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    Wednesday, January 7, 2015 The Nugget Newspaper, Sisters, Oregon
Kitzhaber plans
low-key inauguration
By Jonathan J. Cooper
Associated Press
SALEM (AP) — Alabama
and Texas plan parades to
mark their governors’ inau-
gurations. Chief executives in
Colorado, Georgia and Illinois
will have concerts.
In Oregon, there will be
cookies — and not much
else — to commemorate
John Kitzhaber’s unprece-
dented fourth inauguration as
Kitzhaber takes the oath
of office in the state House
chamber on Jan. 12. He’ll give
a speech, and stay for an after-
noon reception in the Capitol
rotunda funded by his re-
election campaign, said Amy
Wojcicki, a Kitzhaber spokes-
man. He’ll be accompanied
by his fiancee, Cylvia Hayes,
whose past business arrange-
ments tormented Kitzhaber’s
re-election campaign.
Then the Democratic gov-
ernor will retreat with a small
group of friends and family to
Mahonia Hall, his official res-
idence in Salem, to watch the
Oregon Ducks play the Ohio
State Buckeyes in the college
football championship.
The plans are similar to
those for Kitzhaber’s last
inauguration in 2011, when
he returned to the governor’s
office after an eight-year
hiatus. The 2011 inaugura-
tion came on the same day
the Ducks played in their last
national title game. They lost
to Auburn.
Months later, after the leg-
islative session wrapped up,
Kitzhaber held an informal
hoe-down to mark his inau-
guration. No decisions have
been made about whether to
hold a similar party next sum-
mer, Wojcicki said.
Kitzhaber has long pre-
ferred to keep things infor-
mal. He routinely wears blue
jeans to work, even to for-
mal functions like his first
Ohio’s re-elected governor,
John Kasich, isn’t eschewing
the pomp and circumstance
of an inauguration, despite
Ohio State’s presence in the
big football game. He held a
“family day at the statehouse”
this weekend and an inaugural
ball. He plans a second, more
elaborate ceremony when he’s
sworn in Jan. 12.
Oregon will have among
the most muted of the dozens
inaugural celebrations occur-
ring around the country this
month, according to a review
of inaugural festivities by The
Associated Press.
pacific Coast sea bird
die-off puzzles scientists Red Cross
seeks local
SALEM (AP) — Scientists
are trying to figure out what’s
behind the deaths of seabirds
that have been found by the
hundreds along the Pacific
Coast since October.
Mass die-offs of the small,
white-bellied gray birds
known as Cassin’s auck-
lets have been reported from
British Columbia to San Luis
Obispo, California.
It’s normal for some sea-
birds to die during harsh win-
ter conditions, especially dur-
ing big storms, but the scale of
the current die-off is unusual.
“To be this lengthy and
geographically widespread,
I think is kind of unprec-
edented,” Phillip Johnson,
executive director of the
Oregon Shores Conservation
Coalition, told the Salem
Statesman Journal. “It’s an
interesting and somewhat
mysterious event.”
The birds appear to be
starving to death, so experts
don’t believe a toxin is the
culprit, said Julia Burco, a
wildlife veterinarian for the
Oregon Department of Fish
and Wildlife.
But why the birds can’t
find food is a mystery.
Researchers say it could
be the result of a successful
breeding season, leading to
too many young birds com-
peting for food. Unusually
violent storms might be push-
ing the birds into areas they’re
not used to or preventing them
from foraging. Or a warmer,
more acidic ocean could be
affecting the supply of tiny
zooplankton, such as krill,
that the birds eat.
U.S. Geological Survey’s
National Wildlife Health Cen-
ter in Wisconsin is conducting
additional necropsies on dead
birds, researchers said.
to be this lengthy
and geographically
widespread, I think is
kind of unprecedented.
— phillip Johnson
Robert Ollikainen, of
Tillamook, found 132 dead
birds on the beach there
including 126 Cassin’s auklets
on Dec. 26. “It was pretty dra-
matic,” Ollikainen said.
Did you or someone in
your life do something heroic
this year? Now is the time to
nominate local heroes for the
annual American Red Cross
Oregon Mountain River
Chapter Heroes event.
Each year the local chap-
ter of the Red Cross honors
heroes for their bravery, their
knowledge of life-saving
skills like CPR, and their
willingness to help others.
In recent years, heroes have
been recognized for saving
their neighbors during house
fires, performing CPR to
strangers in parking lots, and
for their work caring for local
Complete the nomina-
tion form at www.redcross.
Real-Heroes-Event. The
deadline for nominations is
January 10. Selected heroes
will be honored at the 11th
annual Real Heroes event,
from 4 to 6:30 p.m., March
18 at the Elks Lodge in
Fri., Jan. 9 – Thurs., Jan. 15
Selmao (PG-13)
Jan. 9th / Fri.
Hobbs the Band
Capricornucopia 2015
Circus Luminescence
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Jan. 11th / Sun.
Eclectic electro-acoustic
7 PM • $20 online
Dennis McGregor
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8 PM
Feb. 14th / Sat.
Valentine’s Dance
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Swing Band
Dessert and Dance
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7 PM • $10 online
Call for Details
Wildo (R)
Woodso (PG)
Fri 4:30, 7:00
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Sun 1:00, 3:30, 6:00
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Tues-Thurs 3:45, 6:15
Movie times and titles are
subject to change. Visit we
or call
Wed.~Jan. 7
Live Music
with David Jacobs-Strain &
special guest Bob Beach
7 p.m. doors open, 7:30 p.m.
music begins at 17505 Kent
Rd. Suggested
donation is
$20. Bring your own drinks &
munchies (and share if you
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Sisters Schools “Sisters
Shootout” Basketball
Tournament 8 a.m. start for
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girls in gradms 5 to 8. For
Friday~Jan. 9
additional information go onlinm
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Choice” award-winners! For
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The Open
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$2 per plate!) and 6:30 p.m.
for BINGO, 11 g
games for
$15. Great prizes, with all
proceeds going to SHS athletic
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