The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, April 19, 1899, PART 1, Image 1

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n :..;.miui nf fhrno Tnton
5213311 UODllillSSluuuu ui .iiugq iuici-
ested Pawerx to Be Instructed. Alike.
Conimissioners W ill Be Empowered to
Deal With the Situation as It Finds
It and to Take Such Actions as Is
Necessary to Place Affairs of the
Island in a Peaceful Condition.
Washington, April 14. After hear-
in this morning irom tne oeimno ami
. . r . I I
British embassies, tne state department
Was CUaUie I w biiiiuuih;o pucm?cij c.iu
I I. ,.....nA.t)!
finally tbat tlie parties to me uerun
treaty bad agreed upon me ineiru juuiib
.1 t . .i
to be given ttieir oatnosn comiuieBioners
and tbat it was certain tne commission
would leave oan irautiew ami
ill i' T? : 1 II Ae
The instructions to the coinmiieioners
ire lueLllcai, wis mrro luvcruuicuit
having accepted a form wnica com
promises the differences which have
eiisied up lo tins lime. 1110 cuuiiiiib-
. j . .t ! . : T I. i
HOD will ue empowered 10 ueni wiiu ius
ii i i :u i. -
lituulion as it flnde it in t lie fed moan
islands nnon its arrival. This applies
to the acts necessary to place trie auairs
ol the island in a peaceful and satis-
isctory condition for the time being and
lal'iect to the approval of the three
The commissioners will have no
power to altar tne treaty ol isernn.
Sainoarj Matters Discussed.
Washington, April 14. The cabinet
meeting today was devoted principally
to ducussiun of the Samoan Question
and Instructioni to the American com
missioners, and to the czar's department
conference at The Hacrue. '
A complete written report concerning
the Dreliininariea leading qd to hostil
ities made the secretary of the navy bv
j - .
Admiral K'aiiIz wan mail in thn cabinet
br Secretary Lomr. It throws some ad-
itional light upon the complication
prior to tlie admiral's arrival, the most
UJDOrtant fttrt hrnnirht nut Kninir that
ths three conanl, Amariran Rrlttah and
German, at the time nf the admiral's
arrival at A nin had recnirnlzed the
revolutionists under Mataafa.
The uprising after Chief Jutdice' Henininn In fa imp nf Mulinfna
TantlS. ilia admiral Inrtinatpa. all
fomented laroel- h lliu nman pnnanl.
bo Insisted npon recognizing Mataafa
il Elnff. ( liana ... lli.A.tanAl .nil
tllS AnifrVan anil Rrttlali raalftnrtra
B " im' p. . wa iii.igiiiiu wuu
tOnill arsil 1 1. 1- . 1 n.a
- v.. . iiiviiiauiica ii. vein. . .. uina
ItCre Was fenrprl am! rtnHur tha nlrnr.m-.
Stance' tllfl A nirlnan anil Tli-lli.K vnn.
Inta lni...l .. - .1. iL.i. i
--j.iicn nun me uermana in recog-
Bl"ig the provisional government.
Scant Satisfaction.
Washington, April 14. Tne war de
Putnient will reply to 'he telegram of
Governor Lee, of South Dakota, to Presi
dent Mi Kin'ey, asking for the imuneliate
moi-iter out of the South Dakota troops
'" tbe Philippine, that all the troops
"ill be brought home as soon as is deemed
"pediate by the United Slates and as
J000 possible with the transports a
It Is said at the war department that
he law requiring the muster out of the
VP' contemplates that the fxative
Apartment shall have time to lame the
""etsary orders and make preparations
"Properly discharge the soldiers and
Drl"tf them home.
ent Over an Embankment Near
J "w, Idal.-), Ap,U 13 A t o'clock
. "hi liv nil's iuui
,c,'" lt train on the Lewlston
exte-.siou of the Northern Pacific ran
over an embai.kiuent. Engineer Mat
Rilston and Fireman Fred Lemon were
killed. The wrecked loc jmotive and cars
lie half imbedded in the stream 100 feet
below tbe track. Fireman Lemon was
killed instant I v, and his body was shock
ingly mangled. Engineer Ralston was
still alive when found. He said :
"Hold my head for me; I am dying.
Take my hand : I don't W An t tit ad a Inn i
He was taken to Vollmer, and died
three hours later. His body and that of
L.-.HOI1 were sent to Spokane on a
special. Ralston left a wife and child.
Lemon had a wife and two children liv
ing in Spokane. The wreck was caused
by the recent heavy rains.
Sheridan at Manila.
Manila, April 14 11:30 a. m. The
United Slates transport Sheridan,
formerly the Massachusetts, which
(ailed from New York Febrnarv 19. hav
ing on board the Twelfth and a battalion
of the Seventeeth infantry, has arrived
hereafter a smooth paesa.-e. '
On the night of April 11, Lieutenant
Meyer dieappeared from the ship. The
weather a as intensely hot, and the lieu
tenant was sleeping on the deck, and it
is thought that he fe'l overboard.
Three privates and six children of pri
vates died of pneumonia.
Campaign Will Xot Stop on Acconot of
Rain Exterminating the Bandits.
Manila, April 15. Tbe Americana
plan to trap Aguinaldo by sending troops
via the sea route to the north of him.
Then he will be between two lines of
Americans, and it may result in his cap
ture. General Otis declares he has crashed
the rebel army and Asuinaldo's so-called
government. He adds that the Ameri
cans are not going to stop on account of
rainy weather, but will make an active
campaign, cutting the rebel forces in two
at Manila and trapping Aguinaldo to the
north. He thinks the chief problem is
now to exterminate the brigands and
bandits who infest the island in immense
bands of great strength and daring.
The condition of Spanish prisoners is
terrible. They are weak, emaciated,
starved, beaten cruelly and ordered
about by bayonets. United effort lias
been made by merchants of all national
aties to have the Spaniards set free
by Aguinaldo. The petition u to be de
livered at once. However, Otis thinks
it will be some time before Luzon is
Prominent Idaho Man Drowned in the
Lkwihton, Idaho, April 15. B. F.
Elliott, one of the best know rivermen
in the Northwest, was drowned in the
Clearwater Tuesday. He owned a fine
farm seventy-five miles above Lewiston,
on the Clearwator, and while on the
way to that place on foot he was caught
in a enowalido which carried him Into
the river He was expeetod at hie place
on Tuesday last, and on Thursday a
messenger started down the river in
search of him. His tracks were found
leading to the track of the enowsli.le,
and they never left the slide. There can
he no doubt about his fate. He passed
the home of a friend on Tuesday, and
would have reached his farm on that
day if he had not been caught In lh
avalanche. lie leaves a sister In this
Volcanic Kroptlona
Are grand, but skin eruption" rob life
of j.y. Bucklen's Arnlc Salve cures
them also old, running and fever sores,
Ulcers, Boils, Felons, Corns, Warts,
Cuts, Bruises, Burns, Scalds. Chapped
Hands, Chilblains. Best Pile cure on
urih. Drives out r1"" "rul ,lr1"'"
"M "l""'1' I'onghton,
On Account of 111 Health.
WAalilMiTON, April 17,-John Addison
Porter has resigned his ponitlon as secre
tary to President McKinley. Ill health
Is given as the cause.
It B. Cortelyou, at present assistant
secretary to the . resident, will be pro
moted to Oil ti e vacant s.cretaryshlp.
according to generally accepted opinio...
Rebels Forced to Retire from Lodo
and Paete.
North Dakota Volunteers in the Thick
of It Five Americans Killed and
Two Wounded Gunboats Shelled
the Position of the Enemy for an
Hour, Driving Them Out.
New York April 14. A dispatch to
the Herald from Manila says : Tbe expe
dition under Mapr-General Law ton yes
terday moved 12 miles further north
along the lake, taking two towns, Longoe
and Paete, A squadron of the Fourth
cavalry was left to garrison Santa Crux.
There was only desultory shooting
from the retreating enemy until the ad
vance reached Paete, the center of the
insurgent military government in the
district of Lagnna de Bay. Here the
road is flanked by steep hills .on each
Bide, on which the insurgents had con
structed great log trenches, and also
across the road. The North Dakota
regiment ran into a cross fire.
Squads of five sharpshooters each were
sent up the steep hill and through the
thick brush to flank the insurgents, One
squad of the North . Dakota regiment
suddenly came to the insurgent trench,
baiting when only fifteen yards off. Only
one man in this squad got away unhurt.
The thin-clad gunboats shelled tbe in-
surgents position for an hour. The
enemy was finally driven out.
Our loss was fire killed and two
wounded, the greatest loss Lawton has
yet sustained.
The launches captured Tuesday are
worth fCO.OOO.
Instantly Relieved and Permanently
Cured by Stuart's Dyspepsia
A Kew IHacovery, But
Not a Patent
Dr. Redwell relates an interesting ac
count of what be considers a remarkable
cure of acute stomach trouble and
chronic dyspepsia by the use of new
discovery, Stuart's Dyspepsia Tau.'
He says: "The palUnt was a n.
who had suffered to my knowledge, for
years with dyspepsia. FIverything he
ate seemed to sour and create gases In
the stomach J he had pains like rheuma
tism in tlie btti'k, shoulder blades and
limbs, fullness and distress afier eating,
poor appetite and loss of flesh J the Jieart
became sfTected, causing palpitation and
sleeplessness at night.
"I gave him powerful nerve tonics
and blood remedies, but to no purpose.
As an experiment I finally bought a
fifty cent package of Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets at a drug store and gave them to
him. Almost immediately relief was
given and after he had used four boxes
he was to all appearance, fully cured-
"There was no more acidity or sour
watery rising, no bloating after meals,
the appetite was vigorous and he has
gained between 10 and 12 pound In
weight of solid, healthy flesh.
"Although Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
are advertised and sold In drug stores,
yet I roiuider them a most valuable ad
dition to anv physician's line of rem
edies, as they are perfectly harmless
and can he given to children or Invalids
or In any condition of the stomach with
perfect safely, boing harmless and con
talnlng nothing hut fruit and vegetable
essences, pare pepsin and Golden Sea1.
"Without any question they are the
safest, most effective care for Indiges
tion, biliousness, constipation and all
derangements of the stomach, however
slight or severe."
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are made
by the F. A. Stuart Co., of Marshall,
Mich., and are sold by druggists every
where at fifty cents per package.
Little book on stomach diseases mailed
free, address, F.A.Stuart Co., Marshall,
M ich.
Statement By Alger.
Washington, April 14. Secretary Al
ger tonight put an effective quietus on
thi persistent reports tbat he contem
plated retiring from the cabinet by a
positive and unequivocal statement that
the reports were absolutely without
fonndation and that unless some unfore
seen and unlooked-for contingency
arises, he proposes to remain secretary
of war throughout this administration.
Lawton Takes Calamba.
Manila, April 15, 10 p. in. News is
received here by way of Taasig that
Lawton baa captured Calamba. It is
known that he has landed, but the de
tails of his taking the place are delayed
on account of poor transportation.
Was Once tbe Metropolis ol Okanogan
Coui.ek City, Wash., April 15. The
driver of the Coulee City & Brewster
stage line reports that last Tuesday tbe
town of Ruby City, in Okanogan county,
was entirely wiped out by fire, except a
livery stable. The fire is thought to have
originated by some persons who were
under the influence of liquor carelessly
handling matches. The old brewery
building, saloon and four dwelling
houses were burned ; loss f 3000.
Ruby City was the first town of any
Importance In Okanogan county, and
was tnce county seat. At one time 30U0
people lived there. Tbey were supported
by the rich silver mines. Lack of trans
portation and the drop in the price of
silver depopulated the town.
Kit Klfhttu Ucllneas.
The woman who Is lovely In face, form
and temper will always have friends,
but one who would be attractive mutt
keep her health. If she is weak, sickly
and all rnn down, she will be nervous
and irritable. If she has constipation or
kidney trouble, her impure blood will
cause pimples, blotches, skin eruptions
and a wretched complexion. Electric
Bitters is the best medicine in the world
to regulate the stomach, liver and kid
neys and to purify the blood. It gives
strong nerves, bright eyes, smooth,
velvety skin, rich complexion. It will
make a good looking, charming woman
of a run-down invalid. Only 50 cents
at Blakeley A Houghton's drug store. 2
Small Per Cent of Them Desirous of
Washington, April 10. The desire of
tlie volunteers to return to this country
is evinced in a report which shows tbat
of those who have been offered opportu
nity to re-enlist with the offer of a bonus
in travel pay of over $500, onlf about 7
per cent will accept. The volunteers, it
Is said, desire to come home by organiza
tions, instead of Individually. Some
discharges of Individual soldiers have
been brought about by congressional
pressure, but as a rule General Otis has
been disapproving all applications for
discharges except in cise of sick or
wounded soldiers.
The Deaf Hear.
Mohii.c, Ala., April 10. Reese
Hutchinson, a young electrician graduate
of Auburn college, Alabama, is exhibit
ing here Ms sppiratns for making the
deaf hrr. He anmenta vibration and
enables dual mutes to hear word spoken
in ordinary tones. The apparatus Is the
sizo of a pocket-book, and is connected
by wires with an audiphone, which is
held at the ear. Two totally deaf men
were experimented with. They stood
fifty feet from the piano and marked the
time of the music, laugiiing with delight
over the novel experience.
Use Clarke A Falk't Floral Ixtine for
sunburn and wind chafing. tf
Makes the food more
Ortua Sais. No Sirrtnicr in k
Stinging Rebuke
Aiming to
to Those Who Art
Thwart McKinley's
Salkm, Or., April 14. Governor Geer
this morning received the following tele
gram from the Chicago Tribune :
"The governors of South Dakota and
Nebraska are demanding the recall of
the volunteers from their states from tbe
Philippines, on the ground that their
term of enlistment expired when the
ratificitions of the peace treaty were
exchanged, and that the present conflict
in the Philippines is in opposition to
liberty and in the Interest of capitalism.
Dj the people of your state demand the
return of your volunteers for the same
real ins?"
Tonight the governor telegraphed tbe
following reply :
mere is quite a general wish among
the people of Oregon that the volunteer
soldiers of the state may soon be returned
from Manila, but not for the reason in
dicated by the governors of the states
you mention, to-wlt., that 'the present
conflict in tbe Philippines is in opposi
tion to liberty and in the Interest of cap
"There is some juet:c3 in asking for
the return of the volunteers, now that
the war with Spain, for which they en
listed, has been honorably concluded,
and that the spasmodic difficulty yet
lingering in the Philippines should be
suppressed by the regular army of the
United States, which is amply equipped
for tbe purpose. It is believed, however,
that this wish Is confined to those of us
who are at home, as the Oregon bova at
the front quite generally express a de
sire to remain there uutil the difficulty
is settled,
"Our people take no stock in the de
claration that the conflict in the Phil
ippines Is 'waged In opposition to liberty
and in the interest of capitalism.' The
very men who make this charge now are
the ones who, little more than a year ago,
were loudly accusing President McKin
ley of 'cowardice' and of delaying the
war with Spain in the 'interest of capit
alism,' as represtnted by Spanish bond
holders. "The seizing of Ihe Philippines was
an incident of that war wholly unfore
seen by anybody, applauded by every
patriotic citizen at the time, and they
could not now be relinquished without a
taint on our national h nor and a con
fession of nation il weakness.
"The charge that the American flag is
waving over a confl ct In (lie Philippines
'in opposition to liberty and in the in
terest of capitalism' savors very much
of a spirit of demagogy to which (he
people of Oregon are habitual strangers,
and which finds no lodgment in their
minds at this tune. T. T. Giicr,
Tracts Were Granted to the Military
Wagon Road.
Washington, April 12. -The commis
sioner of the general land office has cm
celled the homestead mtry of Alberi O.B
'A n . 13acson(&
delicious and wholesome
cerofa number of small tracts ol land
in The Dalles land district, Oregon, as)
those indentical lands were granted to
The Dalles Military Road Company in
1867, to aid in the construction of its
road, Last rear Officer was permitted
by the local land officers to make entry
of these land'', and final certificate was
issued to him, he claiming to have settled
on them in 1890.
Later, when the error was realise J.
the entry was held for cancellation, and
Officer given sixty days within which to
show reason why the entry should not
be finally cancelled. This he attempted
to do, saying that there was no other
claim than his to tbe land when he
settled, that no such grant was ever
made to fhe road company, and tbe
further fact that he ha made improve
ments valued at 2000. The commis
sioner holds, however, that Officer
failed to show tbat the lands were ex
cepted from the grant for the military
road company, and tbe mere fajct tbat
the lands were not listed by the com
pany in no way affects the company'
right. He therefore held Officer's home
stead entry for cancellation, bat subject
to right to appeal.
Daafoees Cannot Da Carari.
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear
There is only one way to core deafueea,
and that is by constitutional remedies)
Deafness is caused by an Inflamed cone
dition of the mucous lining of the Eus
tachian Tube. When this tube is in
flamed you have a rumbling eonnd or
imperfect hearing, ami when it is en
tirely closed. Deafness is the result, and
unless the inflammation can be taken
out and this tube restored to its normal
condition, bearing will be destroyed for
ever; nine cass out of ten are cansed
by catarrh, which is nothing but an in
flamed condition of the mucous sur
faces. We will give One Hundred Dollar for
any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars ; free.
F. J. Chb.nxv & Co.. Toledo, O.
fsirSold by Druggists, 75c. 6-10
Hall's Family Pills are the beet.
Queen Regent Did the Right Thing by
the Singer.
London, April 17. The Paris corre
spondent of the Daily Mai), reconnting;
an interview with Madame Emma Nev
ada, the first American operatic singer
who has visited Spain since the war.
says :
"Madame Nevada's manager had ar
ranged an operatic singing tour, but on
the first night, at Seville, though tbe
house was bought up, the curtain rose
on empty seats. The opera was "Lnci
de Lammermoor." In the second act
all theelite arrived, together, but turned
their backs to tlie stage and talked
ostentatiously until the end of the opera,
when on returning to acknowledge
burst of applause, Nevada was roundly
hised. At Madrid the queen regent was
informed of the occurrence. Her
majesty invited Nevada to a soiree at the)
palace, and presented to her a diamond
and sapphire bracelet. Nevada arrived
here in a state of the greatest indignation.
Warrant for John I.. Sullivan.
Astoria. A ril 10. The John L
Sullivan show appears I heia tonight to
a packed house, t ut as soon as the show
opened, Manatier Sel.g, of Fisher's of era
honse, was arrested on a warrant sworn
out at the instigation of the Ministerial
Alliance. He gave bonds an 1 the show
proceeded. Later a warrant was issued
from the same S iti'ce aninat Sullivan.
Th warrant ega'n't him was not served,
as he It-It wiiu n.e company on a special
train as nineer, dressed in oily overall,
urn per and peaked cap.
l:ah lu lour core a a.
All conntv warrants reentered prior
to June 1st, lSi'5, will be paid at my
office. Interest ceases after April 5,
18W. . C. L. PiiiLi iea,
Countv 'treasurer.
You need have no boils it jod will
take Ciarke A Fhlk's sure cure for boil.