The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, March 15, 1899, PART 1, Image 2

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The Weekly Chronicle.
Advertising Katae.
One Inch ' ha In tilr -
O two lo"he and under four inehee
Owr fonr incne and unde twelva inches
Oree twelve inches
Jut Inch tr les. per Inch
Over on inch and under (our inches
Over four inches and uuder twelve inches.
Over twelve iucbea
II 30
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K 50
1 50
1 00
llev. T. DeWitt Talmage's resign
tion from his Washington citj ehunh
to enable him to devote his time lo
religious literature removes from the
pulpit one of the roost famous men
in American church history.
lie was among the very first
American divines, and the most
prominent of that class, who devised
means to render the church attractive
to all classes of men and women.
Under his inspiration, eibcp8, more
thsn any other one man did the
Protestant cbuich of nearly all de
nominations cut loose from so-called
orthodoxism, which rendered church
going a sort of penance.
While during the early sixties
such men as Thomas Starr KiDg,
Henry Ward Beecber and a small
coterie of other progressive clergy
men had already eschewed the old.
tiresome methods of sermonizing,
Dr. Talmage suddenly shot into tbe
church circle wilb an originality
which first shocked even bis more
advanced brethren of the cloth.
He was denounced as a clerical
harlequin and charlatan. But as the
years rolled by and he preached in
his wonderful and entertaining man
ner to immense congregations while
his decriers bad no listeners, his
magnetism grew, nationally famous.
Tbe subsequent years also proved
his sincerity. His eloquence and
fiiyle o' presenting dry facts in an
interesting manner did more for the
Christianizing of his congregation
than if be bad followed the prosaic
coaise of bis predecessors. Tele
gram. Toulon, France, the scene of the
terrible explosion of which the
telegraphic reports bsve been so full,
?"is noted chiefly as the place where
'X&TKilerm Tliinnnarf A hran lifa nrdat
, , ft'v...
n,rii TV.,! -,. I . ..IJ
to the revolution, and an English
fleet haJ entered the harbor to assist
the French royalists. The revolu--tioaary
forces had laid siege to the
city, and Napoleon Bonaparte bud
been sent to take charge of tbe artil
lery. Though but a youth, be
displayed such intelligence and force
as to prevail over the old officers and
to get tbe direction of affairs into
bis own hands. By a series of pro
found combinations, followed rby
daring acts, he soon made tbe harbor
untenable for the British fleet. AVben
the fleet was forced to move away,
the royalists were at the mercy of
the revolutionary forces. The assault
and capture of the city was attended
by the most terrible scenes. Scott's
"Life of Napoleon" contains this
passage: "It was upon this night of
terror, conflagration, tears and blood
that the star of Napoleon first ascend
ed tbe horizon; and though it
gleamed over many a scene of horror
ere it set, it may be doubted whether
its light was ever blinded with that
of one more dreadful." A fact of
interest for us of Oregon may here
be recalled. Tbe commander of the
British fleet that was expelled from
Toulon by the combinations of
Napoleon was Admiral Lord Hood,
for whom Vancouver named our
great mountain peak, and Hood's
Canal, at Puget sound. Oregonian.
J. J. Hill talked the other day in
St. Paul, for publication, after a visit
to the Pacific Northwest. lie reports
that the business outlook for tbe
Northwest Is good, the only trouble
being that there pre not enough ships
to transport one-fourth of the pro
duce. The Great Northern's magnnte
hits upon a patent fact. There are
not enough American ships to trans
port one-tenth, or twentieth, of the
produce. Ths congress of the United
States ought before adjournment to
have passed a' law providing for dis
criminative duties In favor of Ameri
can ships. This would have put all
the ship yards on this coast to woik,
and resulted in their enlargement
and the establishing of more of them,
and in the building of roller mills t
supply the structural materials.
Under such a law, we would before
long have American ships enough on
this coast to carry all our produce to
market. statesman.
It is evident that the end of the
Filipino rebellion is near at banJ
The re-enforcements for Otis which
have Jnst arrived and those which
are expected to reach bim in a few
days will give bim the force which
be needs to permit bim to make the
advance which will crush the re
bellion in the only part of the islands
in which any armed resistance to the
United States is expected. The
capture ot Malolos, the capital of tbe
so-called Filipino Republic, which is
likely to Uka place very soon, will
not have the moral effect which such
a conquest would bave among civil
ized persons, but it will bave this
effect that it will show the Filipinos
that no position which will be of any
importance to the Americans can be
held by the rebels.
Tbe fact that no vestiges of an
insurrection are fonnd in any part of
the islands exr-ept in the one in which
Aguinaldo is now fighting is of the
utmost consequence for the Ameri
cans. The only resistance they will
encounter is that which they are
about to crush when the re enforce
ments needed are landed. Luzon
has tbe only Filipinos who are friend
ly to Aguinaldo's cause. Moreover,
only one part of Luzon is in re
bellion, or shows any disposition to
rise. When the rebel chief is driven
from the towns in the neighborhood
of bis present location the end of bis
career will come, so far as be can be
of any possible menace to the United
This is one of the reasons for the
rumors that the president is not
going lo use the option given to him
by the armv bill to raise the force of
volunteers provided for in that
measure. He thinks, or is said to
think, that the force of regulars
which the law furnishes will be
adequate to meet all demands until
the present congress next winter
passes the sort of an army act which
he desires. The outlook in the Phil
ippines and the other islands which
have come into our possession is
certainly much brighter than it prom
ised. lo be a few weeks ago, and this
circumstance will probably have
some Influence in determining the
number of troops which will be en
listed under the new law. With the
rebellion crushed in the Island of
Luzon, and that consummation seems
to be not far away, tbe situation for
the country would be greatly im
proved. It is evident that the United
States will soon have leisure to give
to the purely administrative part of
the work of setting up a civil au
thority in tbe Philippines. Globe-
Spain locks up M on to jo, Toral and
the rest of tbe naval and military
commanders of tbe recent war, while
its statesmen who caused the war
are permitted to remain at large,
This conduct will bave a tendency
to cast more discredit on Spain than
tbe result of tbe war caused. Its
military and naval commanders prob
ably made as good a fight as could
have been put up under tbe con
ditions which were presented in Cuba
and tbe Philippines, but tbe Ameri
can belief is that the fighting 'men
were less accountable for those con
ditions than were the politicians.
An exception, of course, will have
to be made in tbe case of Weyler,
who was more responsible for tbe
war than was any other one man,
civil or military, but Weyler has not
been locked up, and probably will
not be.
A Vienna professor of economic
science declares that American ex
ports threaten the commercial life of
Europe. If our products and manu
factures are better and cheaper than
can be obtained in Europe, tbe
Austrlans will be apt to order them
if they get a chance. In some lines
of production tbe Americans are un
rivaled. Otis' declaration that the Hlipinoi
bave not taken a single American
prisaner makes pleasant reading for
this country. In the general smash
np which is soon to come for Aguin
aldo and bis fortunes tbe fate of any
American prisoners in his bands
might be hard. It as common
praclico for the Indiana to kill their
prisioncra when the day of doom
came" to themselves. Aguinaldo is
probably as malevolent and barbar
ous as were Gilty, Brant, Captain
Jack and many of the rest of the
white and red savages whom tbe
.Americans bad to physically or
metaphorically extirpate for the good
of civilization.
It has been some time since Spain
was represented in Washington, but
cn the resumption of diplomatic re
lations with this country the Madrid
government proposes to jive us the
whole thing in the person of Senor
Don J. Brunetti, Due d'Arcos. Tart
of him is said to be already on the
way over.
At a caucus of Democratic con
gressmen in Washington, to decide
upon a policy, it was declared by
resolution that the Democratic party
still stands upon the constitution. A
more correct way of putting it
would be to say that the party stands
still upon the constitution, and will
be found standing still.
When anything rullles some of the
Cuban editors they threaten to go off
to the bills and become bandits.
There is no guessing what will hap
pen to tbe emotional Cubans wben
left to quarrel among themselves.
Questions of trade with Asia and
of the commerce of the Pacific would
bave confronted this country regard
less of the war with Spain. The
Philippines are but one item in a
large commercial and industrial sub
A Berlin committee formed to en
courage tbe Czar's peace conference
has disbanded. It concluded thai
with the work of armament going on
everywhere the era of universal
peace is not yet in sight.
It is stated that tbe Cuban postal
expenses under American manage
ment are fully met by the revenue.
The recipe ought to be respectfully
forwarded to the United States.
Admiral Dewey evidently intends
to spend the summer at Manila. He
has cabled the home office for a
year's supply of coaling baskets.
Lifting his hand high above bis
bead, Gen. Aguinaldo boastfully de
clares that be would rather write
than be president. ,
There were 172 ocean disasters in
the year 1898, not counting ihose in
which Montojo and Cervera took
Beat of All
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Tbe new steamboat Sookane. built h
the O. R. & N. Co- to ply on the Snake
river between Riparia and Lewiston, is
now complete, and in service. Steamer
Lewiston is also in service, and the two
steamers will alternate between Riparia
and Lewiston, leaving Riparia dally ex
cept Sunday on arrival of train No. 4
from Portland and reaching Lewiston
next day at 1 p. in. Returning, will
le j Lewiston daily except Saturday
at. o'clock noon, arriving at Riparia
at 7 p. m., connecting with train No. 3
from Spokane. The Spokane has been
specially constructed for the run men
tioned above, and is thoroughly equip
ped with all modern appliances, electric
lights, etc., and for speed and comfort
will excel any craft that has ever been
built tor tbe Snake river. The Lewis
ton is her steady old self. Mar 4 1m
Before tbe discovery of One MinoU
Cough Cure, ministers were greatly dis
turbed by coughing congregations. No
excuse for it now. Snipes-Kinersly
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( To ahoaa it may rosacem.:
t By virtue of aa nrWr. asde by the Oommcn
U'ou'nril of lallen lit. wita. eniheltnuay
' ol aUrrh. A. l. nolle I Iw-rvbt given that
' the i l ouirfil ai.riJ i.i ru to
,' r.Hi:rurie-J. in awrdaiK wllh lb f"-T; tneert.-. a wvt evtin in and lor .u
' CUJ" ine nature. itl all rU nf alJ -i
Icui i. nereiueiu-r l .!!. . ai"t mere
ici wi:l be ibargwl la lb prxetty fc-oentrd
I tbereby.
i Thai all ol mv& kiw are u ben Irrra eolta
i pipe and "I nrB ne a may tar nfmlt 1-
brrtuiuc! UJ aaiu v .j
First A fciaiu ewer. mrr-cinf fr to the
low watvr mart on tbe ( lumlca n-T at Ibe
I. ..I oil ui-'U lrwt, theac rniiiili t aoottl oo
I nion lrvl to l ltitt-rat-na Uieail. Tbe
n if'.airia in Knih irv-t wi:n I ui-w
atnvt. Ihelice fMilh ou I" mot! flw W Hi iu
! tersertion ot Teulu and I'aton atrwt. .
Second-A mai'j eer. commencing at and
ewii'tei iih tbe at the luterwction of
the aiiev between hourlh an-1 Filth ireet with
I'nloo treet. It-nee ruunr.ig eateny, tnrooch
pnvaie property in Mr l'1. town ea-brW
thrmigh the alley between Fmrth and tilth
tre-u to Wahii tton (.feet, Ibeuce outh ou
Wabiuglon tree. to Fulton ilrat
Third A aewercominem irg at and connected
with the aewer at tbe inieraretnHi of tbelley
tuti.-ii first and xvond rlreelawilh Inion
ureet. thence running eaMerly ou aaid allee to
Laughlin atieet, tbruvcaoulh on Laughliu street
to tourlh atieet.
Fourth A aewer commencing at and connect
ed w ith the newer at ihe intrs-lion of the alley
between First and !-cmd treet.i wilh Laughlin
atreet, thence running easterly througn aid
alley to Jeffenmn lrt. thence north on Jerler
aon atreet about l'JO feet, thence eaaterly to a
Klnt in the middle I T-ylor street about NO
er north of the north aide ol the intersection
ot Taylor and second atreets.
Fifth A aewer eomirencing at the lnterse
lion of the alley between Second and Third
sireeta with Tavlor atreet, thence weaterly on
aaid alley to Monroe r'.reet. them e north to con
nect with aewer lu alley bvtweeu Firat aud sec
ond atreeta.
Sixth A tcwer commencing at and connected
withftcweron Laugbliu street at tbe intersec
tion of the alley between Second aud Third
ta. with Laughl n at., thence easterly through
aaid alley to Madixon street, thence southerly
on Madison atreet to the intersection ol Third
and Madikon atreeta, thence easterly on Third
atreet to the liiteraecUou of Third and Monroe
Seventh A aewer commencing at and con
nected with sewer on Ijiuglilin street at the in
tersection of the alley between Third and Fourth
streets with Ijiughfin street, thence running
eaaterly to M.idiaou street.
Eighth A sewer commencing at and con
nected with aewe' on Laugbhn street at the in
tersection of Fourth and 1-aughlin streets,
thence easterly on Fourth street to Jetiersou
Ninth A aewer commencing at and connect
ed with sewer on 1-aughlin street at the inter
section of Fourth and Laughlin streets, thence
westerly to Washington street.
Tenth A sewer commencing at and connect
ed with aewer on Laughlin street at the inter
section of the alley be'ween Third and Fourth
streets with Laughlin atreet, thence westerly to
Washington street.
Eleventh A aewer commencing at and con
nected with sewer on Ijinghlln street at the in
tersection of the alley betwetu Second aud Third
streets with Laiignlin street, thence westerly to
Washington street.
Twelfth A sewer commencing at and con
nected with sewer on Union street at the inter
section of the alley between Second aud Thiid
streets with said Union street, thence runniiiff
easterly along said alley to 'the intersection of
said alley Willi Washington street.
Thirteenth A aewer commencing at and con
nected with the sewer on Union street at the In
tersection of the alley between Third and Fourth
streets wilh Union street, thence easterly
through said alley to the inter section of sniil
alley with Washington street
Fourteenth A sewer commencing at and con
nected with the sewer on Union street at the in
tersection of tbe alley between tifth and Sixth
streets with Union atreet, thence easterly
through said alley to the Intersection of said al
ley with Washington street.
Fifteenth A aewer commencing at and con
nected with the sewer on Union street at the in
tersection of the alley north of First street with
Union street, thence running easterly through
said alley to the intersection of aaid alley with
Laughlin street.
Sixteenth A sewer commencing at and con
nected wlthseweron Union street at the Inter
section of the alley between Second and Third
streets with Union street, thence westerly
thronuh said alley to the Intersection of said
alley with Liberty atreet, thence southerly on
Liberty street to the alley between Fifth and
Sixth streets.
Seventeenth A aewer commencing at and
connected with sewer on Liberty street at the
Intersection of the alley between Second and
Third streets with said Liberty street, thence
running westerly through said alley to the west
end of said alley.
Eighteenth A aewer commencing at and con
nected with sewer on Union street at the inter
section ol the alley between Third and Fourth
streets, thence running westerly through ssid
alley to the Intersection of said alley with Lib
erty street.
Nineteenth A aewer commencing at and con
nected with sewer on l.lberte street at the inter
section of the alle between Fourth and Fifth
streets with said Liberty street, thence running
easterly through said alley to the intersection of
said alley with Union street. '
Twentieth A sewer commencing at and con
nected with sewer on Liberty street at the inter
section of the alley between Third and Fourth
streets with said Liberty street, thence running
westerly and throiwh said alley to tbe Intersec
tion of said alley with Lincoln street.
Twenty-first A aewer commencing at and
connected wilh sewer on l.lbtjrty treet at the
intersection of Fourth and Liberty streets,
thence running westerly along Fourth atreet to
the Intersection of Fourth and Lincoln streets.
Twenty-second A sewer commencing at and
connected with aewer in alley between Second
and Third streets at the Intersection of Pent ism!
street with aaid alley, thence running aouth on
said street to Third street, thence west on T hird
strict to the intersection of Third and Fourth
Twenty-third A sewer commencing at and
connected with sewer at the Intersection of
Third and I'entland streets, thence running
easterly on Third street to the Intersection of
Third and Lincoln atreets.
Twenty-fourth A sewer commencing at and
connected witb sewer at the Intersection of
Fourth and Lincoln atreets, thence running
westerly along Fourth street to the intersection
of Third and Fourth streets.
Twenty-fifth A sewer commencing at and
connected with aewer running on Third street
at the Intersection of Third and Fourth streets,
thence running westerly and 75 feet moie or lesa
north of the road leading to the Mill creek
bridge, to said Mill creek bridge.
Willed at Uallea tity, Oregon, this the loth day
of March, 11. JiF.f). 11. (iA I Ei,
mchll Recorder of Italics city.
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Ho.t' l.ical freight, carries passengers, e"'
bound- arrives 4 :),,. m., departa M: 1.". p. m. .
no. ill, weal h iiiiid iorough freight, d-
carry passengers; arrives . m., dc'"
: p. m.
No. HI, west bound local freight, carries pas
sengers; arrlvea :1.', p. ni., UeparU (i::W a. m.
For full particulars call on O. R. N. Co.'
agent The Dallva. or adilresa
Gen, Pas. Agt., Portland, W
Government Lands
With fine timber and running water l
Hood Hivar Valley, anltabie for homestead "n
timber entries. Wa loeata Individuals "
eolnnlaa on thine lands. I.arga Milling I""
dnstrles now Imlng liK-ated here; also towu
and other lauds for sala. .
Soma of these Government landa ar WJ
choicest Apple land of the Famous H"
Klvar Vallay.
W. R. WINAN8, l and Iicator.
to-lm i Hood River.riascoCo., On