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ill find The Evening News the bat
medium to reach the people of Rotcbiof
and Douglii County. A wMc-a-wakc
publication printing all news (it to print
Fair and Warmer Tonight and
No. 210
Senate Takes Action on Cana
dian Reciprocity Measure.
Attju-hed jto the llill Men Fight
Duel Xat Goodwin to Quit
Legitimate Stage and Take
I'p Film Drama,
(Special to The Evunine News.)
WASHINGTON, July 22. With
the time for the debate on the Cana
dian reciprocity measure exhausted.
the senate this' afternoon will pusa
the bill without a single important
amendment. The final vote, it is ex
pected, will be quite late. It Is now
the famous playrlght and author,
fought a duel today, first with pis
tols and then swords. Four shots
were exchanged without any results
then the combatants resorted to
swords to carry out their plans. Af
ter being disarmed twice Daudet re
ceived a deep gash In the arm and
the tight ended. Caustic criticism of
Bernstein's play was the cause that
lead up to the duel.
Takes I'p Film Drama.
LOS ANGELES, July 22. Nat
Goodwin, the noted actor, today an
nounced his intention of deserting
the legitimate stage and will engage
in film drama. The announcement
followed the incorporation of a mov
ing picture agency, of which Good
win is the vice-president. The dis
tinguished actor will personally pro
duce picture plays In addition to act
ing in them.
Some Warm Weather.
With the thermometer registering as
high as 140 and hovering around
considered quite unlikely that the' the 112 mark even at midnight, res-
president will reserve the bill for his
signature before he leaves for Bever
ley. WASHINGTON, July 22. Reci
procity with Canada. Taft'B biggest
project, was assured this afternoon'
' when the senate passed the measure
In practically the same form In
which It passed the house. The vote
stood 53 for and 27 against the
measure. President Taft will un
doubtedly sign the document today
and it will become a law before he
departs this afternoon for Beverley.
The McCumber amendment, provid
ing for reduction of duties on
household goods and other articles,
was defeated.-as was also Nelson's
amendment placing the duties on
grain, butter, cheese and livestock.
The amendments offered by Simons
and by Cummins, of Iowa, were vot
ed down overwhelmingly.
Senator LaFollette's wool schedule
was voted down today 64 to 16. The
only democrats voting against -the
reciprocity bill were Bailey, Clark
and Simmons. The republicans vot
ing "No" were Borah, Bourne, Biis
tow, nurnham, Clapp, Cummins,
Crawford, Curtis, Dixon. Gronna.
Heyburn, Kenyon, LaFollette, Llp-
pett, I.orlmer, McCumber, Nelson
Oliver. Page and Smith, of Michigan
Stnoot and Warren.
Men Fight Duel.
PARIS. July 22. I-eon Daudet. a
dramatic critic, and Henri Bernstein
Preliminary Hearing Reaches
a Conclusion.
.mi if A
The union meeting on Sun-
day evening at the court house
lawn will begin promptly at
Dr. A. F. Sether Among The. Impor
tant Witnesses Introduced Ity
The State this Morning
Protect The Courts.
Idents of the region around Death
Valley and Salt BaBln havje oeen
compelled to flee from the terrible
heat and not a single person remains.
The temperature has not been less
than 100 degrees for any night or
day during the past week.
After Express Companies.
OTTAWA, July 22. The parcels
post system advocated in the house
of commons today means the bring
ing of express comianies to time.
The opinion Is freely expressed that
the system will soon cut the express
rates in two.
Roosevelt In The Limelight.
NEW YORK, July 22. Denuncia
tion of "Big Business" for retarding
the development of Alaska is the
burden of an article just published
here by former President Roosevelt
In the Outlook magazine. Teddy de
clares the territory has been strangl
ed by the great capitalists wishing
to develop Alaska hy making enor
mous fortunes ontsldo of and in de
fiance of the law, and by members
of congress, when. under Influence!,
or afraid of the hostility of corpora
lions, decline to permit the passage
of legislation enabling the people to
work honestly and develop the coal
fields with fair profit to themselves
while doing justice to others.
Susan W. Woodruff, of Cleveland,
was In Roseburg today on business
and pleasure.
Columbus Never Did Know
That He Discovered America
He thought it was the West Indies.
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W A. V m-r w j i
The preliminary hearing of Jesse
O. Drake, accused of the crime of
criminal libel in connection with
writing an alleged defamatory article
and causing the same to be published
In the Portland Oregonlan, reached
a conclusion In Justice of the Peace
Reuben Marster's court at uoon to
day. The defendant was held to ap
pear before the grand jury during
the November term of the circuit
court under bonds In the sum of
Dr. A. P. Sether, the most Im
portant witness introduced upon be
half of the state t est 1 lied this morn
ing that he was a practicing physi
cian, and that he was at present a
resident of Roseburg. As near as he
could remember, he said that he was
first called to attend Judge J. W
Hamilton, the man responsible for
Drake's arrest, early In May, at
which time the official was suffering
from a mild attack of lagrlppe. A
few days later, the physician said
that Judge Hamilton ventured Into
the open, and on about May 7, suf
fered a relapse which developed Into
pneumonia. Dr. Sether also testl
fled that he called upon Judge Ham
ilton frequently, and that he was In
no condition to conduct the trial of
Roy McClallen. In answer to Inter
rogations of the district attorney
Dr. Sether said that he Insisted upon
Judge Hamilton taking to his bed
on or about May 7. and that he re
mained confined to his room until
nbont May 27 when he was allowed
to enjoy a short walk for the first
time since taken HI. Dr. Sether said
that he was present In the court
room on the evening that Judge Coke
dellevered his Instructions to the
jurv, and that on the same night
Judge Hamilton was unable to leav
his room.
On cross-examination, Attornoy
Jackson asked Dr. Sether whether or
not he had been summoned to attend
Judge Hamilton prior to the shoot
ing of B. A. Mahan. In response he
said he had not.
Luther Page, local agent for the
Portland Oregonlan. testified that he
was In Roseburg on Monday. July 17,
and that he delivered 400 papers, all
of which contained the alleged de
famatory article. One copy or me
paper containing the article was Iden
tified hy Mr. Page, and was later
Introduced in evidence hy the dis
trict attorney over the objection ol
the attorney for the defense.
John Hunter was recalled to the
witness stand this morning and was
asked to identify tho original copy
of the article as sent to the Portland
Oregonlnn for publication by Mr.
Drake. The copy was received here
this morning by the district attorn
ey. Mr. Hunter said he thought the
original copy, as submitted to him,
was written on tablet paper, and was
not similar in appearance to the one
submitted for Identification
morning. He said, however, that
the copy In hand might be tho orig
inal. Further, Mr. Hunter, declau-.l
that he had read the article In ques
tion prior to Its publication, and had
advised Drake to eliminate Hint part
relating to Judge Hamilton. In 11
of this paragraph he advised Mr
Drake lo Insert something relative to
the part played In tho cast of Jus
tice of the Peace Reuben Mantlets
The Attorney for the defense play
ed a running card when he refits
ed to Introduce witnesses on behalf
of his client. This procedure not
only gives him an Insight to t
evidence that will he submitted b
the state during tho trial In t
event of Drake's Indictment, bill
blocked the district attorney In I
trodnrlng witnesses In rebuttal
Diatrlct Attorney Brown argil
the rase at some length, and refcrrr
to the article as one of the most d
famatory publications he hud ev
read. He pictured Judge llamllti
;s a pillar in the judiciary of Ore
gon. and declared that his good rep
utation, a work of over 30 years. h
been attacked. He said that no ma
had a right to publish or rau
be published an article of this na
ture, regardless of what his private
opinion might lie. The district ai-
torney said that Judee Hamilton had
held office In Douglts county for 30
years, and never before had been sc.
cused of shirking hit duty. "This In
a serious matter." said the district
attorney, "(his article has circulated
over entire northwest, and ha
without doubt Injured the complain
ing witnem." It was the district
attorney's contention that a person
has no right to publish a defamatory
article, neither ca.u he express such
an opiuion In writing unless he has
he facts to substantiate it in detail.
Attorney C. S. Jackson, represent-
n g the defendant, contended that a
person had a right to express au
opinion, and in substantiating his
assertion, presented ' an authority
giving to the people of the state the
privilege of their opinion. Attor
ney Jackson, declared that neither
reference to Judge Hamilton was of
libelous nature, but on the con
trary, was simply given out as an
opinion and not as a fact.
Both the district attorney and the
attorney for the defeuse submitted
numerous authorities, all of which
were discussed at length by the op
posing counsel.
Drake furniBhed the necessary
(250 bonds this afternoon to Insure
his appearance before the grand Jury
in November. -
Al. Creason, Wife and Dau
ghter in Car.
While. Her lltislmuil Sustained
Broken. Shoulder Accident
Occurred on Sugar Loaf
Mountain Yesterday.
tervals until late this afternoon,
when the Buspense of the famlly'tt
friends was broken by the news di
rect from Creason that neither he or
his wife were seriously injured.
Persons who are acquainted with
the road at the scene of the accident
can hardly believe that Mr. Creason
plunged down the embaukmeut and
escaped serious Injury considering
the fact that the bank Is almost per
pendicular, save the hundreds of
projecting rocks.
According to Mr. Creason'a mes
sage Into this afternoon he will re
turn to Roseburg In a few days, while
his wife will remain at the coast city
ntil fully recovered.
Christian Church.
J. N. McConnell, pastor. Sunday
school at 10 o'clock, preaching by the
pastor at 11, subject "Jesus Among
he Doctors then and now." Union
service on court house lawu at 7:30.
Itiipllst Church.
W. H. Eaton, pastor. Sunday
school 10 a. in., preaching, sermon
by the pastor. 11a. m. This church
unites In the union Sunday evening
sqrvlces held on the cou,rt house
lawn at 7:30. hence there will be no
evening services at the church to
morrow. All are cordially welcome.
Saint George's Church.
Corner Main and Cass streets. The
Rcv'd Charles Wilson Baker, rector.
The sixth Sunday after Thlnlty,
holy communion at 7:30 a. m.; Sun
day school at 9:45 a. m.; morning
prayer at 11. No evening service
All are cordially Invited to theso services.
Christian Science.
Corner Lane and Main Kt"cct
Services every Sunday at 11 a. in
nd every Wednesday at 8 p. in.;
ubject for Sunday, July 23. "Truth
Reading room In same building, op-
n from 2 p. m. to 4 p. in. on Tucs
day, Thursday and Saturday, livery-
oily Is Invited to attend tho services
lid visit the reading room.
i-csbyteriiin Church.
.1. B. Burkhart. pastor. The usua
services in the morning. The young
livople's meeting In the evening
4 5 for half an hour. For tho even
ng service this church unites In the
oen-air service on the court house
awti at 7:30. You are cordially In
vlted to attend all of these services
Come and bring a friend.
Methodist Episcopal Church.
E. Olln Kldrldee, pastnr. Services
Sunday as follows: Preaching at 1
m. and 8 p. m. Subjects, morn
lug. "Freedom by Truth : evening
fiod Exiiluinlng Himself": Sunda
school 10 a. m.; Junior league 3
; F.pworth league. 7 p. ni.; praye
meeting Thursday evening al "
o'clock. Excellent music under tne
direction of Prof. Fory. You arc cor
dially invited to all services.
Editor Vernon, of the Oakland
Advance, sient the day In Roseburg
attending to business matters and
visiting with friends.
Something stronger than "near
beer" resulted In the arrest of
Oeorge Detnore of Perdue, Thurs
day afternoon. When taken In cus
tody hy Marshal Huffman. Demore
was staggering along the street In
the vicinity ofEaston's grocery store
with no definite destination In sight.
He resisted nt the thought of being
locked In the city jail, and the mar
shal was compelled to solicit assis
tance. With the aid of Sheriff
Qulne Demore was landed In the city
lall where he remained until yester
day morning when he was arraigned
before City Recorder Orcutt and or
dered to leave town.
Al Creason. a well known local
capitalist, and his wife are today
confined in their apartments in a
Myrtle Point hotel suffering from
the effects of an accident which bo
fell them lute yesterday afternoon
while enroute from Roseburg to Coos
county points lu Mr. Creason's tour
ing car. Miss ldu Creason, the 18-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Ma.
Creason, who was in company with
her parents at the time the accident
occurred, escaped, uninjured.
According to Information received
here this afternoon direct from Mr.
Creason, he had reached a dangerous
I spot on the Rosoburg-Myrtle Point
rond. near the summit of Sugar Loaf
mountain, about 55 miles west of
this city, and was backing up lu
order to allow a team to pass when
the loose earth at the outor edge of
the road suddenly gave way and al
lowed the heavy machine to plunge
down-the steep embankment and In
to the Coqullle river, a dlstunco of
05 feet below.
Although suffering Intense -pain
from a dislocated shoulder. Mr.
Creason succeeded In ascending the
bank) and reaching a nearby tele
phone Hint Inn where he told of what
had occurred. Messages were im
mediately sent to Myrtle Point and
an automobile carrying physlrlans
were rushed to the scene of the nc-
After lending whatever assistance
as was possible Mr. find Mrs. Crea
son nnd daughter wore hurried to
Myrtle Point whore they were made
comfortable at one of tho leading ho
tela. Examination of the Injuries
of tho patlentB showed that Mr. Crea
son sustained a dislocated shoulder
while his wife was more or less
bruised. First reports lo reach Hose
burg were to the effect that Mrs
Ceason had stistulned a broken leg,
five broken ribs and was also suffi
lug from Internal Injuries. This
port wiib denied by Mr. Creason thli
afternoon, however, when ho tele
nlioned a Roseburg friend that hi:
wife wos getting along nicely
sustained no broken hones. Mrs
Creason'a Internal Injuries are
ported as slight? and it Is M. C
son's belief that she will bo
to return home In a few days.
Tho daughter, who occupied the
renr seat with her mother Jumped
as the machine darted off the road
and escaped Injury. Tho automo
bile which was recently purchased
by Mr. Creason at a cost of about
$1,300 Is said to be quite badly dam
aged. Mr. Creason, with his wife and
daughter, left Roseburg for Coos
county points several days ago with
the expectation of siclidlng two or
three weeks In that locality enjoy
ing their annual outing.
The scene of yesterday's accident
Is considered one of the most danger
ous spots on the lloseburg-Myrtle
Point road. The road winds around
tho edge of Sugar I-Kiuf Moulituln.
and In some places Is said to be
nearly 200 feet above the river. Un
protected at tho outer edge the road
furnishes a most excellent opportun
ity for nersons mturquulntcd with
the sharp curves and sleep grades
lo meet a premaluro fate.
Owing to the prominence of Mr.
Creason and his family In this vicin
ity the news of tho accident spread
like wildfire upon Us arrival here
last night. Many persons took ad
vantage of the telephone In their
eagerness to learn the details of the
accident, while others resorted to the
use of the telegraph Wires.
First reports tended lo Indicate
that there was little hope of Mrs.
Creason's recovery, while a second
message was lo the effect that an
efftirt was being made to charier a
special train at .Myrtle I'olut In order
to carry the Injured to the hospital
at North Hend. Other similar con
flicting messages were received at In-
Sugar Trust "Milked" by
Havemeyer and Others.
And The Price of Sugar
Negligence Alleged In Wreck
of Steamer Santa Rosa .
Beggars Plentiful.
Dr. A. F. Sether returned here this
morning after a few days spent at-
S. M. Kelly, who has been spend-
ng tho past two woeks oil his ranch.
'ut urned here ast evening.
O. C, Sether, of Qleiulale, spent
the day In Roseburg attending to
business matters and visiting with
Mrs. Mary A. Levens left for New
port, last evening where she wlU
spend two or three weekB enjoying
her annual outing.
Prof. Campbell left for Eugene
this afternoon utter a day spent in
uoseburg uttending to business mat
ters and visiting with friends.
Miss Pearl Hull, of l.akevlew, and
Mrs. J. C. Hall, of Medford. arrived
u Rusehurg this nfternoon to spend
t few days visiting at the home of
Dr. and Mra. A. C. Seely.
Olendalo News: Mrs. Stewart, of
Wolf Creek, met with a rather un
usual experlenco recently. A panth
er attacked a fawn near the Stewart
home last week, nearly killing tho
little creature, which was rescued by
tho family, but later died. On last
Siilurriuy night, Mrs. Stewart heard
a disturbance and thinking perhaps
tho panther was after her chickens,
she got up nnd went to tho door to
Investigate. .. Just us alio opened the
door she thought she saw her brown
leghorn rooster on tho ground out
side, und reaching down to pick hltn
up, she grasMd not tho rooster
but round she hud picked a skunk
up by the tall. Shu strangled the
ii u 1 1 mi I to death, but not before It
bad bllton her bund, und well, she
saya alio has washed her clothes
several limes, hut even now her fam
ily don't euro lo have her In tho
(Special to The Evening News.)
NEW YORK, July 23. That the
stockholders of the sugar trust were
milked of five million dollars (or the
benefit of Henry 0. Havemeyer,
Theodore Havemeyer, John Searless
and his father, Clans Spreckles, was
declared before the House Hardwlck
committee today by Claus Spreckles,
Jr. Spreckles said that the sugar
trust and his father's companies, es
pecially the Federal aud Philadelphia
Refining companies, fought each
other ruinously for years, after which
a truce was declared and the prop
erty unloaded to the trust for ten
millions. Sprockets stated that Sear
les forced him out of the manage
ment of the Philadelphia property,
'tne motto of Searles was, "the only
way to make money Is to keep pro
duction down to the limit and force
the prices to the limit of what you
can get."
Negligence Alleged.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 22. With
the conclusion of the examination of
witnesses and Investigation of the
disaster to the steamer Santa Rosa
concluded by the federal Inspector,
It Is believed here today that charges
of negligence will be preferred
against Captain Farla and Third Of
ficer Thomas, of the Ill-fated ship.
Ringing For Money.
NEW YORK, July 22. More
than five thousand begging letters,
asking for sums aggregating one
hundred and ten million dollars,
have been received by Mrs. B. H.
Harlman during the last year. She
has been compollod of late to en
gage several secretaries to handle
her correspondence.
Mm. Ortle McManlgid 111,
LOS ANGELES, July 22. Suffer
Ing from nervous prostration and
partial paralysis of the lower limbs,
Mrs, Ortle McManlgal, wife of the
self-confessed dynamiter, was today
taken to the Pacific hospital for
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