The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, November 18, 1899, PART 2, Image 3

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Ihe Weekly Chronicle.
llAI.I.Ke. ..... .. .N
' orru ial fAJ-KH or wamjo uhmi.
" (nbhthnl in liro inrl$, un H
ay,J .S.ilwrcdiVJ.
av atiL. roavau! raaraiu, id iotikci.
Oni fear "
Wk ite'iil "1
f unim UMMlllt . fru raui ru.naM, au1 Maila knowu
Ml BPI'll U"H.
a i n.- ai n"ioiiniiilcatl..M k"Tliy " I! 11' IN
l l.aV' I J'aUva, Oieull.
local iikkvi rm.
WnlltVMlay Pally,
lirnrol Inlerrat U being Nian Heated
la our lire department, and lat night
iverl ii w name! were approved lur
JtinriJ H y k , mi Auitrlan, wet u.
day admitted citilDD ol the Uulted
KUIr. (''I triton nl George V.
Jordan aptiearing wllnete!.
There were number o( clllieni saw
atari thl morning; bat they wtre moat.
y married men who tyed cut nil
nlfhl to wllnea tli shower and when
they g')t home the real thing dir.
plaved In eainetl.
(!. W. Hamilton, proprietor of the
)'.Mil hotel, l Kneill, dropped dead In
the olhce ol Hit) Hotel rutin?. Ila wat
M yeart ol if,inl ii well known In
Frio m t r-m, where the family re
sided lor Jewrt, and where itlalivet bum
Mr.. M. C. IIUI. f Mitchell, who wat
arretted her about ten deyt ago
charged with Heating f 200 from John
It rail t ( , with whom she had gone to
I'.irtland In priM-ura (urnilure for a hnte.1
at Mill -hell, had her trial li. Cortland
Monday nd acquitted, the judge
J.i in r llie evidence to
convict her. .
lUvi I Garrlioo, ho wat arretted in
June lt charged milh violating a.Vllon
64.'H ol tl.e rev Led ttalue if ll.e I'liiled
Stair., in endeavoring to defraud the
government by ohtaining a petition hy
Iran I. plead guilty in the I nit. il Main
emit, and we sentenced to pay HK)
and to ! confined In the munlv jail
mil the nine la forthcoming, which
would aiii'iuiil to Itupritoritucnt lor fiwt
Keller' thow window remind one
tlial Chiialiuaa 11 cot o far aaar. The
randy goo.-, don brown, if In evidence,
while candy O'li are swimming about
wailing to tie caught. This year's atix k
i 'ar ahead of any yl diaplajred here,
the fancy randli't lieing drlirtoue and
making prrtt oiliaiueiita. The toxra
re a. to very pretty, anil a choice ai
any that cm be ilrrratp I at l.oiuc, Mr
Kellfr ha an unu u illy la'g at.irk thil
Art'rla of Incorporation of H e Ml.
II l liol.l and Sliver Mining Coinpany
wre to.lay tiled In the cicrk'a idlice, the
lut-ororatora bein K. II. Wakrfleld,
H. 1'.. A Unia, Tlio-ra Krrdi nhiirg, Jul.
Curry, M l. Adamaand i'cter h-vttelitig. !
Tlie t apital alock it tH1, .In I t I Into
mil.arraof $H 0 each. The puri ore
Il t. .1. vi'l. p and work ceitain ctaiini
near Mt. Ilx)l. The aaiupli- of ire
from tl.eir claim la a!d to be vry rich, ,
aud prorprcta arc fv rab e f..r k'td
tut put.
Yrslrrdiy at consultation brtarru
Krv. W. . CIKton, of the !aptlt
church, pv. I. V. J'ollng, of the Cong
rrgtlional. Key. (i. Kuthiug, of the
Chriaiian, and Itcv. I'. F. Hawk of the
ll'-thodi.t, It wa dicl.led to hold
anion Thaiikrgiving teivice Thurid.y
evrnlug, Xv. 30lh, at the Mrthoiiint
church. Kt. I'. K. Hawk
pointitl mastrrof cercinonief, and while
eatli paa'or will araitt in the nervier,
It". O. Un hlrg will deliver the ad
drcaa. A t horm choir from the varlont
chiireiira will furnmh n uiic.
The lajii gof ittcl ralla Im licgun on
Hie i iii in of the Columbia Southern
rilnad, which runt toiith (mm Iligg,
on the (). K. & N., through Sherman
and Warco Count le, with 1'rlneville a
It" ultimate dcatlnalinn. Along every
"Clou of the turver from Moro, the
I r.wnt termlniit of the road, to Crota
Hollow., dlatance of forty-ti mile,
large (angt of men are at woik. For
twelve unlet of thlt dlatance the road
bed it graded and ready fur the railt.
which are being laid. Heven cart ol
el railt arrived at Moro lard Saturday
'id othert will fullow- at fart at needed.
We have not found anvonn w ho paw
th" ini-tnore U't night, alhnugh many
have acknowledged they aet the alarm
and got up to watch for them. It wouM
he rtranje to aee anthing but fog with
the a'moapherft we are now having. A
li'pal. h finm Saw York rave they were
imhl for fifteen tecondt on Monday
J it before midnight. They appeared in
the northeaat and were very brilliant.
U alentwld that the greatest duplay
would be on ThiirnUy morning after
"ildnight, a.) that you'd better lie on the
lookout tomorrow morning, although
opinion! differ lo It l! difficult to decide
when to upect them. Tagne taj! 10
o'clock at night.
Complaini wai today filed In U
elerk'i office by II. 8. Wilton, recrlver
of The Dalle! National Iintk, againtt M.
A. Moofty. Tbll II en action to recover
1071) 7.1. It It alleged In the eompUInt
Diet thil amount wai thown upon the
Uokt of the bank t n overJralt
.largea ,,..
of the Tarllou ettate, w hereat It thould
have Uen a credit, h It further alleged
In that M. A. Moody en
tered Into . agriemeiit with the re
ceivr on the U li d.iy of April, 1MW,
herein h. ,B.e. to , ,y The Pallet
National It ,k 1071173. Ihiaactimla
hroiiijht to recover taid amount and In
tere.t ainouiiliug to KID.' Sll, aggregat
ing M.'SUOH. Al-o anddithurre-
A iiiovrnientiaon fool ainoiig tome of
I' o large liannoritinei:tiil linea, which
will meet whh favor among the travel-
I ... i i -
irig piii,i:c Kenerally. l , l.u.kl,,,,
not nonlriii to be i'.-l .o.ln.i .n.
bnilding or other tupport.
Tha me (,f Uelding JohnKin, win
w arretted In title city for having
counterfeit kelt in hit and
working the t!ot iiiachlm-t, came up in
Ju.)i lleliinger't court Tuctday and he
i aeoteiired to one year In the peni
tentiary and alio fined J.V). llu clain.ed
that the tpurioui coint had leen put in
hit p.cket while he wai drunk, and that
he wai tlili under Ihe Influence ol
li'iuor when he fed them to the nja, an I I.I. com cil pet up in hiade-
fenae that pulling the counteifeil ciint
in lum lunet wa not parting them. The
toward the boli.,ier,l of the Hoping j Jury ,f.r being out a abort
.jiem mi ii iiii g an. I plei-plng curt. So
annoying ,aa ,, pracil. u become thai
traveleit aouhl iniieh rather py in ir
in tran-.orti(lioii and f.-el their ohl un
tloiit are ini-i at, than to have a
black face continually looming np and
reminding one tint they are "forgetting
tomethiiig" or giving luili icanty
ervice that be it ture the other
fellow It forgetting everything. Thil
reformation can nevr, however, be
iii'craiful utile. the compaoiee In
augurate It ttieinwlvet by faying
living waget to their eniployet.
Tna Ciiiiomci a hat frequently men
tioned the cruel treatment which dumb
brute receive at the hand of titlient
of orr city and particularly of Ihe
time, re
luriird a verd.i l of guilty, nl rrcoiu
mei .led the pri .:i-r to Ihe cf tl.e
c uiri.
We have a I heard tl.e ex predion
often ".Stie can put her clothet In my
valite," but if a certain bii.luof receel
late had ilepci.ded upon the groom 'f
valie in which to pai k tier clothea, they
muat m-edi nave tiered in the wardrobe,
fur when ho reached hit dettination and j
wa leady to put on bit cuffa. glovet, I
and other minor articlet of the"conven- J
tiorikl" welding outfit, he found the '
valiie containing them wat minut; at
were alto the beautiful flowert he wat
carrying to hit bride. The marriage,
however, proceeded and in the meau-
time an Indian rode Into the city and
lar nert and teamiteri treat their horiet attempted to rell a valiie to a certain
when they come into town. Hut there ttcrrkreper. Uecugnuing the property
rre louie thing! whh h cannot U men
tioned too often, and we intend to keep
calling attention to thl inhuman treat
ment until aoiue meant are u-e.l to pre.
eut It. The otlicert ihoiild enforce ttie
ordimice which we published tome
time attire regarding II I uenti.n. The
rjc':ghtxri in the vicinity of Third and
l-auuhlin it reel are luurh annoyed by
ti e way team aiu treated which are
tied on the vacant lott on tl.e north tide
ol ll.e Hreet. Iti paid that at timet
they are left the entire night
without even having their l.arn.-n n -move.
I, and often horrei are lelt a I day
wilhoi.t 1'KhI or water. Thlt ihould
not t allowe.l to g i on in any com
muiiity and inch men C; ihould he ar-
! re.led and allow.d logo without lood or
waler for a lime tl.en.ei vea.
TI.urwia Paiiv.
"leaded for hare" at Pe St Mar
gent' underwear department.
Carl J. K.. Carlron, a native of Sweden,
tu to.lay admitted to citiienahip.
Kliion't WiMa-raph Company will M
at the Vo.t on the night of the "lt,
w hen w il! he ihow n many of the moil
thrill li pceue in the late war, nu ll a
the tiiiking ol Ccrvera'l (let. etc.
We learn that Mrt. ltrow n it gainitiK
Irength rap ihy and will be able to he
ai.out in a few dayt. In the meantime
her l.ot and it on tl.o ri'H-ntauce real
at the city jail and hs w or a clT drink
ing f .r g .d. or had either. At U't re
t-.ita he w a i nguig iwim ii.ou
r oin.t."
While watching for the mete, rt lant
hghl nlK.ot 11:45. a niot hriiliant
am. ra wat tinihle In the north. It. .re
weren-vi'ral Hreamert eilen.liiig i-io-t-
war 1 and reaching nearly to the lenilh.
!t a a li.intihil piifl t whi.h migiit
have Lien mivr.l hv many but for the
eapected meti'i.rical ehower.
Tour underclothing l;ik!? I
your rkln tender? There ia no peine or
nece-lty in aulTuring torture from the
old out of date woolen underclothing,
which irritate the lain beyond cu
diiraiice, w hell you can buy the llecec
lined underwear an I oth-r modern
Liialt at low price! from i'eaie A Maj.
Twelve voting U liei of our city have
handed lheinelvra together In a tocial ' c'.nk ha not been out of bed tod.iy, and
club for the purpose of ppecial ei.j iy-; the two young men took the ttage and
.. . . . i .. .n.l I..I are itnrring U bv thl time,
ment throughout tl.e winter, anil iipi I -
evening met with Mi (irace lilenn. Frl.'.y i Daily.
Twelve youi g men had bren invited YfPterday (iov. (ieer appointed three
to Join them and from rep rt they miit r.ot ic public, amorg whom wa John
have had an unurunly good time. , II. Cradlehangh.
tiamei., tinging, refretlimentt and every I l,on Iiwton hat been confined to
plearure which goet toward making ,it home for peveral tlayt with an at
im li a gathering enjoyable wat in- j tack of infliininatory rheumatism,
dulg.'d in. Thete el lib purtict w ill applet jt 0dd to tea the building for no
greatly in making t tie winter! happy . niny yeart occupied by Snipit A
one for the nicmljer. Kinerily at a drug ttore, being vacated.
I'hv.lci.nt re diacvcring that the I The good recently pnrchaped by Wni.
1...1 nin,.. m il.i with Henry are being Ptored and toon the
till III11H ItT'Il lilt linn -
Ihe health of our grandmother and that ttore
of hi Iriend, the article wat bought and
w ill be returned to id owner. So that
the newly married couple need not Hart
on the journey of life minut a valiie.
While we dn not believe in becoming
anduly alarmed, nor a the raying it,
baking handi with the devil before he
ia met ; jet it doet fee in that Th Pallet
people aie jmt a little too patiive over
Uie imalipox tcare throughout the ttate.
With teveral caiet at IS.iker City and
other placet cant of n, and many at
Salem at well at other placer toutti,
would it not be well for ut to realize
that we are in the immediate danger
line and ute k me precaution. So far
as we c. n learn few have retorted to
vaccination. Many areoppoaed to coin
pu'rory vaccination in the rchooi, and
in city ichoolr, where a wholerale tuei-
net i made of it, we confept there it
much d tnger of hriu retulting ; but it j
doe eem a if it ihould be given more
ttrntioii In the famiiiet ut our city and
the children vaccinated. liy this meant
much excitement and alarm would be '
prevented were care to be dropped
down here or be discovered in nir
mi. lit.
1 "Over the ttart there it a reft" ii a
beautiful teniiinent; but a number of
I our citizeni have bad little rctt over the j
'hooting meleora which have failed to
! ih.xit lor two night! now. Some of our j
I moat peac-lnl reidentt felt like shooting i
. a ".tar" night clerk In one of our hotel
j during the pmall hour thi morning. J
llwojcung men who wore out on the
j hotel veranda at an early hour reciting )
j "twinkle, twinkle, little ttar," etc.,
. caught a giimpae of the north atar, over I
j w hich the cloud were coating each vther I
1 making it look a if it were out ehooting, I
'and quicn'y hurrying totheot)'n:e in- I
! lorn.e.l the clerk Ken it would tako place.
ll.t'teniiig to the 'phone he ijnickly j
' called up a'.iout a d zjq d.tTVrent lamiliep, I
ahum he had promised to inform. .
Untitling their eye, each one in turn
jumped out and paraded to the window
only to have tl.e man in the moon look
down a if to ny "rubber ! robber 1" and
not a star in sight. One real estate agent
J, tUrt. 1 I. e ha. I liecn done "dirt"; the
hotel proprietor w a to ttar-l'e I that he
i on' I.e. king (or a new clork ; the taid
Our Usual Friday
and Saturday Special Sale.
A lot of good tilings that you nce l
at all times, but cannot buy at your own
I rices except at this sale.
Our complete line of Toilet Quilts at
the following prices: .
No. 11 A good IJnilt for J, bed .40
No. 6l72 A good full-tize quilt tH
No. Ol A good full-tize quilt :i
No. 1(H) A good full-tize quilt Hi
No. A g .od full-tize quilt 1.13
No. 300 A good full-tize quilt 1 Vt
No. 4'X) A g.xid full-tize quilt 1 7:'
No. ftiiS7 A good full tize quilt 1 !i:J
No. MM) A good full tize quilt 2 .VI
No. tX A good full-tize quilt 3 17
No. ltXXl A good full-tize quilt 3.J.I
(loll) 4'V
8UUI) 4::.;
81x10, bit 57c
The9 I heel measure the length and breadth at
given above.
3d inch 04l4'c
M inch Hoc
30 inch 07J,c
will be minut a tenant.
tteam heat and furnace heat arn re-j telegram received by the Judge Irom
tponsible for many allmentt. Steam Mr.. Itiadihaw yepterday afternoon an
heal eapecially ha way of gradually j pounced her arrival at Chicago, having
Incicaeiiut to that any one who la linen ,tood the trip
to a tteam healed room lcomee an easy
victim to old and all the long tring
of ailmeiitt to which old it the in
troduction. An open lire it a mrt of
inrpirnsion in Itself, and it diawt
in the out-of door oxygen through all
the crackt and erannie it help to
purity Ihe air in the room while it heats
I.M night A.i Long, agent for the
chemical engine, wa in the city end
met with the committee, composed of
Men. Moore, McArlhur, Saltmarthe
and lilenn. who had been appointed by
the board of fire delegate and ail
tl.orie.l to lake in charge the matter of
the Improvement lu the fife depart
ment apperalu. A contract wat entered
Into w ith him to furnith the city with a
1(H) gallon chemical hand engine, and
late Improved Aeriat truck and ladder.
The latter ia laid lo be the mot com
plete and perlect arrangement made,
Ihe ladder being high enough to reach
to the top of the highett building in the
city, and iocontructed ai to be tired In
any po.ltioo, boldlng it! own weight inJ
remarkably well. She
wai met there by relative! and will
spend but a ihort time, going on to
Atheville at onco.
The country editor it a reliable en
cyclopedia. A tuhpcritier pent one thi
query recently: "What ail my fowl?
Kvery morning I find one keeled over
to rise t:o more." The reply wa: "The
fowl are dead. It is nn old complaint
and nothing can bo done but to bury
YeMerdav when Mr. U. B. Gilbrath
42 inch lie
4" Inch
54-inch 15c
These are the beet quaiitie in I'illour Case Muslin
sn the market.
IS-inch and 10 yard length! 5()c
LU inch ami 10 yard length ii:'.o
2.'-inch and 10 yard length 7:ic
14 inch an I 10 yard lengths Klc
These good are finished by a new process and free
from all impurities; non-irritaut, anlitepiic, absorbent
and durable.
Funny When
You Thsnk of It
We are paining the top notch of the
Clothing Ladder by Bottom Trices. Wo
are telling lots of toj Notch Clothing at
Bottom Trices. Confi lenco is the basis
of all transactions; we want yours. We
won't abue it. Our name protects you.
We have about
200 Men's Suits,
Comprising all the latett ttyle and material, gold in
the regular wv at price! ranging from fj 50 to ,tf.50.
Tl.e bjttoin pi ice on these tuitt it
We have made tin phenomenally low price in order
to clean them up, and it will certainly pay you to look
at ttie'e value. It ia hard on the other fellowt, we
know, bat we mean l.usine-t and they must go.
Make Y d? Own
'Ory Weather..
f-ocli a thing a being wet never occur to the owner
of one of our tplendid Mackintoshes.
breasted, English box style, wide velvet collar ; with or
without cape. Bottom price
A fine atrictly all-wool Tricot ;
black or navy blue; douhle-
8-4, 72 Inches wide. .
9 4, 81 inches w ide. .
10 4, 10 inches wide.
. . J . ic
. .17c
WIDE SHEETING, Unbleached.
8 2, 72 inchet wide .
II 4, 81 iuphet wide .
10 4, C) inches wide.
115 inch cctton crash
is inch, all linen . . .
17-inch, blue or red check 00'..o
IS-inch, bine or rd check -. 11c
These are but a lew of the real Imif iim in thi line,
but tiuie and space prevent a further quotation.
This is mgjjegtive of Thanksgiving, and when you
see theee good yon w ill pay they are ail l ight to serve
the liirciou bird upon.
54 inch,
(id inch .
tk inch.
See Our East Window.
We hnve the largest and best assorted ttock of
Mackintoshes in Eastern Oragon.
High-grade Gloves at
Low-grade Prices.
'ur Glove ttock it complete in every detail, with
the most np-to-daie covering for the hands. If you
would lie prooerlv iiiove t and ttil! be at the least ex
pense, buy your (jlovea of nt.
Lalies' two-cIap, over team, prime German Lamb
skin Glove, color tan, brown, mode, tlate, ox
blood ; black and white embroidrred backt,
very strong, aerviceable Glove, and good value
at $1.25; aie price 85c
The Centemeri French
$1 50; sale price
Glove, a! wave sold at
' 98c
All our glove are guaranteed and fitted; from $1 op.
Wlk Waists.
Just arrived, a new line of Ladies' Taffeta, Satin
and Velvet Wai;ts, ranging in price from $0 up.
We have alto received a full line Battenhnrg Tat
ternt for fancy work, with a complete assortment of
We etil! continue our ppecial tale on Ladies' I'nion
So ts lor the next ten day.
All Goods Mar :td
In Plain Figures
hunilv in Arlington and also left one
with tome people ut Hood Hiver.
Attorney W. B. Trephy It a very hap
py man these dayp, having won all three
of the I). W. 1'ierco A fon timber cases
in the U. S. district court at Walla
Walla on Wednetdav, Thursday and
Kriday of hist w eek. The canes involved
over $14.00. One case was won on the
served, afte.-which dancing and a gen-; June. Ha was arrested yesterday by
era! good time was enjoyed by all who ! Deputy Sheriff E. J. Glisan, and when
were fortunate in being present. a chest belonging to him was searched it
Officers of the Southern Pacific and
O. li. A N. steamer lines report that
California tourist traffic il exceptionally
heay. In h'.ct it has nut been to good
before for years. The agents accredit
this to the general prosperity the conn-
pleadings, another before a jury and ! try is now enjoying. They say that
the third was disunited. Goldendale
Thit is the season for high tides, and
an unusual one was experienied at Sea
tide Wednesday morning. The heavy
swell rolled over Ihe bulkhead at
Grimes' new hole', and tho water ran
down the shell road to the Necanicnm.
This is known to have happened before,
but very infrequently. Today it is paid
there will be a much higher tide, and its
effict it awaited w ith much interest.
Now is the very time everyone desirep
to be well shod, and that is the reason
Chas. Stephens' show window attiacts
so much attention, for therein may be
seen the fatuous P uglas sl oe. For
weeks past patrons have been inquiring
tor them, and the entire ttock is now
in. Mr Stephens is t ile agent, but not
awent for the sole alone, but the entire
entire families are winning their way
southward to enjoy the gulden sunshine.
They further notice that a great many
of the passengers are mining men from
British Columbia, Idaho, Washington
and Eastern Oregon. Usnail) this
contained f-'AX) in money, several arthln
and a pair of driving gloves belonging
to the stage driver, Law son, and stolen
from Ward A Robertson's barn at the
time Simons was employed ly them.
His case will be taken np at Antelope,
and il looks rather dark for him.
The condition of ihe roads leading
into the country is very bad, and one
man at least c.iine to the conclusion
yesterday that they had no bottom.
Just as he was starting up the 5-Mile
hi'.l. driving a eix-Vrsa team, and-
travel does not begin until after reached the bridge near Hyre'i place,
Christmas, but people have money and j his wagon struck a bad chuck hole and.
want to epend it. he was thrown out into a ditch below.
Seufert Bros, are determined to find I He was assisted out, and so far as could
out just how much cal there i around j he ascertained no bodily harm w as re
Tho Dalles that is in certain I jc- ccived with l'ie exception of sprained
turns, and to that end have em- ! hip. It is said, however, that he was
ployed Knight A Stone, of Spokane, ex- j a to be teen -covered in mud Iroiu
peril in that line, and t! is I lornirg ' head trl foot, it was impossible to reccg
Stone arrived in the city, ! ringing with nizs. him. Scraping as lunch off as it
him one of their hem diamond drills
I he Intentio'i Is to drill a lO.n) fojt
prospect hole a'aiut a mile and a 1 alf
from the company's ice Vouse, near the
sloughs. Working a night and day
coming into the city he picked up a lhop Ca nj ,ljn ,no h(!m ,0 j shift il is thon-ht it will lake fifty days
iHik on the road between 8-Mile and
W. 1. Richards, place. It ia German
book end belongs to the Mt. Angel
Monatery Library. If the person who
ot it will call t thl! office it will be
returned to him.
Mrs. W. T. Gardner, of the Boyt' and
Girls' Aid Society, who spent yetterday
in The Pallet, came np for the purpote
of bringing 4 yes'-old girl tothe family
of Jerome Williams, they being desiron!
of adopting her should ihe prove latie
facwry. She also took child to
to drill the hole. Seufert Bros, deserve
Last niirl.t the P.-nree of Honor ten-1 -' credit f r tl.o energy and interest
dered the members ol the A. O. U. W. ' displayed, for should they be successful.
snrpriee, and those who were r.ot 1 nire city will be benefited thereby,
nre.ent missed verv ideasant evening. it costs mucti to pros eci
wa possible to remove, he went on Li!
way swearing vengeance aitainst the
chuck hole, mud and everything in coo
mciion therew ith.
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Thursday, Noc. 29;h and 30th, conducted
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A!1 persons wishing to take children.
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Hons muit be filed in advance, tl