The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, November 18, 1893, PART 2, Image 3

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The Weekly Ghronicle.
in t
WtHlnpMliiy't Imlty.
i pil.her he Urklwl Hie fat exirna
In a iiihiiii.t lli-nt- inl hM.
ilul I" ! !'" "I " I"""'""' '
llu waa IwhiikIiik a liarj ' K"1'1-
Anntlixr pre h bn nJilcd to Tiik
CiiBoMt'i" job room.
Tlit) Pmmoncl Mills have now h11 the
liet tliy cn liandleand will iurclmp
no uirB-
The cm '' RK Alery vs. The Pullei
UuuilwrtntC Co, U being tried todny tie
lure U' t,ir,'uit l'onrt
Mr. Ale ih in the city today,
nv tlit the fiiruuirs nre plowing
laiiii tl,e 0,'re' k fully
Lj, u, Jnt year'", If It does not excited
!,, amount.
Tlif "lieriff nd hi deputies are very
v peuple theiie dayi, serving milipoe
iul the like, and even the prison-
,rget a breuthof frotth air, an thry pun
hrotitfh the corridor, en route to tho
jjicinl )renence.
The jury iu tho rase of John Tliomus
vi. A. J. Mcmes and C. L. Rlrhmotul
rjiiilereil a verdict In favor of TIiouiuh
,r ":1H IH) daniugns fur a judgment
wnili-red m JuMtice IKjlicrty's court and
,ti ot injunction.
n lining south.
The assessor'! report, published 'n
lOtlier column, shows thut the tux"
ilut'ion is less than luct year, includ
iiiilehtedneHH. liut the fact is easilv
owtited for by the great depreciation
tmi- o( property, horse", cattle and
Jtan Trana, a coustuble at the Can
!, undnrto)k to arrest a dago yester
, hen the Ituliau's friends iouiiced
in him and handled him pretty
''(.'My, hruising him und tearing his
tlies. Another attempt will likely lie
nle tiv the coiiHtuhle at a more favora-
moment, when a charge for resisting
officer will probably he added to 'the
nple complaint of ansault, for which
was to have tieen arrested.
Thiirauty'a Iinlly.
in th' nertnr Anil miimm'r time wbeii utliir
tlimiTK if II
ri'iirii mipri'iiie. niiu llowi't 1 know hits uot n
worn in miv ;
Inlor mi, wlieti they're forgot mid denrt, It
llllk llir rail
rliryfttoitlii'iimm, like ciiihIIiIhUh, doth gut
tlM-rr iu the fall.
flit Kpworth Iiii:ue will hold its
atlily business meeting this evening.
( ordinance thut has to lie enforced
'iiiis no business on the recorder's
Miunarnlie Hhipp.ed last night IKK) head
mutton sheep Itciongmg to Kargher
". for the Sound markets.
Ih. J. V. Hnedaker, the ilent'iHt, has
ed Into the rooms formerly occupied
Dr. W. If. Kinehart as an otlicc.
kiine mechanics are at work adjoining
I- itzlienild ruins on the enxt putting
a building for a photograph gallery,
line lot of fat hogs will be shipfied
n Saltmarshe & Co.'s stock varde for
Sound market, which came in to-
report thut the Milton bank roblairs
been located near the month of
i- cn-ek is Incorrect. Thev are still
Portland lady being complimented
Ix'Htity of her daughter's foot,
ledgeil it and said she was going
"t flume good sculptor make a bust
s"Y" social will lie given at the
'"my Saturday evening. A good
yrimiB has been, prepared. The ad
Vlln has lit'en placed at 15 cents,
r'MncliiiloH refreshments.
F'indiill a Kurgett recbivinl an order
f niorning for a collin to lie sent to
1twum1"ii Landing. The particulars
F' v,'i"y hrief anil merelv stated that a
hud lieen found dead In his cabin
'hat plaee. The landing Is just be-
I,,B nth of White Salmon.
J. S. Fish last evening packed
"zeu celery, to send to a resident of
f 'o, who has bad a taste of the
' product, and who is willing to
r the extra expense and trouble,
K he never before tasted anvthing
"m1 as the celery grown in Oregon
must have some more al any price.
Krldny Dully.
Whin th mitninn winds irow iihlllyT""
AllH wh..(i ......t. .!.... .!!.
flier Is one Knmt nHtlsfwtiii'n
nKuivii witn iimniiw.
Chrysautheiuiim club will give a
tonight at the Schanno hall.
English crop of wheat is W.000.-
"hels net, or 6J, bushels per head.
F'rt Valentine, the boy primmer,
jome up for flniil disposal tomorrow
old Snyder restaurant building is
l"'t into shape und will be oci:u-
' t4iini hotel.
Ilnsy Gleaner society will have a
li hall of the Chrysanthemum
!e. Tith and tlth.
'"os. propose to devote thoir at
tention to mining In the tiring and will I
close out their large etocU of groceries,
etc., a soon u poniihle.
Kemeiiilier the "Y's" social at the
academy tomorrow evening. AdinirHion,
including supper, 1") cents.
The (iiMid Templars will give a milli
nerv and necktie social at the K. of I.
hall Saturday night at S o'clock. Liter
ary programme and refreshments. Ad
niiimioii .VI cents.
A fiirtnr came In with 125 turkeys
yesterday, and the most he was offered
was 7 cent a pound. learning that the 1
'I'ortland markets quoted them at 11c to
itc, ne,, v, semi nielli isnow, ss
the freight will not exceed cent per
Deputy Sheriir I'luruiau says he will
lie glad to get rid of Strom, whom he
characterizes as a human brute. He is
continually getting into trouble with
the other prisoners, and was only tamed
by the "Oregon boot," the term Mr.
I'hirman uses for the efficient leg irons.
The ladies of St. Paul's Guild will on
the day before Cleveland's Thanksgiving
oiler a most dclcctablo line of toothsome
viands for sale at I'case Si Mays. - The
display of goodies w ill be made in one of
the large windows, and all persons who
are fond of mince pies will do well to
call early and avail themselves of this
niriBt rare orrportmiity.'t forget the " Y's" social tomorrow
evening at the academy. The young
ladies have made every effort to give
everyone who attends a good time and
their efforts are well worthy of recog
nition. Those w ho attended the last
affair of this kind had a very pleasant
time and they may be sure of the same
kind of a time tomorrow evening. The
cuuse for which the young ladies are
striving is t. most worthy one and they
should lie encouraged. Besides you will
have a merry evening; so remember the
time Saturday night; the place at the
academy and the admission 15 cents
including a sumptnous supper.
Hehftdul of Expenditures.1
The schedule of exfienditnres
showing the amounts of all claim?,
the names of all claimants, the
article or claim for which payment
is made, the amount of each bill, the
amounts allowed, and the claims con
tinued or rejected at the November term,
lSll.'l, of the County Court for Wasco
County, Oregon. The following list,
however, docs not contain any claim for
which the salary or fees are provided for
by statute :
Name and Nature of Claim. Amount.
C Oropper, wood tor court house fSi b)
J ten C Irwin, supplies for clerk. 5
supplies tor clerk .
Charles F. Allison, ice 15
I'aul Kreft, painting 3 00
M II Nickelsen, supplies School
superintendent 2 80
1 hi lies Tub Co, printing and ad
vertising .12 50
Chronicle l'uh Co, printing and
advertising 11 tK)
Chronicle l'uh Co, letter heads. 20 00
lialles Water Works, water rent 10 00
M T Nolan, supplies 8 10
S K Ferris, street sprinkling. . . 2 25
Mays & Crowe, road supplies. . . 4 75
I'eter Godfrey, road work 5 (X)
Ward & Sons, lumlier 28 5(i
Ward A Sous, lutntier Hist 13. . 2S 72
John Water, work on scraper. . H 00
Jos T Peters & Co, lnuiUir rock
crusher. 9 27
J.m T Peters & Co, lumber road
Kist 12 18 IU
Maier tt pauper 14 5
Leslie ltutlcr, supplies pauper. . 5 30
H llerbring, supplies paner. . . 6 50
A L Newman, supplies pauer. 3 00
A M Williams A Co, supplies
pauper 4 25
Chrisman & Corson, supplies
pauper 3 t5
D P & A N Co, transportation
oamier 4 00
TT Nichols, board pauiair 3 50
CrHiidall & liurgut, burying pau
per 10 00
Ir O C Hollister, medical at
tendance pauper 27 50
John Trana, burial pauper 5 00
King & Alwiek, coffin for pauper 10 00
Wels-r A Smith, digging grave
for pauper 5 00
Durham & Koliertson, team for
road survey 10 50
Ward & Sons, lumber Dist 16. . 21 00
K hchiitz, examining toll road
law 6 00
A F. Luke, lumber Pist 24 32 40
A V. Lake, lumber I i-t 18 32 40
A V. Iike, Kist No 17 18 25
Wallace & Kentman, hauling
lumber I lists No 2 and 5 . . . . 3 00
J N Reynolds, work II U bridge 00
Oregon Lumber Co, lumber II
It bridge 10 87
L Neff. work on 11 K bridge. ... -7 50
A K Viler, work on II K bridge 0 00
T C Dallas, spikes II K bridge. . 2 40
p w L Skiblie, board pauper... 1 ml
Wm Michel!, burying pauper.. 60 00
Ir Kshelman, medical attend
ance paupers 3i 50
Geo 1) Barnard, supplies 6 85
County or Wasco, f
I, J. B. Crossen, County Clerk, do
hereby certify that the above and fore
going is a full and complete statement of
the eliiiins presented and action taken
hereon by the County Board at the
November term thereof, save and except
all claims, the salary or fee! of which
are provided for by statute.
Witness my hand and seal
hkai.. of the County Court affixed
' this 15th day of Nov., 18!3.
County Clerk.
By K. Martin, Deputy.
Mprln- Mmllcna.
pr. Gunn'i Improved Llvor Till! on
account of their mild action are especi
ally adapted for correcting spring disor
ders, such as impure blood, tired brain
and aching and worn out bodv. They
act promptly on the Liver and Kidneys;
drive out all impurities from the blood,
und malaria from the system. Onlv
me pill for a dose. Try them this
spring. Sold at 25 da. a box by Blakely
A Houghton, Druggists, The Dalles, Or.,
Ft.rrlgnrr !') Mr.
Threa Ynr-i
Hkllilx Afirr
SatiirilHysfti-riioon h Fiulsiider alked
into Mr. r-kills's hotel, ai coinpanied by
hlx son, a lud of about 17 years. lie
t:iiked very brokenly and was understood
with considerable difficulty. Without
other preliminary he asked if Mr. Skiblie
remembered buying some dressed hogs
of him three years sgo. Mr. Skihhe did
not and then he said something about
f-1.85 in connection w ith the event, Mr.
rikiblie lielieviug he was trying to collect
I t,m( ,(lllonnt (rHUl,llle,ltlv " oM ,,,
! .,,,1,1 1,. littU .iter.ii, . ... ,.- 1.1
fi-Muw and busied himself waiting npon
other customers, Lut still the foreigner
hung around, wailing for further atten
tion. With a view to ridding himself of
the collector (as he thought) he seized a
less busy moment, and stepped up to
him, saying:
"Well, old gent, how is it you never
said anything about it all this time?"
lie cither did not understand or ig
nored the question, and, still talking,
pulled out a purse, and took therefrom
f -4.85, and handing it to Mr. Skiblie,
said, very brokenly, but which we will
give in a translated form:
"Take this, I have had it over three
years now. It is your money. You
puid me $4.83 too much at the time I
sold yon the dressed hogs."
Mr. Skibtte thanked him very much,
but the old fellow would not accept any
thing. We w ill uot publish his name,
but his residence is in Centcrville. It
would seem the matter has troubled
him greatly ever since be was overpaid,
and now that a great burden is lifted
from his conscience, we will let him en
joy his good action with as little or as
much publicity as he cares to give it.
Discharged Iiy th ttnnit Jury OdIjt for
Lark of vldnc.
The grand jury rendered "not a true
bill" in the case of State of Oregon vs.
Irviu Taylor, and defendant was dis
charged. The circumitances of the case
shold prove the folly of getting too thor
oughly under the influence of liquor if
the individual is of a quarrelsome nature
when so influenced. Mr. Taylor is a
model man ordinarily, and universally
respected by his associates. A few
months ago, while partly drunk, he quar
reled with a Chinaman well known at
Antelope, and with a spirit more to
frighten than anything else, lie pulled
out a revolver and discharged it in the
floor within a few feet of the Chinaman.
The latter thereupon had bini arrested
for assault with iuteut to murder, but
the grand jury, believing there was not
sufficient foundation for the charge, dis-
I charged Taylor with a warning. There
is no doubt that bad whisky is at ttie
root of half the crimes committed, and
if Mr. Taylor will profit by his narrow
escape from a term in the tienitentiary
he will hereafter let it severely alone.
It is bad medicine for the passions, and
with an individual of his nature, substi
tutes recklessness for bravery, iusamty
for reason, aud makes murder not only
possible, but an accident if it is not
Murderer and Adnltertr Caught
Officers and Orla Cunnolljr.
Mr. John Barnett, sheriff at Chehalis,
left The Dalles this morning with a
noted desperado, captured here by IVp
uty Sheriff I'hirman and Marshal
Maloney. His name is Jack Ken f row,
alias Lew Spencer, alias J. Hamilton,
and he is w anted on a charge of adultery,
having separated a wife from her hus
band in Chehalis and living with her
three years. It is reported, also that he
is guilty of committing a murder in
He was caught here very adroitly.
Mr. I'hirman had received word from
Sheriff Barnett that a man named Ken
frow or Sjieneer would ask for a receipt
from the postoffice for a registered letter
sent to Fred Weigle, a Chehalis man,
and the deputy asked Postmaster Nolau
to watch for such a party. Soon Mr. O.
K. Scott, a farmer living near this city,
came in and asked for mail for Lee
Spencer, who, be said, worked for him.
IlewaB accompanied by another man,
and he the postmaster correctly surmised
was the man. As soon as they went out
Mr. Nolan asked Orla Connelly, a mere
boy, who works in the store, to follow
the man, pointing him out, while he
went for the officers. Orla did so, and
soon Mr. I'hirman and Marshal Maloney
appeared, who arrested him, and tele
graphed to Barnett. The prisoner
denied Ids identity, but Mr. I'hirman,
after a careful search, found a receipt
for a registered letter just given by Mr.
Nolan, tucked away in the lining of his
pocketbook, and then Mr. Phirman was
confident of having arrested the right
man. When Sheriff Barnett arrived he
at once identified him, and though the
prisoner still denied his identity, it was
of no avail, and before leaving he broke
down and acknowledged being fairly
Toughs Kal at tha Lark.
John Trana, police officer of the
Cascades, Is In the city for the purpose
of enlisting the sympathies of the county
officers to increase the police force at the
Locks, as he alone is werlesi to deal
with the rough element thore, if they
choose to combine against an arrest.
He wishes to correct the statement that
he was treated roughly by the crowd
while trying to arrest Jamei Daniels, a
stone cutter, fur disorderly end net on
Wednesday. He was merely lifted
lioillly from his prisoner, while he was
astride oi his lody trying to handcuff
him. The same evening Mr. Trana
cume to The Dalles. In the night,
George McCauley, a depnty who tried to
aid Trana in making the arrest, was
handled roughly in a saloon for his In
terference, but was not seriously hurt.
Mr. Trana says that for weeks at a time
everything will move smoothly and
affair! w ill lie as quiet a! a churchyard,
but some night or a holiday when they
drink a little too much mineral water,
they get out for a little sport and have
thing! all their own way. For this
reason ho wants the force increased that
order may be enforced and peace reign.
Mr. Koonts Accompanla Hl Report
with Explanatory Remarks.
The county assessor, Mr. Joel K.
Koontz, has completed his assessment
rolls for tnis year's valuation, and kindly
furnishes Tut Ciikokici.e with a com
parative statement for the year! 1892
and 1893, as follows:
Hn. acres gT.
lnd ISS.WO I 9S7,1M
WsRon r lands Zi,bM 2,WS
t own low
II 17," J:
Milms. and Im
plements. . . .
Jioney, notes,
accounts. . . .
Household fur
niture io. horses ....
No. cattle.. ..
, l.liill
No, shiep
Nu. awlue....
firnnii Tslue .
.t,7. 777
. t.r.iu;
Tsxntile projierty . . . tVm,M
fneludine mortgage notes,
t Indebtedness.
In a letter of explanation to the state
board of equalization he makes the fol
lowing statements:
That three-fourths of the deeded land,
heretofore placed at a high valuation, is
pasture and grazing and cannot be justly
aseesscd as high as that used for agri
cultural purposes purely.
Horses are aeseesed at $21.19, which is
fully up to their cash value, and many
have been sold for less.
Cattle have been placed at $10.75,
which have often been offered for sale at
this figure with no buyers at that.
Sheep at $1.50, w hich cannot be sold
for such sum for lack of buyers.
HogB he has placed at $4.03, which is
fully as high as they are worth.
He also mentions the fact that he has
assessed town property above the current
cash prices.
From Mr. Koontz' letter, containing
these explanations, it would be folly to
suppose the state board will exceed the
figures in any instance. ..
From Our 'aw Primer.
The Little Joker.
Do you see the cat and the kit? At
night the cat and the kit sometimes
make a great noise under the house.
The cat is the dam of the kit. Dam the
cat and the kit.
They Tolil Falsehood.
Chprles and Frank Williams, the two
lads who were placed in the city jail
here, w ill be placed in charge of Super
intendent Gardner of the Boys' and
Girls' Aid society. The boys have con
fessed that they told falsehoods regard
ing their names. According to the
Telegram, Charles Williams is one of
the boy's right name, but the other, the
one with one foot only, is Roscoe Dnfo.
The latter maintained a stoical de
meanor, refusing to say much, but the
Williams boy stated that Dufo'a parents
lived near IVuver and that his own
father resided in that city. They con
cocted a plan- to run away because of
their aversion to attend school.
Farmers Will ltale Hop;.
Mr. G. W. Lucas of Wamic is in the
city. He reports the farmers in bis sec
tion are very busy plowing and sowing
fall wheat, and as the ground is in the
finest condition there will be as much or
more winter wheat sown this fall than
formerly. The long distance to market
and the low price of w heat, the farmers
will try the hog enterprise as a branch
of husbandry, and put their grain into
pork instead of raising it to sell by the
bushel. Wheat raising is largely un
profitable where the markets are so un
certain. Affairs at the Lock.
Cascaiik Locks, Nov. 13.
About 60 stone cutters were laid off a
week ago at the Locks, but the con
tractors have been hiring all the laliorers
they could get for several days, past.
There are about 4o0 men at . work there
now come say 500. The mess house and
bunk house are about full. Tomorrow
Is pay day. The weather has been good
for several days except for the east wind
which blows hard and cold.
Hheep Lost.
Lost on the range lietween the head of
Mill creek and Tygh Valley, 160 head of
ewes and lambs, branded S. II., ear
mark crop in right, swallow fork in left
n ewes and same mark reversed in
weather lambs. Suitable reward will lie
given for information that will lead to
the recovery of the same.
Solomon IIoi skk,
Tygh Valley, Or.
A Jary Goes to Hood River Hualneas
Dona by the tirand Jary.
Thurwlay'i pally
The attention of Judge Bradshaw is
still being confined to the Rock Alery
case. The testimony Is all in and the
lawyers were this afternoon speaking
pro and con.
A jury took the Regulator this morn
ing, in charge of Bailiff Jackson, to ex
amine the premises In the case of Water
Supply Company of Hood River Valley
V!. W. R. Winans. The jury will arrive
this evening on the 11 o'clock train, and
consists of J. A. Nickelson, J. Millard,
Joseph Kelley, R. If. Williams, Frank
Vogt, L. P. Ostlund, Wm. McCrum, J.
W. Allen, R. G. Clostor, J. Staniols,
Geo. Arnold and J. Mcintosh.
The grand jury has transacted the
following business today:
In the case of State vs. W. J. Jeffers,
not a true bill was returned, owing to
his being taken to the asylum, and the
probable fact that he was insane at the
time of shooting at his son-in-law.
In the cases of State vs. Milton Aiken
and State vs. Ed Gibson, not true bills
were found, because the prosecuting
witnessei have left town and there is
not sufficient evidence to convict.
A true bill against Mell Kulp for as
Not a true bill against Richard Brook
house and Frank Watkins for driving
stock from the range.
Yesterday a true bill was found
against Lewis Caton for assault with
dangerous weapon, but on account of
his advanced age, a bill was returned for
simple assault, and he was fined $75.
Htrora Oeta the Full Penalty Mell Kulp
' Sienteneed--Grand Jury Notes,
Friday's Dally.
August Strom, the Wyeth rapist, came
before Judge Bradshaw this morning to
receive his sentence. The judge sen
tenced him to ten years in the peniten
tiary, the .full penalty, and said be was
sorry the legislature had not provided a
longer term to more adequately fit the
crime. In Strom's case there was no
mitigating circumstances, nor could
there be in cases of that kind. Strom is
merely a magnificent brute, and exhib
ited no emotion while receiving his sen
tence, and when taken back to his cell
went to singing. He is thoroughly cal
loused by a long life of uselessness.
Mell Kulp was also sentenced to a fine
of $50 or 25 days for assault and battery
committed upon the person of Charles
The case of Fonts vs. Harris was given
tJ'the grand jury at 8 o'clock last even
ing. Fouts sued Harris for $10 before
Justice Schutz and got judgment for $0,
and the case is an appeal from the justice
The case of the Hood River Valley
Water Supply Co. vs. Ross Winans was
this morning placed on trial. The Sup
ply Co. wishes to condemn water and
right of way over Winans' land, for irri
gation purposes.
In the cae of Rock Alery vs. The
Dalles Lumbering Co., the jury returned
a verdict of damages for plaintiff in the
sum of $4. Damages were claimed of a
loss of soil by the flume overflowing on
plaintiff's land.
THE G KAN 11 JffiV.
The grand jury h:ve about concluded
their lalxjrs.and this morning were busy
examining the jail and county offices.
An indictment against Wm. Hurst for
larceny of a steer was returned, also
against Thos. Pryor, Cascade Locks, for
stealing checks, amounting in value to
Hurst did not appear, and his bonds
men will forfeit their bonds. Judge
Bradshaw has issued a bench warrant
for his return.
An undersized Chinamen was carry
ing two great packs of wood this morn
ing on Second street, the load dangling
from each shoulder. A nobhi red man
who would weigh about 175 pounds was
curiously watching him and laughing at
him, when the celestial invited the
Indian to try the load. The latter stoop
ed under the yoke and tried to lift the
burden, but it did not budge. '"Heap
sick," said tho Siwash, and w ith greater
respect for the Chinaman's abilities he
turned to a white man standing near
and curiously asked: "What kind of
an Indian him?"
Real Kslate Transfers.
Bert Rogers to Alfred S. Bennett, one
fifth interest in a tract of land known as
the forfeited railroad land claim of the
Rogers heirs ; $200.
Eva J. Spicer and Frank Spicer to
Alfred S. Bennett, lots 3, 4, and 5, sec.
4; lot 5, sec 6; lot 10, sec. 8; and lot 1
and the nw'f of nwl of sec. 0, tp 1
north, range 13 east ; $1.
Win. E. Miller to Wm. Wilhelm, ee'-$
sec. 12, tp. 1 north range 14 eu.t;
To I oiilrtlmlora.
Write on ono side of the paper only;
we use the other side. Be natural in
writing. Don't try to soar; the bat is
the only mammal that flies. Write in
English, or send glossary. To Poets
Poems on all subjects accepted. Send
locb of hnir as guaranti of divine
afflatus. Give children of your brain
proper transportation. We do not
furnish Peasuses. Exchange.
Hot clam broth at J. O. Mack's every
day at 4 o'clock.
Who has not suffered tliU misery
eaunel by bilo iu tho stomach
which an ina"t;vo or sluggish
liver failed to carry oil'.
-,V LZjrZ. ism J
liquid or powder, which gives
quick action to the liver and
carries off tho bilo by a mild move
ment of tho bowels. It is no pur
gative or griping medicine, but
purely vegetable. Many people
take pills more take Simmons
Liver Regulator.
"I have been a victim to Biliousness fot
years, and after trying various remedies
my only success was la the use of Him
mons Liver Kegulutor, which never failed
to relieve me. I speak not of myself,
alone, but my wholu luinlly." J. M. t'lLlr
HA.X, Holina, Ala.
Has onr Stamp In red on wrapper.
. U. ZKJXUi CO., Ptuadclplua, Pa.
Receives Goods on Stor
age, and Forwards same to
their destination.
Receives Consignments
For Sale on Commission.
Rates Reasonble.
W. "W. Oo.
RIVETED Clothing
, Manufactured by
San Francisco, Calif.
? Fain,
104 Second St., The Dalles, Or.
Campbell Brothers,
Manufacturers of the (hunt Kronen und
Home Made
KiiHt of I'ortlami.
Tropical Fruits, Nuts, Cigars and Tokco,
Can furnish any of these r.xkU at Whole
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Hurved In Every Style.
Ice Cream and Soda Water.
A. A. Brown,
Kcei full assortment of
and Provisions.
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to Cash Buyers.
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