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The Daily and Twice-a-Week
News have a larger circulation
than any other two papers pub
lished in Douglas County. They
go into every nook and corner
of this big county.
Fair Tonight ud Friday.
No. 228
Uncle Sam Turns Money Over
to Young Lady.
Californians Will Urge I'm-h Sam to
Kt'iiri Ship Koiuliil Willi Lit.
erutiitv to Boost The Ian
umu Exposition.
(Special to The Evening News.)
WASHINGTON, Aug. 3. In the
absenoe of the didrector of the mint.
Uncle Sain will in the future turn
his money milking factory over to the
guidance of a woman. Miss Margaret
Kciley is the woman selected and the
secretary of the treasury has made
her salary $:t,UOO a year.
Advertise California Imposition.
American warship loaded with Pan
ania Pacific Exposition literature and
manned by Californians may be sent
to various ports throughout the
would under the direction of a com
mission of federal and state officials
If the board of directors of the 1915
fair can bring enough Influence to
bear on the navyilepartinent.
lit volt Hue.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 3. hi the
absence of any official information
from the United States Minister nt
Havana the state department today
is not inclined to regard as serious
the news that General Acevedo has
started a revolt in Cuba.
Ilat-on Will lesign Memorial.
WASHINGTON', Aug. 3. Henry
Bacon, of New York, has been select
ed by the federal fine arts commis
sion as designer and artist for the
$2,000,000 memorial to Abraham
Lincoln in Potomac Park, Washing
ton. Smuggled Opium Found.
clever scheme to smuggle contraband
opium from the liner Manchuria was
frustrated yesterday afternoon when
custom Inspectors siezed $12,000
worth of the drug which they found
in a row boat concealed under a
pier. Running from the row boat
to the liner was a line on which
three hundred tins of opium7 had
been transferred. It is not known
where the opium was concealed on
th.i iwi
Kiner- T. Kinlth T,lks Kogurding
Proposed Railroad.
Emery T. Smith, president of the
First Trust & Ravings Bank and fath
er of Robert K. Smith, arrived In
the city this morning. He was pleas
ed to II ii tl the weather of Roseburg
up to Its usual standard of excellence
and states that the heat In the ex
treme East, from which he has just
returned, has been terrific.
Asked by a representative of The
News as to business conditions in
the East he said that for certain lines
of investment such as mortgages and
p referred bonds there was an abund
t nee of funds, but thai the banks
were Inclined to be conservative in
loans for Industrial purposes.
Regarding thef proposed Coos Bay
and Boise railroad and its purported
bond issue Mr. Smith said: "I nm not
aequainted with the promoters of the
enterprise but I have long known
the Commonwealth Title and Trust
Company, of Philadelphia, who my
son states are named as grantee In
the trust deed. It is one of the
strong Institutions of that city and
We Are Getting Ready
To leave town, and in order to do this we
have placed our stock practically at the feet
of our customers, regardless of values or con
sideration of prices.
Notice ourcanvass sign
and you will under
stand more clearlv our
position. You will find
shoes and prices here
that will certainly- as
tonish and terrrpt you
to purchase your Sup
ply of shoes at once.
Come in and investi
gate at once.
Its directors include some of the
strongest men in the East.
"I have of course no way of know
ing what syndicate, if any, is to
underwrite the bonds. 1 believe,
however, that one or more transcon
tinental lines will be built Into Coo
Bay before the completion of the
Panama Canal." Mr. Smith, being
as he is. identified with some of the
leading financial men of Philadel
phia, this is gratifying news.
Mr. Smith will be at Roseburg and
Myrtle Creek, where he has a Jersey
farm, for a week or ten" days, when
he will return to his San Francisco
The progressive method of rotull-
ing piatos direct from factory to
home, was the result of a strong
popular demand for a system where
the piano buyer would have a chance
to enjoy the same freedom In buying
a piano, as they would 'n purchas
ing other articles of merchandise.
This new system was a l'g suc
cess with Rice & Rice from the start,
and some of the shrewd and most
careful buyers in Roseburg readily
admit that the originating of the
from maker to user system by Rice
& Rice was a boon to the piano buy
ing public of Roseburg.
Roy Hillis, of Dothan. spent the
day in Roseburg attending to busi
ness matters and visiting with
Mahle Weatherly arrived here this
morning from Alabama to spend
some time visiting with her cousin
G. L. Prior, the local electrician.
Miss J. Horton left for her home
at ElPaso, Texas, this morning after
a few days spent in Roseburg visit
ing wih her cousin, J. W. Barcroft,
pharmacist at the "Rexall" drug1
store on Cass street.
Drop in and see the swell Hue ot
fall and winter samples just received
from Ed. V. Price Co., Chicago
famous tailors. Over five hundred
samples to select from. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Slop'er, the cleuner aud
presser. tf
Howard Calkins and Edward Ban
field leave for Crater Lake tomor
row morning where they will spend
two or three weeks enjoying their
annual outing. They will be Joine
on Saturday by Carl Wlniberly and
Roy Kenny, who will leave heie to
morrow evening.
Fred Chapman, the druggist,
leaves for Newport tonight where he
will spend tomorrow with his fnmil.
iomorrow night Mr. Chapman, wife
and baby leave Newport for Drain
where they will Journey to Florence
by stage, and thence to Tillamook
by boat. At the latter place they
will spend about two weeks enjoy
ing an outing. Mr. Chapman will be
accompanied to Newport by Dr. eth
er, who will nrrlve home about
i uesday accompanied by, Mrs. Seth
er and child.
.lames R, Matthews, of Portland,
doputy state commander of the
Knights of the Maccabees, Is in the
city to remain for some time in the
interest of the above order. At the
regular meeting of the locul lodge,
next Wednesday evening, the mem
bers are preparing to make the oc
casion a little out of the ordinary.
Lunch will be served andj other
equally as good attractions will bf
there to greet all who attend. Re
mem!er the date and be present.
Now is the time that you
will certainly get double
values for your money in
buying shoes at these extra
low prices. They can't be
Cass Street
Shoe Store
Don't forget the place
Sweeping Arbitation Agree
ments Signed.
Will Protect Constitutes anil Hunks
Wirkei-sliam Will Investigate
11 jink Trust Hivs In
California Controlled
(Special to The Evening News.)
WASHINGTON, Aug. 3. In the
presence of members of the cabinet,
especially Invited by the president,
repitentatlves of the United States.
England and France this afternoon
signed the most sweeping arbitra
tion treaties ever t negotiated. The
documents wero signed at the White
House, Ambassador Bryce sigi-mg
for Great Britain and Secretary
Knox for the United States. The
treaties are identical and bind the .
countries Interested to arbitrate nil
disputes remaining uusottled by i
diplomatic exchange, even ques
tions involving national honor. It I
Is believed that these treaties will do
away with war between these three
Marines Laud Ttxlay.
PORT AU PRINCE, llaytl. Aug. 3.
Anticipating a clash between the
.ldherents of Generals Leconto audi
i''irmlu. rival revolutionary candi
dates for tho Haytlau presidency, de
tachments of marines from the Unit
ed States cruiser Des Moines and the
British cruiser Melpomene aud the
German warship Bremen were tend
ed this afternoon. They will pro
tect the banks and the ednittlnte:
in event of a clash between t!e: fac
tions. President Simon, of Hay'.l, ,
has left the island In the government
cruiser "17 Decembre."
Investigate Hank Trust.
WASHINGTON, Aug 3. Whothet
or not the national bank trust wll
be made the subject of an investiga
tion, will shortly be made public
when Attorney General Wickersham
mbi.ilts his report to Secretary Me
Vengh. It is understood that ;he re
port Is about completed. It if be
lieved that it is particularly ..b'slred
to investigate the purpose of t)u
XniUnal City Company, ft iurpora
.ien recently formed by the National
City Bank, which was Instltu'ec. t'r-r
the purpose of engaging In business
which the regular banking Institu
tions are not allowed to handle. It
Is the general opinion that the report
will deal unfavorably with such
trust companies.
l ire Under Control.
ter nine days of constant fighting of
llres In the mountains east of San
Bernardino, Cal., messages wero re
ceived today which say that the for-,
est fires which were devouring 75
square miles of timber land, are uu
der control, and the appeal for troops
ent to Washington last night was re
called today.
Trenty With France.
PARIS, Aug. 3. The arbitration
treaty between the United States and
France was sigm-d here today. Am
hasttador Bacon pinning for tho Unit
ed States and attaching bis signa
ture to the document.
J. W. Hanks, of Canyonvllle,
spent yesterday in Roseburg attend
ing to business matters.
TI. I). Connine. of Glide, was n
We have a lot of ladies
childrens and misses
shoes, and the prices
at which we are offer
ing them will certainly
astonish you. Never
before or after will you
have witnessed uch a
slashing of prices. We
are compelled to do it
and we are going to do
it right.
Roseburg for a
W. H. Wright and wife, of Gleu
dale, were visitors iu Roseburg for
a few hours yesterday.
Jarves Kennedy, of Com3tock.
spent yesterday In Roseburg look
ing after business matters;
Mrs. John R. Lee left for Salem
this morning where she will spend
a few days visiting with her mother.
Arthur McKnight, of Cottage
Grove, Is spending a few days In
Roseburg attending to business mat
i. A. Kendall returned here this
morning after a few days spent at
Portland attending to business mat
te rs.
John Love, principal of the Yon
alia public schools, spent the day
iu Roseburg ut tending to business
Miss May llylaud arrived hero last
evening from lCugene to aiend a few
days visiting at the home of her
ulster, Mrs. J. T, Clowe.
Floyd Snyder, of Sutherltn, spent
yesterday In Roseburg visiting with
friends and Incidentally looking af
ter various business matters. j
L. W. Crocker and family left forj
points on Union Creek this morning!
rthero they will spend a couple ofj
eks enjoying an outing.
Mose Rice left for Myrtle Creek
this morning where he will join a
party of hunters preparatory to
pending a few days In the moun
tain a
Mrs. John Townsend, Sr., and
daughter, Mary, left for their home
it Portland this morning after a
I'lslt at the home of John Townsend,
lr.. In this city.
Miss Maula Sanderson left for her
home at Klamath Falls this morning
ifter a few days spent In Roseburg
visiting ut (he home of Sheriff and
Mrs. George Quine.
Thomas Jefferson Patterson, rep
esentlng Beale & Company, of Port
aud. arrived In Roseburg this tnorn
ng to spend a couple of days look
ing after business matters.
The W. C. Harding Land Compnuy
vesterday sold a 12 acre tract of
fruit land, situated in Garden Val
ley to Mrs. Nye, a recent arrival In
' his section from New Mexico,
Among' those who left for coast
onints on this morning's stages were
A. R. Jncoby. R. Zecher. J. F. Per
mit, Rena Danelson, Prof. Howard
and wife, V. H. Wood and wife, A.
Keefer, R. Hartley and family, T.
C. Griffith. Rev. Bunch nnd C. A
.1. C. Perkins, of Portland, broth
er of Mrs. C. W. Clark, of this city,
irrlved here this morning from the
Kellogg vicinity where he spent the
past few days hunting. With him
he brought a four point buck, which
weighed 12 5 pounds dressed. The
uiimal was photographed by Clark
& Clark this morning.
Mr. Hosier, who recently arrived
here from points In Washington with
i view of entering the Soldiers'
Home left fur points In the north
ern part of the state this morning
Mr. Hosier resided here for near
ly a quater of a century prior to
about five years ago when ho movd
io- Washington to make bis home
with relatives.
K. P. Drew, the Ynnralla nursery
man, whose onbards are In Hcotts
Valley, three mile east of the town
was in Roseburg today, his principal
hU);ir.sH being to further the plan
of thr"e school districts In Hcotts Val
ley to consolidate and establish a
high school in the united sections.
The plan that ban been followed by
many Kastern ronutry dltrlrln will
be adopted, and th young people
.f the consolidated districts lie giv
en the advantage of a nine month
school as well as the hlnh school
fttrfrt Attorney George M.
Brown rerelved word from Myrtle
Creek this morning that three hunt
e rs, w h ose na ms a re u n k n o w n ,
were arreted there last night ac
cused of nhootlng a couple of hogn
belonging to County CotrimUsloner
lefferKonWIlev. According to the in
formation received by Mr. Brown the
ien were bunting on Mr. Wiley
land, and mi-taking the hogs for
Me, took aim and fired. As a result
two bogs "re killed, while a val
uable cow only mlnwd sudden death
by the slightest chance. The men
were arraigned before Justice of the
Peace Galthenat Myrtle Creek this
business visitor in
few hours today.
morning and fined.
Commits Suicide After Arrest
For Embezlement.
Inflicted Wounds In the Neck l'roin
Which Hi Pied Semite
I'liKsi'd 1)111 To ICtv.
district States. '
(Special to Tho Evening News.)
SAM KRAN'CISCO, Auk. 3. -Carey
Mnnker. tho absconding bank prosl-
clenl of Pearl. Illinois, who It Is al
leged stole $40,001) from his Insti
tution three years ago, ami who sin-'
rendered himself to the poll hero,
died In the hospital In this city to
day as a result of stabbing himself
In the neck with n rusty pen knife
last night. Extradition papers had
been Issued by the governor for the
return of Mnnkers to Illinois, but
the prisoner ended the trouble by
suiciding. Officials are now Inves
tigating into the tragedy in hopes of
Qnding out who furnished the knife
to Munkers. as It is believed that it
was smuggled Into the Jail.
legislatures Kcdistriet States.
WASSHINCTO.V, July 3. Sena
tor Burton's bill, providing that the
states be re-distrlcted by the state
legislatures according to their own
laws, was adopted in the senate to
day by a vole of 3!) to 28.
I I teprrsen I a t i ves,
WASHINGTON'. .Inly 3. Sena-
senate adopted today without roll
call the house bill fixing the. number
if representatives for tho next con
gress at 4 33, which Is In accordance
with tho recent re-apportionment for
the several states. Oregon will get
il additional representative if the
measure becomes law.
KOSKIU'lt'i I'HOl'I.H Ill'V yl'H'K.
The up to date, modern principle
of buying direct and selling direct
was never better emphasized than
at, the big factory salo of pianos
now taking place at the store of Rice
& Rice, Roseburg. A great manj
S. W, Millar pianos have been sold
and each purchaser hafl saved
enough by buying direct through
Rice ft Rice. S. W. Miller factory
distributor! to pay them to buy at
once even If they were not quite
ready to buy. The surprising good
value of tho artistic 8. W. Miller Is
at once nppnreut to tho most pains
taking customers, besides ieople as
l rule have much more confidence In
the word of their home merchant
rather than the big siieerh of an
utter stranger. We done n good
job for the piano buying public when
we originated the factory to home
plan In Roseburg nt the store of
dice ft Rico.
Wltllnm Kelllher. who waives on ti
farm on Deer Creek, spent the day
In HoscbiiiK looking aftr bitttliu'sc
mat I en.
C. W. Arnold, of looking (Hhhh,
spent i he il;iy In KoHPhnrg visiting
wit h frit-iids and attending to ImihI
iiohh mutters.
Mrn. William Hell Iuim returned
from Heattlo and other nort hern
polnttt where she spent tho pant thre
wei'kft vlKitlng with friend.
John HpiitiKh, tho Looking GIuh.i
farmer, spent the day In Hosehurg at
tending to ImihIih'sh mutters aud vIm
Itlng with frleinln.
(. I'. Human), proprietor of the
Kortelitirg-MufXtiUeM stage lines, left
for Marxliflcld hint evening, where he
will join hi family who are spend
ing their outing In that locality.
MIhh NVtit Hermann, trained nure
In one of tho Portland hoHplluls, ar
rived Iu HoKchurg lawt evening to
MMtd a fi-w days visiting with hr
parent h, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Her
mann. fcr. and Mrs. tii'orge Maon, who I
hiivo ben employed on tho Overland j
Orchard Tmm-Ih, at Garden Valley, j
fir thR pnnt nine month left for j
Portland this afternoon where Uieyj
will locale pf'ruianeiitly. j
I)Hputy Sheriffs Sam HtarinT Ami
Ralph Qulrte have returned from the
mountains where they spent thn past
few d:iys hunting. They suee(.j(.d
in kilting a couple of deer, one of
which was lined for camp nvot and
the other brought to Roburg.
O. It. Gag. a huaky young fellow
from Portland, arrived In town today
on a trip around the world on foot,
(rage agree to make the trip in 3')
month, and tf succenaful will re
ceive a four-year scholarship at Har
vard. R. Coyne, of Portland, I
backing th young man, and on the
trip Gage Is to make a study of the
economic conditions of the various
countries he visits.
J. C. Moore, of Looking Glass,
spent the day 111 town attending to
business matters nnd visiting with
Klmer Bashford, owner of the lo
cal flouring mills, arrived here yes
terday from Vancouver, Wash., to
spend a few days attending to busi
ness matters.
French dry cleaning, . newest
methods used. Your old suit can be
made to look as good as new at a
onall cos:. Clothes cleaned, hats
locked. If you are looking 'or
tood. quick servleo see Sloper, the
leaner aud prosser. . Telephone 47.
.Miss Km ma Church left for her
home nt Brink llnven. Ohio, this
morning after a month's visit at tho
home of her brothers, George, Mil ton
ind II. U. Church, In this city. She
was accompanied as far as t'ortland
by George Church, who will spend n
low days nt that city.
I). U. Iiunnell a local Southern
Pacific engineer, has returned from
Galveston, Texas, where he was call-
d by a telegram announcing the
dentil of a relative. He says that
tho weather was very warm through-
uit the South, especially In Southern
Mrs. Grace Creswoll this morning
llled a suit for divorce In the circuit
ourt In which her husband, Rlch
.rd K. Creswell, Is named as de
fendant. The plaintiff alleges Hint
die and her husband were married
in Roseburg on August 9 1910, and
that they have since resided In Ore
gon. Sho claims that her husband
often accused her of Intimacy with
)ther men. and disowned her seven-
months old child. On June 4, 1910,
she says her husband visited her
parents homo, south of Hosoburg.
and whllo In a fit of auger threaten-
il her life. She says he had a gun In
his possession at tho tlmo and would
have used It had she not have sum
moned assistance.
Of Summer Shoes
Entire slock of Men's and Boys', Ladies' and
Children's Oxfords and Pumps and summer shoes
We wish to make room for our Fall and Winter
stock and offer these exceptional values at the very
lowest prices for a short time.
213 Jackson St.
Take Your Time to Read This:
Klll:l.l, (iOOIIH
lleiause we liavo Just, received so many other now atylca In
Hliell (liioila of all HiiiIh. Collar IMna, Nocklacea, Earrlnga,
HrnnttieH, Leather Toilet Caneit, ete., we are going to give another
leelul week to theae goods. Kvery Htyle absolutely new.
Auk to gee our Hiawatha Collar
buying thexo flooda for llolldaya.
Don't full to nee our 25 rent
barKulim In new goodx.
1 1 A I It (i(M)DS
We have an etiorinoua stock In flwitcea, Puf fa. Transforma
tion", ruffs going out?? Not tills year. Then there are the
mull ril cent Switches for the roHctlea or blsculta, as they are
roinmonly railed.
Just a very few hats. We are going to finish them up Mon
day. Wo don't care about the price. We have to have the room.
This la a "WOUIl TO TMK WISH."
llalr and Sculp Treatment, Kaclul Masaago, Hair Dressing,
Formerly Roseburg Beauty Parlors
Trade with the store that broke
High Prices for groceries
in Roseburg
Yours For a Square Deal
R. STURRS. Sanitary Grocer
Soak Kansas and Nebraska
Much Property Damaged.
Cotton Sclu'dulo Will Pan Wicker
shit m Klntla No Way To
Ctiuh The Coffo Trust
Brazil Controls.
(Special to The Evening New.)
LINCOLN, Aug. 3. Throughout
Northern Kansas and Southern Ne
braska today torrential rains" feiT,
soaking the parched earth thorough
ly uiul greutly heneflttlng much of
the crop Htundlug in the fields, but
out ailing immense damag upon
property. Iu ninny places the rail
rou ila were temporarily put out of
commission by inundated and wash
ed out roadbeds, and the main line
of the Rick Island was completely
blocked by the flood.
Cotton Schedule Will Puss.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 3. With
the democratic steam roller In good
shupe, there is every indication today
that the house will I inn a the Under
wood cotton schedule revision bill
bo fore adjournment. It Is probable
that un average duty of 35 per cent
advalorem on cotton manufactures,
will he adopted, against approximate
ly 4S pop cent under the present
Cofffe Trust Immune,
WASHINGTON. Aug. 3. Inabil
ity to procede against the coffee trust
wub admitted today by Attorney Gen
eral Wickersham, who said that the
backbone of the trust Is practically
tho Brazilian government, which has
cornered the coffoo supply and will
noil only to cortain concerns. Wick
ersham alleges that he has been try
lug to devise sumo plun to relieve the
Next Door to P. O.
PIna. Many ahoppora are
You will find aome rare