The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, January 10, 1900, PART 1, Image 4

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rtorn tou au know.
Saturday's Dally.
A. A. Bonner went to Hood Kivsr tl it
Leeli Butler returned to Toit'.ar.d on
the boat today.
P. F. Stewart and wife came iu lr n
Mneville yesterday.
C. II. Southern an.I R. H. Winj are
business visitor from Boyd.
C. F. M. Brown is 1'iisines t'witor
iu the city Irom lira Valley.
Mr. F. Pond and Mis Kte Lester
came up from Hood River yesterday.
Mrs. (ten. KratiM and her friend,
Mr. K. F. Folia, ol Hood Kiver. left in
this morning' boat for Portland.
Mis Carrie Ziegle left lor her heme in
Seattle tbia morning on the boat ac
companied as far a Portland by Mr.
H. F. Zieg'.e.
Corlle Merritt, ruanairer of the
lleppner Gaiette, wai in the city last
evening; fcr a few hours, arriving on So.
1 and depaitinf on No. 2 for home.
Arthur Stiiblin and hi friend, Si
Youok, of Astoria, who been visiting-
r-im, left this morning for Eugene,
where they will resnnie their studies
at the university.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. French will leave
tomorrow for Portland, where thev will
be joined by Mr. Kussell bewail, and
leave Monday evening for California,
pending most of their time with Mr.
A. M. William and family at Sraa Fran
cisco. Mocrtay Dully.
Hugh Chrisman, who i now post
master at Kufus, i in town today.
Earl Sander left yesterday morning
for Eagene, to reeuiue his studies at the
C. 8. Jackson, editor of the East Ore
tonian, wa a passenger on Xo. 1 yester
day on hi way to Portland, '
A. H. Huntington, brother, of JM.
and B. S., of our city, and sheriff of
Baker county, spent today in The Dalles.
Mr. and Mr. Carey Jenkins returned
to their home in Portland yesterday,
having spent two week with relatives
Mr. C. N. Thcrnbnry arrived Satur
day night from Portland and i visiting
her daughters, Mr. Kinertly and
Sirs. Hudson.
Having spent the past two week
with her sister, Mrs. E. F. Sharp, Miss j
Gertrude Farrelly will return to her
bome in Portland today.
Mrs. G. C. Blakelev left on Tester-1
day' afternoon train for Portland,
where she goes to receive treatment for
her eyes. She will probably remain a
Tiamiltnn Pamnrall earn. Hnwn from
Sherman county Saturday, and will visit
here and in Portland until hi services
i j . i . L. f - ' v. : .
re oeeueu s .grin i.jr iuo vuiuiuum
Southern at Grass Valley
Mr. nd Mrs. E. P. McCornack pneaed
through the city yesterday on their way
to their home in Salem, having made a
trip to Sumpter. Like all other visitors
to that plac, they are enthusiastic over
it prospects.
Misse Sadie and Maggie Rueell, of
Trail Fork, will leave today for The
Dalies, where they will enter the Sister's
school. Mr. Kuseeil will accompany
ber daughter to see them comfortably
settled. Condon Globe.
IWhAts Dally.
Wm. Froebe, of Wasco, is in the city. I
' ' ' I
W. H. Mahan came over from Golden
dale yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Beard are visitors in
the city from Fossil.
L. O. Lakin, representing Rosenfeld
& Smith, ciuar dealers in Portland, is in
the city tcday In the interest cf his firm.
B. F. Pike, one of Moro's residents
who is well known in The Dalle, csme
down from that place on business yts
Mr. and Mrs. Frank ommervi.!e ar
rived in the city yesterday from Hay
Creek. Mr. Sojimerville is on his way
to Montana to make arrangements fur
their permanent settlement in that
state, while hia a-if a n! v,.ii hor mnnii
lo Portland
, P., l..l. ..,... -...
a short lime, joining him
In Dnfur, Satnrday, Jan. Oih, to Prof,
and Mrs. R. K. Allard, a daughter;
weight nino pounds.
At the U nion Lodging Honse In this
city, Monday, Jan. Sth, to Mr. and Mrs.
Andette, a son.
A aheep King-'! Vlrwa.
Mr. William IVnland, Morrow county '
aheep king, wa a business caller to this
office yesterday. When asked hi opin
ion a to the propriety of contracting
wool at thi stage of the game, Mr. Pen
land said he was emphatically opposed
to such action. It is within the power
of the sheepmen themselves, he said, to
regulate to a great extmt the price of
If the bnyer can succeed in con
tracting a lot of wool at 15.' ' cent now.
tbey will be able to supply the demand
for time, and will therefore have the
remainder of the wool growers at their !
If all the sheepmen retain their
wool until the proper time conies to sell
It, it will force the buyers to pay market
prices, which, frouj ail judication,
promUe to be very satisfactory, else the
woo. ooyers would not be so anxious to have been held op Saturday in
just now to contrctalltheycanatl5,the East End, but the attempt wa
eentt per pound. Several other promi-1 futile, a the fellow had i,nil,m,ii,.,..
went wool grower of this county coincide
with Mr. Penland's. views, while a few
intimate that 1VS is good enough for
them. It is a hard matter to say just
now which would be tho letter plan,
bnt a few month will decide the matter.
Heppner Times.
Cash In onr Cheeka.
All county warrants registered r.Hor
April 1, 18!,o, will be paid at mv
Interest ceape af't-r Ann. fim
1,0J- C L. Pim.Lir., '
County Treasurer.
w in
f -
Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels
1 1 UMW " nenu ikirunv
ITSRti. -0r
rua va tY i ow4o'i K bo. til
So It was Drrhled Last M(ht My ttaa
Literary Nnclrty.
utuMT s liallr.
Billy Bryan may as well crawl otTand
die, for if he had a ghost of a show pre
viously, it fld like the rest if the chaff
last night under the strcrg arguments
presented at the Students' Literary
Club, when the question wa forever
settled. The decision had been not to
touch on anything of a political nature,
and of eonrse it was UrictJy adhered to;
not merely touching, but resting there
before they got through. It really
l oked as if it might be a genuine case
of 16 against 1 when the matter was
ummed up and it wa found that one
side largely outnumbered the other, but
. .... .
one apeaiser declined and then it was
more evenly divided, although from the
nature of the debate one could have
withstood any number.
The city hall was well filled to listen
to the speakers w ho had chosen as their
subject "Resolved, That the fre coin
age of both gold and silver at the ratio
of 16 to 1 would better promote the
I prosperity of the people cf the United
States than would the single gold stand
ard." Upon the decision of the follow-
lne juoges resieu lue late ol tne sui J-t l
of anrh natinnnl ttrmnrt .! M flnul'tnir.
. , r. . ... , .
too, J. D. bitten, of Kingsley, and
James Fisher. On the affirmative aide
were Dr. G. Sunder as leader. Fred
Flood, Rev. O. D. Taylor nnd Mr. Starr.
On the negative, H. Gourlay leader;
Mr. Stark and Harry Curlls. j
Is was most apparent from the energy '
displayed by the afliiiiintlve side that!
upon the evening's decision tested the i
late or tha nation, while the negative,
feeling that the qiiesli in bad already
been settled, took the matter in a uwre
cilui but convincing manner. S.inder
(airly clawed the air, but finding that it
wa balder to manage than pulling t.
tooth, to. k refnire in the "crime of '7.1 " I
,,. . . - . . I
wnne one ni ins co.i jiis produced a
Flood f-f omt-iry, another fairly preached
it into his audience that "we fought
against it in
but a few moments
tiefore having said they did not discover
the crime until five years later; and
lat!y a Starr speaker arose, which
should have persuaded tiie judges tha
the heavens declared for free silver.
On the other side the leader Hughed
it to the po:nt and at once presented an
argnment which could not be met, nor
was it refuted by M opponents, who
saw they were at disadvantage. The
next speaker drove them Stark mad
when they endeavored to answer him,
and Curtis, although bat a young
stndent of the subject, displayed an in
sight Into it which wi creditable.
Those w ho were present say it was not
only intensely interesting, but alto
amnsing to see the zeal dip!ived.
11 801"' withr ut saying that the judge
dtcided in favor of the negative, and
free coinage cf silver Isn't in it
Ilold-I .
irnhl.nn. ii- ii .1
the city Saturday and yesterday. The '
first vxtim w., a stranger who claim. !
lieved of. This morning Chas. Wilson
was arrested on suspicion, and is now
lodged In the county jail.
ihe second in i nn lor.k n'a
yesterday morning, when Frank O-iin-! p0rpM ' furn's,,l" hU for lh. eitr,
Ion and John Carer, two tramps, beld !'"7 ,"Tl ,'"t " U ,i,,e nd
up two other "gentlemen of leisure"- 1 kc,,t U"1 'mrf'"w- Al'" rewmmend
Peter Kockler and Roy Wiiliamson-who ' the,at'TI",t n"1" 1,0 ne'1 ,0 re,lu
had taken up quarter. In sorr.o br x c:. C"T ' "pffn""'-
in the yards above the Wasco wnrehonse. The modern and most i flVcUve rure
The former bad an empty purse and a for constipation and all liver troubles
bar of soap, of which h whs relieved. I the fainoui littl,- pi!!n known aDeWltt'i
and tho Iut:r 1 and a pokir (hip, Lut ' Little Early R iert.
be blnfflu. the robber al he left of the
articles in hi pmkt, ! '-'llow
him believe thY were BotU poker chips,
aud saved them.
Yesterday aftornoon while walking
down the street wlih Sheriff Kelly,
Koekter and Williamson recognlaed the
culprit In front ofThelUlle National
bank building, and pointed them out lo
the officer, who Immediately wa ked
over, pu'led a revolver on them and
demanded them lo hold up their hand,
which they lost BO time iu doing. Frank
Gable then went through their pocket,
while a curious crowd gathered about.
They were then taken to the jail.
This afternoon they had a preliminary
elimination in Justice Bayard' court
and were bound over in the uui of '00
on two charge, one of robbery and the
othir attempted robbery.
Strange a it may rt.rj, the old enemy
of all tramps a cake of oap taken
from Kockler, and found in the pocket
ofoce of the men, was the strongest
w itness against them.
Ulrica; an; I.Ira f I ha Clijr'a Itnaluaaa
During tha rait Ma alootba.
To the Hon. Maiir mid Council of
I lltt lily: y
On request, I lierowith beg leave to
submit the following, as a report of the
condition ol the cit;r during the first
half of the present fiscal year, com
mencing July l.lS'.r!', and ending I)e
C -mber 31, Income as follow s :
Miscel. licenses $
Team license ISO IX
Dog license 7 ?0
Fine aud forfeitures till fiO
City taies, IS;.S 0U 671
Deliniinvut taxes, prior to U'.'S -Hi I 82
I a. I 14 111 i
Show licenses !! tHl
Kunner licenses M 00
Koad taxe 3M 00
Miseellaneou income 17 SO
Total income 701M !4
Expenditures are a follows :
Officers' salaries 16H0 00
Bridge department ft :i
Fire department 1571 10
Light department 6. HO
Police department 1'5 00
Recorder' cilice 37 00
Sewer department -7'.' M
. . . .1 . - I I K.l
Snnerintendent of street .V, 1.)
Water rent 3nOOOness, and In a child tub) it lo tha
Sundries I'J 70,
Total expenditure 4M(i 21
Interest for six month on debt 1710 HO
Entire expense for six month tkjoO "1
Income 701U HI
Expense UVW 21
Result Ui 73
Income and expenditure!! of the cor
responding half 8?ctl year of the pro
ceeding year, are a fellows :
Income C.-tOO Pi
Expense f38i 70
Ir.c-me over expenditure. . . .. 1 10- 28
It will be noticed that the income
thi period amounted too03 '.KS over the
income of the corresp nding period last
year, ard also that the expenditure
amounted to much m jre this year than
I I desire to ctll the c inncli's nutrition j
to the fact tlml the recordi-r's nflire ha
collec ted more fines during ti e last six
month than have beei c .llented ince
the lstd.iy of July, IK'7, being a period
of two years. '
In the year IS. Ill, more roa 1 taxe have
. been collected by the city than had been j
i collected for the whole period of five or
fix S'CHrs previous thereto.
His Honor, the Mayor, in hi message,
recommended that the city vault, which i
was in a very bad condition, be put In
better shape. By an oversight of the
thi was not done, yet I take
j pleasure in informing the council that 1
have put the tame in good ccndition,
without any expense to the city.
Respectfully submitted,
Nro II. Gatkm,
Recorder of Dalle Citv.
Clt7 Flnanca tuminlf taa'a ltepnrt.
In the report of the city's finance
committee, composed of S. 8. Johns,
Win. Shackelford and J. L. Kelly,
which was presented to the council at
the last meeting, attention was called to
the condition of the finance for the past
ix month as compared with the corre
sponding pertol of 18!8. For the last
bailor I W8 the receipt were tOttW.OH,
as om Hired with f709l 04 for the same
period in ISM, an increase In ti e latter
year of 03 9 5, notwithstanding the fact
that the tax receipt are a Unit 5)0 less
for S!m. The fines, license and road
tax, however, Increased In the latter
year I2u0.70.
The expenditure during the former
period, including bond interest, were
.riot i ... ., . .
'". leaving a gain mat term or
Vn'ln V""!"""'1" P"'
" 18!'9 U" P"'" 0o.21,
leaving a gain Ul mil f-t-tl..).
The increase of expenditures during
!8!l were due to the improvement in
the fire department and itreets.
They also estimate that the l 'a' mill
tax levy for street light will amonr.t to
I'HVm.25, and a this levy was for the
Miuiature Dottle of San uau
Fuitfiht by Youngster.
Cuii-Auo, Jan. S. Little Charle U
worth tooted a tlu horn on Sunday after
noon on the prairie at Western and Wa
bansia avenue ami immediately 100 boys
prang "to arms" at the improvised
bugle call. A great battle had been ar
ranged and the two armle of fifty boy
each advanced toward each other In
military fashion. A neighborhood (oud
started the matter, end tinder the truce
of a white flag the boy had agreed to
fight "the battle of San Juan hill."
Many of the boy had rifle and shot
guns, most of them unleaded, fortunate
ly. Those w ho could not gt guns had
broom or stick. Some of the boy hsd
revolver. The two armies threw them
selves upon one another w ith a fury little
short of a real engagement. While the
battle raged, the patrol wagon from the
police station came to tha scene, l'-ig
policeman charged th coatblned
"American" and "Spanish" forces, and
when the smoke and dust had lifted, the
fl-.'eing forms of the youthful warrior
could be seen disappearing toward all
point of the compass. On tha battle
field, wounded and moan lug, lay several
The worst injured was "Lieutenant
Harry Johnson 11 years old, and a
"Spanish" officer, who was shot in the
back. The "Spanish" commander,
"General" Artie Standt, bad a bullet
wound In hi left leg. Other had (lighter
lujuries, but none of the boys weie seri
ously hart. They were taken to theii
homes. Later the police arretted
Guslafsun, aged 15, who they claimed,
fired the bullet which hit the two
"Spanish" officer.
A St ria CI UK rK t'ltlll'l',
Twanl j.flve
Var Cuaaiaal In Wit.
unl m Vallara.
The fir. I Indication of croup Is brar.e-
disease It may lie 'taken a a ire sign of
the approach of an attack. Following
this hoarsene i a peculiar rough
couzh. If Chamberlain' Cough Remedy
la given a toon a the child become
hoarse, or even after the rroopy rough
appear, it will prevent the attack. It
a nted in many thousand of home In
this broad land and never disappoint
the anxious mother. Wa bars yet lo
learn of a tingle instance in which it
ha not proved efftx-tnal. No other
preparation can show such a record
twenty-live years' constant as with
ont a failure. For tale by Blakeley A
Notlca 19 Votaia.
Under the provision of the reg'atra
tlon law all person when registering
are required to fnrnltli to the register
ing officer the following Information :
If naturalized, the time, place, in I
court of naturalization, in this con
neclion, it 1 necessary to produce
naturalization paper, or declaration of
Residence must be specific; glting
precinct, section, township an I range;
if within town or city, the street, No. if
any, and No. ol lot ami block ; if in ar.y
building where rooms are numlwn-d.tha
number ol the room an I flor must I
In order to avoid unntiessary delay
and inconvenience, every rson desir
ing to register should be prepared to
furnish the atxive. information.
facilities wm In In. I in every
precinct iu the county by either Justice
of the Peace or Notary Public.
A. M. Kikiv,
dec! .'!0ly County Clerk,
M-.ray Mullra.
Came to my place on Five Mile, about
two weeks ago, a buckskin saddle h.irse,
branded with an oarlock on right hip
and an M on right shoulder. Said horse
tin hern on the range near my place for
the past two years. Owner can l.ava
same by proving property and paying
all charges.
Da!ed Dec. Iff, 18!i!.
Frnk I). Josts,
dec20 4t The Dalles, Oregon.
A trlgntral lilanrlar
often cause a horrible barn.
rcald.cntor bruise. Bncklen'e Arnica
Salve, the best In tha world, will kill
the pain and promptly heal it. Cure,
old sores, fever sore, nicer, boll, corn,
felons anil all skin eruptions. Rest pile
cnr on earth. Only 23 ct. a box.
Cure guaranteed. Hold by Blakeley A
Houghton, druggist.
Kulijrrt tn Tiki,
The assessor at Kllliiigworth, Conn.,
have received the following ichedule of
property Landed in by a poet-farmer
n' !hat town :
One wife with red hair, two steer
that's a pair.
One horie'she' t mare), that I all I
F. B. Thlrkleld, health Inspector
Chicago, say, "Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
cannot be recommended too highly. D.
cured ine of severe dyspepsia." It
geht what yon eat and cures indigestion
and heartburn, and nil form of ily.
The Great STEEL and MALLEA
Itomoinhor that wi
Which is ft savin;; tn our customers of from $l.r) to $'2
over price cliarp-tl y fttUltrs for inferior range.
Write for iaiiij'hlet, "Majestic Kviilenco."
Jr.a1 fcW 41 la.tfa t.'
3: j
i ftiiitinf leiiVin ttiiifii'riiitiiiiir
Wholonalo and Rotnll
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Agency tor the Greate Amorican Liquor
Yellowstone Sour Mash Whiskey.;
WHISKEY from t: 'r to UKl r gallon (? io lVcara old. "' """"""
IMFORTED 00GNA0 from 17 IK) to I2.(I() per gallon. (U to 0 years ol.l I
OA LirORHIABRASDIE8 ! , 13 hX-'iJo l l-O per gallon.(4 tojl jrear old. '
OLTMPIA BEER on draught, and
Imported Ale and I'orter.
Crandallfi Burget -
All kinds of undertakers Burial Shoes
Funeral Supplies embalmers Etc.
The Dallos, Or.
I have re-opened this well-known Bakery,
and am now prepared to supply every
body with Bread, Pies and Cakes. Also
all kinds of Staplo and Fancy Grocor es.
A LIFETIME, and aro
are scllinj; t ho sauio from
to $60.00
! '
! f
i t
Job Printers.
irr ttiiiiiiitniit Vt.ttkii'stf iisfy
Val Blati and Olympia Ileer In MtlM