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I Lord
jjl. Irwin
j Idlemsn
. JIcBride
. Mitchell
. Hermann
A;, r. eihb
J..W. H. Loed
Jj.. Geo. C. Blnkeley
i oners
, ov that the appointment of the Ven
ezuela commission baa been made and
the country is satisfied with the men
elected, there will be a diminution of
war-talk for a time. . The" examination
which the committee is to make will
occupy a lengthy period pt timet and till
their report is made no farther action
will be taken at Washington. So in the
erent rnsh of events the attention of
people will De turned to otner tnemea,
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ing of the Monroe doctrine will for a I in the catalogue and not by the name of
.Ceo. C. Blnkeley
T. .1. Driver
.....A. M. Keloay
wm. Micocii
(Frank Kincaid
IA. s. Blower
..F. II. Wakefield
E. F. gharv
ktendent of Public Schools. . .Trot- B.ieney
.. W. M. BUllS
no good move in the present con
Tess is that in the direction of the revi
'val of reciprocity leeitlatioii. Repre'
eentative Beach , of Cleveland is the
author of a bill providing that the duties
imposed by the tariff laws of the United
J&ates shall not apply to food products
'and raw materials from such nations as
may make equivalent reciprocal conees
ions in favor of merchandise imported
from the United States. The president,
thiough the proper diplomatic agents, is
authorized by this bill to negotiato com
tnercial -arrangements with foreign gov
ernmenta on such a basis as reciprocity
There was a reciprocity clause in the
McKiuley law, which was the hcetfea
lure of that otherwise unpopular meas
ure. Under it recipriilv treaties had
been made with a number of nations
The last congress, however, in its blun
dering way, repealed the reciprocity
feature of the SIcKiuluy law along with
the rest. In doing so it placed this
country before the world aa one without
continuity for foreign policy, for treatiea
recently entered into were abrogated by
this congressional action.' Our disa
greeable relations with Germany, for
instance, were caused, laigely by the
sudden abrogation of the reciprocity
treaty with that country, the result of
the sugar schedule placed in the Wilson
Gorman law at the insolent behest of
the sugar trust.
After its vacillating courae in the mat'
ter tne united Mates ia placed in a
somewhat humiliating position, and can
hardly urge its requests on other conn
tries for new reciprocity agreements,
Nevertheless, there can be no harm !n
congress re-inacting reciprocity legisla
tion so as to permit of friendly agree'
ments with those countries, especially
in South America, which may desire to
.renew them. In the course of time the
number of such reciprocal agreements
tfnay be increased. Chicago Record.
The committee places which the Ore
gon and Washington men secured in the
arrangement of the eenate committee
are as follows :
Mitchell Privileges and electione,
chairman ; judiciary, rules, postofBces
and post roads, claims and construction
of the Nicaragua canal.
McBnde Transportation routes to
the eeaboard, chairman ; commerce,
public lands, coast defenses, Ind'an
depredations and internal expositions.
Squire Const defenses, chairman;
commerce, public buildings and grounds,
immigration, territories, and construc
tion of the Nicaragua canal.
President Cleveland has acted wisely
in the appointment of the Venezuela
commission. Justice Brewer is a mem
ber of the United States supreme court
and an eminent jurist. Frederick R.
Coudert, ia the leader of the New York
bar, and a man of high standing, in no
sense trammeled by the petty politics ol
the day. Andrew D. White has won
recognition aa president ot Cornell Uni
versity and as minister to Russia.
Daniel C. Cilunan has not figured so
much in politics aa the other members
have, but ia known to fame through
Johns Hopkins University, of which in
stitution he ia president- Richard Alvey
of Maryland is less prominent, than his
associates, but there are many who
vouch for his fitness for a place on the
commission The interests of the coun-
trp are safe in the hands of these dis
tinguished citizens. There need be no
worry but what the work the7 are to do ,
will be well done.
- The issue of the Oregonian yesterday
reflects great credit upon that paper.
The present conditions of Oregon are
fully and truthfully portrayed, and no
v portion of the state left1' untouched.
This edition is the best advertisement
the state could get, and numerous copies
should be eent to the eaetern states.
The Oregonian has issued- several praise-
prtby New Years editions, but yester-
s is, we think, far superior to anv
is predecessors. It is not flattery,
Ltruth, to say that we believe no
r's edition of any paper in the
while, at least, be allowed to slumber
In the meantime some of the lessons
which the late flurry of impending war
excitement has taught, should not he
overlooked. The country has shown it
ia nor. lacking in that quality of patriot
iaui which ia so necessary to continued
prosperous existence. From all over
the land came hearty offers of men. to
wage the country's battles, and within a
short time an army could have been
raised the counterpart, in numbers, of
Xerxes' host. , ... ,
Another fact which has been painfully
impresed upon observing people ia the
critical condition of our means of offense
and defense. Since President Cleve
land's message was announced attention
has been strongly attracted to the mili
tary conditions attending this country
in the event of a foreign war. The con
census of opinion is that our condition is
lamentably weak, and iio time should
be lost in rectifying the errors which
our legislators have committed in allow
ing our sea coast defenses to fall into
the deplorable state in which they are,
and in not raising our army and navy to
a point of greater useful nesa in conflict,
Among the many who have Btudied this
matter, none have done so more care'
fully than Colonel Jackeon, of the regu
lar army, now. stationed in Portland.
In a recent address Colonel Jackson
"Patriotism of itself will not eave the
republic; coupled with it must be
power. Weakness for defense or offense
is another, and perhaps the greatest
menace to the permanence of the re
"Among the 'great military powers'
rank and consideration are accorded in
proportion to the ability of a nation to
defend iteelf, or its interests, and to in
flict injury in these respects upon other
nations. It does not need much research
in ancient or modern history to kuow
that weak governments have received,
but little consideration and short shift
when their interests or existence ran
counter to thoso of strong military
powers. Current history, with which
you are all familiar, shows us that the
world is no better in this respect today
than in the past.
"At the close of the civil .war this
country was rated as one of the most
powerful of nations. Nothing but our
great war strength and willingness to
use it induced the British government
to consent to arbitration in the Alabama
claims, and when we declared that the
Monroe doctrine would be enforced, and
sent 70,000 veterans to the Texas fron
tier, France took the hint and retired
from Mexico. Does any one suppose
that within ten years of the close of the
civil war Great Britain would have neg
lected our repeatedly expressed wish to
have the Venezuela boundary question
submitted to arbitration, or have per
sisted in the eeizure of territory in a
friendly republic, or in the extension of
the boundaries of British Columbia-in
"The nation that would survive in a
world where force is law, must itself be
the most forceful, and there is no dis
guising the fact that we are dangerously
weak aa compared with ether nations;
neither is there any doubt that the great
military powers will not hesitate to take
advantage of any weakness of oura to
hamper our progress and despoil our
commerce to their own advantage; that
also is- a part of the struggle for exist
ence, and to hold our own in the battle
for national life and prosperity we should
at all times be sufficiently strong, not
only to prevent encroachments upon the
soil of American continents to our dis
advantage, but to promote and. defend
measures necessarv to the success of our
trade relations with other countries."
These words of Colonel Jackeon should
be heeded. They express a truth which
however unpleasant, is no lets vital. It
would be good for the countrv if
the majority of men in congress were
like Colonel Jackson, who can eeo the
need of the country and would not hesi
tate at supplying the remedy. If the
United States is going to stay in the
front rank of nations it must possess the
necessary requisites.
the hook. .
Orders will, be filled as "promptly as
the clerical work nvolved makes possi
ble ubscribeis should wait patiently
two or three weeks before making com
plaint of non receipt of tiooks.
All orders should he addreesed, '
Cuboniclb Publishing Co.,
The Dalles, Oregon
1561 With Ouoid's Eyes law Eaves dro-roer.
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ery, climate or natural resources for
contain tnore good reading business pursuits.
h than the journalistic tn
Oregon is beginuing to receive atten
tion in the eastern magazines. An ar
ticle entitled "Coasting Down Some
Great Mountains," bv II. L. Wells of
Portland, appears ia the current issue
of the Cosmopolitan. The piece is de
scriptive of the .ascent of Mt. Hood by
the Mazamae, and is illustrated by sev
eral interesting viewc The great
Northwest can hold its own with the
rest of tbe world in magnificent seen-
n'fl great newspaper
ay. . The Oregonian
Oreg'on honestly .in
paper, and that ia
ther daily ia not
Wanted A reliable young man for
branch office. Salary $100 per month.
References and (600 cash capital re
quired.. Address, the Harter Publish
ing Co., Portland, Or. ,.
539 Life of Spencer.
C. R. Coleridae.
592 Near Relation.
Ifuoh Conway.
612 Can istou's Gift.
620 Paul Vaigas and
Otner stone-.
621 Somebody's Story.
J. Fenimore Cooper.
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May Cromelin.
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Stuart ft Cumberland
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Earl of Desart.
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ff. V. Goaol.
1129 Taras Buh.u.
Evelun Grau.
1130 A:. Fate rtoukl
Have It
Arthur Grifflths.
1131 Ho. 90.
Cecil Qrimths.
1133 Victory K-uiie,
H. Rider Hi'Kgard
1116 Col. Quaritch, C.
1150 Allan Quat. rinain. 1592 Writienin Fiie.
1153 Tale of Thre Lions I'oJi Master 1'asBion.
Thomas Hardy Helen B. Mathers
1167 Woodlanders. 1607 Hendri ; or, Blind
Mary Grace Halnine Justice.
1182 Strange Disappeur- L. T. Meade
ance. 102b in inrat 00m.
1183 Great Divorce Case Wiliam Minto
1187 A llter. 1R44 r.rnrlt rf Ilnnm.
Csbel Hocy 1M5 Was She Good or
1229 btern Chase. Bad?
1230 Lav. r's Creed. 1616 Life of DeFoo.
Mr. H. C. Hoffman Justin MoCartbr
1239 Married by the 1T9 Dolly.
Mayor. lbui Gamielie.
1240 Treacherous Mrs MnWvnrth
1662 Marrying una Giv-
Arabella Hopklnson
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renins liume
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R. H. nutton
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John W. Hoyt
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Adah M. Howard
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Walter Hubble
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1316 Abbottford and 1'42 Kogne.
Kewstead Abbey. ",1 1 nat Terrible Man
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1319 Life of Goldsmith. 2 vols.
G. P. R. James Milton Nobles
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Ur ITrtur. Krnininl- bide.
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Grace Kennedy 1762 O'Hara'a Mission.
1360' Dunallen, 2 vols. Mrs. Power O Donog--
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1687 By the Hate of
the Sea.
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Alan Muir
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F. Mvers
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worth. . 1
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A. E. Lancaster
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HLndred Soup?.
Margaret Lee
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Dr. J. Ochorwitz
1764 Mental Sufges
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Mrs Oliphant '
1771 Effie Ogilvie.
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1779 John.
Katheilne 8. McQnoidlH Hou of Hrs' Father.
14S2 Joan Wtntwoith. h?,y Vl!10"-
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1802 Queen's Book.
Dennis O'Sullivan
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1838 Beauty of Ben-burb.
1839 Mary Mavour
neen. ' .
1810 Eileen Alanna.
1841 Robert Emmet j
1842 Strange Case.
1843 Famed Fonten
Mary Patriclt
1856 MariorieiCt
. James Pas
Brooks McCormlck
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" McKenna
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Charles Marvin
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' Gate of Herat.
Harriet Martineau .
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Florence Marrs at
1553 Ange.
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Fred Allison Tapper
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J. W Von Goethe
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Woll. 2rols
1957 Necromancer
2 vols.
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2 vols.
1962 Mystery of a Tur
kish Bath.
1991 Susan Drammond. Y,AgIni wi,fe"
, . . 4ov nurse neveis
F. Mabel Robinson Mistake
iiovenaen . c. 2394 Prince of Darlrness.
,o.. ; 2395 Witch of the Hills.
G. M. Robins-- 2396 Woman's Face.
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Blanche Roosevelt. 2412 Mr. Smitn.
frrie?,"1 H,a8te Prof. A. W. Ward-
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2039 Jen nv Harlow. . ,
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John Rntkin ,, ... , .,
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Told Us. 2442 Queer Race.
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2166 In Quarters with
the 25th Black
Horse Dragoons.
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J. L. Shorthouse
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ttOl Barren Title.'
Charlotte M. Stanlev 2640 Two i-idea of the
iSU Accord and Disc6rd. ,bJeW,
Katherine Wilde'
2.-1OI Ill-Regulated Mind
2167 l.O'ilesBlons.
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Mrs. Henry Wood
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2527 On the Quicksands.
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tits Life of Pope. .
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uoas. . , .
Starkweather and '
ttSO Socialism
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3233 Comedy of a
Country House.
itzi Dick's Wandering. 2652 Pauline.
2,-35 John Maidment 8654 Prize Recipes.
Hesba 8tretton ??55 ?.V.nue- .
2237 In Prison and Out. 407 witness my oana
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2650 Pa.
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