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Undertaking of the Tecumseh a Diffi
cult One Othcr.Plans.
Key W est, May. 20 The smart little
steamer Tecumseh haa effected two
landings upon the Cuban coast thirty
five miles apart, and both within six
hoars. The Cuban surf, the clear day
light and the Spanish sentinels made
undertaking difficult. For fifty miles
east of Havana every ehelvered cove,
every projecting point and almost every
unfrequented strip of the practicable
sand beach has its guard detachment of
Spanish cavalry. These are in constant
touch with the massed Spanish infantry
and artilery occupying the crest of the
low coast ridge.
The body of the Spanish troops are
posted about a mile and a half back
fromjthe beach, ready to be thrown
against the daily expected disembark
ment of American troopa in force, and
they keep a sharp lookout. Yesterday
afternoon the Tecumseh shoved away
from Cuba. Gen. Nunez was on
board in charge of four Cuban couriers.
One pair of them was Col. Baldomero
Acosta and Estabaa Del god a, the other
Major Alfredo Sims and OlympiaTra
viez. Acosta has been repeatenly
wounded, but has kept Havana's west
ern suburbs in excitement for two years.
Now be is in the eager, active service of
the United States force. Siuims arrived
in Key West only a week ago with his
companion. He had captured a Span
ish fishing boat and sailed to the block
ading eqnadron. It was decided to at
tempt to retrieve the Gussle's fail
ure. One pair of couriers was to
be landed at one point and if resisted
there the other couple waa to be
put ashore at an other place. Some
how or other communications were to
be established' with certain insurgent
forces and such has been done. Cuban
Coast Pilot Bonce saw on the black coast
line shortly before daylight this morn
ing Lient. G. R. Evans commanding
the expedition on the tug Edward Laut
erbacb. SHE MADE A
A Vancouver Woman Jumps Forty Feet
From a Window.
Vancouver, B. C, May 20. A woman
of ill repute, named Hazleton, jumped
forty feet from the top window of a
building last night, as the police entered
the front door, and escaped unhurt.
She fled to the states with $550 which
she had secured from a male visitor.
The Hazleton family is notorious and
her brothers are marked aa crooks. In
any coast city they are bagged on sight.
Fight Decided in Twenty Rounds Cor
bett Offers a Challenge.
Syracuse, N. Y., May 20. Kid McCoy
tonight showed how easv it is for a
clever boxer to dispose of a man twenty
pounds heavier than himself, providing
his opponent, like Knhlin, is slow and
uncertain. The contest "between the
champion middle-weight and the giant
Obion was vicious throughout. Before
15 rounds bad been fought one of Ruh
lin's eyes was completely closed, and be
fore the end of the battle the other had
been partly shut up, leaving the fighter
almost blind. The game showing that
the Obion made, it was - impossible to
realize -how unable he was to stop the
shower of jabs and left upper cuts ad
ministered by McCoy.. The big fellow
kept pegging away, doing hie best all
the time, but not making one iinpres
eion. Once or twice the kid got careless
and Ruhlin managed to land squarely,
but at no time was he able to phase his
clever antagonist. ,
At the end of the twentieth round,
Referee Geortce Slier decided the contest
in McCoy's favor. No sooner ' had the
winner been announced than Corbett
jumped between the ropes and demand
ed a match. McCoy said he was quite
willing to accommodate him, but that
he had an engagement with Choynski to
fill first. Corbett made some wild talk
about being the champion and that iiis
challenge must be recognized, but he
obtained no satisfaction and finally de
'eisted. Goddard also offered to best
McCoy in twelve rounds, and was also
The contest was for per centage of the
gate receipts, 75 per cent going to the
winner. This was accepted instead of
a $2500 purse.
The Report of Its Arrival in Santiago
Harbor Confirmed in a Dispatch
Received by the Spanish Minister
of Marine.
Madmd, May 20. At 10 o'clock last
evening the minister of marine, Captain
Aunon, received a dispatch from Admir
al Cervera, in command of the Cape
Verde squadron of the Spanish fleet. , It
read :
Santiago de Cuba, May 19. This
morning I hare without incident entered
this port, accompanied by the squadron.
v Cervera.
The minister of marine immediately
went to the residence of Premier Sa
easta and communicated the informa
tion. He then proceeded to the palace
for the purpose of informing the queen
regent, but her majesty had already re
tired, and the news was conveyed to her
by the Infanta Isabella. Captain Au
non then' went to the admiralty and
cabled his congratulations, to Cervera. '
In an interview today the minister of
marine is quoted as saying: '
"I am greatly rejoiced at the safe ar
rival of the Spanish fleet at Santiago.
It is an immense triumph for the Span
ish navy. The earlors who executed the
movement aud those who planned it are
worthy of all praise."
Kingston, Jamaica, May 20. No con
firmation has yet been received here, of
the reported arrival of the Spanish fleet
at Santiago. " .
Spanish Authorities Getting Ready to
Take the Aggiessive Side.
Barcelona, May 20. A body of about
8,000 troops, drawn from Catalona and
Alnsia provinces and around Aragon
and Valencia, are embarking here for
the Philippines to reinforce the Span
ish troops and aid in defending the cap
ital. .
Madrid, May 20. Admiral Camara,
commander of the Cadiz squadron, is
here receiving instructions as to the des
tination of his ships, which, it is ex
pected, depends upon the requirements
of war. 'Camara's ships are all ready to
Madrid, May 20. It is evident that
the new Spanish cabinet intends to push
the capaign vigorously. It is said the
ministry will negotiate actively with
foreign diplomats to protect Spain
against a combination of her enemies.
American Vessel Sighted Off Jamaica
With Her in Tow.
Kingston, Jamaica, May 20. The
Norwegian steamer America, Captain
Evertb, from Baltimore, has arrived at
Port Antonio, bringing news of the cap
ture of a Spanish warship. When some
distance from Jamaica yesterday, the
America saw an American warship tow
ing a vessel that looked to be a Spanish
gunboat. The vessels were too far dis
tant for their names to be distinguished,
but Captain Evertb says the United
States vessel was either the St. Louis or
St. Paul.
Blockading Fleet Baa Secured a Spanish
ttteameir and Bark;.
Key West, May 20. Two more prizes,
a bark and a steamship, have been cap
tured by the Cuban blockading fleet and
are now on their way to this port in
charge of prize crews. ' .
Dynamite In a Depot.
Oakland, Cal., May 21. The discov
ery of a stick of dynamite in the Emory
ville depot is causing the police much
anxiety. The . dynamite Was found
among some rubbish and is -now in pos
session of Superintendent Aglar. AInch
significance is atrached to the discovery,
owing to the fact thai nearly everyday
trains loaded with troops are; passing
through that locality on their way to
San Francisco. . '
Government Charters More Transports
Sunday the California Volunteers
Will Board the City of Pekin.
Vallejo, Cal., May 20. The con
densers of the Charleston have been
thoroughly repaired and the cruiser is
now announced to be ready to sail to
morrow morning. There was no imme
diate danger of the sh'.p breaking down
but Capt. Glass thought it best to have
everything in first-class ' shape before
starting on snch a long trip. It is now
practically settled that the first expe
dition . will leave Sunday or Tuesday at
the latest on the steamer Citv of Pekin.
Major-General Otis haa not issued or
ders as yet for the departure of the
trocps. but all indications point to the
fact that next Sunday the first regiment
of California volunteers will be occupy
ing their quarters on board the City of
Pekin, which with the steamer City of
Sydney is almost ready. Today orders
were sent to have their fires started,
which means that the vessels could
leave very shortly.
The United States government today
chartered Spreckles' steamer Zealandia
for the transportation of troops to Ma
nila. She will be put under the Amer
ican register as she is now under British.
The Zealandia, which is a sister ship of
the Australia that has already been
chartered, will arrive from Honolnlu
next Monday and will be ready to be
turned over to the government on Tues
day. The Australia, with exception of
her stores which are to come from Mare
Island, is ready to sail immediately. . It
is not understood why there should be
any delay except that no vessel will
leave here till General Merritt comes. .
State Department Assured That the
Friendship of That Government for
the United States is Unchanged.
Washington, May 20. As the result
of recent exchanges between the state
department and the Fren-.'.h embassy, an
agreeable understanding has been
reached which gives assurance of the
continuance of the traditional friendship
between the United States end France.
It has served to make clear that each gov
ernment has the fullest confidence in the
friendly attitude of the other, and any
criticisms or animosities aroused by re
cent incidents havo not beenBhared by
the government of either country.
The French authorities have given
assurances that the French press criti
cisms come from an unrepresentative
class of radical partisan newspapers, and
in . no war represented the senti
ment entestained by the French
government and , people toward the
United States.
Spaniards Cannot Longer Avoid Con
flict Battle as Memorable as that
at Manila is Looked For.
Washington, May 20. There are to
night practically five squadrons in the
Atlantic Gu'f and the Caribbean Sea.
Sam peon, who has command of the
most powerful of the five, and Schley,
whose force runs as second, were last
reported off Key West, Watson, who
commands the blockading fleet off Ha
vana, is still there. . The - fourth con
sisting of the Oregon, Marietta, Buffalo,
Yale and Harvard, is somewhere in the
Carribbean Sea, according to the best
information obtainable. The fifth de
tachment of the Atlantic is scattered
along the coast between Charleston, fe.
C, and Portland, Maine.
The navy department announced
"officially" today that the Spanish Cape
Verde squadron is in the harbor of San
tiago; but that official announcement
was based upon the information re
ceived laBt night. It may or may not
be there. At this writing, however, it
maybe. The administration is deter
mined that the game of hide and seek
has .gone on long enough, and that a
battle will soon come off. That seems
to be absolutely known. "It is not be
lieved the Spaniards can avoid one
however much they desire to do so.
This contest, which Sampson and
Schley will naturally endeavor to make
more memorable than Dewey's fight in
Manila bay, can scarcely be delayed
longer than three days, and it may be
looked for most any time now.
First Regiment of Washington Volun
teers Will Remain on the Coast
Tacoma, Wash., May 20. A special
from Washington says the First regi
ment of Washington volunteers will not
go tor the Philippines, but will be re
tained to do guard duty at various points
on the Pacific coast. . The dispatch says
the order for the troops to go to Manila
was countermanded principally on ac
count of the request of the troops them
selves ; and that orders have been issued
for them to report to the department
commander at San Francisco, who will
assign them to defence duty. ' No one
in the Btate knows anything about such
a request ' being made, and Governor
Rogers has uo information on the sub
ject. He, as well as all othere. is indig
nant that the troops are not allowed to
proceed. It is reported that Captain
Taylor, mustering officer, is responsible
for the change, as his reports have been
unfavorable from the start.
Surgeon of the Opinion It Will Not Be
come an Epidemic.
San Francisco, May 20. Major Mc
Carthy, ranking as surgeon at the Pre
sidio encampment, declares that the
measles will not become an epidemic
among the Oregon regiment now under
canvass at the parade ground. Nine
men are isolated in two tents several
hundred yards frem the encampment.
They came from towns in Oregon where
measles was prevalent when they left.
No new cases have been reported since
yesterday, and Major McCarthy is of
the opinion that trouble from that quar
ter is at an end.
The Spanish Fleet Has Sailed from
Santiago De Cuba.
Madrid, May 21. At midnight the
minister of marine, Captain Aunon, an
nounced that be had received a dispatch
from Cervera, the commander ot the
Spanish squadron, stating that be was
ready to sail from the harbor of Santia
go de Cuba. : Nothing has been given
ont concerning his destination.
Their Counsel Appearea la Court ThU
Morning; and Obtained an Order
" Substituting Fleas ef Not Guilty
for tbe Plea of Gnllty.
PdRTLAND, May 20. The record iu the
jury bribery case, in which I. H. Taftv,
E. Killfeather, J. W. Walker and C. S.
Brattan figured, was this morning clear
ed up so far as Walker and Brattan are
This morning tbeir connael appeared
in the United States district courts, and
asked Judge Bellinger for leave to wit) -draw
the pleas of guilty and enter tli
pleas of not guilty. Tbete being no ob
jection on the part of District Attorney
Hall, the order was granted. .
District -Attorney Hall thereupon
moved the court for a dismissal of the
indictments, the court having held upon
the hearing of tbe motion for a new trial
in tbe case of Taffe and Killfeather that
the indictments were defective. This
motion was also grented and Walker and.
Brattan are therefore free from any
charge pending against them in court.
Tbe only casehat yet remains on the
docket is that of Killfeather. This case,
at tbe time the indictments were held
ti be defective, waa ordered resub
mitted to the grand jury, and tbe federal
jury now in session will no doubt take
cognizance of it.
Transports for Horses.
Galveston, May 23. Orders have
been received from . Washington to
charter the - steam lighters Bessie and
Laura. The belief is prealent here that
the lighters will be used in transporting
the horses of the "Rough Riders" who
are expecte'd to embark from here for
Cuba. - , '
Sampson Said, to Have Sank
Twelve Spanish Ships.
Two American Ships Disabled No Of
ficial Information Received Not
Fully Confirmed.
Capr Haytien, May 21, A story from
Point De Paix tonight gives turners of
a sea fight in Windward Passage, in
which twelve Spanish warships were
sunk and two American'vessels disabled
New York, May 21. A Washington
special says that the report ot a battle
between the American andjSpanish fleets
oft St. Nicholas Mole is discredited.
It is known that Sampson is in that
vicinity and the Cape Verde fleet is not
far away. Secretary Long predicted last
night that a fight would take place with
in the next 24 hours. The navy officers
do not expect anything official before to
morrow morning.
Her Destination Will Be Manila The
. First Trip of the Kind Eever Made
By a Monitor.
Washington, May 21. It is expected
that orders to tbe monitor Monterey to
proceed to Manila were telegraphed to
San Francisco this afternoon. Some
slight changes will be made before the
monitor starts ; but it is said at the
navy department that she will probably
get away by tbe end of next week. No
monitor has ever taken such a voyage,
and great interest is taken in naval cir
cles in the trip. She will be accompa
nied by the Collier and by tbe ocean
going tug Tfoquois to give tow if neces
sary. Her journey will take about fifty
The official of the war office expect the
first detachment of troops for the Phil
ippines will embark at San Francisco
tonight or early tomorrow, tbe ' exact
time being now dependent npon author
ities at San Francisco.
It was stated today -that the City of
Peking, with 1200 troops, would go
within twenty-four hours, and that the
City of Sydney, with the same number,
might get away at the 'same time.
General Merritt again conferred with
officials today, and then he left for the
Our Ex-Spanish Minister, Acting on a
Hint From the Dominion Govern
ment, Sails For Liverpool.
New York, May 21. A special from
Montreal says : '
It has not been possible for Spain to
postpone tbe departure of Senor Polo y
Bernabe any longer. Today be will sail
with all his staff by tbe steamer Domin
ion for Liverpool. Senor Polo went on
board the steamer last night, and will go
from Liverpool to Madrid. He says that
though be was detained . here for some
time on business, he respected the dec
laration of neutrality and left this coun
try voluntarily. ' .
He leaves behind, however, the Span
ish consul to try to continue gatheting
information for the Spanish - relative to
the United States military goyernments.
The authorities are closely watching tbe
consul, and he will be promptly placed
under arrest if the slightest deviation
from the neutrality laws should be de
tected. Senor Polo y Bernabe has been loud in
his declarations that no official protest
has been lodged again3t his proceedings
here, but be now practically admits
that he was requested to return to Mad
rid, for it was learned last night from an
unimpeachable eource that the Cana-
Royal makes the food pore,
wholesome and delicious.
Absolutely Pure
dian government advised his departure.
Owing to diplomatic fiction that sucb
questions are not dealt with by the Ca
nadian cabinet, it was possible for our
secretary of state to say that the gov
ernment did not interfere. The action
was taken by the governor-general, who
is the queen's direct representative here,
and who as such is supposed to, bnt
never does act, without the sanction of
the cabinet.
Captain Garranza, who left the city
immediately after Downing's arrest, is,
according to statements of some mem
bers of Senor Polo's staff, to he sent tt
the Philippines with a relief expedition.
Other Spaniards, however, say Garranza
went to Madrid with very important
papers, and will endeavor to join Cer
vera's fleet, or the fleet which expects
to call at Miquelon.
Hostile Feelings Existing Between Eng
land and Russia European Inter
est in the War Keen.
London, May 21. The public atten
tion ot England and Europe has been so
absorbed in the national tragedy at
Hawarden that the uneasiness over the
vague political perils -threatening have
been forgotten. Tbe gloomy utterances
of Chamberlain aud Salisbury have,,
however, caused a demand for assuran
ces that there is no danger. The Franco
British relations form a most acute
feature of the situation, but the funda
mental hostility between Russia and
England is the most permanbnt source
of danger. Russia's hostility has re
cently become deep and implacable,.,
owing to tbe Czar's personal attitude.
Interest in the American-Spanish war
is still keen. While there is a great
deal of admiration expressed at Cerve
ra's clever maneuvers, general amuse
ment has been caused over the Spanish
exultation over the exploit. Spain's
fortunes have been revived. She has
obtained temporary financial relief, and
is counting more than ever on ending;
the war with the loss of Cuba, alone- '
Distress in Havana Greater Than Re
ported Another Engagement.
Washington, May 21. Secret infor
mation received by the war department
today is to tbe effect that serious rioting
is imminent in Havana. Food is much
scarcer and the distress greater than
has been generally reported. Captain
General Blanco, it is said, appreciates
the fact that th.e pendine naval engage
ment is apt to end the war, so far as sea
fights are concerned, and that after it is
over his last hope from home is cut off.
Provisions are so scarce now that only;
those who have private means at their
command can secure supplies, and even
then these are dealt out sparingly. At
the Grst chance thousands of the natives
carrying Spanish arms will desert and
either fight along with tbe insurgents or
turn their guns on the Spanish within
their lines.
An Insane Woman's Awful Deed.
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., May 21. Mrs.
Lena Spori, the insane 'widow of a fire
man at Vassar collage,. murdered her two
children, a son 2 years old and a daugh
ter 5 months old by decapitating them
early this morning. She will be sent
to the Mettewan asylum for insana
To Care m Cold In One Day.
Take Laxitive Eromo Quinine Tab-
lets. All druggists rifuid the money if
it fails to ca:e. 25u,