The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, August 25, 1893, Image 8

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There are 68 boy at the lUU reform
Drain' 9,0U0 KbooIbonM ia bout
Cabbage net an Enterprise man lit)
ma acre.
Koeebnrf evaporator baa dried 850
ton of plum.
Rotebarg'i electric light plant it being
moved to Medford.
A thousand dollar changed baud on
Corral Its foot-race.
Lane eonuty hop-grower will incor
porate an association.
The camp meeting at Tront lake is at
tracting a large number of visitors.
Jerome Parson, of John Par ferry,
claims 100 bushel of wheat to the acre,
A herd of 300 beef cattle is being
driven through Langell valley for Mon
tague. John Linderman, of Polk county, died
from drinking too much water when
- Free Metnodista have begun a three
week' campmeeting at Fairmount, Lane
Win. Ward found a nugget weighing
9142 at Susanville in the :k creek min
ing country.
It is said that working time in the La
Grande shop will soun be reduced to
four days a week.
Geo. Whitefield of England came
across the continent for the pleasure ot
a trip to Mt. Hood.
A brush fire came near destroying
Camp Com peon Thursday night. The
militia fought it out,
Since Salem' school superintendent
has resigned there is a clamor for the
abolition of the office.
The niavorof Condon recent! v drove
the stage to Foesil so that the stage Jri
ver might go to the races. -
Veil Dustin, who criminally assaulted
Lizzie Green near Hamilton last week,
is in jail in deianlt of (SO0 bail.
Hard time have driven Rev. Mr.
Glazier, the Methodist supply ot Can
yon City and John Day, to teaming.
The Oregon City Pulp and Paper mills
have reduced wages on account of an
oversupply of material on hand.. The
Grown mills will do the same.
- Three hobo went into a Gervais res
taurant, ate a dinner, and walked out
without paying. The proprietor brought
them back and made them taw np half
cord of wood.
Lieut. Chas. E. Nelson, of Co. A, was
hot in the bask at the sham battle at
Camp Com peon Saturday. Luckily the
wound is not serious. A blank cartridge
exploding was the cause, .
Geo. Gilmer of Gilmer got into a hor
net's nest, and in running away stepped
on a stick which flew np and hit him in
' the eye leaving quite a good sized eplin
ter therein which was removed by Ir.
. .Morgan.
A hopbnyer named Hubbard pur
chased some last year' bop and gave a
check on-Ladd & Bush,' of Salem. It
waa afterwards learned that be had no
money there, and he had to raise the
money otherwise.
Salem1 water consumers will here
after be served directly from the river
pumps. The large reservoir, built at
great expense, will hereafter be used
only as a safeguard in case of fire, a the
company find it next to impossible to
five good service by the reservoir sys
tem. About year ago a man named
Holmes, living in Donglaa county, lost
$8,100. He is mieer and bad been liv
ing in a barn loft and had money hid
there. It suddenly disappeared, some
one having stolen it. Two boy, one
aged 14 year, and the other 17, bave
been arrested and are now held on a
charge of having taken the money.
. They have confessed the theft and (7,000
of the amount ha been recovered.
The condition of Miss Mamie Clark,
who was assaulted with a pistol in the
nanas oi some man, as yet unknown, a
night or two ago, near her home in East
Portland, is becoming serious. It ap
pear that her assailant bit her hard
enough to fracture the skull and a blow
or two more would have .finished her.
A it is, the chances seem to be that
Miss Mamie will die, as she is growing
worse. There is a strong suspicion that
he know her assailant, but refuse to
expose him.
Last Monday George Fitzgerald, of
Olney, sent an employe, Frank Roberta,
Into Astoria to purchase provision.
Robert was a thoroughly trustworthy
man, and when be set out on hit journey
bebadfoU in gold In his pocket Yes
terday morning hit dead body waa found
by the Olney school teacher, lying by
the aide of the road with hi head terri
bly battered and cut. . It 1 believed
that the murder was committed by a
young German who had been teen sev
eral time with Roberta.
Wena tehee will build a 915,000 school
Farm hands are in demand at Walla
Ellens burgh consume 500,000 gallon
f water dally.
Walla Walla ia shipping second-crop
strawberries into Spokane.
Colfax hat patted an ordinance order
ing all the gambling den to be sup
pressed. Tlie marshal i doing hi duty
In attending to the spirit of theordi
A Thornton man estimate hi barley
yield at 00 bushels an acre.
Klickitat eountv' assessor ha found
9866,853 worth of personal property,
The new electric light power house at
Chehali I ready tor the machinery.
The thistle is encroaching rapidly
from year to year on Puyallup hopyarda.
At Everett Frank Blair blew his
shack to piece and narrowly escaped
killing several people, in drying eight
sticks of giant powder in the oven of the
kitchen tove. Fortunately theexplo
aion occurred when no one waa in the
A Puyallup young lady, who spends
much of ber time visiting the sick with
floral and other gift and attention, foil
ill herself last week, and nearly all the
garden in town were called upon to
transform her sickroom into a perfect
A band of 2,100 sheep in the Tietan
made a sudden rush for the shade.
according to the atory of a herder, and
encountered two fallen logs which lay in
the form of a V. Those in front were
crowded forward in spite of themselves
and 466 smothered to death.
The Big Bonanza Mining Company,
organized at Tacoma last week with a
capital of 910.000,000, bave selected
mining property on Eagle creek, Union
county, about thirty miles east oi
Union. A 100-stamp mill will be built
on the company's property at once, it is
An old man named Fletcher, living
west of Vancouver, was driving into
town yesterday afternoon, when ins
horse ran away and threw him violently
against an electric light pole, breaking a
number of his ribs. The injured nmn
was taken into an adjoining house, but
was past medical aid and died a few
hours afterward. ?
The first successful ascent of the north
slope of Mount St. Helens was uiude
Wednesday last by a party from Tacuiua,
including Fred Plnmmer, 'A. C. Car
penter and Leshi, an Indian. The trip
was filled with many dangers and diffi
culties. The craters on the mountain
were explored. The party was tut ten
days. St. Helens is an active volcano,
and a distinct earthquake was felt.
A rather peculiar specimen of the
feline specie keeps the mice away nt
Kyger & Foster's store. This particular
cat is pure white, with very otlu:y-
shaped eves one ot which is decidedly
blue and the other green. Walla Walla
Statesman. About a week ago a strange
cat answering exactly that description
came to the postoffice in Turtlaml.
where it may still be ee. 1 i: iu-
same cat, strayed or stolen, or n-donble?
S. II. Clifford, New Cateel, WU., wa
troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism,
hi stomach waa disordered, hi liver
waa affected to an alarming degree, ap
petite fell away, and he waa terribly re.
duced in flesh and strength. Three bot
tle of Electric Bitter cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg. HU
had a running sure on hi leg of eight
years' standing. Used three bottle of
Electric Bitter and even boxe of
Bucklen' Arnica Salve, and hi leg is
touud and well. John Speaker, Cata
waba, O., had five large fever sores on
hi leg, doctor said he wa incurable.
One bottle Electric Bitter and one box
Bucklen' Arnica Salve cured him en
tirely. Sold by Snipe A Kinersly.
Mr. Thomas Batte, editor of
Graphic, Texarkana, Arkansas
found what he believes to be the
remedy in existence for the flux
experience is well worth remembering.
He say: "Last summer I had a very
severe attack oi nux. 1 tried alinot
every known remedy, none giving relief.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar-rhu-a
Remedy was recommended to me.
I purchased a bottle and received almost
immediate relief. I continued to use
the medicine and was entirely cured.
I take pleasure in recommending thi
remedy to any person suffering with
such a disease, as in my opinion it is the
best medicine in existence." 25 and 50
cent bottles for tale by Blakeley &
Hongbton. Drcggista. . lm.
Cbalaim laerMslag la Kaaala-
St. Petzrhbubg, Aug. 16. Official re
turn indicate a further increase of the
cholera epidemic. It is especially severe
in Moscow, where 166 new case and
sixty -seven deaths from the disease were
reported from August 8 to August 12.
Vienna, Aug. 16. A case of cholera
ha occurred in the military camp at
Brack, near Vienna, twenty-three mile
from this city. The patient has been
isolated and every precaution taken to
prevent a spread of the disease.
Gen. Fitzhugh Lee of Richmond, Va.,
wired congratulations to President
Cleveland over the birth of a son, and
wa greatly chagrined to find that it
was a fake report, and that the interest
ing event had not yet taken place.
Deer from Siberia are being propa
gated in the frozen regions by philan
thropists to prevent the Eskimos from
starring. Their source of livelihood is
fast being destroyed by the disappear
ance of the whale, walrus and native
deer. The imported deer are said to he
Karl's Clover Root, the new blood
purifier, gives freshness and cleurnen to
the coin plexion and cures constipation
25c., 50c. and $1.00. Sold by Snipe &
Kinersly, druggists.
It is said that the third linger wan
chosen for the wedding ring because of
the idea that a vein ran straight from it
to the heart. Another tradition savs
that as the bridegroom said the words
"In the name of the Father," he held
the ring at the thumb, "of the Son, " at
the first finirer, and so on uutil at the
"Amen," it had reached the third
Shiloh's cure, the Great Cough and
Croup Cure, is for sale by Snipe A. Kin
ersly. Pocket size contains twenty-five
doses, only 25c. Children love it. Sold
by Snipes A Kinersly.
lrlvea Oak f llm., Cnl., Aug. 19. About .
o'clock last night an unarmed body of
j laboring men wailed on the Chinese
restanrants in town and deported the
proprietors, sending them out of town
quietly, using no violence whatever, and
today their places of business are closed.
This action was not taken until one day
after the time specified in the notice
given them to close by the anti-Chinese
league. The Chinamen made no effort
to suspend business and excitement was
running high. They made no resistance
when the last moment canio. The
washhouses are preparing to dote by
Hobos are a scarce i
Dalle. They have an
working the streets.
irticle in The
antipatby to
X4m4 bj the Praaa.
In this akeptleal actatemmta marie before
beiiur credited are rnwmilly luiuiml luto. tnt-
pie art always found (Mime one mm! oii the aide
wnrre ineir uiureai urn. in view of tlie laat
named truth an ftnrirmement from fine who i
not Interested aboiild be of double Tahie. benre
the following Iran autemeut should be read
with inte t:
. IiEKTlbhkk: Thla la to eertlfy that I have
used Krauae a Headache Capauie with aatUfar
tnry rmulu. I botirlit a box whloh (mttit j'.
eeuta and one, eannule cured me of dreadful airlc
headache. My wile and myelf bare bth ned
lb medicine manufactured by the JiiYrunn
Lichtjr Mf'ff l.'o. and we recommend them W the
public a being Jifit what they are represented.
W. J. IICTrHflooaj,
Ed. Gazette, Pleaaant Hill, Mo.
Edward Gilmore and Charles Sloper
were going from Cathlamet, Wash., to
their ranch on Wednesday, and to make
a short ent struck a trail through heavy
timber. They bad not gone far when
D. II. Prescott, a hunter, mistook Gil
more for a bear and shot quickly. Gil
more' shoulder waa shattered to pieces.
Sloper and Prescott packed the wounded
man four mile to where medical aid
could be had. He waa Uken to Port
land Thursday and sent to a hospital.
It is thought he will die.
"A Back Kaaaber."
This is the slighting remark that is
applied to women who try to teem
young, though they no longer look so.
Sometime appearance are deceitfnl.
Female weakness, functional troubles,
displacement and irregularities will add
fifteen year to a woman' look. These
trouble are removed by the use of Dr.
Pierce' Favorite Prescription. Trv thia
-remedy, all you whose beauty and fresh-
neas i tauing irom ucn cause, and no
longer figure in society a a "back
number." It' guaranteed to give satis
faction in every ease, or money paid for
it returned. See guarantee on bottle
Captain Sweeney, V. 8. A., San
Diego, Cal., nays: "Shiloh Catarrh
Remedy is the first medicine I have
ever found tbat would do me any good."
Price 60 cts. Sold by Snipe A Kinersly.
September 1.
9U0 p Bottlo.
Cm Concha, flour!!--., norw 'iitiuat.
Croup tmrmpily; n?i.i Whooping Couch
and Aatiiuia. F -r I'nuaiitupilon ft bit tm
rival; has curml tlio u tnl i htenll otlmn.
foiled; will vuirif token In time. foM
by limirKUM nn acniimnt' B. Fit Lucie Hack
or Lueauuae fail lion 1'l.AfeH.iU Kcts.
td to cure you. l'rtoe Oocta. Juieuturtrm
ror tale by Salpaa Klaoraly.
Gone mad
the pernon with bad blood who' not
taking Dr. Fierce' Goldi-n Medical
lliacovery. You are bereft of judg
ment ana pood euro if you allow
your blood to get out of order, your
liver elugswh llfe dul, fvcryiuing
bl uo, for you may noon find out that
you're in the grave or next to it
lxoauso you did not procure tho
G. M. I). on enough, and some
dread dixeaxe. may be influenza
or consumption, may bo typhoid
or malarial fever, ha taken you.
Consumption is Lung Sorofula, For
Scrofula ia iu myriad forma, and
for all Liver, Hhxid and Lung dis-
caucs, tho Discovery "! an ua
equaled remedy. Everybody, now
and then, feels u run-dowu " 44 played
out," with no power to generate
vitality, in fact, junt too sick to lo
well "That' where the riylit kind
of medicine comes in, and the "Dis
covery" doe for a dollar what tho
doctor wouldn't do for less than fivo
or ten. '
We claim that nothing like it ha
been discovered for a blood-purifier.
It' guaranteed by the makers. Youf
money i returned if it doaeu't bene
fit or cure you.
It oalled to the fact that
Hugh Glenn,
Dealer in Ulass, Lime, i'Uater. Cement
and Kuihiing Material of all kinds.
:rrl- tl riKMt I. trie nf
Picture Moulding
To D found Id the City.
72 LUashington Street.
Letter of Credit lacued available in he
' ' fcaaUtrn State,
t-ichl. Exehanire and Teleirraphic
Tranafereaoldon New York. Chkntro. St.
Loom, nan r ranuisco, Portland Oreson,
beattie W ash., and various point in Or,
eiron and Waehinsrton.
Collection made at all ianiit on a
orahle term.
"Thtrt is a tide in tht affairs cf men which, taienf ;
leads on to fortune.
Th poet unquestionably had reference
to the
Fiiiiirc & Ei
Who are selling these goods out at greatly-reduced',,
. ..Tin-err Ham, V.VJOS STOCK YA Rl&, Vkieagu, ItU
The largest and only strictly commission dealer in hors
the world, will hold his 7th extensive sale of west
em branded horses for neason 1S93, on
Entries should bt mads at once.
And the MMt Complete and the jtwt I'utterna and iH-aitrim n
"V 3l X- Xj ..JLPESia
SO Practical 1'ainter and Tatter Ilanirem, None hut the beet lining
Kherwin-William and J. V. Maturv' Taint nwil in all jur work, iind nu
the moHt (killed workmen employed. Apenta (or Manurt Liquid i'ainb
chemical comtnnation or noap mixture. A tlrht clan artirla ln all cnloni
order prompt It tvttemiej to.
Paint Shoo corner Thirdand Waihiceto 8t.. Tbe
ill cnlon
Dalle, c!
The California WinehouV
ils now ojM-n, and
. produced Wine at
T Also, best Peanut
y to be Pure aud F
its proprietor will pell hi.s home
prices in the reach of everybody.
s to lie found. Goods cuarantwii
irst-Class in every resjct.
Thompson's Addition.
Notional it Bank,
President 2. F. Moody
Vice-Treeident, - ' Charlsr IIiltom
Canliier. W. A. Moody
General Banking BnaioeM Tranuctcd.
8'nrlit Exchangee bold on
lla j ou i Aiuirrli I '
The Boston Tailor.
East End Second St
Suits Made to Order from
$18.00 up.
Pants from $5.00 up.
Parfaet Fit Oaaraataaal.
Worms f aip Accammodatlon
0414 Star AvcNuc Cmicaoo III.
A G. Goldsmith PaoraitTaa
r Ti
i t I L
Hoa-rraaa l.r
'. .f -? - - inaa i
Z-'"leeara MOf OAlt MOTCL-
RHtttaa All tal .1 amu -
htnc tirf-lMM ii, i lnuriaa Iroaai
4(ia at. tatf-ntt. Trn... a I ihi r
" ak ytraua. kauU ivr a Iraalara.
Collection made on
at ail acceaaihle point.
(wvoreble term
a. Hcitaac.
First Rational Bank.
A General Banking Bunlnea tranaacted
Ilepoflit received, aobject to 8if ht
Draft or Check.
Collection made and proceed promptly
remitted on day of collection.
Sight and Teleirraphic Exchange ld on
rear York
The Dalles
Gigar : Faetory
VlvJiVltO mannfactured. and
ordern from all parte of the country filled
on tne anorteet notice.
The repuUtionof THE DALLES CI
GAK ha become firmly established, and
the demand for the home mannfactnred
article i increasing every day.
The St. Charles Hotel,
Tl.i old, popular and reliable l.'.ue
ha been entirely refurnitthed, and every
room ha been re papered and repainte
and newly carpeted throughout. The
honae contain 170 room and i nptiliee
with every modern convenience. Katet
reaaonable. A (rood reetanrant attachec
to the houMe. Frer bua to and from all
C. W. KNOWLESa Prop.
from TEFJUIflfili w UTEBISV
lm Pffli
la (He Hn Mt
Leaft Jeweler.
Oil AOKNT rilN Tlir
, han Franciaco and
D. P. TiioMPaoH. Jho. H. Ncnaacc
Ed. M. m ili.umk. Gao. A. Liana.
H. M. Ball.
i SoleoUflo AaorieM
lv Oisiom mtutI
5i n JTv u " "" w"tao
flllat haraaa fur aacannar 1- . ' "-
r?lAlltl. at ... .. .
ahonio Itfrailir'a ? 'i??
V 1
It la th llnln Car Kiitite. B m lii'
vavtltiulxl iralnaetarr drmuIa.
t. panl and
;nrprat of tllntnt fara nnanfa"-'J
man lirairliig Kuum elaapenol lauataq -I
Baat that ran be ennatni14, and '
raommudatltttMi an both Ynm ui P"
lur aolduraol t int and Hacoud-claaaTlo.
A rontiniKHia Hue, eminartlii H
(Bfirdliiii dlmrt and nnliilerrupurd arm-
fuMmau alna-par nMrTaUnna mi
In advauva Uinmicb any ni um
KiiKiaiitl aud Kiiruiai vau bt purrMMi '
Uckat oOloc of ilia eumpany
nil Information eoneernln !
tralna, rimtoa aud other delalit t0
aoutlvaUun aa
Atent P. r. A A. Cat. CO.. Kexula
laliaa, Ur.,or
A. I. rHARLTm,
Aaat Oanaral faaaamur AO.. rof
a i
AH Watch Work Warranted.
Jewelry Made to Order.
II MMd St.. Tka Dallaa. Ui.
Firat nraimlnm at tha V'aaM ananll
air for beat portrait And view.
Art Teacher
Room S, Bettingm Building,
Milt ft" Lanaona Mondays and Tharaoay of
a ca e,c of iar If (Ma! rod.
General Blackamithinf and W1
prompt), and all w1
Horse Shoeing a Speck'
hitwl Phmnf ana I ioVlD'l Ml
lliUKDUlibU m UbUb
Canities anil Kitts
ics at
awekt iKiMKa uyvVW
rineat Peanut Boaater In TM