASHINGTON, Sept. 8. Accord
ing to the census department state
ment Just Issued the stnto of Wash
ington leads all others In the mat
ter of liealthfullnoss. The death rate
there for 1910 was ton for each
thousand of population. Tho rate
for the Untied States is IB per
thousand Inhabitants, New England
Is the least healthful. Now Hamp
shire shows a death of 17.3 per
and why we Lead
N'ovelflcfi and Handbag
prlso to all.
Lines 4"
. I