The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, October 21, 1899, PART 2, Image 1

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NO. 4
I ni Liss of Tbres Handrcd British
M Eileen.
AT KIMBERLEY Force Caaaut Advance low
oi.l Pundcc Wlibout Coining in
Contact With British Cat airy.
I.oM"i, Oct. 17. special cl ! (ti-li
from tape Town y 300 Ruer am! 18
British have Inn killed In lull al
LoKt MkjI', Oct. 17. Kefo
gret ho have Juat arrived her fioiu
tht Trantvaal report hat th Huera have
been rrpultcd at Mafeking, list a i n irn
heavy lowet., Oct. 17. An armored
train, while reconnollering near Spvt
louteiu, engaged Hi Boert, killing flv
and wounding vo. The British Lad
B ) lue.
From foletbargcom preilttent reiter
ations nl ti rrHrt that the Boer! have
attacked Maleklng, being t hi let repulsed
ith heavy lotaea. StnalljRix hat broken
out here among native from Johannet
burg. Eight caart have been discovered.
Ci Tjosi, Oct. 17. ft It reported
here lliat Ilia Hoar had an engagement
ilii another armored train from lihode
I.imhix, Oct. 17. Ilalatad dispatches
frooi lh arena of action In South Africa
throw liitlarrtwh light opon Ilia situa
tion. Tlia Boon appear to be itrenglh
enlng their position In Natal and biding
their own time for attack.
The Orange Free State burgheri are
Urratmlng to invade Cape Colon by
ay id Noralont and Allwalnoreh,
txitli uf which are at their merer, If they
artillery. Ho far at I known,
theunlr British force italloned at Ai!-
ii irtii la a delatchment of the Ifoyel
l!erkMa regiment. .
TxUy'a new from the wealerti border
rr.lti. t, alleged heavy fighting at
Mali-king io ordinary proportion!. Ti e
earliest tentatlnnat itory originated in
ikirmishet between tba armored train
and email detachment! of toer, al
though since then tnnch may hava bap
pene.I to the little garrison. It It difll
cuil to underttaod bow rtfiigeel arriving
to l.orrnio Mariies have come into ot
tessmn of newt of teriout lloer loteet at
At the tame time, It matt be remem
bered that inuch ntwt from the Tram
vial It likely to come by way of Dela
g bay, at moat other cbannela are
trirtly censored.
Situation at Duodce.
I.i.v.nn, Natal, Oct. 17. Tie
tlirratened attanlt opon Glencoe if be
lieved to be a feint In the hope of weak
cuing tht garrlton here and t not inf.
the townt on the wettward. The Boen
are retting, preparatory to completing
their encircling movement for an attack
Dunn. Dundee. They cantot advance
inch farther without coming Into con-t-t
with Ilritlah cavilry, who ic'reen
lie poiittan. Neverthelenthe tllnallon
I" inch that little fighting la ei peeled in
the near future In thla lection apart
m detoltory oat pott ikirmitliet. All
(lie women and children have left Dun
Interior Department Ha So Informed
Congressman Jonea of Washing
ton. l'sni rro. Or., Oct. 17. S. J. Cam
eron, of North Yakima, one of the
"eelthleit and heavleat handler of
beep in the Northwett, I In Pendleton
today and talked of the itatui of the ex
clution of theep from the forett re
wrvei. Mr. Cameron, ai a bnyer and
ellerof iheep, travel throughout the
country utoniively, and find that the
Mniiiiient ! ..rate-tin. I. .,.,,...... i
-Mwiiimvui III
Oregon and Waihington in oppotilion to
keeping the ,,,, (rom ,h guverniltIlt
Mr. Cameron ti'iitei that Congress
man Joiim, of Yakima, hat received a
letter from Mr. Hitchcock, of the in
terior department at Washington, In
which the assurance it givtn that sheep,
men III be protected from umli-iiirahle
reitrutlont with reference to the forctt
range grating. Mr. Hitchcock wrote tr.
the eir.-ct that the department had been
liililrironne.l at to the factt, learning
later 01 tlie ininrenretentttllon. It ha.l
Iwen the undrrttanding of the depart
ment oliklait that the hevomen hail
gone into the reaerve contrary to the
provUlont of the dcpartuieut't ordert,
and had rldilen rough thed over the
command o( the tecretary.
The Yakima aheepmen are well tatit.
lied with the aoauranco given In the
letter to CoiigreMinen Jonet, and have
a committee at work Informing the de
partment at to the factt In thecnte.
Hospital Refused Indorsement., Oct. 17. lieneral ISeebe
called upon hurgeon-tieneral Sternberg,
al the war department, to urge the
proposition of the Chamber of Com.
merce, that the government erect a
large army hoapital at Vanrmver har
rickt. Sternlwrg waa urged mott
ly to recommend the plan, but very Hat
ty declined to do to.
He eiplained that the preaent pott
hotpital at Vancouver barrackt wat
ahundanlly able for the preaent need.
The general hoapltal at the 1'retidio, he
eiplained, wat a new ttructure, mpplied
with all modern appliaDcet, and at all
returning tr.xipt, tn tick leave or other
wine, panted through San Krr.Dcirco,
there could lie no potalble necentity at
preaent for the additional hoapllal fer
vid at Vancouver larrackt.
Kain in Morrow County.
lUi'i'saa, Or., Oct. lrt.---Contiderable
rain fell here yetterdav, and lart night,
which will be of great benefit to farmer!
and tlorkmeii, at il s 111 ttart tht grain
and grata to growing.
Sheep are coming out of the mountain!
at fait ai men ran move them, dually
they are allowed to remain in the moan
tain until November 1 or later, hot the
mow of lat week, which fell to a depth
sd til to ten indict, hat canted an earlier
removal. Kali and winter range i nn
utually good.
Coalminrrn Entombed.
I'ottsvii 1 1, I'., Oct. 17. Shortly be
fore 11 o'clock today an eplolon o
mine gat occurred at the Sneiiandoa'.,
City colliery, by which '-'.! men were en
tombed. Ten were reamed alive, but it
it feared the othert are dead. The mine
took fire, and i ii'iw burning fiercely.
The colliery ia one of the largett in tlie
Kheomatlim, catarrh, heart failure,
kidney trouble, and female trouble can
be cured by electricity, and etirtd to
. . . . T I -
itay. For poaltive prool a yonr irienue
and neighbor, who are nting my ajttem
of treatment, what it i doing for them.
It guarantee you will not timl one wno n
dieiatilfled w.tll II. inoee wiiu luiit.
from a nervont or chronic dlteate, and
have tried medicine ) n enongh to
know It remit, call and let me explain
mv new method ol applying electricity ;
It will not eoet yon one cent. I court
yonr Invettlgation at Saturday, Oct. 21it
i positively my latt d.iy In The Dalle.
Klectrlcal dleae reading and advice
free. Olllee hour from 10 a. m. to 4
p. m., ami I io o p. hi. unnj.
Stvuick tii Ki ai TRtt
Itnubl Train aervle te aa rrenelaee.
On October 15th the Southern Pacific
Co. will Inaugurate a "Daylight Kx
prett," leaving Portland at 8:30 a. in.,
and reaching San Francltco at 7:45 next
evening only ono night out. Hoth
atandard Pullman and tourlat tleepe
will be attached. Thl new train I iu
.1.1, linn tn Die nretent 7 P. m. Sliaita
Overland, and will give many paatenger
IhedetlreU opportuniiy io
the Great Willamette, 1'mpu.n and Sac-
V.ll.ta althootlot cf time,
reiiiiiiiit.' "--
and till arrive in Oakland and San
Franclrco at a leaponabie hour.
Chettcr II. Hrown, Kalamaxoo, Mich.,
tayi: "Kodol I'y'PT''' Cur" t',,ret, n,e
of a tevere r of indig.'ttion ; can
ilrongly recommend Ittoaildvupeptict."
Digest! what you eat without aid from
the ttomach, an 1 cure! d) apepiia. Ilutlcr
Drug Co.
Oneen Wictoiia Will Call Out the En
tire Militia and Military Rrcsrre.
Action is Presumably Intended to Check
III Will of Germans and Blacks
Latter Arming .Now, intending to
Participate in the Scriuimae.
IiMioN, Oct. IS. In the home of
common! today Flrtt Lord Treaiury
and Government Leader Half ur brought
in the following meioage from the
"The atate of alfairt in Africa having
constituted in the opinion of her majeaty
a ease of emergency within the meaning
of the act of parliament, her majesty
doein it proper to provide additional
meant for military aervice. She there
fore thought it right to communicate to
the houne thai her majesty la, by procla
mation, about to order the embodiment
ol the militia and to call out the military
reserve force or inch part thereof at her
majesty may think necetaary for per
manent aervice."
The calling out of the militia and
military reeerve ha occasioned wide
spread wonderment. Old atorie' of
preparation against the continental com
bination are revived. Il il freely
rumored that the government Is deter
mined to demonstrate to Europe that
the ISritith army 1 not an unknown
quantity. Both the attitude of Kurope
and that of the native! of South Africa
having something to do with the atti
tude and the laviah display of force ie
intended doubtlet not only to check the
ill will apparent on both aide of the
Hhine and beyond the Vistula, bnt el no
to guard againtt the black peril.
According to itatittica published thi
rear, the militia, including the perma
nent tUffand military reserve, number
132,4'J3. It ia not believed the militia
are to be tent to South Africa. Pre
inmably they will replenish thedenuded
rtritith garrison town, and thua per
mit the government to aend tn the Cape
all regti'ar rendered necettary by de
velopments in South Africa.
LukKSo MabhI'xx, Oct. 18. A repre
sentative of the Transvaal government
hat arrived heie and I buying up all
the provision obtainable.
One hundred and tbiity person just
released from the Parbenton jail, Trant
vaal. have been pnt over the Portognete
The Volksteln, the Boer official organ
at Pretoria, give the following account
of the occupation of the British cpmp at
Kamathlahama, just north of Mafeking.
The liritith camp at Kainalblabama ha
been captured and lacked by Oeneral
Cronje, alter severe fighting. "Many
burgheri were killed or wonnded; the
Brltith Ion it not known." The VoU
tein addi that "Sueceti baa thut far
everywhere attended the borghen," al
though it admit! that in the varioui
akirmithei near Mafeking and at other
pointi the Boeri' cntnalliee number
Diue 00 or 70 killed and wounded.
The Attack on Mafeking.
PnnroniA.Oct. 10. (Delayed In trani
mision). Oeneral Cronje, after warn
ing women and children to leave Mafe
king, opened fire upon the town wilh
cannon this atternoon. No response wai
made. The report current at Delagoa
bay that 0000 Boera have been repulsed
at Newcastle, ia falte.
For a Paltry ,5",ooo, He Will Abandon
This Intention American Have
Been Wondering Where the Ccn
cral Was.
Manila, Oct. 19. General Otia hai
received mfsssaee purporting to come
from the insurgent general. Piodel Pilar,
offering to sell out and deliver bis army
Into the hand of the American. Al-
though he ii net latisHed that thii offer
ii authentic, It It not Intrinaically Im
probable. The policy of General Otii
il firmly eel againtt buying any inr
render. Pilar offer for tb mm of $50,000 to
refrain from attacking Manila with hi
army, for the sum of f2."j0,000 to lurrec
der his army after a lhain battle, both
lidei firing in the air, and for -'00,0(0
he tayi he will procure the overthrow
of the iniurrectioo and capture of Agui-
naldo, Paterno and other leaden.
In the course of the communication
he referi to Agulnaldi In contemptuous
term-, indicating that strained relations
exist between them. Report! are being
received from district! occupi'd by the
enemy which elate that Pilar has an
audacious plin to break through the
American line into Manila and seize
General Oiii and the archhlahop. Poi
ilbly ttiete rumora were started with the
Idea of helping him to make a deal with
the Americans.
It it needles to lay the Americans
would welcome an attack of this tort.
Skirmish at San Mateo.
Manila. Oct. 18. Patwin'i Maccabee
tcouti encountered the enemy at San
Mateo, near Aryat, at dawn today and
attacked them on ihe front and flank,
driving them out of the trenchet and
dispersing them completely. Several
Filipinos, including a captain and lieu
tenant, were killed. A quantity of arms
wai captured. The Maccabeei had one
man killed.
Trackwalker Robbed.
Astokia, Or., Oct. 17. A trackwalker
in the employ cf the Attoria & Columbia
River railway waa held np by rubbers a
short distance below Clifton, at an early
honr this evening, and relieved of a
gold watch, worth $125, and a contider
able mm of money. Newt of the rob
bery wai at once telegraphed to Superin
tendent McGuire, in tbii city, who in
formed Sheriff Untitle. The sheriff
itarted with a potee of picked men in
hot pnrtuit. A telegram wa received
at Clifton ttatlng that the therifT would
board the train at tome point between
Astoria and Clifton, but inasmuch at be
failed to do to, it II thought be hat t pot
ted the trail of the thievee and will be
nccetaful in running them to cover.
A Night or Terror.
"Awful anxiety wat felt for the
widow of the brave General Burnham of
Machiaa, Me., when the doctor laid
he could not live till morning," write!
Mri. S. II. Lincoln, who attended her
that fearful night. "All thought she
mott toon e from Pneumonia, but the
begged for Dr. King's New Discovery,
laying ilhad more than once Raved her
life, and had cured her of Consumption.
After three (mall dote the ilept easily
all night, and it further use completely
cured her." This tunrveloni medicine
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Houfhton'l drug itore .
Chance for New Enterprise io Oregon.
Cincinnati, O., Oct. 19. The Enquir
er tayi: The publisher of a local trade
paper has just received an inquiry from
Smyrna, Turkey for ready-made frame
hooaei or cottagea of two itoriee, with
veranda on the first floor, shingle roof,
either painted or not, complete in every
detail, excepting the window panel.
They most have from thiee to five
room, not counting the servants' quar
ters, and range In price from $200 to
$1000 and upwards.
They mini be ihipped "knocked
down." From 1000 to 2000 houses a
year will be ordered.
riaTa ot.
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On the 10th of December, 18'.i7. Rev.
S. A Donahoe, pnator M. E. Church,
South, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va., contracted
a tevere cold whicn wa attended frbm
the beginning by violent coughing. He
tayi: "After resorting to a nn in tier of
io called 'specifics,' usually kept In the
house, to no purpose, I purchased a
bottle of Chamberlaiu'i Cough Remedy,
which acted like a charm. I most cheer
fully recommend it to the prt'ilic." For
late by Blakeley A Houghton Druggists.
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cake, biscuit, rolls, crusts, etc., which ex
pert pastry cooks declare is unobtainable
by the use of any other leavening agent.
Made from pure, grape cream of tartar.
No Doubt as to His Stand cn the Pbilii -
Dine Qot!Li!.
Expected to Be the Most Important
Document of the Kind Since the
Civil War.
Wasiiingtok, Oct. 18. President Mc
Kinley'i message to the next congress is
expected to be Ibe most important docu
ment of the kind lince the civil war.
After the president'! Western trip, there
can no loniter be any doubt aa to his in
tentions regarding the Philippines, for it
has been amply demonstrated that he
will recommend that the islands become
the permanent property of the United
States, leaving their treatment to con
gress, but asking that a policy be early
outlined, in order to quench the Filipino
hope that there will be a change in pub
lic sentiment in the United States which
will result in the domination of the anti-
expansion element.
The president hope to see marked ac
tivity in the legislative branch of the
government, ai well ai in the army, and
will early take active steps to undermine
the purposes of the anti-expaneioniets,
undermine their cause, and force them
to fall back npon silver aian issue.
The president's sudden determination
with regard to the Philippine ia very
gratifying In adminis'ratiun circles, and
has upset the common supposition that
he wonld throw all the responsibility on
Aside from this Issue, the president
will probably recommend that legisla
tion be enacted which will provide for
tome control of the trusts and combina
tions. The establishment of a colonial
department to control affairs pertaining
to the new island possessions will also
be recommended.
While President McKinley has not
been disappointed In public sentiment
as he has found it during his tour, bis
openness in advocAiing a permanent
American lovereignty over the Philip
pine! and tin hearty indorsement of the
course by the people everywhere bat
occasioned the anti-expansionists tome
concern, not because they hoped for a
different policy from him, bnt because
they acknowledge him to bean accurate
measurer of public sentiment when he
get! among the people.
Output of Olympia Oysters.
Olvmi-ia, Wash., Oct. 18 At the
close of September, the first oyster
month of the year, the increase in that
industry over that of the tame month
of last year is most gratifying. The
shipment! by the Northern Pacific ex
press office alone amounted to an average
of 75 lacks of shell oysters and 80 gallon!
of opened a day. Theit. thlptr.ent went
to all part! of Montana, Oregon and
Eastern Washington. These oysters sell
at $ 1 . SO a gallon for the opened oysters,
and $.1.75 a sack for the oysters in shells.
The total shipments for the month of
September, 1H09, were: Shell oysters
and clams, Gl.t'7) pounds; opened oys
ters, 14,920 pounds. For the same month
In 189S the shipment of shell oysters and
clams were 35,040, and of opened oys
ter?, 12.93d rounds.
Reached Sao Isidro This Afternoon
With Force of Three Thousand
Manila, Oct. 19. General Lawton
and General Young are at Ararat with
a force of nearly 3000 men. The gqn
boats Florida and Oeste are preparing to
move along the river to San Isidro,
which will be held as a bats for opera
tions to the north. Extensive prepar
ation have been prozretiing for aeveral
day and the expedition, whose objec
tive point is Tarlac, is expected to Itart
today. Snppliei taken on
General Liwton'i force consists of
eight companies of the Twenty-fourth"
infantry, onder Colonel Ke'lar; eight
companies of the Twen'y-second in
fantry, under Major Baldwin; nine
troops of the Fourth cavalry, mounted,
under Colonel Hayes; a mixed regiment
consisting of one company of the Thirty
seventh infantry, six gun?, comaianded
by Captain Scott, one company of cav
alry and Captain Balson's Maccabee
The Third cavalry it eqiipping at San
Fcrnnndo to j in the expedition. Heavy
rains, the rtret in weeks,'- began last
night and Have continued steadily.
Manila, Oct. 19. Evening Lawton is
supposed to have reached San Isidro.
No communion n hat b-en received
from him, sin e he left Arayat this
Rain in Umatilla.
Pendleton, Of., Oct. 19. Rins have
prevailed throughout I hie county during
the past 24 hours. The precipitation
was quite heavy and the effect has been
to improve the prospects for the crops
in all parts. Need ol ran had been
urgent, as the growing grain wat suffer
ing badly, and the t?s on "11 Ibe win
ter range was dry and not making the
usual fall growth. Dust was ankle-deep
on all the ountry roads, and sanitary
condition! were tuch as to make rain
Spain's Greatest Need.
Mr. R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona, Spain,
spends his" winters at Aiken, S. C.
Weak nerves had caused severe pains in
the back of hit bead. On using Electric
Bitters, America's greatest Blood and
Nerve Remedy, all pain soon left him.
ile says thii grand medicine is what his
country needs. All America knows that
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fies the b!ot, tones 0,i the ttomach,
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or ailing, you n-ed it. Every bottle
guaranteed, only 50 cents. Sold by
Blakeley A Houghton, druciista.
Dewey Accepts Hospitality.
Washington, Oct. 19. Admiral Dew
ey last night met a select committee of
the municipality of Philadelphia, headed
by Mayor Aihbridge, w ho tendered him
the hospitality of Philadelphia during
the latter i art of this month. Admiral
Dewey r cc 'pt-M the invi'a ion, naming
October 31 aa the d ue of the arrival,
returning on the night of November 1.