The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, January 01, 1910, Page 4, Image 4

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The straightest and sur
est road to good Clothes
the best Clothes brings
you here.
If you frequent any of the "by
paths" you'll he apt to lose your
Hftlf in the tangle of misleading
Whatever we do is well done
whatever we buy is well chosen
quality is the object and perfect
Clothes satisfaction and effect.
There are many other places to
buy Clothes, to be sure but you'll
find that the best is always here.
These clothes are made for us
by the Stein l!lock Co. and Duvid
Adler, two of the greatest Tailor
organizations in the world. Every
Suit we sell is sold with an ab
solute guarantee of Satisfaction
or your M iney refunded or a new
mit in return.
V. ""' Remember nunlitv is the true
V tert of cheapness,' By o jr good
C'luthcs you shall know us.
George Ilrliltfe, of Cleveland, Is a
visitor in the city today.
G. I,. .IafiiitiH of Cleveland, has a
vinitor ri the city today.
William Kump, of I'm junta Kerry,
Ih n visitor in the city today.
, Air. HimpHon, of the Alt. Alto
I ranch, Ik in the city today.
CharicH Ilroekwuy, of Uiockway,
is a vhlor in the city this afternoon
; Hen Herlntf, ho Went Poin mining
, man, la a visitor in the city th'.a ait
! 'iinoon.
A. J. Flint of Oakland was a vlftiftjr
! in the city Friday, lie wiih acconi-
i pan led by hid wife.
PoHemuHlr Inspector S. H. .lnrne
wli! leave Alonday for Hpokar.o on
I lck llutter, wife nnd fon. of Gnr-
j den Valley, ur( in the city attending
l hiiHhwss tniltet'H today,
j Alary Hrockway, who has been
spending the nast few days in tJie
city, leaven for home at liroekwuy
I j Frank Long, of Cleveland, Ih spend
ing a few darn In the city. Air. Long
spent yesterday ut Uruckway, return
ing here thin morning.
County Clerk Kdwnrd Lenox re
ceived official notice this morning to
the effect that road district No. 14
levied a 2 if) i 1 1 special road tax at
n Mi"ting !jHd vsterlav 1
St. Joseph's I'i-o-CIiiiitIi.
SCIIIOItMFltHOii.V At Merry hoa
pital Saturday. Ian. 1. l!:i, to Mr
and Alia. Geo. S'-lierr.iti horn, a hon.
Mm. IC.lledrick, or ln-nl.t, Fpent
jrealerday In the city vi.iiting fi iciiiln
Mr. and Mr. John It. Chapman are
' -spending the day al I he home of (lie
lutler'fl parenta at Wilbur.
her Ireland left U.r Seattle this
r 'irnlng whore ho will attend school
tlinlng the next, few nioniliH.
Lou Is ltel,mnlein and wife are
' -ending the day at the home of Lhe
IsHI't'h aiv tils on Leer Creeh.
Mim, (). H. Garner has ret urn mo"
t -trr h une In Ashland after a brief
with her parents. Air. and Airs.
a v r .mil it. t u .div
fmtt nwlverl Aniiliir,r 11,0 plumber.
if inn famous "Last Forever" una-! Joseph linrt holoniy has returned
J"rv A written Muarant'(. wll every i ''"' Portland where lie spenL several
Mr. Sold only by The Fair. tf. days attenillig business matt--rs Joe
Tom Hunt. at. one time employed 1 p:i'a ,H in -icn heller in
.1. V. Xewiand and wife, of Ten
-Mile, were isitors in tie- ciiy yester
The barber shops closed at noon
today (hat ihe employes migut enjov
a half holiday.
Kdwurd Hillings and wife went to
Cottage Grove this morning to spend
Uio day wll h relallvf s. .
.Mr. and Mrs. .1. II. Booth went to
Garden Valley I his morning to spend
the day with friends.
Try one :)f there Snell filters will
fit. any faucet. See Winnie Gaddls,
AGE OF $50,000
finder the teipervlslou of the local for
r-tt v office, lefi for Al'i-lta a l"v
flays ago, at which place he expects
lo remain indefinitely.
It. II. Ilalhuwiiy returned to Mnn
TT'oulh this morning after spfinitmr a
T-w days at the home of his parents.
Vr. Hathaway Is attending college at
that city.
Proprietor Hargar, of t he New
Y"rlt store, entertained his force of
''"ilfs :( a dinner nerved nt the Mc
Clnllen hot. I llils noen. Hufflce to
H'tv t hat. the occasion was enjoyed
Iv the guests.
"'Dint v CliM'lt Leno h's recel vd
T'oiic to 1 h el'feet that Camas Val
1"" hr.s levied a Kpccinl H) mill road
In. It is estimated (hat ihis levy
heallh than for some time past.
Charles Mahu, accompanied by his
mother, .Mrs. C. AI. Alalia, Fred ami
Alicp Mahn, and C. Kriise, went to
Oakland I his morning to spend the
day at Ihe home of I. mils Kiuse.
Lrs. Nom-k and Ihjover operadM1.
on l-ii'd Swaiiz. an employe of the
Dyslnger mill, for gangrenous appeti-dlr-ti
is nt Mei-cy hospilal yesi.-rday
al'lernoon. Tlw pat f cut's condition
today is verv satisfactory.
Airs. II. Faton. wife of .v F.
II. Fa I on, pastor of the Itaptist
church, entertained her Sundav
M'hoo! class at the church last even
ing. Ab'iiii twenty giusts were pres
ent, all ol whom were delighted itli
the evening's entertainment.
V til vol... In t I... iL.ti.tllwn lmiwI r.r
yin.litHi. a sufficient fund to greatly Grafton Wnrthlngton received
i -.'M-ove the roads In Ihe Camas Val- word this morning Uta' li e iS-I'-Mou
-;eetfoii of Hie eounU. ! monilis old son of Mr. and Mit J. A.
" C. Caveml 'i- entertained 1 Worlhinuton died las-, evening at
C - members of her Surdnv school - Hays Cre.-k. The funeral will ne l eid
- rums at lur home In this ciiy yes- flomorrnw (Sunday) ;it Caayeiivill
(Special to The Evening News)
Pomona, Cal., Jan. 1 . Damage
amounting to more than $50,000 has
resulted tr.xu torrential rains that
have fallen in this section of the slate
during the past twenty-four hours.
The storm which is by fa" the worst
ever to visit Pomona continues un
abated today. At Camp Haldy, hlt
ualed fn the mountains near Azusa,
fifteen pleasure seekers who ascended
Ihe canyon for the purpose of watch
ing the old year out are marooned.
Should the storm continue for imy
length of ilmn the damage will run
well into five figures.
New Year's day Is th feast of the
f-irctimcihion of Jesus Christ. It Ir
a holy day of oblfgatlon for all Cath
olics not. rxeused hy the general rea
sons that the church allows. Masses
will be as on Sunday at 8:15 and
1H-30. After IfMt mass there will he
benediction Xo evening devotions
will take place in the church on Xw
Yeara Sunday is the octave of the
mailt of St. Stephen, the first mar
iyr. AI asses will be as usual and the
Sunday school classes will be regular.
At the high mass at 10:30 the choir
will render the beautiful mass thai
whs sung on Christmas day. On Sun
day evening at 7:30 the vespers or
official evening office of the church
will be sung and ihero will begin a se
ries of discourses concerning God
Revelation, the flihle, the rhurch and
kindred theological nnd philosophical
subfects. Wo are glad to have out
friends with lis. 1
question to medical men that there
(Special to Tho Kvening Xews.)
Xew York. Jan. I Mis. Clias. Fllis
who. with others was welcoming (lie
coming of the Xew Year last night at
the Cai'e .Martin in this ciiy. and in
doing so was using a liberal supply
of sparkling wine, the lights being
turned out during the fesi ivitii s, in
some manner her gown caught fire
and the lady was frightfully burned.
The attending physicians say the wo
man may recover, but will he horri
bly starred
.Methodist L'piscopal Church.
Sunday Preaching morning nnd
evening by the pastor: excellent mu
sic at the regular services bv the
largo and well trained choir; ahvavs
happy congregational singing. The
morning senncu at 1 I a. in. will br
ibe first of a series of four sermons
on the life of Joseph, rnv'-'rintf fe
niot thrilling chapter In tho n?tn:t.1
oT Israel. A large company of repre
sentative authors once teok a vote
na to the best story, consider?.- as t
Mleiarv product In all literature. A
very large majority voted for this
story of Joseph. Th0 first subject
of the series Is: "Sold Into Fgvnt. or
Ihe Fruit of F.nvy." At 7:"0 p. m.
the sermon subject will he "Proof o
Mlraclea." nddresn Is d?sI:i.-'
to strengthen faith in the voidn
working Christ, nnd bring men into a
proper attitude towan' h i in. All are
welcome to a "homelike" church.
Is some quality In these waters su
perior to any In this country and
probably In the world.
It Is also claimed for Paso Robles
that the air condltf jus are perfect. It
llej in a small valley protected by
mountain ranges: is 720 feet above
yea level and Is not assailed by too J Maximum temperature
mucn aea moisture or an nnnormai
temperature from the hot land winds.
This air condition is thought bv
some to have almost as much to do
with Its cures as the waters them
selves. Thy town like all health resorts.
Is filled with boarding houses of all
kinds, so that every purse will be
pleaBed. There are hotels for tho
rich, where any luxury may be had.
1M1J.Y U h VI HI.K HI I'lHi 1
U. S. Weather Bureau, local ofnee,
Roseburg, Oregon, 24 hours ending
5 a. ni.. Jan. 1, 1910:
Precipitation in inches and hundredths:
.Minimum temneratjre ..29
Precipitation 1.06
Total precip. Inee first of month 3.8ti
years C.14
Avg. precip. fcr this month for 32
years 6.14
Total precip. since first of mouth .. .0
vears 5.70
Avg. precip from Sep. 1, 1S77 14.23
Total excess from Sep. 1, 1909 2 94
1909 3.1-1
Private baths for exclusive patrons Avg. precip. from Sep. 1, 1877 12.31
who wish to be to themselvc,
These springs have been known
for centuries, for they were used by
low iiiuuui io euro uib hick nnu later
the Franciscan fathers performed
wonderful cures here, but it Is only
recently that tho really marvelous
seasons (Sep. to Alay Inc.) 33.00
Onset ver.
date 17.17
If ynu are looking for good service
In the barber line call at the Aladdix
uowers of theso waters were made j barber shop. Cass street, Roseburg
known to the world nt largo. I National Bank Bldg. Three chair
Nearly every form or organic trou-: shop. Bath rooms In connection, tf.
bio Is treated at theso hot springs. ! Zaa
for the authorities welcome all ex- "
cunt thnatt i-lin l.n-a InUul, nlD 1 '
unclean diseases. For the man who
suffers from overeating or from a! co
hollo excesses there is nothing In the
world to equal a week spent at Paso
Roliles. H straightens him out with
rnion Prayer Servfrrj.
Tho wpnk of prnypr will !)n obHprv
"tl liy tlio chun-h of Uo.Hobui'K nexf
wook. Tho following program will
bo curried out: Moml-iy rwnlntr, al
lio lipptist churrh. Snhlrot. "Human
History, fi Vitnoss for Ood," J. X
MrConnoll, londor. TnoHflay ovonlnp
at (ho Christian rluirdi, Uov. MrarH,
leader, sulijoet. "Tile Foundations,
Tnslirken, Immovable." Wednesday
evening at the M. 1. rhurch, Ilev.
MurW-nrt. leader, subject. "The
I'biireb of Ood on iCarth." Thursday
evening at M. K. church, routh. Rev
Ibnvkins. Under, subject. "Missions
Ihe Necessary Kxnroslon of Christian
rtevotlon." Friday evening at. Pres-
bvterinn. Key. F.iton. b ader, subieet.
'Ti:e Things Within tho Kingdom and
Without." All are cordially invited
to these rorvlces.
u rnpldlty that la wonderful, and the
best recommendation is that they do
away with the nerve-craving for stim
ulants because of their peculiar
soothing effects upon the nervous
Truly speaking the study of Paso
rtohloB Hot Springs Is one which is
giving the mudlcal fraternity abroad
and. at home much Interest, nnd Is
probably directing more attention
to California than any other of her
natural gifts to man.
A small book, neatly Illustrated,
has been recently published by lhe
management telling Oie story of the
Hot Springs In a most Interesting
manner and giving complete infor
mation. Send for It, either to Wm.
McMurray, General Pasenger Agent
of tho O. R. & N., Portland, Oreaon,
or Dr. F. W. Sawyer, manager, Paso
Ilobles, California. tf.
Legal advice free. Collections
Solicited to .
Room 1, Marsters Bldg. &
Hoseburg, Ore.
i 1)11. iT. h. CALLOWAY '
Osteopathis IMiysician
Chronic diseases a specialty.
Graduate of the American
School of Osteopathy Kirksville,
5Io. Under-fotmder of science
it Dr. A. T. Still.
s Office Abraham Bldg. i'?
Phone 1091 Roseburg, Ore ff
ii A. S. I1UEY,
For Men. There Is no beter shoe Onlometlst ft
made than the celebrated "J. B. I
Tilt." which is to be found at the Cass Street
Mllllkln Shoe Store. And for heavv : First Door East Telephone office O
wear there Is nothing equal to the ' i'f
'United Workman Shoe." dt-f i IS1II
Plumbing, Sheet Metal WorK, Tinning
and Heating
Presbyterian Church,
.M irriintr i f
his service j j
obfrvod '
:i fti rnoon Si vl"i-n u'iumIc
'''nt, and n ! Ii-hs to juv tin
i vr.y.i fiiovcd imnit'ii'dv
. ni ic :'tnl Ki'-ial .-(HTViT:?!
.Mr. ami Mrs. Won h i )!;( m. of (his
cit) leave for t'e- la'..1:- ( i:n-.- in i ii
! inn: ii in i; tc attend 'lie f i ii 1 1 of i !i ir
1 bv a lioiiiih
.1 hv the bo.;l'-:-t.
I. (t. I!n..'li ;4 ta1
'M-nilii-Jv ill i ' h In
n boi.-l. on Mmoi.-iv
t t f n 1 1 -ti f . I 'I'll'" Anionia. Junior Amiomui j
luncheon i Au;;a cla.--.? of Hi,. I !: mi i - t Sun.
I ;tI;hoI sp.'ltl lhe la--l hours of the
-nJ- 1 -!! in a sm-ial in t he he
ill 1 t f . Tin- tv.o n: .... i bo
li-i1:. ' ,-. - ' ' 1 :,! :: ii in : !'o a I itirui
f Special to The lOvnins Xev s
It-.Itlmn-.- l-in I T-.i-i.l
men are imported' to have 'lost lv'lv 1 (',',Ii' welremo nwnlthuf
lives .n an e.ilosioti vhlh occurred
on the sie;rnslii); I .uvenhack, in the
llaliimore harlior today.
J. 1. Huiklinrt. ni
worship at M o'clock. At thii
Mm Lord's Supper will lie
Kvnlni worstiip at t:;!it. Ihe ser
mon will ho appropriate to the Xew
Year. The Itible school meets at
10 a. m., Hon. II. Kddv, Kiiperin
tendent. Junior K. rit ;! p in., M'ss
Kate FuUerton, Kiinrint endeut. Y.
J. S. C. K. ut ii: no p. m. 1'nion oh
;ervance nf the week of nrayer at va
rious church next week except, on
Saturday eveninur. You will find a
u at all
f our s-'i'vlces. Come and hrintr n
North JacKson Street, adjoining Peoples Marble
WorKs. Telephone 2511. '
WorK Done on Short Notice ROSEBURG. ORE. I
on:i:iE itkms.
10 and I i
l int ii MiOKin
- Im v ii I'ouiiil in an nn-'MU j '
. n .11! ion I n Mim In! Ii r i. i
vis nol euMl Hi.' m niu-: nf ,
.!'e.-hl. .1
n "
I ! ' :t;t n'eloi I;. whmi
'i ni' -::nd' l.-ln-it. ml
ed. AMT 1 1
A n 1 n diana nm yor a-ve th
difit of his tiiwu threi ions of
A l'i oy Cii ma distrain pern:
r.:;victt'd map shooter'; to pay Mi.
nip's in wet'kly hiritallments.
A l issjichtiset Is pian wot Mt $ i
"'". is tlK(oU'r..d to ha.- llidd
; a1! ion $:.i!ii.iihii : :1 -n mini;.
The pi-.'s .. iii oi i. s Mnim s c
! -,v is i'Ik'.'.ivdiuiii o stop ;i i
St. fienrije's Cliui'.'h.
Corner ';iln nnd Cn;is streets, tho
Rev. Charles Wilson linker, reftnr.
Sntnrdav. th.. Circumcision of Christ.
1 (Xew Year's day). ihdy fo-,,nm
(lion ;tf to a. in. Sunday, the firs!
S .Til to, ay nfter Cl'ii-tmns da v. li-dy
! '"innn!nion at Tio a. m. Sum ' a
' '-rhoo; i'1 a. ni. hoiv co".i!Miini(n
. (! -: rnion ;',t 1 1 a. ni.. "v:"'!:it r-:iv-
"V and ;-"i-iU'in :it :'.C, 'I'lntr-d:' v
.f:n. '!. M'f I'-'iphany. lmlv i 'i;i inn-
mo!i ;;t i u a. m.
5 mmW-l-lSZM-WYin'Xn
Fill Your House
witli h'tihl no house
without elfctnc liulite. Though we
can wire "any old" hniiilini;, the
heflt work ia when the honee ih heinn
confltru twl. Wo are always ready 2
to ttive an accurate estimate and to J
iiftrintL-u the be-t work.
VZ!f si-, v T.,..i.,.. . n,,
ua-j ... MHttiiiwu in,, iLi'prouiLTi
tstvrrirsr fUf)iH),i,Jl er3m
Mrs. rr .l. ri. k V. rr!tt.r.l. a Ulrlhodit Kplsu i.,l Clmr.-li, S.inHi. I ttltttttJtf tt?tt
'"I'T 1,1 ' Hi."H.v ! J5i ; Jil JJ JljtJ JM
t iml lo Ins -n K M M.v,r I ist..- I(..n..r mw. I X2
1. :.l
I luv i- iimi. Ii i i .i ,i; . ' r
Mil. Ii. I'. .-.Hi. I:..' ul I
.--.. v II- a' l''ii'i' 'i " . i '"
II' li'iHI"'! ;. Ifl.'.l
II" " I " Ki'.-i r-.i r ! -
t '" I si I .1 '. . iv. SI... , . M l n: in-".! ' ...i i... .i "i" i . . . !
i :-.-::in uivi ink- l, ,' mil r.,l,.. 1 ' fl.-, -'f .;...',' ni" "ivnr. S',-
' U '- ..!! j MM r.- " - i'l. C:.... 'I".'-. ' , , , ,v ,. r.,.,
U ;l!i niiillii "'1 tin' hirl ll . '.,n m." ml .I. .VI.. n ho : iM,.,n ,,,, '..;,,., ; ,,,..., I-
hi. in:. ,.f llir old i , ..... ,,i
I" I. lirif, S:ii'.lli..v:ill, r -i f..rt., r . ....,... ....... I. . : IT
M.'M.l.ri. Mill... l,i....i; ..n .1. n.. ir . nl.,n.,llv lo .nil of I In ;
m ..! - . . 1 1 x ... 1. 1 r..ii ... -ii-. i...
t in i-tn h l.: i!i'.. r Ih.i! Iii:-
!..: " ticlnul'v lirnki-n. I ltapt i-l t l.ur, li.
V1 . ii (!.-.. i (lsl.orn. n . bv-I.t ..I - It l.;,.i.,. mlt.M.-r. i-'.il r.
V-- l'i..-n f..;m.. Iih.K !1mii.-i an i.i.l . view nl 11 n 1 7 .V ...
. I . " '"' r. . .11 . . icivmiur V. II h I '-Mr!' ol' M.. -.i
..1 :
gles ;iuil Di
Doors and Windows of all Kinds.
I. , l,. I.i' .i.-M in
.ivl ni .V y j :m bring to all the
rr i J'.m's o!' Till News a cup full ta over-
ilmi:',; with h.:..'.! jhu:!' anil pros-
i i N.'ii'v; tin.' ,-11 Tor their
vi-i!-1 t i.l uvcrs ia the past, I
i : . '!.
V'i ;rs for ;i:ir.'.!i;T yu.r,
i '
ll ;:il .! I.M fivlt.-i! : yr-nrbii'S nl M :. in. T 'i.l i. JJ
in i'"' I. ii It of H 1 in. Morninc s' L. . . I. ';..t:
V mi I .'.'-..!. I. I.t I. ..'on. 'in.: In rs i I'rosj.iM l ." Kr.'tiiiiff tnl.I.vl. "Th .'
M. ill. II V.i:i,.y rf 1 1 ,. ;,! I n . i I .. Kv., I! A;..l i.r III. t ! .' ' -' I ' ' 1 . " '! ' H 1
l-l ll li.".i" "' '' in lilih i hri' : I'lmir will h:i.' .--,;. r -. . ..fill,.
I".'"' :'. . ;.IM t'l'l ! "Mi.lil! v.nrs liOI-.h:- ; r . ' :l "1 . S i''.''"'
Yurdpon Lower (lk Strei t.
Thonc Mil
.'. Y.. i U v
I .1 ' . .
rl, !
.1-....I al 1" a. I'm.
.!... r
; in. u ini ; ri .-;tii
Oi' ',ii:,;.M. H.-ri.i:v
..! In :!! of P :-,.vi i. Kli' . i; n
...lit anil . ni . .l:;''al. !..i:t.
I . V. .:-..! -lis
a r-''.'i r ,'. rl ia' ,; .I-. a -v ,-, ir
i ' . (. ..r oi.- ir.
:. iv.-.. l ; . - I .
.. 'his 111.'.. III.' p.
.1. i il'.v. ..lia.all
V , Ihini.i'.m- v
I '! III'1
I . ' In III.
1 i'l'..
. ' l,, I-
l i''
, 1... ,.:
This is thi chrin m:uk- bv all who send their S
w.ialiiiiic to the Kuscbun: U'Utn Lumitiry. To jt
Ihis rosulc no I'li.'inicals arc ns.d. Your laundry
) i.; not t .-a in a severe manner verv much to
the O'li,! :,iry it is h.r,.lle in the r.ic.-t : '.H-.vel ?f
; ''' ail t!i httot. r.r.d ui-,t iiiijihi-i niaehin 5
I cry is at our ciniuiand to do your wotk in a most
? tioroiiiih mail nor. '
1 e hL Vlilii. iiiilii
1 to in .' . a .
,ll- ; inn 1 '. ill ' V- : ' ; . v. h ;. '. !'-.
from ''." t 'f r.t IM " ii. : l .i
' 1, . ii'm n!:t.
. ;, V 1-0 II'. I ."in.-, a-,, .., ,1.
I I nr ; .1.01 , f : h, int. li--i. t T
i.iin.n. .... nil inn .... nt'r, HOW , KKIIlt'. IH'IIHI.-, ...Ill fa'lU'litl Ili.a.K- ft
j down, which proves nlnioai bcyoinl j ttm&Wl&H&WtW
ma'-r 1,1 Ian f a
W I I'.. r-n '.I !..- a
1 hli limn.'. W a ' ia a-
,'- of ;:,.,.. V Y.
.0. C. BAKER, Prop.
S Jackson Street - - ROSEBUHG. ORP