The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, January 10, 1900, PART 1, Image 2

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The Weekly Chronicle.
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Over l.-ur lueh.-a u-l uti.ler twelxa liu-h.- . 1
Aim twi'lvn tin-lie V
It is the law, ami lias been the
inactice of former secretaiies of the
treasury, to require the deposit, in
established United State sub-treasuries,
of the internal revenue receipts
of the government.
Secretary Oije has established a
new practice. To bolster up the
redtt of the banks, and particularly
one favored bank in New York city,
he has directed that hereafter all such
collections shall be sent first to the
National City bank of New York,
and from that general depository
tiansferrcd to such other banks of
the United States as shall deposit
with the treasury the required amount
of United States bonds.
This has aroused a whirlwind of
indignation, and will be made the
subject of congressional investiga
tion, both in the house and in the
It is significant that a large part of
the criticism comes from bankers and
newspapers which reflect the views
and wishes of bankers. The internal
revenue receipts of the government
amount to nearly J 1,000,000 daily,
ami H is pointed out that since only
a third of these revenues are col
lected east of the Alleghenics and
north of the Potomac, the selection
of a single New York bank as the
place of first deposit h:is a suspicious
look of gross favoritism.
One of the sharpest critics of this
course of Secretary Gage is the
Chicago Tribune, a journal which
has been cne of the staunchest sup
porters of the gold standard policy
of the administration, and from
whose editorial staff Mr, Gage se
lected his assistant secretary. The
secretary's leading home paper says:
"It .ill be difficult to convince
the public that it is necessary to tig
greg:ite in any one back, for the pur
poe of distribution, the daily in
ternal revenue collections of this
great country. It will be impossible
to convince lie people, and co-tiecial
ly the people of the West, that it will
not be fairer to divide the United
States into several districts to have
(he Pacific co:.t receipts put in San
Francio banks, those of the. middle
West in Chi'.ago, Cincinnati and St.
Louis batiks, those of the Southwest
in New Orleans banks, and those of
New Knyland .and New Yoik in
Boston and New York institutions.
Thete are no difficulties in the wav
unless in some one of these districts
no bank can be found which is will,
ing to give the requited security for
"If one bank ruust be selected as
the place of Erst deposit public senti
ment will be adverse to the choice of
anj New York bank, for that would
look as if the intention is to draw
from all patts of the United States
public money, which can be loaned
at C per cent or more by the institu
tion holding it to thoe Wall street
curators who are cocoplainir.z of
the 'stringency of the money market.'
A policy of government interference
in financial affairs for the benefit of
stock market speculator is not
viewed with fivor by the public. It
does not wish to see the general gov
ernment play the patt of the 'god
in the machine' to relieve distressed
brokers. It prefers that the govern
ment should remain neutral. This
preferce is shared by the Tribune.
It believes it neither right nor ex
pedient for the government to at
tempt lo bolster up a sagging stock
market by exhibiting gross favorit
ism lo . particular bank. It is too
and Americans have no burning love
for the Standard Oil Company or
the men at the head of it. Had the
secretary if the treasury consulted
any outsiders before ho acted they
would have told him that not all
things which arc law ful unto him arc
expedient aud that one of the. most
inexpedient things he could do was
to favor the Rocke feller bank. The
treasury should have no pets least of
all a pet bank. Su:U an institution,
is a stench iu the nostrils of the
The secretary's action forms a most
proper subject of congressional in
quiry. In the first place, tho right
place for these collections is iu the
United States sub-treasuries, and the
secretary has no right to employ the
funds of the government to help out
adventurous bankers who have over
loaned their deposits. In the second
nlaoe, if the government is going into
the paternal business of helping out
incautious bankeis, there should be
no favoritism. Spokesman-Review,
In the year which has just ended
the United State, in addition to
breaking all othe-r industrial and
business records, made an immense
gain in iron production. It is esti
mated that the country's output of
pig iron in 1S9'J was in the neighbor
hood of 13,'00,000 tons, which is a
ain of about I'oOO.Oi'O tons over
18J."t, and an increase of nearly
4,000,000 ov i r 1 837. It is an in
crease of 5,000,000 tons since 18'JO,
when the base money party was
making a canvass which was distuib
ing all sorts of business throughout
the country.
The United States is now far in
the lead of Great liiitain, and, ef
course, still farther ahead of Ger
many, which stands next to Great
Britain on this roll. No estimate of
the production of pig iiou in either
of those countries for 10'J is yet at
hand, but it is probable, taking the
llocr sympathisers lay stress upon
the "trekking" tendency of the South
African Dutch. Upon that natural
chnraeteiistio of all pioneer peoples,
the imagination has built a uias vt
wild fancy. The Itritish become
greedy land-grabbers, tho Hocr
farmers have been robbed of their
homes, and have taken flight from
invading Huns and Vandals.
Tho SjHikcsiuan-Keview says:
The facts present a very different
story. Property rights have been
resHcted in Cao Colony and Natal,
as they are always respected in all
parts of the British empire. Iudoed,
if the Hi it ish government has been
at fault on that matter, it has faulted
from a too severe regard for the
right of property.
The following estimate of the
white population in South Africa,
made by F. K. Garrett, of the Cap
assembly, is revealing:
. . . 7H.I 00
. . fi.OX)
. . "tio.WXJ
Free Male. . .
Cape Colony
Capiat. lrmau' Iteimrl lh
t'.ar.U ttaeara.
table that
gain of eac'i in recent years, that !
England's production for 1839 will
not be above 10,000,000 at the i
Total whites.
It is seen from this
20,1 000 llocrs prefer British govern
ment in Cape Colony, as compared
with 80,000 Boers who prefer Kruger
government in the Tiansvaal and
7?,000 who prefer Boer govern
ment in the Orange Free State.
But nolo the difference. In Capo
Colony L't'.j.OOO Beers have every
political right that is enjoyed by the
191,000 English. They control the
Cape legislature and make the laws.
It is majority rule in the broadest
and most liberal application. In the
Tiansvaal, upon the opposing hand,
the 80,000 Boeis lnvc divested the
12:1,000 English, Americans and
I Furoeans tf all tights and privileges
of government. They will not per
mit the outlunders to become natural
ized, vote, hold ollice or bear anus.
Their constitution expressly pro
hibits Jews and Komau Catholics
from holding office. The govern-
i merit is a bald ttavesly of republican
principles and institutions.
farthest, and it is likely to be rearer
to the 9,000,000 mark. Germany's
production niav reach 8.000.000
tons, although this looks like a some- Tlie twiCWT of
what high estimate. Of all the Pis trcn n,"n' n1 '" 'owrrful
: . i, .-.! ;., ,... ...,i.i : ... army completely at bis control, eke
past year or two the Untied States ,iC u""t "avc
turniMii'd about a third t art
lead of this country over its prm
cipal competitors, too, has been
broadenins in recent vcars. and the I
tendency in the ffin.n direction i f'hir'S ll"ul is necessary to escape the
a revolution on his
IV, . ll'tlll. ...... ....ti.- I
.... I II..IJ,'3. 4 VI II llll.tlll IJUIHIi: il II IHI
1 lie i
I ship for England in her contest with
I .1 1. ; .. - . -I I . i r.
i iiie doits is noi suarc'i oy ino
. man iieopie. iiiey are at no more
charge of Use uj. stc to show their
disgust ilb their ruler's conduct.
Tl.ey scatcely ligutsc their hatred
ot England, and their sympathy with
extremely likely to be kepi up.
Iron ho!. Is an important place
among the country's list of ex toils,
thouah, t f course, bv far tke larsjor
portion of the ir.cressc in production ! tbe IioCr'- 1 ,,c ;erman 'reM' ,,i!e
is absorbed in the home trade. There ! ""'" "ut.o.ts in its language,
are seveial rcasons-the richness and , l"t unanimous " voicing the
extent of the deposits, their accessi- ,"1',"I:ir Knl""ent- TLcre 14 real
bilitytothj maiktts which the cx-1 ',1,3l"f,,cti"n' nuu;h unrtst'
lensimofthe railroads has caused, mm tLe ernlsn I0!'1, over the
and the improvement of the methods runif'rc'' ar"' MPrenl political ard
by which iron is treated and dis j diplomatic com aurce between Will
tributed why the United states Is ' iam Rl)1 Ci'an'bcr!ain an(l Sal'bu'7
in the ascendant in iron producticn. I If tbe Gcrra;,n I'f'I,lc '''' U'e'r WJ'
These reasons are continuous. The i tlie' wouM Joln Kll,sia ""d even
United States induces irm, taking 1 coeaiy l-rance, in an anli-
the quality into the account, fully as
Anglo coalition.
But in this in-
cheap as the most favored countries 5 lante "'"" ' lhan Ins
of the Old World, and cheaper than ! Ieol'Ic' I,e like U,e l niUil StRte,
some of them, and its advantage in
this direction will grow us time and the mities of the rest of
the countries lend toward exhaustion.
This is the woild's iron sgc. The
country which can produce iron and
coal in larger quantities and with
greater cheapness than its competi
tors has an immense advantage over
them in the race for industrial
supremacy. This position is occu
pied by the United States.
has ouly the beginning of a navy, as
compared with that of England, and
England has do use for much of her
navy in South African waters. Ius
sia's objects arc her own, and would
not bo ultimately beneficial to Ger
many; and Iiussia, too, is deficient
in a great navy. As to France, she
would be a weak and troublesome
ally. So William and Lis counsellors
may be unpopular just now, but thi-y
are probably wise. Telegram
"I am ItiiUhted to Otm Minute Cough
Com for nty health and life. It enrt-d
("apt. S. H. Otunhy, iiirrltitrnili.t
of the t'aeailu lorent rvuxivc, oit of the
l;Hjrt of the government reti'ivot in
the I'ulttJ Matr, is uuw buMly em
I loved lo tili!tg Ida reioit to tho lu
U'tlor department, regarding the grating
of elieep on th reserve. TMa Is hii
third noit on the aubjirl titica he a
appointed atieriiitiidpiil, una htlug r
quired by the department every year,
and when asked about the work, yeiter
day, he laid that he would probably
wear uut the lubjeel, If the lubject did
Dot wear him out. The report will Ut a
tnoit volj'uincui alfair, nud will go into
details regaiding the grulng of iheep
on the reaerve; Uieelleeti on the growth
ol timber and underbrush ; the effect!
on the rainfall, rloodt, etc., and a variety
ol other luhjeeti. The writing of these
reportt, by the various luranntendenti
of the reiervei, is t! e direct remit of
the cooatant ttforts of the scientiali to
exclude sheep from the reaervei, from
the fact that il is "luppoied that when
everything ell gives out, they turn
lavaguly on the pine."
The report will include a variety nf
lubjeets, and detail, itirh ai the cum
ber of iheep leektng the different retei
vationi; duration of the graiing leasoo ;
the locality, the extent and general
course ol ranging, tho damage done to
the forests on the reiervn, which In
cludes killing the undergrowth by
browilng, trampling it out, and Injuries
to the Handing timber; Ihe diminishing
of tbe water lupply by trampling the
ground so that the mow utelt'i earlier in
the iprlng and paei off in fl nxla before
needed in the valleyi ; the retention ol
the ninlslure from the rainfall, it being
claiuted by the enemies ol the iheep
that Ihe trampling of the ground eatiaei
the water to tl w away instead ol being
absorbed by the loll.
Tho utetltodi pursued by the herder,
whether or njt they are In the habit ol
letting firei lo increase the grai'ng for
the following year, li another subject
ujion widen a report il demanded j the
queMlon ol leaiing lh lai gfi on the
receive, b) the drpartnient, the restric
tion aud liiliitatlom hich llmuld be
included in the leae, the charge per
head of (beep allowed on the range and
kindred Information il to be given at
length ; latislici ro to be given regard'
ing the value ol the iheep indunlry, the
number of iheep on lh reserve, the
amount of the wool production, tie
value ol the wool, the value ol the aherp,
the amount ol capital inveitrd in the
In luatry, and a Ihouoand and one other
point', regarding the and rear
ing of iheep on the forest reierrei.
Wlill Cantata (J rim by did not lay
ahathii conclusioni wuu'J be on the
variom point! involved, it i not likely
that he will agree wilh the cientiit
regarding the drMructiveneM of the
fhep ou the rewrvee, in view of Ihe
fart (hat the luperiiitendent In lorg
been a resident ol Oregm, and lor imny
veari a breeder of iheep; in addition to
that, he ban travelled thousand! ol mile!
on ihe reserve!, during the pat Hire
year, itudyiug the q'lention! involved;
he hi followed the lieep on the range
for dayi, camping with the t rrder, and
-!oeIy olnerving the a?tloni of the
(beep, the condition ol the ground
w here they had pi-ed, and after mak
ing there extended invealigatjoti, im ap
pears to be more than ever imbued with
tl.eidi-a that the theoriel of the riuu
tint are entirely wrong, ai the Marliral
knowledge gaim-d by him on Ihe ground
combat the views of the scientist at
tne national capital. It might do for
l ime Fastener, or some Mazama who
Climbed Ml. !ljcd some time, lo believe
that the iheep would get away with tbe
entire reservation, mountains and all,
but it il doubtful whether any one hav
ing any practical knowledge, on Ihe sub
ject, would ever believe that the sheep
would in any manner Injure tho forests
on the reserve. Salem Statesman.
boarded trlghl Irain No. 'Jl In older to
steal a ride, and fell e If near Mo.irr. It
Is said that anolhrr man accompanied
liliti, who iiiut htve gut onto I'oil
lan.l. No Infoiinallon a! lo Ids place ol resl
deme nor laintly could be ohtulntd,
other than that he lold on ol the men
he had two childien.
An imitieil was h!d this ninridig,
refilling in tbe lollow ing verdict :
We, Ihe jury Impanelled by W. II.
llittts. coroner ol Wasco enmity, t" ln
unit into the. coe of Ihe. death ol th
body now lie due it, find (totii Ihecvl
d.'iue and fart Piuduced before ua, Dial
Ihe name id th ileceaaeil was Albeit
!iille, whose ago wa about forty-live
years, and by occupation a laborer, who
immediately lielote he came lo Itli ileal n
wai employed on the iiortag railroad
near Columbus, Wash., and thai he
ram to Ida death on Ihe rVh dav id
January, I MOO, sluit the hour ot I'.'
o'clock ; that l.e fell from a freight train
moving west, and wa run over an I
killed thereby. That from th evidence
produced this jury is ol the opinion that
said deceased lei I from said train while
trying to heat lit way from Th lUIIri
to I'orilaml, and that no in l resxju
SI hie lor ld death.
1'alU-l City, Oto., January H. p.XH).
K W. Wiisom,
N xt ii eT.
Pai l l't iN,
J. iNillkeTY,
K. II. MaHKiix,
J. K. l.ANg.
Ska Walsr liiiuiul. loners H.ruxllag
Uaestlvw HaUvil a Tuil.
in itm ttii sTV ii ar or mi ain
J nl t in-full, lor Vi sm'ii siiuiltr.
Boston has hid more businc
failures in the past two weeks than ! "1B ' 'nng trouble following grippe
occurred there iu many times that j Thonandi owe their livei to the prompt
duration for years past. Ail this js , c ,0" '" l"is ni-ver 'ailing remedy. It
due to the suspension of the Id, hank I :.:.. V 'u''
big . contract. The government may j in that town early in December: The ' lZ:'! S
be harmed mote than the stock j Boston suspensions will bting up tbe ! ,,,,"Pti"n- It i the utile harmless
market ., helped. nuinber am, tlie liMVliiet 0'f Uic ! nu,ttl' ''jive,i", r()lt?
"If it rcre necessary, as it is i.ot, failures for IPD'j (0 higher figures ,
to select some New York b.r.k as the than were looked for a month or two ' j. ' ' '"ft- '"'"'.T ,1,lri"g
i:!-VC- XaUoU.i;.So,,JutW.hwi,,.ti,,be,o
CitybM.k is the or.e of all others in any previous year for more than!i"'2 Main A IUnto.
which a cautious aecretr.ry of the a decade. B,t this allliclion for' . II. Applelon, jmiiT," ( .ee
, .......... u iUViu3lull l9 ,,rooaoiy tear Us end. : viaisiijurg, j., Myl, "DeWilt'i stand !. would remain here .while wouM not have chosen. ! The general buimcss conditions in Litll K"1' llir "ra ' ""' I'"'" Katurd.ey night he ca.hed check at
It is not a popular bi,tjk even among Bos' on and all over the country arc ' '8 r"r"!lil'lt'"'"' "'e use n-jlh-n Wilsot,', East End mloon to
bankers. U is the Stand .r 1 Oil bank, ' unusually sound I others." i.tickly cures all liver and the amount of til or 15. and that was
I " bowel ir.ubles. the la.t seen of him. lie must have
Laborer rails Oflr th Trvln Vt till
Misaiing leiiie.
Early Kunday morning Coroner
Holts received a message that a dead
man had been found on the railroad
track near Mosier. He left on the early
morning train anj la'er lent for Hobert
son to bring down a team and under
taker. Accordingly, In company with
Vim. Michell, he left here at 7 o'clock,
reaching there about 10 :110. They lonnd
what seemed lo be the body of a laborer,
dreadfully mangled, lying between the
Iracki about 100 yards from Ihe Moier
depot. The body had been levered in
iwo place, the head and upper part
lying about two feel from the main
track. It wa thought be must have
been dragged about ninety leet.
The remains were brought lo this city.
In the evening two men called at the
undertaker'! and reognized It a the
body of one Alliert Daxelle, a man ol
about i t years, who had been working
with thcrn on the portage road acros
tho river, driving a team for the fmet
threo week. They came to the city
Saturday, Intending to beat their way
lo I'ortland, but he gave them to tinder-
The council I holding what might
be termed "protracted miellugi" at
protect, and they are not lacking in lu-
terest either, particularly the Saturday
night sessh n, when some ol the council
men got warmed np iu great shape, a!
did alio the visiting water commission
eri. The coiineilinen ho look part In
the deliberations were, beside Mayor
Kuck, Clottgh, Keller, Stephens. Johns
tiunning, Johnston, Miackclford, Keller
and Wilson.
The bone ol contention seemed lo pre
lent itjelf w hen Ihe pn st:oii of reined
ing th water bouda was brought up and
Councilman Wilson, reci n bd by John
son, olTi red an amendment. As stated
In Ihe report of Ihe last meeting
the water coiuiiiisiioiicrs presented
an oriiinaiif providing lor tie re
funding id ijo.fOO worth ol l-o,.l
Ihesn bouda becutue d-e March 1st
and on account of Improvements recent
ly made amounting to 11, IM) and other
rxcem-ea, they will be onable lo nnt-1
them an I therefore desire to redi'i i lor
twenty year at the rate ol four per ctnl.
ihe former rat having Urn six, Thet
was a Icinpeat In a teapot when a nioth.n
lor amending and charging it to read
IJO.OtX) wasmaile.snda dtrcu'sli it eiirued
in which Ihe question of boring for
artesian water was somehow Introduced
to hich II seems Some ot J-rl anil tor
which they claim the extra foot) will I
used. While they claimed they had no
desire lo curtail the commission, at Ihe
same time they deem the artesian (jura
tion a in .at uncertain one, at.d stated
that Kin the iuture such a c utse shou'd
be laktu the funds rou'd bn (.blnined
from the revenues. They also coitind
eil that the In nicy should list appropil
ated for the not intended, to reduc the
bond. The aster count. Inn, on weiea!
so divided on the question, some hold
ing for amendment and others lor the
full sunt of i"i,i!(H). W hn put upon
final pa-sge, however, th amended
ordinance carried on a vole ol six to
three, as follow: for Keder, ( lough.
Wilson, Johnson, Niarkeiford ai d Kelly.
Against Stephens, Johns and liiiuiilng.
An ordinance providing for the city
entering into a ten years' c ntract with
Keufert A Condon lor maintaining a Are
alarm system, w a introduced and car
ried wilh but on dissenting vol.
John then introduced a resolution of
the Council determining the slz, depth
and general plan ol Ihe sewer system,
which was placed on final passage and
On motion of donning the estimate
ol th cost ol the proposed sewer system,
which was to have teen made by the
conncil, was postponed until next meet
ing, which, on motion ol Gunning, will
be held tomorrow evening.
J W llaworth, printing 2 (V)
Klectric Tel A Power Co, lights . 31 it)
I'eaae A Mays, mdne 1 15
W A Johnson, mdse 0 -4'!
Mays A Crowe, mils 75
James Heater, labor 70
Arthur Penfe-M, Ins. premium. . . l'.'ti 60
In llie mailer i,f II S'lnr-IUh.l.l,, ,., . '
KiOiil. rrst.k Ml'iil.Ain.luJ.,i.U,i.K,llr
ami lmy Jnnlatt, iuliiir. wu
NtiMT 1,11 IliU vlh ilt.jr mI Ih-eiMiitM-r, I- .1 .
w illtmn JuiUh., tim dnlr mi-im.11,1,,1, , ,' ''
anil i-lilis iiariluuul Hi J.-, uu', , ,!''
au,l ,i..,iiii. lii I-.-1IH..II iiianu i,.i. , "
alllll 'll.l" Rlul illlii'llli lihn l.i ( ,
III .Hill lltllKU III l-OttMllI reill -,m'I t v l,r,''
stli-r iltwitu.l, aiol It ai,Kio ,, ,. '
troitl alil tM-Otl'1!! that II U i:r,r..Mrr Ni.,1 ij!'
It.-LM I t(t aunt Wauls thai lli.-lr lut,,,.,, '
ftilltl lialf el II, amiilira.l ,tinM,.r l(( kr '
la. tow ll.lilp 'i tl'Mlll, laii-, II rn.t. M
l,l. tli,-o f,re II l i,iir,-. that I lil-. alit '
the liixltier nud lo'Sl il k In ! Iiimim k lot
rrank Sv 1 1 til I ami auld William J,.rilHii. t.n
all Heal ol kill i,l Annie, walla
Jietlall, ami all trttiia llltvreat.-il In .ni,
a,M-ar l-t,,ie thla euurl at the court i.Mtu
I 111 Pallia Illy, IUeuii, on lh,', ,i ,
I Ml ll.a K..,,. ..f Iu.. . . '
' 1 p I
jHiiiiarv, I 'm, at III remr nt two n ri
tlii-11 anil llivri In allow eaua wliy n L
kIihiiM Hot l gianted lur It a , it ,i, t, MU
ami Ihal II, l uoli f be I I a I,.,., (
nie.vlie Hrt-ki III 1 lie llMllea t lie. 1,1,-1,
wilklv new .Nr illllle. III aalil eoiiuty, ' 1
pMti-l tills Ulll lis) III li'ei,ilM r. vi '
iIitIS I I ouutjr Juoif '
K.ille la lh lln.l
haa Inen Blhtel l.y Itia eiitiutr rotitt 14 t,
Ute i.t tir. ,iii. tor V aeo imiiiiiIv, a.ln,lni.nL.
ol the eatala i.f Alltiili Jerome, iJivum.,!. ,
IMtraotia havln elaluia aaalnat aal, v.uta.
..0. Ir llollHid to preai-iit lliein In n.a at t
ortl.-a In llie I .all.. Or., WIII1I11 li iu,,,u
(roui tha ilate tirmil.
liati-il iH-eeiMber 1 1, W I.
t. r l.lll.iNa, I
llM'Ill II AUlllllilkliau '
NOT1CK KOU ri'lll.tCATIoX. i
(Isolated Tract H-rublic Land Sals.
I.iru (irrn s at Tms luei s. oar.,,,,,
Jan. a. 111.
)tleeta lieli'bv Klven thai la ttauiie
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"One Minute Cough Cure 1 the best
remedy 1 ever used for rongln anJ
eolds. It is uiif.illed fr whooping
cough. Chrildren all like it." write II.
N. Williams, lientryville, Ind. Never
f. III. Ill the only harmless remeilv
that gives In mediate results, Cures
coughs, colds, hoarness, croup, pneu
monia, bronchitis ami all throat and
lung troubles. Its eaily use prevents
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Paraffino Wax
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teuk fverywliere, Jd. le. I.y
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
, Itartindallydlgestitbefoodsndsl!
feature In atrengthenlng and recot
structlng the eihausted digestive r
n. It Isthelateatdlacoveretldiire
ant and tonic. No other preparsilrt
can approach It In emclency. It Ir
stantly relieves and permanently ctif
DvapcpaU, Indtgeailon, Hearlhun
KlaMilence, fcjour 8tomarh, 'aus
Slcklleadacbe.Oastralgla Cranins."
all other reaulu of imperfect dlgi stl(
Prard by E. C D.WiO. Co , Crjicss
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Cures InlJlotencJ,"lpht.lTlln.-i'nli,
wa-tliitr tllicanwa, all ctTcctu of c
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"V, My run il ;; P'-r l.ox; '''
lor; with n wplllen (rum
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Clinton Jackson ats, CHICACO,
iitiiltl.r. l"tln!:l
VT' I. ink nlow to .t.-i'.e Chechia
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